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Michael cruelly comments on my fashion new star clothing

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, my chickens.. I have Michael like me and he’s going to be: writing my fashion nerve, an outfit suruc. The other day I went, obsession never got and I spent like $1500 on out paid. If I know what you spend yeah, I’m dedicated to this YouTube glass, so I have a big box of clothes just around the corner, Michael’s ever seen anything of it just keep in mind some of the clothes I’m not that cute and I did on purpose just Because, like I just want to see what his taste is like so he’s gonna write, it he’s not–, everybody thinks and yeah.
Let’s go ahead and get changed. One thing I have to say is this is my first outfit what I’ve already worn it and I think this is actually really cute, so I don’t think you have anything back to say about this one. You know, I think, that’s nice yeah, even though these things saying that I’ve got a camel toe every time. I wear it, but like black pants, it happens. Oh my god. It’s like a full dates like a big w, nothing wrong with that. I meant love camel Tartars except me, it’s a cute little accessory absolutely just stuff. It’s not me easy! Someone like some protection. You actually spend money on that. I did I’m kind of sad that I did thought like. Maybe I can make it work. That’s the most foul thing: I’ve ever seen, chaton! No, I don’t do bucket hats. Neither do I that’s the point how’s it naive. It’s definitely fake, like it’s not obviously it’s fashion, very hot Gucci, TV doctor disgusting, that’s fast straight to beanies. It goes alright. Come true. Come true I mean I don’t mind that I get serious. Oh I don’t why not sorry tacky yeah, I hate that is Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian vibe. I think doctor pace, I’m sorry, but I have to like disagree. I went in home, oh my god. No, the bottom looks like it’s an asshole like creature like a fool, it’s actually really pretty died like I don’t I don’t like if you walked out like to go clubbing, I wouldn’t hate that. But would you give this out of 10 everything I think, an 8? What was the Hat then Wow? It’s generous. I know what was the Hat 2 1. No, that needs to go. That’s not even on the right of the list bye. It is kind of tacky, but like it’s still cute yeah, like it’s very Kim K, vibe yeah. I mean like with that sort of stitching, of course, okay guys. So this is outfit number two. Oh, that’s tragic! What that is foul. Are you serious? That is just that is honestly, that is so foul that is like a ripoff of lack of wannabe bull mom like it’s just not gonna work, and even just looking at it right now, like the way that it fits on your body is disgusting.
I’m not saying your body is disgusting, I’m saying the fit is foul. I, like it guys zero always coming out, oh my god, sure than that sure than that going sure than that now go and show them that now well, you didn’t tell me that jesus christ bow take it off and burn it all right guys. This is outfit number 3. Oh off that he’s actually I’d like dig, really deep to find this beauty. Color looks like poo, but you’re, never gonna kill us. Let me just say I’ve literally dug for the worst stuff possible, wet. No, don’t try and defend them when they stole our merch and replicated it sorry, but darn it darn, allegedly it’s really comfortable when to give it back. But okay, it’s comfortable but like the way it looks like come on. Beauty is pain, and that is just not making the cut. You could not pay me 50 grand to promote that dress all right guys. This is outfit number 4 perfectly it’s on as foul as the last one. My hands are sweaty most the getti. What do you think I mean the jeans are cute, but that really yeah I like this one. I think I need to rip this like there’s like a little bit of cotton. My problem is to get off, but I’m having it like this feeling, but I want to just like rip it out. Cuz this to covet. Please tell me you’re joking April Fool’s was yesterday. I really like this color because it’s like a pastel yellow, not like Ruben honoree, you know what I mean and the James are nice and high waisted. So I’m really happy about that. The jeans are cool for sure, but like that shirt is just needs to go. Yeah, just to make of it is foul it’s like sorry. It’s still moment, that’s not a moment. That is an impediment. No means! Can you please sucked lime. Sorry, all we’ve gots right, everybody right this, the jeans alike, a 9, the chef box, it’s horrible! It just looks bad on you that would suit me better than you probably would. But it’s a lady Tata ready come true. Well, I really like sorry, fine, that’s a vibe, it’s kind of like the Vaisakhi, it’s kind of like a ripoff Versace gram. Oh definitely, I wouldn’t say Bristol musashi print, but, like this style is very much high class, I feel yeah. Those things are not making the cut, though I feel like for an affordable like piece. I think it’s cute yeah for sure that’s cool. I do like it. Okay, I guess probably or nine Wow your office is looking really good, James right and just cost.
You $1500 for this sheet. Well, I really like it yeah yeah. This is fine! Oh my god. I thought you’re gonna get ugly, so I could drill it. No, I like this one I like that top a lot make sure yeah I mean the fact that the sewing is already coming out. Sign is really starting to piss me off. Oh, my god, there’s a massive piece of cotton stringing out the back. Wouldn’t that’s exactly to get your period, girls, not in that period it’s actually like you’re asking for it to SawStop. These are really taut and I feel like I’m very comfortable. I personally don’t even wear these bottoms. I feel like they’re, just like they’re just very boring. They look, white leggings are the tops cute yeah, I like the top. I could see why not talk, but I mean it’s like tits kalam. Exactly why see me wearing that talk show up those expensive tips. I feel like also like a nerd is really hard to wear. Babies expect backs Oh cuz. It goes it kind of like blends in this winter, but I feel like this is a nice shade, some be too bold. You write this one and eight outfit number. Seven hi I’m here you can see me rope highlighter. That is seriously tragic. You know what this looks like surprise. You know what surprise I do know what’s. Okay is this is very surprised. What do you think about? I think it’s disgusting. I feel like this. What is not yeah, it’s bad, it’s pretty bad and the shorts are so tiny. I don’t know I’d wear booty shorts ever again now, they’re disgusting, they actually will start shaping. What would you write this? Is that already friendly and you haven’t even worn them? What would you write it? One yeah me too, I think buddy likes it yeah. This is fun. What do you think, but do you love it? It kind of looks like it being attacked on the legs. If you guys can’t see this is what’s going on. It’s like a log. Oh sorry, do you like my top, I feel like it really resembles my wife spoiled just to make of that create like how it’s all crinkled, just notice a part, and I feel, like the jeans aren’t high-waisted enough. Maybe that sort of fell going forward. I words are doing color we humming yeah baby, pull your legs. Wait! Wait! What wait wait, wait, wait. Why would she just humping the air funny like? Oh, maybe he was turned on by her kids. He loves girls next yeah. Thank you next Josh put on me. Wait. I have to show you guys place up with these she’s look I think I saw these no fun.
Actually I’ve literally bought these shoes to wear I like it without the heels I don’t really like I honestly thought on the website said you and it actually says: yuck food, I’m really mad your food everywhere It said you like I’m actually 99%, my god, maybe double-check, and see if they like songs when that doesn’t exactly hello yeah So I think I was just like not concentrating, surely they wouldn’t do that bow Please agree with me that that foul code, you write the shoes there are that full apart in point three seconds, when I heard you thrashing around the corner with your hood, I was like I’m done already They just sounds like plastic, crushing on the floor Alright guys, this is the last outfit, thank God because my eyes are burning and my amazing, my stomach is growling We need Nando’s ice that rookie Thank you Thank you me Next hi, I really don’t hate it It’s kind of like I mean it’s like a new style guys, so it’s like all right It’s just like a bra, and then you have this thing that comes on urging the top I actually put I would hate it so much, but it’s not that bad I feel like the color washes me out slightly I would prefer like a why that would be cute but yeah I turn to them in a way this, but like it’s a funny loose, oh yeah, stitching coming out on the bullet, there’s like seven bits One two three four five by he sat Sorry, let me just say I really I really did enjoy doing like a catwalk for Michael I feel like every time I come out It was gonna be like a new reaction and that’s exactly what I thought so you’re very happy with that As I said before, like I’m sorry, I keep crossing my back I really hope you guys enjoy today We are, if you do, please give it a big thumbs up if you guys want hot to, and you know what to do If you guys want part two, I reckon we should do this both drunk – oh, my god, that’s so drunk edition So if you guys are a drunk edition, you guys know Let’s, let’s go, let’s go 15,000 is missing, it whoa ha ha Oh really, yeah! That’s really pushing up for your channel No! It’s not! Oh gosh, alright, okay, love you guys so much He has a lot more swearing and he’s just very folk I’Ll say if you’d like that, I pretty much looks like a version of you behind closed doors, love you guys and I’ll see you very soon

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