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Mental breakdown!? Best New Drugstore Cosmetics in Autumn 2019

30 Sep , 2019  

Dean, where have you been all my life? I love this highlight for the first time in a while, I’m actually super pumped about these new drugstore makeup releases. They are blowing my mind, we’re gonna put them on my face today. If you’re new here, hey, I’m Miranda welcome to my channel, where I talk all things: budget, beauty, fashion and lifestyle. If that sounds interesting to you, then become the newest member of the slash squad by hitting subscribe and the bell icon.
So many new drugstore makeup goodies have been landing here in my Beauty, room and I gotta say I’m impressed with the majority of them. So today I’m gonna be doing nearly a full face of new drugstore makeup. That is insanely good. You are not gonna want to sleep on these. This is the finished look in case. You didn’t gather that already, let’s just jump into it all right, starting out with my new favorite foundation. I wore this all throughout my trip to Paris and just in general, for the last three weeks now the L’Oreal infallible a fresh wear foundation. This is a really good in-between product on the spectrum of infallible foundations from pro glow to pro matte. It does dry down to kind of a demi matte finish: it’s not super dewy, but you do get a natural radiance and the coverage is just about full, but the consistency is actually pretty thin. It feels extremely lightweight in general, it kind of just checks, all the boxes for me, and it is long wear. I have not tested the 24-hour claim but, like I said, I brought this with me to Paris, where we had. You know 12 to 16 hour days. Just running around the city and this looked great all day, so that is one layer of coverage down and usually that’s good enough for the majority of my face I’ll just go in with a little bit more on the spots where I need extra coverage and it Does layer extremely well lately I have been using the covergirl trublend undercover concealer. comparing this to a bunch of other really popular drugstore concealers, so definitely check that out to see how it holds up. Now. concealer is that you have to blend it out fast, otherwise, it’ll start setting almost immediately. So typically, I actually work one eye at a time. I think I can move quickly enough and I do find that this concealer does blend out really nicely with a brush and that kind of helps keep the full coverage as opposed to using a damp sponge with this particular concealer, and I always set that concealer with The Cody airspun powder, I’m also going to actually use this as my eye base today.
and she did a whole day where tests and it was pretty surprising her end of day results. So it’s something that I want to try out, but I do know that you’re, probably gonna want to go for a matte concealer. If you are trying to use it as an eye primer for drugstore brows, I have really really really been loving. The new revolution Pro fill in define pencil. I talked about this in my whole revolution.. This is about as close as you can get to the Anastasia brow Wiz, as well as the benefit precisely my brow, pencil, which is my all-time favorite, because the tip of it is just so thin. You do get the nice little spoolie on the end, but it just gives you super precise strokes that look like natural hairs. Another great option of the drugstore that’s been around for a while, and I’ve talked a lot about. It is the covergirl easy breezy brow pencil. That’s another one, that’s extremely fine! These two are the only ones that I’ve found that fine at the drugstore, as far as eyeshadow goes a palette that I’ve been really impressed with and using a lot is the new NYX modern dreamer palette. No, I do want to put out a disclaimer because full price, this palettes $35 and at $35. I feel like it’s not quite worth that, but it’s been on sale at Ulta beauty for about 2450 for the last like two weeks, so at $25 or under. I definitely think that this is a good find and worth the money. The color selection just really drew me in because, as can see, we have a lot of bright options, but then we’ve got like some sultry jewel tones a lot of neutrals as well. So you can really balance out your looks and use this for whatever mood you’re in so today, I’m going to be focusing on this room here: the oranges, reds and yellows. So, starting off with this light kind of creamsicle orange, I’m gonna put that in my transition area and as you can see, even though it is a lighter orange as we blend it out its retaining its pigmentation. So to me, that’s pretty impressive and I will admit that in the past NYX shadows just have not worked. For me. This is kind of the first palette that I’ve tried from them that I really enjoy and think it’s easy to use all right at the outer edge of that transition. Shade I’m going to go in with this bright, yellow, I’m gonna go into this red, and this is what really impressed me out of the palette right. It’s just a really really hard shade, especially in matte a lot of the times. It’Ll translate either a little bit more pink, leaning or a little bit more orange leaning on the skin. But I feel like this does look like a true red and the pigment is buildable.
So I’m just kind of building up the color a little bit in the outermost area in the shadows blend so nicely so easily and, like I said, as you blend you’re, not losing the color. I’m also gonna bring the yellow all the way up to the brow bone really get that gradient going now going into this bright orange, and even though these shades are pretty close together, you know, as far as the color spectrum, even as I’m laying bring them And putting them side by side they’re, very distinct, they don’t just become muddy. They’Re gonna go into that neon, yellow one more time and that is gonna go on the inner portion of the lid. So I’m going to go into this gold glitter. Now I will say if you apply this dry, it’s definitely more of a topper there’s, not a lot of pigment behind the glitter. You can get a little bit more of a color payoff if you do apply it wet, which I’m gonna do right. Now I’m gonna bring it in over that yellow, as well just for a little pop and I’m gonna go into this Goldy champagne and pop that just right under my brow, bone over the yellow I’ve got going on there. So that’s the modern dreamer palette! If you want to see me create more looks with it, maybe a little bit more fall vibes. Let me know, very picky with my liquid liner, because a cat eye is pretty much uniform. For me well check out this new L’Oreal flash cat eye liner, which features a brush tip. I love it. I just feel like you can get a lot more precise with brush tips, especially because they’re not gonna start fraying, like felt tips now what’s up with this cap here, so this liner, it does come with a cat eye stencil. I don’t use this because I can pretty much do a cat eye in my sleep, smell kind of a fun idea, I’m not necessarily going to use it, but what I do like is that it makes the cap very recognizable if you’re digging around in your makeup Bag for it – and this is a very wet eyeliner pen which I like, and what I mean by that – is that the product flows very freely from the tip. You don’t need to be like shaking it out, so you’re always going to get a very smooth Glide when you’re applying this. Now I’m going to go in with a second liner, and this is the magnetic gel liner from ardell.. I will leave the link below so I just stamp the magnetic liner really close to my lash line, literally just it’s just so much quicker than using glue. So I’ve been wearing lashes more often now, because this is just so easy Let’s move on to the rest of the face, shall we I absolutely love using cream blush.
I feel like it makes your skin just look so healthy and bouncy However, it can be a little bit tricky when you are mixing cream and powder products on your face together within, like your contour blush, and highlight this new blush is seamless when it comes to mixing those types of products It’s the new NYX sweet, cheeks cream blush It is a creamy powder, blush is how they described it, so the texture does feel kind of slick when you dip your finger into it or, as you start to apply it to your cheeks, but it has a powder finish that is very soft and still retains That kind of freshness that cream usually gives you and the thing is too, is that, because it’s an in-between of powder and cream, it’s really easy to blend out and sheer out, I would say easier than your typical cream blush and it lasts a long time It definitely has the lasting power of cream set with powder, so absolutely in love with these new NYX sweet, cheeks and blushes Alright, I am so excited to show this next palette to y’all, because it blew my mind so rachhloves here on YouTube, just collaborated with Pixie to create this highlight palette holy smokes This highlight palette is the bombcom net backslash Wow, so we do a few shade options We have this warm champagne called tea leave a cool champagne called clutch Then we have like an icy pink lace, leave a very unique purple lean on your highlight called zipper Then we have this deeper shade knit just going in with a dry brush Look at this – that is the kind of highlight that I want in my life every day on my face, alright Lastly, we’ll top off this look with a new lip product from Physicians Formula but the organic wear tinted lip treatment is given me life right now This is the shade gingersnap and it’s a really good neutral, warm brown So this just feels good on the lips Clearly, you see that it gave a really good amount of color a little bit more than your standard tinted lip balm and it’s just kind to my lips when they do not feel right Here’s the finished, look practically full faith of a new drugstore makeup for fall that I have been obsessed with Did any of this new drugstore makeup make your wish list Let me know what car I in the comments below today’s shout out goes to Bonnie Thanks for being a member of the slash squad, where I talk about the most underrated drugstore makeup I’ll see you over there bye

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