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Megan Batman Choreographer

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey JD, when you’re sucking, can I talk to you all right? What what is it well, you’re doing a schedule and I’ve just been really hurting in the bank account Department lately So I was just wondering if any way, shape or form or under any circumstance, err Just to hit what do you want I’d like more ships, she’d like more shift? Okay First of all, I have to ensure that everybody has equal work times, but that’s not even my decision DJ makes that call TJ there’sone shift that you haven’t assigned to anyone I will do anything to work that shift DJ, introduce busy any questions Concerns complaint, call DJ’s phone line You know the number you’ve called it before do it again, you want me to call his phone He’s is the first time that he’s ever had a banana and you’re ruining the moment Dj you’re right here, you can hear me, can you please let me work it come on DJ Let’s, let’s grab a picture of that first banana DJ Please DJ! Please! Girls! You’Re done, are you done working it great? I’m sick of y’all

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