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Millionaire’s reaction: How did the barista spend her $15000 salary?

1 Nov , 2019  

Welcome back to the Graham Stefan show, my name is Graham, and this is my show, and this by the way, is my 20 cent iced coffee, mmm. Honestly, if it wasn’t for this coffee, I would not be able to film this in the morning. This thing is a lifesaver I wish I could. I should start selling coffee from now on. I think that would do really well just quit YouTube and just start selling $0.20 iced coffee that should that should be the name of it. It’s just 20 cent, iced coffee, everyone would buy it and guess how much it would cost 399 who’s kidding so anyway.
Okay, so we’re back at it today and we’re gonna react to another glamour,000 a year like going over the finances and stuff like that. So I just went to the YouTube page right now and they they do a lot of content here, usually how I plan these reaction. Videos out is I sort by the most popular one first, because I figured the most popular one. It must be really good and because it’s really popular, they have a wide demographic of people that have watched it. it should hopefully retarget all of those people, but I sorted by most popular and I’m getting like Billy Eilish. This is your pregnancy. In two minutes, 48 million views. Okay, we got Shawn Mendes, my first time having sex at college. I you guys want me to react to that one. I can react to that one we got some. but let’s find a let’s find a financial one. A hundred years of pantyhose, maybe just go down the list and react to these, because these are very interesting where, guys, after a lot of searching and a lot of smashing a like button. Four fifteen thousand dollar salary. Honest accounts glamour. Okay,000 salary right. What’s going on with that, let’s find out I’m a part-time barista and I make about 15,000 dollars a year and looking for a full-time work. How does she live in New York City on $15,000 a year unless, unless they just caught her at a weird time where she’s in between jobs – and they just take our current income like at that time? How is that even possible? Let’s find out, I’m curious. I’ve got about 1,500 dollars in savings, so my general relationship with money. I definitely wish I had more. It would definitely make living in New York easier, but I do feel like I spend too much and I need to get better and saving for sure. Okay, wait. So hold on soso two things here: number number one. She acknowledges that she’s spending too much so she’s aware that she shouldn’t be spending as much as she does.
And second thing I don’t like the word like I wish I could be making more money. I don’t. I don’t like wishing for things to happen because wishing just has the connotation that you’re not actually doing anything to make more money you’re just sitting there, hoping that something will fall into your lap. I gotta say if there’s anything you ever want to do. It’s never just going to fall in your lap. It’s never just gonna be oh. If I wish, if I wish hard enough one day, you could smash the like button. No, no, it doesn’t happen like that and here’s the thing I like. I definitely believe in like being optimistic and and visualizing what you want and understanding what it is that you want to achieve. That is a lot more pre active than than wishing so so never wish always just work towards it visualize it. I have about four hundred dollars in an investment app and fifty dollars in my debit savings account. The rest of my savings is at home stash because, if not, I would definitely spend it if it was in my bank – oh okay, okay, okay, so so a few things here at least she’s self-aware enough that she would spend it if she didn’t hide it somewhere. In the house, I have five thousand seven hundred dollars in credit card debts, seven hundred dollars in personal credit card debt and then five thousand dollars in share credit card with my mother. Oh, oh man. That’s too much debt, a third of her income right now is debt, which is understandable because there’s no way that she can live in New York, City or $15,000 a year, there’s just no way, so I think it makes sense that she’s in $5,700 that But, oh my god, I think she should just take some of that cash savings and just and start chipping away. If the debt just starts slowly, just grinding away, you’ve gotta, get that paid down. I try to pay it off monthly. If I have it and if I don’t, then I won’t pay off your credit card, you gotta pay off your credit card. This is the worst one. I’ve seen I’ve.. Her credit is shot is shot, but you know why it’s not too late. You can always pick it back up. You can always do you need to at least make the minimum payment no matter what, even if you pay a hundred percent interest, I don’t pair minimum payment every single month, no matter what so you pay it off on time. With my current paycheck, I have about a thousand dollars to spend monthly. Oh, oh, my god. This is so bad. This is so bad she’s in 5,700 dollars of credit card a and then and then at anytime. They say I have a thousand dollars left over every month to spend you know, they’re, not spending it on like worthwhile stuff. You know that spending it we’re about to see so far every single time the spending is on ridiculous stuff that not even I would spend money on right.
I wouldn’t even spend money on these things, and yet you know other people are okay. So, let’s find out, I just moved out of my parents house so months a month. Paying rent by myself is definitely a lot harder than living with my parents. She shouldn’t have moved out from her parents. Let, let’s be honest, she should have stayed with her parents and gotten rid of that debt. First, I don’t consider myself frugal, there’s some weeks that I will watch what I’m spending some weeks. Theologist, go to Sephora I’ll go online shopping and I’ll just spend like a bunch of money, not smart. First of all, she’s laughing. That’s not funny to me. I take this very serious issues like over there, which is Sephora. I spent some money some weeks. They don’t come away from it and she’s laughing about it. That dad is that’s a dangerous, laugh. Okay, I don’t like any event at all and, let’s be like her rent is decent her car. It’s it’s a lot. She can probably get a cheaper car. It’s not the end of the world, but I don’t like this. She has credit card debt and she’s spending. No, no, no, that that’s like I wish I could just be like no bad bad. Don’t don’t do that! You know and because you can’t do that. Here’s! My last debit card statement got big. That’s a big statement. That’s a lotta! That’s a lot of spending right there. Let’s see Sprinkles Cupcakes 71. I got a bunch of cupcakes for my friend for her birthday. She don’t wanna do anything for her birthday. So I wanted to do something nice cheer Tony has spent $71 on cupcakes. That’s the thumbnail right! Now it gots ridiculous sprinkle. You can go to Ralph’s. I’ve done this before I’ve been there and I’ve done this. You go to Ralph’s and they have the cupcakes that are sitting there for like $4.99 for like 12 of them, but okay, if you want to take it to an extreme, you can go to this there’s like a little aisle. This sounds terrible. I would ever say this, but you know whatever: okay there’s there’s a little aisle. You should wait by the restroom with the like it they’re, all like 50% off. These are rack. It’s like everything is 50% off that they just need to sell, especially with baked goods. The thing is, they don’t sell them all. So when the baked goods are like a few days away from expiring, they just move them from the normal rack to the rack.
By the bathroom that’s 50% off, you can buy the same stuff, it’s the same stuff as long as you’re, not planning on just keeping it in the kitchen for like a month as long as you’re planning to eat it within the next week. It’s fine! It’s out the price she’s spending $71 on cupcakes, and I can do the same thing for like two dollars and fifty cents. Okay, I’ve. Never in my life, spent seventy one dollars in cupcakes ever. I would be ashamed of myself if I ever did that, even if you’re my best friend, okay, I’m not spending $71 on cupcakes, because I know they would tell me gram – that’s stupid return them return them. Family dollar for $3, then go mini vending for $10 88. Why is it? Why is she gonna? Do a vending machine it spending $10 on a bending machine Reyes, the entrepreneur. Are you you hearing this man? She is your customer. She is your customer. You want her man, you want to find out where she walks every day and put a vending machine right there. You would make a killing Hanes 2093. I was buying my boyfriend under way because he needed new ones, so it was kind of a gift $21, an underwear you can go in Amazon and buy them for like $2, each this better be like a year’s supply of underwear. I bought my best friend Beats earbuds for Christmas in December, so I was like a payment plan. You went on a payment plan for a friend’s birthday for Beats headphones. Oh my god! No, no! Oh Mike she’s in debt. She can’t afford it. She’s got to cut all of this out now. Oh my god. If I were her friend and she gave me something that she had to be in a payment plan, for I would tell her – I don’t want it that bad I’ve al you, the friendship more than I’ve, a li you giving a payment plan for me, No Broadway Designer 4260, you can’t afford the Broadway general for forty to fifty. You can’t afford any of this. Everything is just she can’t afford it. I do spend a lot of money on fast food just because it’s easy it’s convenient, I’m always on the five hundred and fifty one dollars a month in fast food come on come on. I shouldn’t have to say anything on this.. Just everything starts getting quiet. You know if you have that feeling before.. I had nightmares. When my car was in the shop, it was really crazy. I definitely felt that money a lot more because it’s like constant she’s spending a lot of money on hoover’s. It least do the uber pool okay, if you’re gonna do this at least pull it together, it’s like half the price half the time.
They never even pick up another passenger, so you are set just do that. Just do that. If you’re going to burn money, you may as well just burn a little bit less money if you’re gonna burn it don’t burn all of it burn some of it. If you are going to burn it, itunes 494 quick, pay. 249. 94. I went to Cancun for my birthday, so I think my friend lost the package won that sign, so I think I gave really half of it then and then the other half later this. This whole thing is basically a disaster. It’s a train wreck. She went to Cancun on her birthday. I have never been to Cancun. You know what I did on my birthday. I did happy hour sushi happy hour sushi. I think I think I celebrate like I don’t I rarely drink, but I think that night I had like, like what did I have like a three dollar beer on a happy hour? You know that’s how I celebrate my birthday. You know what, by the way, fun little tidbit here, what I would actually had a million dollars net worth. That was the day I she wouldn’t celebrate it, because that to me was a very, very, very big deal. It was something I’ve been working towards. I’ve always wanted to say that you can officially call yourself a millionaire like that was it. That was huge for me. You know what I did I didn’t tell. I didn’t tell a single soul. What I did is, I went out to a few friends happy hour. Sushi and I spent like $12 in sushi that night, that was my celebration for hitting a million dollars inch and she’s and she’s. Just like guys. Let’s go to Cancun, no don’t go to Cancun. I don’t even go to Cancun. Let’s not do that! Paypal! 4608. I think he’s not actually American Eagle genes. I think in the time I spent like a few hundred just say: hey shopping, but, like I get out of my system like I do it once for the season and I’m like I just I won’t touch it so like fall online transfer, 15 PayPal, 48. Quick pay. 1911. 1481. 20. 50. 25. 5. You know the funny thing is I just noticed here is that she says she has like a little bit of money left over to spend. But if you look at total ATM debit card withdrawals, it’s just fifteen hundred and forty three dollars a month. You realize that this every month is more than she makes in a year, she’s making $15,000 a year. She’s spending just just right here, one month, screenshot she’s spending, eighteen thousand dollars a year. That means that that every month, she’s underwater, like $250 a month every single month, she’s negative – that amount just based on the one month that we can see here.
That’s it crazy. A lot of these Creek fees are actually me covering my boyfriend when he over dressed as a college, I hate having cash and he loves having cash, so he over draws his account and she’s bad with money. This couple really needs to get it together. Okay, like you know how they say that money is like the leading cause of divorce, I feel like they’re, just both enabling one another. This is not. This is not a good relationship from a financial standpoint. If they’re both this bad with money, they just they just encourage each other because to them it’s both normal. It’s like! Oh, it’s not that bad. When you see my boyfriend here, overdrafting on everything, no no he’ll literally take all the cash out of his account. The other day I had to call chase and like pretend to be him to get him his money back that overdraft fee they charged him twice. So I got his money back. What does he sound like that? She sounds like him. I don’t want to. I don’t want to like talk any negative, but how that’s terrible for like identity theft and stuff like that, if she can go to chase and just pretend to be him unless she has a really good like man voice, which maybe she does could be there. You life’s mothers 15 a year and a half ago I got life. I don’t know you see this hair, I don’t know how I got it. It took me like months and I like it was, it was a hot mess. I have like so much anxiety from that. Like every few months like I go, it was so traumatic, it’s like different, getting it as an adult. It’s crazy, like you, always feel like something sing. It here, scratching you. That would be a total nightmare for me like, like even little ramsey that the kitten you know because he was he was an outdoor cat. I rescued him as a little guy, so he’s been. You know the first like six, seven weeks of his life outside yet fleas and even then the fleas to me just were like. Oh I just I don’t like. I don’t like the idea of like little insects crawling around like I had no problem with bugs, but like wow, it’s just disgusting man. I feel like one second lands like a stable job. Where I make like a decent amount of money, I can focus on saving like larger sums and if I did have more savings that definitely would look into buying a new car, because there are problems that comes with a used car and guess an apartment without roommates Be easier: okay, so here we go so when it really comes down to it is she’s got to focus on the savings first and she’s got to nail that down, because otherwise, if she doesn’t solve the root problem of just not being able to budge it, it Doesn’t matter how much money she makes, I guarantee she’ll make thirty thousand a year and still find a reason to be like negative, three hundred dollars every single month.
If anything, the problem will get worse, because now her expectations go up with her income and her lifestyle goes up with her income It’s gonna quickly outpace what she’s making so I would get the budget under control First, that’s number one number two: there are salaries There’s pretty much, I feel like there’s anything that you can do in New York That’s gonna pay more than fifteen thousand dollars a year You, you cannot be a part-time where you start earning fifteen thousand and and not constantly be looking for other work It’s constantly I mean this: should this should be your job? Your job should not be going to Cancun Your job should not be going to sprinkles and spending $71 on cupcakes Your job should not be to go out and like take uber places, and your job should be to find it a higher paying job that that is your job and saving the money Okay, that that’s what it is Let’s see the comments Well, I’m not I don’t consider myself a professional finance person, but I consider myself a personal finance enthusiast That is me That is that that would be a good description for me right there, yeah $71 for cupcakes, oh good, would have been to the Dollar Tree and got the dollar cake makes frosting okay, good yeah, oh yeah, so she had fifty seven hundred others credit card debt, But she went to Cancun, so the comments are exactly what I think so we’re all on the same page here, she’s messing up so anyway That’s my thoughts on this did she go to Cancun again or did she go to like you know, Puerto Rico? I want to know what what these people are up to now I’m really curious So anyway, what that said, you guys thank you so much for watching I really appreciate if you, if you made it the very end, you haven’t already smash the like button Make sure to destroy the like, but subscribe to this channel also add me on Instagram I posted pretty much daily, so if you want to be a part of it, there feel free to add me there Thank you again for watching and until next time,

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