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Make up your mother every day. God, that’s great. | Jamie Page

30 Sep , 2019  

Hi, hello, everybody welcome to my channel. It’s me Oliver and my mom. Obviously my mom is here and it’s been a while, it’s been about a year now, which is kind of crazy. So I figure it is about time that I brought my mom back onto my channel because you guys seem to kind of like her more than me, which is fine. It’s fair. I get it so I had an idea and I wanted my mom to bring her everyday makeup on to my channel, so this little bit over here has all of her everyday makeup.
We are going to pretty much be applying my makeup. How I do it on my 58 year old skin and then Jamie’s gonna use the same makeup in her own way on her very young, beautiful wrinkle-free, skin Zagal see the difference. You know my mom is very particular with her makeup, she’s very, very picky. She really, I don’t know I feel, like you, have a very specific way you like to look. I do so. The products that she uses are like holy girls for her like their products that you kind of always. I always start with moisturizing the face whoa. I didn’t say we could start yeah you’re not running. I know Oliver is also very exciting.. We are going to be using a brow product that we both use and love every day. It’s the precise to my brow, pencil you put in that, put it on our brows.. Also so that you don’t make my mom sad, because if you don’t look what you’ll do to her, do you want that to be your responsibility? Shading? I don’t think so. Oh so cute, oh, my god. It woulda loungy dog, behind okay. This is literally as close as we’re gonna be able to get to have both of us in here. So I’m sorry that it’s not super close, but it’s gonna have to do first, starting off with the moisturizer once the moisturizer you don’t use. I love to use my Sicily, intense hydration, anti-aging, moisturizer, okay, why it’s light it’s not greasy! It does wonders to my face. You know Sicily is pretty pricey is it makes a huge difference, like you notice that every time people notice the difference when I when and I just started using it about a month or two after people actually were commenting on my skin and then you know you Use it for a year, you want to start using something else, and I did and my skin wasn’t as nice, so I said heck with it. I’m gonna spend that extra amount, and I don’t use very much I use so little of it. It lasts me a year. I really don’t think you’ve ever used that sentence in your life, heck, I’m being my mom and now the biggest swear on the favor like give me that boogy skincare.
Oh, I have to know what my favorite thing to do is to take my makeup off at her house support my parents house and then put on all of her Sicilies fake hair. It’s really so majestic. I have pores, not huge ones, but they’re noticeable. Now these days I have creepier skin. So I like to put on like a pore minimizer. First, I use the Dermalogica age. Smart base perfect base perfection, skin perfect primer, so it is kind of tinted, it’s tinted, but you don’t really so we don’t really see it. I kind of take a very little bit, I kind of put it on my cheeks and sometimes here and sometimes on my chin and I just kind of Pat it in yeah, see if, with the product like this with any type of pore filling primer, I always Recommend pressing into the skin rather than like swiping it. Personally speaking, I actually don’t like pore filling primers I find because my skin is so dry. It hit the pills really easily. This one does not go no, and I use such a small amount that it doesn’t do it right sometimes use my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, which I recommended yes, which I used a gazillion years ago. I’ve said this so many times, but the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer was like the first foundation product that I really ever use, and that was because it’s what my mom used all the time. So when I probably get ready to go to school, I would go to her vanity steal her makeup be. Is it the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and use it? So since I have a bit of a – and I don’t feel that I needed – although this is incredible – you put it on it’s lightweight, you don’t see it. It just makes everything yeah today. What we’re going to do is we’re going to use the drunk elephant D. Bronze anti-pollution central drops yeah, it’s one. Mr. Jamie loves, it turned me on to it. I love it, but you cannot use it alone. No, so what I do is it’s like didn’t over moisturize I take a little pump of my moisturizer okay and then I take a little, not even a full pump. You could see it’s just a small pump here, so Jamie you have to do it and you don’t use the foundation with it. So I’ll use this instead of your foundation, yeah – and I could be using my foundation with this, but today I’m choosing not doing something like this mixing like the D bronzy into a moisturizer is really nice, for you know a no makeup makeup look, but for me I like a little bit of coverage right, so if you wanted the coverage you’d be doing it, I’m actually gonna.
Take her Laura Mercier. Okay, I’m gonna mix it in. I could do that to do it. Okay, so very very little and we’re gonna switch it up. I mean just the fact that you’re mixing in with the moisturizer anyway, they could’ve been it’s so lightweight, but at least you’re getting a little bit of pigment right with the oh, my god. This is so dark for me and they rub it in with your fingers. You know it was a brush. No, I don’t use a brush for this I’ll. Do two more steps now on my cheeks. What I don’t know why? Because once I use this and everybody, even you told me, your makeup looks amazing, and it was because I did what I just did and then I put this on on top on top. No, I do, are you sure yeah, no yeah? No, it says you could put it on top of your makeup. You know, let me read this: no, it’s a makeup. Primer can be worn alone under makeup or dabbed on top of makeup, as a highlight see. So what I do is I just take a teeny weeny weeny bit like once, and I just we literally just lurks. I put it on my cheeks yeah. What do you feel like that? Does I don’t know, but it looks beautiful. How do you means use it as like? No, I just I don’t I don’t know it just makes you shine me a little bit. I have three concealers that I like kind of Charlotte Tilbury, the Chanel yeah and the well. You say what it is. So this is by by under Andrea, okay, so the Chanel is the a cloud Lumiere highlighting face pen which very similar to the original Charlotte Tilbury. It’s practically the same. This is a little bit thinner and what I like about it is that it’s so thin. It does not sit in your fine lines and wrinkles, which I can’t stand and it stays on pretty much all, but it’s funny that you’ve laid the bye-bye under-eye, because that is literally the exact opposite. I use the smallest amount. I heat it up on my on my hand like that, to make it mushy and just put it in the corner and right underneath and then I take my most favorite brush in the world. It’s the Marc Jacobs, see Marc Jacobs, concealer brush number 14. It’s kind of like a slanted concealer brush and it’s yeah. It’s it’s pretty. It’s pretty dense. I just gently go along just under, I don’t put it all the way down and all the way up and like yeah, huge fees. I really I really concentrated on wearing purple and in the corner of my eye, yeah, I kind of tend to do the same thing I mean.
Sometimes I do go a little bit crazy with my concealer and I do a large. You know inverted triangle. On a day to day basis, I try to apply as little product as possible. Oh sorry, you’re you hold on and then I’ll take what’s left on my hand, which is still there, and I put it on my eyelid. I have a freckle on my eyelid. That looks like I don’t know dirt if I don’t cover it, so I use that concealer and I do my whole eyelid because it works good as a shadow base for this concealer. I actually prefer to use it with my finger. I find it really warms it up when I applied this product, specifically with my finger, it’s not quite as thick, whereas when I apply it with a brush and find it a little bit thick, which I find it. You know it’s interesting that you use a brush, but you always use concealer brushes to set that concealer, because even though it’s great and it’s thin – oh you guys how about this concealer you don’t have to, but are you trying that I do you do use the New hourglass veil translucent setting powder yeah, so I got a little another one that obviously she got from me because, yes, I love that stuff, as you guys know, shake up just a small amount. I take a very loose brush. I don’t even know what kind! Oh! My god that brush is like my name is that from the nineties at least – and I just very lightly, take most of it off and I just see my mom used to be so against powder, even more so that I was against powder. You know, but I kind of told her, that she needs powder, especially underneath the eye, so that the concealer doesn’t settle even more because she was kind of set on the idea that if you apply powder and just sort of look heavier which sometimes they Danny crying And cakey, but if you use a really small amount you using really finely milled powder, then it’s not gonna happen. I actually, what’s just more so a pressed powder for mature skin, see for me for powder, even though I don’t love it. I still always put it not only underneath my eyes, but on my nose on my forehead on my chin. She doesn’t do that. I never do that round. We’Re gonna do the brows, so we both used the precisely my brow pencil from benefit yeah, and we both use number four yeah love it.
They recently expanded their shade range, so they really have like a shade for literally everybody, no matter what your hair color is, and it’s one of my favorite pencils, because it’s very fine, so you’re really able to create hair like strokes. It’s really easy to use, and it’s why I like it. I like it, because I don’t have a lot of hair on my brows and I find that this is so thin and because my eyebrows, they don’t have like a bushel of brow like Jamie, does if it was a thick pencil. You’Re gonna see that, and this actually imitates the fine hairs that are on your brow. So I just fill in where I don’t have hair. What I like to do is I actually like to put brow gel through my brows before I go in to fill in my brows. I just find that when I use a brow gel first, it actually does a lot of the work for me. So I don’t have to actually use as much pencil. This is the Gimme brow, and this one is in the. I don’t know what the shade is. 3.5 I’ve liked using this. If I want my brows to be a little bit more defined, but I also like the 24-hour brow setter, you guys know. I used that one all the time it’s my favorite, clear brow gel makes your brows like really fluffy, but this is more of a fiber II brow gel. So it makes your brows a little bit darker and it kind of gives them a little bit more thickness to this is my mom’s. By the way this isn’t mine. So you obviously like this too, because it makes your brows look. Thicker thicker sometimes there’s a gray hair that sneaks in there. So it covers it up. I just got my brows done, which is such a game changer getting your brows right. It is literally the best thing ever. Oh, my god how good my brows look right. Now, though, honestly yeah they’re pretty perfect, so much fun. That would be next to 25 year old. So, first for my eyes, if I’m not, I I don’t wear a lot of eyeshadow when I do, I do it very. Naturally, I use neutrals and stuff. Sometimes I go crazy and I use that turquoise liner black together, I do like a fun double line and I use red. I love red and I use coppers a lot and this, as you can see, I just bought a new one because it’s really teeny. This is the Charlotte Tilbury chameleon amber haze for the eyes. If you don’t have a line on your eye, your eyes, just I think, get lost a little bit. I find I mean everybody inference, especially cuz. You wear glasses yeah. I find it’s nice to always have a little bit of like a definition yeah the lash line.
I just put it on the top three-quarters of my eyelash line and then on the bottom also I’d say 1/3 to 2/3 underneath and then I just blend it out with a great little brush that I have that I’ll show you in a second okay. So for me I don’t really line my eyes with something like that. I normally would go in with just black. My mom doesn’t really love using black. All that I used to, but I find now it’s very large. I also personally like to wing out my eyeliner mom. Doesn’t really do that very much so, as you could see when I put the eyeliner on I do it a thinner over here and then I thickened up at the outer corner and then I use that and I just run it down underneath and then what I Do is, I will blend it out with a very small tapered brush and I just find if I run it and I blend it a little bit, it actually stays better and it doesn’t smudge there. Your turn. What I do. I don’t like to bring the copper all the way towards the inner corner of my eye. I don’t either you know. No, I don’t put anything in the corner. I kind of just keep it towards the outer corner yeah and I don’t normally like to actually put stuff on my lower lashline like especially for everyday. I don’t so I’m not going to I’m just gonna take the same brush that she use and I’m just gonna kind of flick it out on the outer corner just to create, like a subtle wing. Just to you only get the line a little bit. It’s not gonna be very defined or anything. It’s just gonna be very, very soft. We’Re missing blush bronzer, highlighter um curly lashes yeah. I almost never use a lot croquet. What I mean I do it’s not like, I’m against it, but I just always forget to be okay. I will not put on mascara without it, because otherwise, your lashes just are like our favorite drugstore mascara is still the same from. I think it was the last time I may have talked about it. It is the Loreal a butterfly effect. I mean that’s one coat, look at the difference. It’s huge. I do also use the Becca under eye brightening, corrector light to medium and what I do do do you buy that because of Sam I did. I don’t put it under my eye. I put it right in the corner in the tear duct area. I don’t even bring it down it brightens it up, that’s actually so smart.
I would have never so I’m bringing this on the inner corner. My chest on the B. That’s it imagine like it’s just like a natural looking, that’s like no Haley exactly except it’s not powder which, for me doesn’t say: Oh Ellie, and it goes in the wrinkles and this being kind of like the it I’m its concealer has the same consistency and it Just stays there Wow I’m gonna go by and then I’m a page killing it with those tips. Okay blush one of my other favorites from this one, the hourglass, which one is this: it’s the ambient lighting palette by mix the two bottom blushes together. So I take a little little dab of the pink and a touch of the the coral, and I just put it right on the apples of my cheeks. I just put blush everywhere. I point it just live together or the highlight. No, I’m putting look. I put the blush oh and I put it here – okay and I just bring it like. I kind of dust everything and I don’t read it by just you know down my nose over here. I just put it everywhere, alright, and I don’t look like a clown. It just thoughts. Those powders are so finely milled they’re, so like they’re amazing, so you’ve never would never over apply with an hourglass, no and Westen’s. I didn’t bring the other highlighter I’ll. Take this highlighter, which is the corner this one and I will use another brush because I don’t like to mix and I’ll just put it right. Well, I kind of just did that with a little bit more lips James blessed with these beautiful blushes lips, she did not get them for me, that’s from her dad. Let us make that very clear okay, so I try every time she puts lipstick on. I want to die because I don’t have those lips and I want them. I try and like overdraw it but like in a very discreet way and when I do it just a little bit Jamie, it was goes mmm. Let’s really look good today, Anna yeah, I know why I take a nudey pink and this is a colour-pop lippie pencil in beeper. It looks very weird I had to sharpen it. I don’t know what became looking like a duck draw from the corner of my and I kind of use a really light hand. I’m not pressing. I’m doing it super light, and these go on super super smooth and I’m doing it kind of right. Where my lip hands on my skin starts: oh it’s not on my lip, but not too much above either and then for the bottom. So I do it here and I kind of make it thicker at the bottom Think of you like a pout and then I’m gonna fill it in on the corners and a little bit to give the illusion of a bigger lip and lipstick that I brought.
This is a nude stick magenta k, — math lip color and rose magnetic No! It’s my magnetic Oh my okay cut I have my nude sticks magnetic matte lip color in Rose that I sometimes use it’s almost the same color as my skin, so good color, or this Sicily color, which is fantastic It’s a number one It’s called, and it’s just I think the perfect color for me see when I do my lips If I want my lips to be a little bit more overdrawn, I will only over draw on the center to give it like kind of a shadow and then I’ll over draw my Cupid’s bow and that’s it Otherwise I look insane when people ask me if I got lip injections so yeah Well, I don’t ever have that problem with this Sicily yeah it’s number one It’s it’s a beautiful color and if I want to sharpen up the edge around and pretty mouth I take whatever is left on my concealer brush, I just sharpen it and it really makes a difference I go ahead like this Jan I love this look color and then wait We put some buxom best I put dolly just a little bit on top there You have there’s mummy you ready for the day Oh you look like me I have not enjoyed my base makeup as much as I’m enjoying it in this very moment, we’ll call it the Trudi makeup 101, it’s just so fresh looking It doesn’t look like I’m wearing any foundation at all and my skin looks so glowy I’m obsessed Do we look like twins? Your hair is much more red, alright guys, so I think that’s kind of it I was really fun It was really fun I actually genuinely very much enjoyed oh, but my mom obviously use a lot of similar products I do, but our technique is a little bit different My favorite technique that you taught us today is the inner corner highlight earth a base Ed Sam thought so you can’t take full credit No, I don’t take it credit I I heard it here First yeah, though Sam who’s, a beauty guru now this one thank you so much mom for joining me on today or well, yeah any time I really hope that you guys learned something new today Alright, of course subscribe okay

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