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Match my eye shadow with my dress and let my lace melt my hair.

1 Nov , 2019  

Yeah, Brianna or me, and I am looking like a net today. Honey, like I know, seven, it’s like this look is so cute and it’s a Greek, a mail bomb, that’s which I hadn’t met it for my weeks and I am starting to do the rips. I think, and then I’ll just cut it with the razor. Instead of the scissors because, like I say, a more rigid edge, I just still want some milk, at least yeah, like that compact yeah, but it’s cool to get there. You always I’m going to get this, I’m going to get it just like it.
Just like makeup. Probably aren’t excited for this tutorial because it is a monochrome. Basically, a monochrome makeup tutorial mention my outfit. I want to match my outfit so bad like this. Okay, it’s so cute lay back chill. You still look for you and I love thishere, and thishere will be up soon. I didn’t have a well. I do that yeah. making more curls and then me putting on my weeping on my hair so this place. If I can’t get ready with me, so if you wants to see how I achieved this look then keep on watching get my eyebrows, they already know. I did my breast weight. You can check this with drop me low. If you want to know all the time studies from eyebrows, so now my cell phone, my people, we space just on the areas that are not concealed and we’re doing the inverse method. Today, the bicycle and with two grains and the a brown and I’m gonna add these colors, I’m basically going out my OC, which is this so I learned, do the reverse method again be 35, be found, which is this starting right now, always like my lashes Ish to me really deep on 167 brush from morphe. I want to pick all the way in the beginning. I mean other ways to the in tinder you you, as you noticed that when I do do reverse mending my brushes change, so I don’t go from 504 to such-and-such to a fluffy brush to a medium fluffy brush to a dense brush. I go from packing. The shuttle on and then go from the tiny brushes and then I get tinier different brushes. So I completely different magic. Green is called tropical green. So I’m just trying to blend out this dark green that I lay down. So that’s I got Murphy. I’m gonna blend for dear life, so I’m gonna stop to be over 30 clickers. You can tell that this shadow, the mcclure shadows in charcoal green, are really creepy fact more green on with the 167 brush.
This brown shade this browning taupe shade this from Android system just 292 for my 433, Oh anyway, a rumor based on forth. So I did take five to prep face to face up the I base my baby eyes and then I’m gonna wait room number four to cut the crease and I’m gonna use the crown for 6c for its e46 man. I always do for you. I said so you’re just gonna pat pat pat pat special you cooked. Don’t do the same cut. That’s the last one! This time I’m gonna try my best, so I’m gonna start I’m going to make my starting point from the end first and then I’ll work, my way to that end, point hot summer, violent end. This is light orange right here. This is about as close as gonna get. I want to think I’m gonna mix it in with a little bit of peach all right here, perfect combination, so I’m gonna mix these two right here, which itself is the same brush the precision brush to see or six nine only thing. That’s giving me a problem is my life. I music surprised somebody, you say person nothing wrong with it, but if you give me ghost a summer bad spot it, the colors and I picked up both um. It’s like patchy, no patchy and staining in my England. Right now so face it’s done. Let me say when I quit one well before I put on my lashes from misty, but there’s no lashes in the shade. Also juicy y’all was. I went in with the technique that I used in my last trail. The foundation. I would clinic in the places that I highlight and then on the outside are Medicaid 12.0 Foundation, and I actually like mixing those two together, because some about the foundation in the I mean the foundation Clinique at it was it says, 26 amber amber, is light. So if I use it all over it’ll look like orange light like a I don’t know like a bright pumpkin or something. So I only put that in the middle and the only outer part I put that on there decayed on the outer perimeters, because the soul is darker, like a brown color, but it’s like orange II got hit or jury at the same time. So I did that and then I went in with my faves, my Tarte A shake comes up, my Tarte take shape, concealers and the shade tensing and deep, and then I went with black opals everything Brown to control with so and then for powder.
I mixed translucent powder in medium from Laura Mercier Indian This is sort of a sea cosmetics, the powder I was talking about, so I mix them together and it’s actually better It doesn’t really have me oily So I mix those two together in this One is no shine, so I mix no shirt in that one together So now it’s a powder my face all over with huda beauty powder, the baked Carly, oh yeah, I’m not gonna use the cool knock, no more cause It gave me flashback You you from far back, you know mommy me highlighter and I want to say also makeup Addictions bra Safed took this versus my fan Brush I’ve been trying to master my highlight trying to get it to look like it’s coming out of my skin I mean like it’s fading into my skin, like my just 86 or 98, someone, I mean 68 yeah, I think, is 68 68 gel liner, just not by Mac y’all favorite, and then we also added a peachy nude Lipstick actually matches like the stripe is up in you, as my Jacob Beauty live well stay in the shade honey move is a whiskey A honey bun gave me no cosmetic featuring these sore here, and I love this style Y’All, like this so cute, even lace, melted into my skin, I’m still trying to get the lace down past I haven’t quite get it chesh it a little lighter in the list, but I don’t know Maybe it’s I don’t know all right choice ease it down pay If you have so much for tuning in and don’t forget to comment rate and subscribe, also press that button that subscribe button once you subscribe, that only allows you to get notifications We are at almost 160 160 K, so all the roles is too much Okay, like we are almost at I mean when I was at sixty thousand arrows like $60,000 Like really support me like this is crazy, yeah I’ll be showing out You show so much love and actually appreciate y’all So much I love teaching your looks at y’all What I know what I make mistakes on life, but I don’t like what it’s just like I love teaching y’all like I love helping people So if I can help somebody, I know I’m gonna scare me and help somebody, but they become official in Joyce’s stream

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