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Make your own lipstick, eye shadow, makeup, DIY, and do it yourself.

1 Nov , 2019  

Cookies, world hello, there cookie pants today we’re gonna be making our very own makeup. We’Re gonna check out this project MC squared set, and we really can make our own makeup and let’s see just how well does this set work. It says we can create our own makeup again and again and again, this is the pre own makeup science kit. The steps are real, easy first we’re going to melt the color mix it up, pour into the lipstick containers and then rock that makeup.
So here we go: does it work alright? So here we have our instructions, our makeup compact, our empty lipstick containers. So there’s no lipstick in any of these we’re gonna be filling these three up. We have our little lipstick mold, and here we have our little crayon wedges. Alright step number one makes different colors to create your own, unique lipstick. So it says, place one crayon wedge into a small oven-safe cup whoa, okay, which color do we want to do? Oh, this purple would be such a pretty lipstick, color blue. So there’s our wedge. The only oven-safe cup that I had it was this measuring cup. So I’m gonna put it right in here and we need to add 1/2 a teaspoon of coconut oil, 1/2 teaspoon. Here we go there, we go now we’re actually going to put this into the oven. So for my younger cookie pan, you have to have an adult help. You, with this whole entire craft set. You absolutely have to it says: preheat oven to 350, I’m gonna put it on a cooking tray and into the oven. It goes right all Melton, okay. Here it is right out of the oven. Now. This is incredibly incredibly hot steaming steaming hot, but now I’m supposed to mix up the color with that coconut oil. It’s not melting! All that easy! Maybe it needed to be in for a little bit longer than three minutes. Oh wait! It’s melting, its melting, she’s, still kind of a big chunk in there. Okay, there we go spin, it says once everything has been mixed quickly, pour them into the lipstick molds. Here we go and pour it in here at the bottom. With my oven, I may have to leave it in for about four minutes. I guess oven. Temperature times may vary. This is so cool right. There is our first lipstick after my measuring cup is kind of cooled. I’m just going to clean it out. We’Ll mix up another color, so let’s do a two toned: lipstick color, maybe we’ll use a little bit of some white so I’ll break this in half. Add it to my cup. We mix it with a little bit of this green. Put that in the cup too cuz it looks like on the package. She definitely has a double colored lipstick, oh yeah, that’s what they’re pouring to right, another half a teaspoon of coconut oil.
This is fun, we’re actually doing it. We’Re making our own lipsticks and into the oven it goes alright mix, color right out of the oven. Let’s mix this one up, they still feel a little bit chunky. Alright, it’s softening up. No, it just doesn’t look like the white did anything like it’s not really. Swirling together, the colors are just kind of mixing together all right. Let’s pour this into the lipstick. Hmm, yes, look at that. That’s gonna be a really pretty pretty green lipstick. Now, for my last lipstick color, I would love this pink one. This one’s gonna be really nice, we’ll take the whole thing one. What there we go all right into the oven. It goes all right. Give this one a good mix, whew that the pink one melted the fastest. Alright, now we’ll pour it it look at how smooth that one is oh wait here comes the chunk is at the end, wanna make sure I get every last drop. Oh okay! Now we are going to place these in the refrigerator for ten minutes, so they can Harden. While I wait for those to harden in the refrigerator, let’s start making our makeup compact so now we’ll use it the blue shadow. What add in that coconut oil right now we’re gonna put this into the oven all right here we go. There’s our blue color mix that up! Oh, that’s, mixing up, really really smooth pretty watery too good. There’s a little chunk right here. We do not want to have that in our little eyeshadow compact right, we’re gonna open up our little compact now, we’ll just pour it in whoa. Oh, oh, that created a lot of shadow careful. Well, we still have a little bit in here. I think I’m gonna pour it into one of the shadows. Maybe it can be like a double color, pour it into this one over here. Oh, it’s! Not very much left, okay, that one! Oh it’s starting to harden already! Oh, no, all right that one will just be a surprise color that will be underneath now we’ll mix in this purpley color. There we go whoo here we go mix it up. Oh, it’s like a metallic purple, perfect that one looks ready here. We go add it in if that it basically fills up a whole entire pallet can like all on its own, but we can still add just a little bit more in here. Oh, is it starting to harden a little bit? Oh no! Try to smooth it out. Just a little bit try to get it onto the edges. Here we go and again I have a little bit left over. So why not add it into like this rainbow palette that we’re kind of doing here? Is it gonna work? Oh it’s starting to harden already. You got to work really really really fast. Whenever you’re making these little eye shadows. Now I only have the two colors left so we’ll pop in the white, and I will just use a half of a half a tablespoon there.
We go. Oh, it’s like a shimmery white. That’s pretty I’ll! Pour this one into this small little compact right there in this space, make sure you get into the pan. There we go. The little half-crowns are the perfect size afford the small pans, and, of course this is just my extra just add it on in. If there’s anything at all, all right, we’ve got one more color left on a beautiful, green, all right right out of the oven mix. This one up there we go that one broke apart quite nicely out way: Matt is still junk and poor get in oh there we go got a little chunky there at the end, but I think this will work out. Just fine and anything left over will just put into here, barely anything all right. There we go now. We have our palette done now. I’m gonna put this in the refrigerator, it doesn’t say, put it in the refrigerator, but I’m just going to just so. We can harden up so same thing about ten minutes and then we’ll check out our lipsticks. Well, I am really excited about this. I’m probably the most excited about the lipsticks, so I just now pull them out of the refrigerator. So now we’re just gonna put everything together, so I’m just going to unsnap the little mold container and very carefully I’m gonna get help these lipstick very carefully. Oh okay looks like we’ve got two on one side and one on the other open up. Our lipstick container and I’ll push it all the way up carefully. Remove the pink lipstick, careful, OOP, careful, I won’t be able to get it in because of the way that it’s shaped, so I’m gonna have to cut that extra piece off now again. For my younger fans, you have to have an adult help you, if you’re doing this is I’m just gonna use a knife and just cut this piece off. Oh okay, there we go now. It should be able to fit. I’m gonna save this piece and use it in my eyeshadow. Now I’m just going to fit my lipstick right inside that we can push it up and down. Oh, oh, that is so cool. I’m gonna call this one pretty pink! Oh, you can have it go all the way down in the container and then, of course, we can put the lid on, and now I have my own lipstick look at how cute that is, and honestly, I’m just gonna take my little pink little piece that I cut off and I’m gonna put it back in the oven just for like a minute just to melt it down. Let’s get my eyeshadow pallete already, so I’m just going it to kind of clean up the edges on some of these. This one just clean up the edge, looks like it spilled on the side clean that up now, with this like little multicolored, I’m just gonna take a paper towel and I’m just going to press it down that way.
It kind of fits into the little pan. A little bit better here we go. That’s looking good all right out of the oven. Let’s see did this melt, Oh looks like you actually needed to go in for a little bit longer. Okay, so let’s leave it in cuz. It’s still kind of a little ball I’ll leave it in for about three minutes all right. There we go now: it’s melted down. Oh it’s only enough to fill up half of it. Okay, we can work with that. Had that little happen. Okay, there we go. So we could only get half of it in a little bit here. It just starts to dry so fast. Yes, we were able to get some of it in now, we’ll get out our purple lipstick, we’ll get this one out careful kind of got ruined a little bit so same thing with this one, I’m just going to trim the bottom here. Whoa Pat these into my multi palette, use a paper. Towel and press might as well use every last bit of it. Well, there’s a two-tone makeup right there now for this lipstick piece, add it into our lipstick container should be able to fit now press it in. Oh, a little messy at the bottom, we’ll just wipe that away. Here we go the lipsticks in retract it back. Stick this one’s gonna be called the purple pony. Oh all, right one more lipstick! We’ve got the teal carefully, get it out. Just put a little pressure on it whoa. Oh this one too a little bit of a chip from the tip and now we’ll just add this to the lipstick. This one probably does not need to be trimmed. He can probably wait. No, it does. We got to trim it just a little bit. What lipstick goes in here carefully. Look there we go clean that up make it look super pretty just like you got it right at the store. These little extra pieces are gonna. Go right in here right into the Compaq and press. This is awesome, so I’m just gonna put everything back into the refrigerator for another 10 minutes, so we can all get nice and hard one more time before we try swatches well, okay, so here they are, and I actually put them in the freezer just so They could get cooler a lot faster. Let’s check out these lipsticks again, so here we have the pink pull that one up. I just love this. I think this is just so so so cool. This is a very pretty lipstick, so just go ahead and take a swatch of the color. Oh, it’s actually like a shimmer there’s like really barely any pink at all. Okay, it’s interesting. Let’s test out our teal color, oh and same thing, just like the pink there’s Also, like just barely barely any color, but it’s got lots and lots of glitter, though alright and then now we have our purple, do a little swatch of that as well, and it’s very similar in color to the other ones that I tried on.
So this is just kind of like a nice and glittery bump Now we’re gonna check out our compact It says for lips or cheeks payments, so these are all blushes wait a minute It actually says use on lips, cheeks or eyes for extra color So you can use it for your eyes, okay, so let’s try some of these colors out So of course the blue one poured the prettiest he got in there really really nice So let’s try the purple one out some little swatches Watchi here it’s kind of hard to pick up that color, so you can see a little teeny, tiny hint, a little teeny, tiny hint of purple color! Alright! Now that pretty blue, the blue is gorgeous touch that one and that one barely has any color It’s really hard to pull up any color from that blue there’s really like nothing to swatch Here we’ve got that white color Try that one out and that one that one’s just pure beautiful, glitter teal color this one should be the same as the lipstick So for our lipstick we added a little bit of white, so this one, I guess, has a little bit more color to it Now these are my custom colors that I made here So this is like our multi one take a swatch of all those colors and oh, we actually have some color there It’s a little bit shimmery! Oh wait! No! Okay! I guess! I don’t see any color and what about the pink and the purple mix take a swatch of that and barely any color I actually really really like the lipsticks I have it on my lips right now on my lips are just sparkly, so I can add a teeny bit of sparkle to my lips now very cool I would say overall it works Do not only did it come with enough makeup crowns to create three lipsticks, but also to create this compact full of color, where we’ve got six different color spots in here So, even though it’s really really hard to pull color from it I think these are just absolutely beautiful and the fact that you can really twist the lipsticks up and down I mean in a DIY kit I think that’s really cool, so I would say yes, it did work Thank you for hanging out with me remember to make up today the best day that you can possibly have, cookie fans I have a question for you who remembers, which one of these sparkly lipsticks did I make first, was the pink, the green or the purple stay amazing

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