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Monochromatic Unicorn Nails and Chromium Powder

30 Sep , 2019  

Hi, I’m Suzy from milker education, everybody’s talking about unicorn. So today that’s what I’m gonna do here’s my version of a unicorn name: let’s get started so I polish my nails with gel. I got to feel only one nail like an accent: mail should be the unicorn if they’re all done it’s kind of a bit. Much that’s just my opinion, so I’m just gonna do one as an accent. So I polished all the rest is sort of matched the sort of very like unicorn world that, I think, would look good.
So the idea with a unicorn is to make it look like a real unicorn horn that is kind of a spiral look on it. So with the unicrone nail it is more or less a 3d effect, so you want to create those ridges of the Unicorn shape. I made the stiletto because I thought it would look really good. I had them a little bit shorter before and it was a quite tuna for me. I think it was matching this hand. I’ve decided to lengthen this hand to give it a real good, definite unicorn horn shape, so I’m just going to slightly buff it just so. The gel will stick. I went to the whole thing because I am going to put it on the whole thing, just putting a little bit of alcohol on it just to get rid of the dust. So I was doing this for some clients and I do find that putting on the shape of the person’s nail, if you make the unicorn ridges, which I’ll show you two wide to the side, it can look really bulky and chunky. So I try to keep it to the center. As far as the height goes and I’ll show you what I mean. I’ve got a couple of dotting tools and this one might be a little too thin this one’s a bit bigger. This is well used to own. This one’s brand new, so as I built the unicorn rims up, I might use the wider one first and then the smaller one for the top as we go I’ll show you why this one has a bit of a smaller one on the end right there. But I think it’s too tiny. I’ve got two different types of builder gels, which is what I’m going to use and this one’s from accents and this one’s mosaic. There are two different colors. The accents is clear and mosaics got a bit of a pink tinge to it. I just want to see which one you’ll be able to see better as I build it sometimes clearer. You might not be able to see as well, but it’s shiny, so you can see it pretty good. I hope I just wanted to show you the two different kinds. So here’s my two gel options when you’re designing the unicorn ridges, it’s actually very artistic. Some are very close together. Some will be wide, some might be thinner, some could be varied in sizes, so it’s very artistic and whoever is doing it is going to put their own spin on it.
That’s why they can all look so different, pick up a little bit of it clear, I’m not gonna, do it so straight across and have a little bit of a bend to it to try to give it a bit of a flare to it. That’s the clear I don’t know: can you see that very well cameraman, or is it just kinda yeah you can e. So there’s one and you do want a build, your gel that doesn’t move. You want to build your gel that sits there for you, because if it moves its gonna go softer, you don’t want it to get too soft. I don’t put mine too close together. I don’t think I make them too thin either, but I am sort of curving it a little. I don’t know if you can see that she’s gonna spin it this way and just take a look at it. It actually looks alright. You can always do your little Corrections after you could do this with gel polish, too. You can just paint I’ve done it with gel polish. I prefer the builder gel, because it’s a little bit more. Where I put it, you mean it doesn’t like say yeah. The Builder gel has a bit of thickness to it, but the gel polish is really don’t see how to put a couple, maybe three layers of it depending how thick you want it or as the builder gel comes that way initially, so you can don’t have to Do too many letters, I tend to make it higher in the center and I pull it off to the sides a little bit and don’t make it too thick, because I don’t really want the side of the nail when you look at it. This way to look fat with the thickness of the rim, I want to keep that thickness more in the center to draw your eye this way, as opposed to outward just to make it look more dainty. I just don’t like to get too thick and bulky, and I take it all the way to the tip like that, just gonna sort of fix it yeah. I think I can build on that. So what I want to do is put my gels away and I’m gonna bring in my trusty little light and I’m just gonna give that builds. Our gel needs about a minute and an LED and about two and a UV okay. So I’m not going to use any more of my clear accents because I want to show you the second layer with a little bit of color. Maybe you can see the difference. This is already cured this first layer. If you look at it can see the ridges to it right, but I want to build it a little bit higher the more layers of gel you put on it too for color it’s going to soften those ridges a little, so I want to build it a Little bit higher so they’re a little more defined, put up with gel layer on top, so I’m going to get this smaller tip and I’m going to start in the center and I’m just gonna work out a bit but keep the different color.
I don’t know if you can really see it, but my hope was that you could you can do this with black and you could do this with white and you can do the feet whatever color you want. I just really want this to look very magical and almost a little more transparent. So I didn’t want you want to use a dark color because I’m putting Chrome on top, so you can see that it’s building that Ridge a little bit higher and I’m just more or less going in the center point, some sort of just putting it in the Center I’ll pull off to the side a little bit like drop off. I don’t want it right thick to the side, because I don’t want to create that side bulk. I don’t need much as you can see, right, she’s covering the tip of that dotty tone. I’D really like that idea of using the wider one for the base, and then this one smaller one for the next layer. If you don’t really know him talk about yep, they weren’t clear, when we finalize it, the ridges are coming up really nice. It’s really cute yeah, if you could just look at it all the way around and see if you’re getting that nice Ridge that you’re looking Bart okay, I think I like that it’s hard to see because it’s all just sort of one color, but that’s where they Put oh right: am I just going to give this a really good minute cure this build your job requires 60 seconds in LED, so I’m gonna grab my top coat and I’m getting ready to do the Chrome. So I’m gonna put a very thin layer of this, because I want to keep my ridges nice and ridgey, but I do want to make sure I get it all, because I’m gonna put the chrome on here. I’m just trying to get the cuticle area I’ll worry about that right. Now then I’m gonna wipe it down. Then I’m gonna get rid of some off of my brush. Then I am actually gonna wipe it sideways right in those ridges. I don’t want it to well up in there. I’m actually gonna wipe any excess out of there and still covering it right. It should be good. Okay, I’m just gonna double-check, the cuticle get rid of anything in there. It looks pretty good before I knew get. I want a new get in the cuticle. I believe this is a 30 second cure we’re getting there. I’m getting excited okay. Now, I’m ready for the chrome. I’ve chosen this chrome color that Joey Mia sent me oh and if you’re interested in their chrome, colors there’s a discount code in the description below okay get a nice clean applicator I did try This was all sorts of different looks and different colored Chrome’s that they had sent, and ultimately I decided that the silver chrome looked kind of the nicest at least the mood I was in when I was practicing.
I just really liked the look of it and thought if I ever did run into a humanik line this I think what it would look like This is a very interesting technique on a ridgy design, because usually when we’re putting chrome on we’re rubbing it on to a very, very smooth surface But now this is ridgy, so I’m just making sure that I’m rubbing into it so make sure it gets everywhere Before I talk good, oh wow, that’s adorable, so I’m gonna put my top coat on one more time just to seal it and I’m gonna be really careful again I want it to be nice and thin I don’t want it to fall Cup and settle and when I put it on to put the chrome on meaning taking it away from my bottle, like wiping it away off of the brush and then flowing with the ridges, it’s fun to do these fantasy nails So pretty okay, so we’re just going to give that another final cure of about 30 seconds Okay! Well, now there you have a unicorn nail That looks really pretty so I could just leave it at this, but I kind of feel like a unicorn I know if I ran into one there’s gonna be sparkles happening somewhere, so I feel like I should put some sparkles on so when I was playing around with it I wanted to put some sparkles in it and I came up with these three which to me these are very unicorn, but I found that I tried these sparkly ones, which I thought would be really good the little ones they just weren’t cutting it It just didn’t Look good against the chrome in particular, but these ones looked kind of cool, so I want to show you I’m not gonna overdo it I just wanted to put a little bit on top coat All I want to do is just add just a tiny bit, but I found it was the chunkier chunks that looked better, not the little ones I think I’ll leave it at that, and I want to hear it when you do this for 30 seconds Okay, so I just going to seal my little glitters in and that’s why I want to make sure I do this nice and thin, because I don’t want this to be too thick, but actually looks really cute just that little glitter But I do find against the Chrome It’s got to be kind of chunky, glitter, just in my opinion, very cute Okay, I’m gonna give that about a 30 second gear Then I’m gonna clean up my cuticles, and I can’t wait to do the reveals on this one Well, I hope, if I run into a unicorn, that’s exactly what it looks like well, I finally got a chance to do the unicorn horn Thanks to you guys it was your request A lot of you asked there you go

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