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Maldives Diary lives in a crazy luxury resort!

30 Sep , 2019  

Right over here, look at the doorbell. Thank you. Oh there’s no face! Hey guys! Sorry, if I look a bit of a stay, but I want to give you a really quick tour of where we’re staying, I won’t make it really long I’ll make it snappy I’ll. Try make it snappy, I probably haven’t said yet, but I’m here with benefit, which is amazing, like I’ve been up I’ve loved benefits, since I was about I like so young, like 1213 bad girl, mascara was one of the first I think was the first thing I Ever like saved up to buy – and I was so excited about it and anyway, but yeah they’re unveiling a new products while we’re here so yeah really exciting.
I this place is unreal. It’s got like a little sunken in seating area. The antosha just had some lunch I’ll. Take you upstairs upstairs. There’s this little hot area where you can sit chill, have some drinks drank so cute and then that’s the view there slide with a button here. That starts the water for you, which is insane. I might as well show you the outside now this is the outside pull sunken seating area, some beds. I keep thinking. This is a real person. It keeps freaking me out, but it’s a benebabe. I think this might be my favorite ever because it contains food, but this whole room is like refrigerated, which is crazy, so it’s like a walk-in minibar. They call it and look Smeg fridge, casual wine, cooler and bits up there. So this is my Natasha’s bedroom. It’s lots of bits up here already from benefit, which is crazy. Look literally everything. This is my favorite thing ever, I’m so glad I’ve got backup these PJ’s as well with our initials, and then this is our bathroom and then, oh, my god, there’s so many of these around as well. You can just just you know, peek through to them to the ocean floor, as you do um double sinks bath outside you can just casually. You know, go into the the ocean outside shower inside shower how amazing look hula bronzing station. Look, oh, my god and rape hands. There’s too much to show you guys, I’m so excited and I haven’t tried the hula range. I’ve been so excited to try this it’s the contour stick! So yeah. Can I try all of this and they’re so kind. I can’t get over it but ray-bans as well. Look at the color of these they’re, so nice and then there are these crazy hammock beds over the pool we just we both can’t where we are so yeah. That’s the littletour. I hope you liked it hey guys. Oh hey guys it’s Wednesday, and this is kind of like our first proper day, but today we’re all going on a on a boat and yeah.
There are so many people here, I’ll try and like vlog as many people and stuff as I can, but my out, if you can see it’s quite basic, but I’m just wearing this top. My shorts. I’ve had for years, just Levi’s and then I’m just wearing like a white shirt on top. So on the boat and it’s so big, it’s amazing, the etosha guys. Look, I don’t know if you can tell, but this glass I’m like I’m level. Can you see it’s like a slanted glass? I’ve never seen that before it’s so cool. We just got back to the room, and I’ve got an iced soy coffee, we’re gonna kill these these bikes, I’m so excited. We haven’t been on them, yet we’re gonna go right to the beach, which is like it’s not fast, like a five minute bike ride and take some pictures. While it’s still golden hour, we just made it to the beach it’s so pretty, but there are crabs everywhere. I don’t mind craft, it’s just they move so much like spiders. It freaks me out they’re, so funny, they’re. Just like women stop. Okay, we’re gonna! Take a few pictures and they’re not going on with my hair: it’s really like mermaid II. I don’t hate it. I just haven’t really done it. I was kind of going for semi-natural dick tonight, but then it kind of just got more piled on anyway. Sorry about those lighting these lights – here I like really orange but yeah – we’re just heading out to go and get some dinner. We’ve been so hungry it’s Thursday morning, and our food has just arrived knocks hi morning thanks lis morning today is like aa kind of an e free day, most of the day, we’re kind of doing what we won a we can chill when we can take pictures And stuff and our breakfast is just coming – it looks insane I’m just like. I can’t eat this, it’s too pretty just pops a bit of concealer on, so anyone take a picture of all the food and everything before we start eating later on. There’s gonna be a big party and like an unveiling or benefits new product, and so we’ve got no idea what it is. We just know that, like the theme of it is like out of this world like futuristic, you’ve tried been trying to guess what it is, what we have no, I did people were here as well from Australia and I’ve met like Chloe, Morello and Shan Shan exile. Everyone’s so nice, and it’s just just padded hi, so me and Tosh was just taking pictures, and I left my I left my glasses on the side and then I went to grab them and they just dropped I was like pose trying to pose over there and I left them on there and they just drop no slope that it’s like Kim K but much less expensive.
So the benefit girls just bought us this big Flamingo Flo, we’re so excited so we’re gonna take So many pictures on it: we’ve named it Fanny the Flamingo Rosie, oh my god, Jenna Diana He twist my hair just gets worse We just ordered some mahi throws some light She ones so just waiting for that and then probably get bit drunk got like from late lunch We both got pizza and we got for mijitos because we need fuel hello So it’s Thursday night about half eight and the atashi just got ready and we’re just waiting to get picks I probably were getting picked up by like a guy in a buggy car, I’m going to go to wherever this huge like dinner Launch party is gonna be tonight, and so yeah really excited so obviously gonna bring you guys with me one Ohio, South Beach Thank you Oh my god, we’re going through like a little well, you can see anyway This is insane I’ve never done anything like this and there’s laser lights as well Wow Oh my god It’s a flashing as you do his face it! Okay! So this morning we have you’ve gotten any boys coming with a delivery Let’s see what it is Oh is, it looks yet Oh, my god, this is crazy because it’s bad girl, bang and to me it’s insane because bad girl mascara, was the first mascara I ever saved up for when I was a teen and I was like it was just such an accomplishment to me want to get On our team, I used to love it, so this is insane such a 360 180 but yeah Let’s look at the brush, so it’s like the opposite of you know the original bad girl mascara Oh I’m so excited to try it I’ll Let you know I want to use it stay and you’ll see it anyway On my lashes last night was so good and we’re leaving soon I don’t want to leave this place, is so amazing yeah we’re all gonna eat I think and then and then make our way back home We’ve got like a stop off in Dubai It’s just been amazing I just can’t I still can’t believe I’m here and I’ve been here yeah Thank you so much benefit for having me five guys I don’t know if you can see, but there’s a local birds over there just feasting away Look at this absolutely priest, there’s a baby shark I missed it so we’re back at the is called the gathering like the main that and we’re just having like quick showers Getting dressed a few flights that all three flights now and then back to Heathrow and back to the Baba, you

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