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Makeup course: the heart of the preacher

30 Sep , 2019  

Hi guys, I know a lot of you been sending me messages requesting for me to do a makeup. I would like to use someone special as my model, one of the most beautiful faces in the Philippines Harden Evangelista hydrate, your skin. Of course, Albert knows that I’m very, very picky when I put on my knees, but a lot of people think that we use foundation most of the time, but Albert usually just use BB cream. I like it because it is very bones light. It doesn’t cover my skin so much today, it’s a major smokey someone smoke is for you glam or the beautiful eyes that you always know what are you leaving for September 7th of September? I put them in line and I’m also very excited, because I am creating a lot of content for my website.
What did you put up the other than this is my magic. Please we’re going live, mary’s wow, it’s late with my Sabra, I’m so excited and I’m working so hard cuz they made up shop. One man show us is cha. much happy so bring it up. Give us the land here, but I enjoy, I enjoy actually being behind the scenes. This is actually almost like. Maybe power yeah. When did you learn how to put makeup? How did you start because I know that you didn’t start as a makeup artist? You were an interior designer we studied in Singapore and the Philippines. How did you get it to makeup and how much was your first spell, though? What kind a person I think it’s also inspiring, because you know how people need to see where you started, I mean coming from a very you, know: you’re very comfortable in Singapore. What was how much as your first well do, you know Paragon dimension, tip in blues Kadena, a guy you mythologize 10 years ago, the use itself. What was your first job first jump, I think the normal ones before we met what Jimmy Jimmy and then I didn’t make up our yeah singing. You know blood work, 18, verbs baby. How much you don’t like it’s? Okay, what possibly accounted for everything makeup, hair and makeup got me okay. So can you imagine that’s why a lot of fat on pepper a lot, if you put me among, are struggling makeup artists and they feel, like it’s impossible and with your status right now about it.
It’s important that you should fight about that. Oh, you have to start below just happen like I’m a bit expensive, cinnamon yeah. I remember before you didn’t, have a look at these people, but I proved to my dad that I really wanted to do this nice. Well, though, I remember at that time was three thousand dances and they hold on nardelie like Martin over telecom. Oh and this other things outside fellows and don’t like a regular whole and then I started to my dad started to see now a serious also with my career, and I guess also, if you really want that you to prove not just to any but not to Anyone, but to yourself yes, but the guy, so next job a new big year, you making green button break for first mundaneum. I think that is similar to have a steadily my own, problematic time battle against alive boys, bad bad stage. I was in a bad relationship. I was still in love with somebody else and I was with a bad. How was it doing makeup for TV hit up? Well, it’s all because of you, you let me you give me the chance and then that’s how I started Telecom. There was a time I was struggling like there are senior artists but then again like I was able to end up with wedding industry, because I hope for oricon’s different direction where people always keep no makeup over them. So I go my own direction like glamour makeup. First, wedding yeah, the cow: how are you leave me? You know and I’m enjoying life and very beautiful. I’m very appreciative. I’m first and a lot more remember something nice to look back more like 10 years ago. Well, as far your big dreams, and sometimes it’s hard cuz Asia, okay, then we can go in for other people to place them it’s weighing on it. There comes a point in your life. You know what it’s not worth. It wait met another boy. I never asked you ever thinking about Lucifer offenders. You waiting go so you know a lot more. You moving across the makeup. Hmm guess I’m! You cannot imagine a couple of despite Panda annual ago that a lipstick but an enemy, lipstick, mm-hmm, see Camille to come here. Say this combination o4 and something else I know needing will go in unarmed appears you step out of your comfort zone You feel like you’re, a different person that I get every trip, change ikaw.
I know pinnacle memorable work more, so my favorite ones would be Luna Mystica dwarf Tina, my god, okay yeah, I enjoyed those better you eleganza hula, with what I’m doing I really enjoy traveling and then put on a mousse of all the phenomena Supervillain sudden you really what’s this, what are you putting on? I just one question from the bottom of your heart feel what on this not understandable way I’ve always thought If that’s one thing that you you cannot leave without So I make up my eyebrows This 11 opening highlight talks to me I wrote over for now It’s fine What is one thing in life that you cannot not have? No, it’s not about relationship Ah, it’s done type thing That’s a good health! It off! What’s that I’m listening! Oh Versailles with cheese, I’m happy I’m next topic of birth What a me the mirror! A moment and animal they’re always beautiful your mother lets just buy you uh, take it dear, but stay in blue wait Dean, but I’m gonna go next to me No guys the Oliver I’m using there are between us Well, no mom they need No defense is their part for them here, for example, we we’re enemies, maril canina, you’ve been a favorite point in our course I determined FEMA got keep win the dollar for the liquor You go back, oh and I’m here for that in the dreamwalk, but it’s the sort of putting it but away from origin I don’t like orange rubber tsunami, a photobooth on your board Okay, a lot of people are technologies that have to work forever Okay, she will show you guys how to apply lipstick and make your lips pound Without me, it’s very small one, more three, our people’s, you know but cultivate wisdom I should my deep in the tower happens here: ask okay for the fight! Now you see, you know a foundation is not the only option that you have right now to make your face, looks healthier or glowing or flawless You know we have other option right now: BB cream or a tinted moisturizer Thank you Thank you Thank you please subscribe You know there I’ll see you soon

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