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Masked Eye Shadow Course Sephora

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey everyone, I’m David beauty, director at Sephora, and I’m here my beautiful model, Taylor… Really showcase how you can do a beautiful eyeshadow look, so whether you have hooded eyes, small lid space monolids. This can be a tricky eyes shape to work with, because a lot of tutorials work in a eyelid, crease brow formula, whereas if that’s the, if you have hooded eyes or any of those other eye shapes, your crease can be closer to your lash line. So the the layout of the makeup doesn’t work as smoothly.
This technique is a fundamental makeup technique that has been used forever and it can be used on anybody’s eye shape and it really focuses on keeping the darkness on the outside and creating a beautiful ombre end. So we’re gonna jump in and I’m gonna show you exactly how to achieve this, so you can do it every day. Okay, so now that I’ve gotten Taylor’s eyes brought back to natural, nothing on them, we’re gonna start with the first step, which is an eyeshadow primer and we’re gonna be using the Urban Decay. Eyeshadow primer potion an original know, tailored to use eyeshadow primers. That’s okay, we’re gonna! Tell you why it’s so important and we’re gonna go in, and I’m gonna show you where to place it and why it’s so important for this particular eyes shape to use eyeshadow primers, so these have great little applicators on them. So close from in one second home and I like to just basically do a couple of swipes across the eyelid and then I love to use my finger and the reason is, I want to make sure I’m feeling the even distribution of this eyeshadow primer. Now, especially when you have a hooded eye shape or smaller eyelids or mono lids, a good eyeshadow primer is essential in making sure that your makeup that you apply lasts and it doesn’t get rubbed off by your smaller space or by a eyelid. That’s sort of hooded or leaning over so now that we’re finishing up it’s great and what I love about. This is now that you’re gonna feel the power of the primer, you’re gonna see why you’re gonna want to use one for your eyeshadow application. Rather than need to use one cuz they’re, so beneficial, okay, so the next product, I’m gonna use, might seem a little off sort of the normal order of makeup, and I’m gonna explain that to you. So I’m gonna be going into the Marc Jacobs beauty, and this is the high liner gel eye. Crayon eyeliner in iron aim, that’s a lot to say there, but it does a lot of good stuff, so we’re gonna go in.
I’m gonna show you where I’m gonna apply this and why I’m doing it now? Okay, so I’m gonna be going in with the eyelid I’m gonna. Have you close for me one second hon, and the reason I’m going in now is a lot of times. If you have a hooded eyelid, eyeliner can be a very tricky situation and that’s because the eyelid comes down sometimes over the actual lash line. So I find that using the eye liner in the beginning, smoking it out and using it almost as a really dark deep shadow base. This is gonna give you the definition you want, but it won’t end up causing any issues with the shape of the eye. So it really works is almost a a deep defining smoky base and the Marc Jacobs, gel eyeliner and the hi liners are so beautifully applied. You can really precisely add them where you want them and softly smoke them out in a few moments that they make a great easy tool when you’re trying to craft some definition around the eye and keeping it soft and smoky, which, for me, is the preferred method Of an eyeliner for someone whohas a hooded, mono lid small eye space, I just think it ends up looking much more flattering to the eye shape and you can see we already start to get that nice amount of definition in there and these just blends so Beautifully right before they sat and then once they set they’re good to go, they’re not gonna move. So, even if you have a hooded lid and you run the risk of your eyeliners moving, this is not going anywhere between the Urban Decay primer and this high liner you’re good. So I am using the number 18 Pro shader and this is a small brush just to sort of buff out this pencil gel eyeliner and I am specifically using a pencil rather than a liquid because of the fact that, when it comes to this eye, shape harsh Graphic shapes can sometimes be difficult to achieve and also can get distorted when the eye is open, so by using a pencil and softening it up by a soft smoke, it really gives us a more flattering appearance to the eye. Okay, so now that I’ve got that step down where I’ve got that eyeliner on the top, I feel good to go in and start with my eye shadows, so I’m gonna start with the Too Faced natural lust palette. Oh, my goodness, look how gorgeous this is. Isn’t that beautiful, so we’re gonna jump in and I’m gonna start the eye? Look and I’m gonna show you where and how I’m strategically placing these colors for her eye shape. So to start, I’m gonna use a mid-tone shimmer.
I know a lot of people with when it comes tohooded eyes, don’t think they can use shimmer, I’m gonna show you can so I’m gonna go in with this mid-tone shimmer called just like that. That’s the shade and I’m using my favorite small number. 15 pro shader brush and I’m gonna. Basically what I’m doing here when it comes to a hooded eye, rather than doing a line, a lid, a crease and a brow which is more of a vertical description of eyeshadows. We’Re gonna be going horizontal, so we’re gonna be going from a darkening here across to a light, and what I want to do is start with my mid-tone shade right in the center of the eye, and I want to see where I’m gonna take It and that’s gonna be the base for the rest of the look, so I’m gonna place this color right in the center and I’m gonna bring it up to where her orbital bone it. So, even though her crease falls here her orbital bone, I can feel it. Everyone has that it’s right in there, so I’m bringing this eyeshadow right into that zone, bring it right down into that inner corner who’s gonna bring a little light into the eye. I’m gonna make it look a little open, which sometimes can be a concern with somebody who does have smaller lid space. They feel like any eye shadow makes their eyes are closed and smaller, so a little shimmer will really help to bounce that light and make the eye look, lovely and open. Now notice, I’m not going past this sort of halfway point of the apex of the eyelid. So this is the first step and I like to stop my eyeshadow application of those lighter shades about 3/4 of the way out from the inner corner so right past the center, because this area is what we’re gonna get into next. It’s really about bringing that light in here, and it’s also about showing me where I want that shadow to come up to, even though the crease is lower on her eyelid shape. This really is a mapping tool so that you know exactly where to go. As you get into deeper colors, so the next shade, I’m gonna go into is a slightly deeper shade and that’s this one called hot-to-trot, which is a matte shade and it’s a warm rusty Brown. And this is where we’re gonna start to add some depth to the eye. So this is where I want to start all my deeper shades. I want to start by applying them in a pressing motion close to the lashline. You can go right over that eyeliner and just let it saturate in and we’re bringing it up kind of had that imaginary line that I put there.
I’m still keeping that in mind. So I’ve got my imaginary line of how far I wanted this to come and then I’ve also gotten my line in my orbital bone, which is up here, and so that’s what I’m following in this application. So I’m bringing the shadow and I’m just allowing it to sort of softly blend out on its own topping motions. This isn’t really a big sweeping technique. We will use a blending brush, but in the initial stage of applying the shadow, I think it’s a lot better to do a more tapping, because it gives you a little bit more sh a strategic approach and, as you can see, we’ve already started to create more Darkness and depth here and we’re allowing that sparkle in that shimmer here to create bright open, and this is giving us shape and it doesn’t rely on a crease. It doesn’t rely on her having a deep set creases, a little bit smaller and lower and more hooded. This is still gonna benefit that so look straight for us one. Second, so, as you can see, even though it’s not blended out, you can start to see how this is giving some shape some definition toher eye and it’s really enhancing her eye shape. Then what I’ll do is I’ll take the brush and just pull. This is gonna create a nice soft blend, so I’m going in again making sure to press that shadow into the lashline. That’s very important at that area in particular, is saturated and then I’m looking at my lines right. I’ve got this half just over the half point here, where I stop that shimmer. That lets me know where to apply the deeper shade, and then I can see where the orbital bone, where I used tohear that I’m following too, because in the end, what you’re looking to achieve is a dark to light transition. This way, rather than a light, dark light that you would normally do from what you might see as a typical eyeshadow application. So now, with that same small brush that I smoked out, the Marc Jacobs liner, the number eighteen brush here – I’m gonna – go into the dark black. So this is where I’m gonna put the deepest shade in the outer corner for depth. Before I start to get to the rest of the blending and the highlighting parts, I want to get this darkness end, so this is a shade called blindfold ed, remember what we’re saying we want darkest going to lightest and darkest at the lash line.
So this is a perfect shade to really just press right into this outer V area, so you can see I’m almost creating a V shape here. That’s her orbital bone, that’s her lash! That’s where I’m going for – and I want this shade. This is not gonna. Go all the way over. It’s not gonna go all the way up. It’s pretty much gonna stay in a small little V like shape I’ll take some of that black over that eyeliner that we put down. So it just enhances that smokiness a little giving that depth around the eye dimension and then just allowing it to blend out that just gives a little bit extra. I’m gonna use that brush that I applied that darker shade to that first, one before this. Just to sort of blend those two together still haven’t really gotten into a thick fluffy blending brush. Yet a lot of this can be done easily, with the smaller brushes, because you’re strategically applying the product. Okay. So now we’re gonna do the same thing on the other side, taking that black shade, blindfolded, pressing it into the lash and the outer V and keeping this very controlled. I don’t want this going far. I want it to stay right in that outer V area. So you get a nice ombre of dimension, okay, so the next thing I want to do is I want to find a transition between the deeper shade and the shimmer shade. So if you close one second, I just want a small transition shade right here, and so I’m gonna go into this set in stone. So if you look at the palette a lot of times, palettes are organized in a really beautiful way. In this case, we use just like that here we used hot-to-trot here and set in stone is really right in between them. It makes a perfect transition shade. So it’s great if you want to transition here, it’s great. If you want to use it as a crease transition, so a lot of times, pilots are set up like that in a beautiful way to face is really good about doing that, and this is just a really soft matte shade. That’s just gonna. Allow me to get a little bit of a soft transition to those deeper colors and I’m just using my number 15 brush notice. I’m not really splaying it all over the place. I’m just tapping it right where I want it and letting it blend itself out. So again, we’re gonna go into that same soft transition tone and that just really gives a nice transition, so the blend looks beautiful. So the next thing we’re gonna do is look at highlighting the brow area.
This is a common thing to do. We’Re gonna do with a lighter shade. I’m gonna be using afternoon delight, and it’s just gonna give a nice little highlight and continue with the blending. So it’s really gonna soften this transition area right here and I think when you see it applied, it’s gonna look really beautiful and you’re gonna see how powerful that is, and I’m just adding that up here right to the high point of the brow. It’s gonna give a nice little pop and it just blends really beautifully kind of sliding the brush right into the arch of the brow and that’s allowing me to also craft the shape of the blend here. By doing that, it naturally just blends out your shape of your eyeshadow really creates a soft beautiful look, so I feel really good about where the eye is on the top. But now we’ve got to address the bottom issue. Sohere’s where the eyeliner comes back into play and you’re really gonna see laying that eyeliner in the small area here to mimic that dark and depth is really gonna, create a beautiful nice smooth. Look to the eye. It’s one of my favorite parts is the under part of the eye. I love it, so many people get scared of this. I love it, and so I’m really keeping it close, that’s about as far as I’m gonna go, because I’m using this brush again like we did above and I’m gonna softly blend it out smoke this out again the same thing on the other side. Remember don’t go too far with this. You saw how far it blended out for me, if you put too much of it on then you’re gonna find you have too much product, and you don’t know where, to put it all you’re gonna probably feel like you have like a raccoon, nohay. So we’re gonna go in now to the eyeshadow palette again and we’re basically gonna mimic what we did up here, keeping the darkest tones to the outside and going lighter as we get in now with the under portion of the eye. This is so important tohood it or small eye shapes, because that’s really what you see, and that really gives you the most definition on your eye. So I actually like to start backwards here and do the darker shades first and then move into the lighter. So I’m actually gonna start with the hot-to-trot shade, which was our a second deepest shade. So I’m going to take that hot-to-trot, shade and press it right over that Marc Jacobs. That eyeliner also works a little bit like a primer. It’s like a cream shadow primer So it’s really gonna absorb this color, this pigment of the shadow, it’s gonna, lock it in place! That’s why I like using eyeliners blend it out like this so much because they really make your work stay and look so beautiful.
Okay! So now we’re gonna dip back into that first shade We use that really beautiful shimmer shade that just like that, we’re gonna take that shade on again on our small brush I’m doing so much of this with the number 18 and 15 because they’re great for precision and that’s exactly what you’re looking for when you’re conquering a strategic eye shape So look up for me, and this is gonna – go right in to the inner corner right into that inner tear-duct underneath and blend it right over that lash ade We did so you get a nice smooth transition This is gonna bring a lot of light into the eye open it up, make it look bigger, make you look awake, so the final step is to add your mascara, so we’re gonna be using the Urban Decay perversion waterproof mascara So let’s go in and let’s show you the application So one of the reasons I’m going with this particular mascara is because it’s waterproof, and that was a key thing If you have small lid space, hooded eyes, mono lids a lot of times, your mascara might bleed or it sort of tap onto your eyelid because of the limited space So you really want to make sure you’re using a good, waterproof mascara that can really stand up to any basically physical, touching that your lashes may do to your eyelid throughout the day, always when you’re applying your mascara make sure you are getting it to the root Of the lash getting it to the root, giving it a little wiggle, so those bristles can get through each lash, separate them and then pull so You can get that volume Okay So there you have it a really great eye shadow technique that really enhances hooded eye and also allows you a chance to play with all those fantastic palettes that are out there, because that’s the fun of makeup right Sohopefully you guys enjoyed this Let me know in the comments section below I’d love, tohear from you If this is a technique, you’re gonna try out soon, maybe it’s something you’re currently using and you love I love tohear from you guys You know on their all the time Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel No matter what I shape you have and we’ll see you guys soon take care bye You

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