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Miss Monkey Magic Makeup Course

1 Nov , 2019  

Open open, oh boy, he’s get something in her eye. Yeah liquid. Are you ready? Well, Miss monkeys excited oh wow. This is like an arsenal of makeup. It’s not that much Mego! That’s an arsenal! It’s not an artist! There’s a lot of makeup. I borrow this. So much mommy, ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the mother/daughter makeup. Tutorial daughter will be doing the makeup on mother mother. That’s the face of being ready all right. Let’s do this! You guys have like wow so much miss monkey.
Do you know what you’re doing yeah Clark, huh, okay, so miss monkey here is going to be putting makeup on mama? Is this what all women have to go through when they put on makeup? Yes, no seriously, that’s a lot of makeup, not easy to look all by now. Oh, this is layers of blush voice is the top layer. This is the other layer. Ah, but don’t you guys blush in real life? First of all, mama V for the record does not require any makeup ever Yeah right. My father said if she looks beautiful in the morning without makeup. That’s all that matters. I think stuff like that. What basically, it means that she’s, very beautiful without makeup, anywho we’re gonna do a makeup tutorial and well, I’m just gonna I’m just gonna film and these guys are gonna actually all right they’re totally into it, so we’re just gonna. Let them do it. We’Re gonna see what miss monkey comes up with mmm. She watches a lot of makeup. Tutorials does miss monkey know what she’s doing I don’t know if she does cuz, I don’t really let her wear makeup like I let her wear makeup. Maybe twice a year yeah Halloween, I mean Halloween during schools. There’s gotta, be like a rainy day when we’re in here and there’s nothing to do and I’ll pull up my makeup: the medical, wild, unicorn, snot. Okay, it’s actually not oh momma B. Every girl’s dream is to wear unicorns, not handsome. That’s not what you didn’t say. Alright, I’m gonna have like one unicorn snot here hold on. Let me go. Do you want to take a? I think I got unicorns, not my. I. Here’s the before shot the before shots beautiful. I am very interested to see what miss monkey is gonna. Do your face? Okay, so I just want to see what this looks like. No woo is a way to go birds to miss mold. Oh so the first thing you’re gonna do is we’re gonna start off with the bottom, to the top rope, that’s harder to the top uh-huh bottom to top I’ll start it from the top and now we’re here started from the top and now why here Started from the top another Hotei there yeah, so we’re just gonna put some cover over nice and so we’re gonna grab.
Covergirl Ready Set gorgeous, Oh for jewels, and it’s never any other birds. It’s um number, five, oh two, five! So all right, and that really does matter, does it. So what we’re going to do is we’re just going to put a little dash here, a little dash here, Allen Fisher over the past year and a little dash and then what we’re going to do is we’re gonna take um. Oh, she looks so divine we’re gonna take one massive, possibly less you wanna beat all these it’s so fun. I love these things this one I like to try and go over once, because you could actually hold on to the top and like go like this, so we’re just gonna blend in our covergirl. What kind of music do you guys want for this? Like maybe like magical music, you got it. It’s a unicorn, make up the rail and so miss monkeys, drawing dots on your face this monkeys now blending this is gonna, be very interesting because I don’t think she’s ever done. Anybody’s makeup so stay tuned. It kind of sucked it’s okay! I did for Halloween, everybody loved it cuz. I was a pirate, it was kind of messy. I was four okay, there’s no excuse well so far so good. She does not look like a clown or a tree trunk yo. How much cover-up do I need brown? Oh she’s she’s dropping to cover up the old bra and to make it look like yeah plastic surgery. What world are we in right now and we’re just gonna make a way down to the bridge of the nose and whoa squeezy squeeze next we’re gonna grab our face brush um and we’re just gonna grab a natural color that suits your face. Maybe like I’m like a peachy kind of color and I’m going to grab the makeup brush where you put color on your face like blush up here on the apples of your cheeks, we’re gonna. What are the apples of your cheeks people say? Really who’s the people which people wait? I don’t know they say apples of the cheeks. Why do you have glitter on your face? That’s weird man! Oh that’s the bunkie snot. What’s it called? What do you do? You know: what’s I shadow right is. Oh sorry, no give me that ghost look give me the Morticia Addams, please, my movies gonna be a power washer to take this stuff off. Okay, okay, why would she need the eyebrows make some nice dark, full eyebrows and make them on fleek eyebrows legal? Oh, she just licked her.
She just licked her finger and oh yeah weight management grab a wife. If you’re gonna be a makeup artist, I don’t think you want to lick your clients. Oh wow, look at that eyebrow, that is an eyebrow yeah. It’s an eyebrow and a half bra where the hair is what you can’t see rule number two. You cannot tell your clients that they need to get a wax rule number one, don’t lick your clients. She gets right in there. She faked her. It’s like it’s written when she’s drying your eyebrows. She it’s like right up in your face. Man, Ranger man. She can bite your nose, Wow, okay, now moving all the way down to the eyes. We’Re gonna. Do a nice smoky eye. Look so first we’re gonna do the cat eye Oh cat eye. Yes, she definitely needs cat eye. You know a sharp object. Um open your eyes: Oh Mauli, shading, good Johnny. No, the guys are wrinkly. Oh three number three do not tell them. They have wrinkly eyes. Yo just do it. Mama B’s eye looks like a Nike open, open. Oh boys get something in her eye. Yeah liquid. Oh miss monkey. Sorry, that’s okay! When you’re doing it at the edge just really not to put so much because then equals inside the eye. Oh yeah! You never want to know. I never mind here old number. Four! Never blind York uh! Try not to blind your customer you’re, getting your wings bumblebee! I’ve never seen Molly with wings, careful here, careful yup. Moving on to the mascara mascara, the queen of Maybell nene, maybelline lash sensitivity! Just take it easy on mama, please she’s, just contouring your nose mama B. That is not perfect. No I’m not dating pretty smart. All right, art is never perfect. Artiste art is what you great fine, actually pretty far and knows what she looks. That’s what every girl wants to hear, look pretty good, pretty fine she’s, a fierce cat in the wilderness. Looking for the squirrel, that’s where they look for squirrels, not sure Wow. You look like your eyes are open. Even when they’re closed. Are you scared? No five. Never ask your client if they’re scared, your eyes can whoa, I’m sorry she’s painting you like a canvas. She gets right in your face, man which dude she’s, getting you like: a blue tinge, whoa you’re about to look flushed, just don’t burp in her face! Miss monkey. No, no, that was a fake line Was it unicorn Pole so far, miss monkey has done her eyes for cheeks and fashion foundations and healer, and now she’s gonna contour, the magic of contouring.
So why do everyone? A contour, is you’re just gonna got here Yo you’re pretty close to my eyes with that pencil you’ll weep, and so you can like I don’t know If this is I do, but you can go around the crease yeah Well, do it on the crease Do what you think is right, it’s art! Remember! You do whatever you think is right Give me the gun here so you’re going to take a blender to your nose Okay, now your nose is contoured Thank you and now and I’m going to grab this beautiful red from Revlon rebel on I use a technique of taking the Revlon and just painting this On top Don’t go with that Let’s see my movie! Oh okay, now, okay! Now this is the best part What do you got there? Miss monkey when you put on the unicorn snot It looks better in the camera Alright, now it’s time for the unicorns not see what we’re gonna do, put it in snot and then we’re gonna go around this side and this side make it look like a unicorn Don’t do them? Do it look normal monami, oh yeah, unicorns, not on fleek eel she’s dotting your face with unicorns is giving me a beard, no she’s, giving you a chinstrap she’s, covering your face with unicorns Not right now Hey so is this Are you going for, like the unicorn sneezed on my face? Look you guys so mean during this tutorial Oh we’re not mean we’re Not me you’re, the ones telling me my eyes are wrinkly Oh, she just jammed her finger Rick the unicorns not wait A second waiting The final look that has it the final look: the unicorn snot is literally like hanging off her face It’s now time for the reveal Yes, that looks amazing here we call your brother mama, be your son Will now see you for the first time ever as a unicorn hi hi? Are you ready to see your mother yeah? Show him your face Mama B Is that amazing? What do you think is that supposed to be like that unicorn right over your head, like yeah, pretty much as a as a woman unicorn? I sometimes imagine myself like the people, but I know I’ll never be like the people I will always be a unicorn lady, with unicorns not running down my cheeks huh, better than expected beautiful well done Miss monkey well done yeah y’all

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