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Mom vs dad $25 thrift store (charity store) clothing challenge!!? Is it?

1 Nov , 2019  

Time to out, among the best to my shadow today, I’m enjoys with my grandma Joyce. Oh my gosh, she should be said about the sister is like I’ll go tomorrow. Oh yeah, I don’t know when you are going to very soon. You know what you are no model any whatever you are seeing I mean what other people? Don’t you up a lot cream so previously I’ve done a lot of mumbles guard challenges. I’ve done me by much challenge from we’ve. Also done a eBay project challenge.
Okay, yeah. Actually, you can. You know you saw my eyes: okay, yes, before behind, so I’m going with this one. I don’t know you don’t have faith in you this time, oh God, okay, today, what you doing it the Brick Store challenge. So basically, they both had $25 to spend in a thrift store which, basically, if you go, go, go it’s a carrot. Install that’s will be born here in the UK, so everything was like ridiculously cheap. I believe you’ve been widely where the charity shop TR, really yeah yeah, like I learned what was cheaper like the premier or a charity, so I’m going to a secondhand exactly like it’s probably like my mom’s right, probably somewhere, oh yeah yeah, it’s a bit just careful Outfit, oh, I did yes, okay, not a big thumbs up at all to subscribe down below. If you guys haven’t already, I am so close to 1 million subscriber list a channel. How do we go? Can we I’m so invited honestly, you guys have to see the reaction on my blog channel with it? Well, I hope you just come sometime soon, so be sure to subscribe, to keep his tie on my blog channel anyway.000 lights. I know that like yeah, we did. I know I crazy all the ways you know available. Oh yeah, I mean hang on anyway, just so annoying anyway. Please write something like 80,000 we’re going to do it again. I had to go, enjoy it but a thousand times so. It’s not looking good. It’s looking quite sparse clothes. Yes, I keep looking. I can’t get too big mm-hmm, not really feeling it warm in Crystal gripping one because they shine in eight minutes. I so even makes it work, not the best shop in the world I like this by. Why is it even worse when you got be 95 to wear these clothes, I’m going to keep the King ah body very Chanel bag? Probably fight, but do I do know I done super nice. You can always doggy toys are found, I think, is the winner Oracle. Viagra funny look at that: oh the hell would wear there. What is all that about? Okay, I’m literally so excited I’ve just not addressed, except when you have that she had her birthday when you shriek, you do things work on me and it feels like $3 donation thing of the past.
Now that look decent favorite ever only literally see if I can find so two guys inserted, you can see. Thank you for my outfit, not so sure. Where whispering there, people are the only one in there. My mother said. I had eight minutes left my outfit and I’m feeling confident all our ladies with rookie sticking is in the prime of my outfit, not money, Gigante, McDonald, wine, wine, so nice. How was the for looking like you posted the camera? How was it blogging like the smoke from it was not your fault every day that I know that night the whole time how we doing it yeah it was weird. I’ve got modernity’s, weird inventions, good, why it’s not big if the shop, your muscle, you know nothing! What is what we went to an athlete gentleman who enter one by one went to one. It is just shocking. I can’t look properly, don’t want to know. Okay, let’s go with whatever it is, is going rock paper scissors yeah gone, Oh, what no lunches sharp nail! Yeah and you can want to choose qi+ on speaker all right side, the best out there, okay, Wendy you’re, going back. I think I’ve done really well, I’m something else. We don’t really really well this time. So third thing I picked up what this little denim got. You so nice that is so nice yeah I’ve been looking for. Okay, there’s no girl! I would normally put that down, but lashings left beside one of us sweep it up just before May and all the days ago, Fred, yeah, yeah yeah. Thank you. I’m looking at my brother loves babies a little bit crystal buttons. Well, other babies. We go die and it would not that it’s very sure, but I still absolutely love it: how more 88 never bad! It’s a very random prices for whites. Yes, you know how much more I denies that any I mean I can’t exactly say. I can’t actually remember what I was I bought because it was like a couple weeks ago and I literally haven’t even looked in his bag since oh yeah. So this is a little oh yeah sure Oh cannot be out there. So, like super long, super love, Shannon of Yahoo. I’m thinking of Coco yeah that I can remember no there’s a cool outfit again that do not look so I might job maybe ruin it now, but I had this thing in my head, but I went. I want to get back on railroad, Jim yeah, it like a kind of cool and I saw a couple, but they were massive, but then I had it in my head. I wanted one so away with this one. I think it Mastiff jackets, like maybe really really Molly good night. Oh baby, I got it, I don’t know what those different CRNA at least and going either way.
Oh, my gosh that looks like my graveyard little wall looks like a you’re going on UNIX. This is she okay. You know industry that Iraq in tight. If I’d rather see I’ve actually today, I think you can make it at night, but I’m saying a bit, not the mask. Oh good. I like that, can I get a balaclava. I want to cause smoky big time, so thank you for not make you a boy or an apparent match again. If I won’t you bought it with up the thing. So, oh, my god, I think the swap out for getting that Sao Paulo to pit road. You don’t know why I mean I really don’t like the arms up nervous give over thinking. If I throw it up, like you, come by over there, even if the fights in dirt my cool down saloon, I reckon exactly right the great it has a bright Herick, because it will go well at top yeah. So I don’t know so. I’ve been careful. It of all when he had a mother I’d rating hollow. I know that it is describing every day, okay and then to go with Oh click. On finally hellooo, I love you later shoot my smell. I would happily have second had anything, but I’ve said this before just shoes. I don’t think I could have secondhand shoes. I cannot my friends, I just found out to be a man. Look brand-new pressing, any key, no Foreman, what all dude I’m well. Thank you. They were 7,000 $96 receive an area $25 no II. Didn’t oh, I think I’m okay about that. Oh man too much and open Baba. What do you say guys? These? Are you kidding right? I haven’t seen any outfit, but I be some suitcase with the resources are back and I see employment aside and accepted. No matter haven’t, haven’t, looked and I’m not coming to, but I think you might be way that follicle that jacket and that and that you’ve begun. Why did you call there by doesn’t show my area? I owe captain and you can have it like that in the one strap you can unzip it, because I think I was three dollars, so I thought I’m just again. You don’t see you don’t want to do it, so that’s my outfit so start as well. We’Re not we’re survivors. It’s alright! Whatever happens, it’s going to better miss okay, yeah a bit down. You know I’m downloading stuff stuff. Okay, one string key to you. While we’re doing IQ nothingness into the matter, it’s just a jumble international bad, I’m not in trouble, my god right, no key thing why I did struggle yeah, I think get there in the end. I think think I’ve done too well, but he’s since Ellen laughing a tunnel right right first of all, but these are lovely sure. Are you alright? You know what they’ll ride I think if you give in conjunction away like this to the front, these could swing this one feeling like a quite big, really big.
Actually so I have cut on my Johnson Oh no, oh, you bought whites a, but he saw no no here forever I know how are you I swear to god, I’m not badly, he must be some kind of many I am not seeing you sometime about this around the shop Listen they’re, not white, face No I’ll show you the other cups over that long, and I thought I think that welcomed by the harder, but you can tell we design our Ukraine me, you choose, you, can trust me, though I don’t reckon I reckon you’ll pull them off You’Re just go cuz! You got pirate dragon I’ve got beautiful Jenna, something if I get right darling how about I run one meal to me This is nice T-Shirt, Hey yeah I’ve got a t-shirt, so sweet as Whizzer Just that you know I can hold up and to me he said, sweet ass, all the time Okay, I do not was meant for you What does it sound Ernie? It’s a sweet and translation I confirm that what you’re proposing is good one me, please, don’t know how you and I speak is net onions, an expert in your the treatments all right, so we got a top and we got short single in their survivor day right, backseat matter boy, I’m the Colored person section two men, one, oh boy, great, oh, please are the bee’s knees, hello, your mum would love these What are you tired broccoli, but it’s super clean there Anyone they had deals better than this No, there are no chemicals Oh, my baby, I don’t even like my uncle fix it Listen! Listen with that! Anna Anna will appear good You cannot for your life, often elsewhere in living school shoes You’ve got a school outfit, a story getting after school Stop this sighs! Thank I I’m not going to any pizza You can only shop that admit that it’s good to see optimizer! No, oh, wait! You need to have stuff in it, though Yeah look you’re like now what a pretty good residence pretty good that I’ve taken evening Like you know when I like this, like nobody’s looking russian instrument, I do what have my grandbabies me breaking through those issues is so small My toes like scrunch up no all over, I feel like, like an American drama, called dawn Yeah Okay, oh yes, Tiffanyone more yeah! Yeah! You made me twist My animals is much better Now they don’t really like the mostest Oh yeah, yours I hope you got a minute sigh apart from that it runs the else’s

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