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My 15-year-old brother makes me up!! * Funny? Is it?

1 Nov , 2019  

. Oh, I feel good.. Why Marcus huh I’m going to try that I’ll be good he’s been saying for days now how good he is going to be at this? If I’m not good at this Jake, that’s really embarrassing, like you will be gonna marry I’ll be good. I don’t yet know sounds almost instant a cup I mean he’s all have a fan brush amazing, I went is this for blusher, so I think you’re not gonna be gonna live. I maybe wrong, so if you guys huh, are you that one definitely not have not? Let me tell you now, so how could you out there, however, what’s hot be for Russia there’s so many budget pressures just gonna consider our battery basics of things? Those are different like wrong products on the brushes but hey I I don’t even use my brushes for like the right things anyway, so it doesn’t really matter yeah, good luck to chase it’ll lessen trade.
. Taylor, 60 K 16, a alright go on, I mean it’s average. We can do it. So what are we going to start with to not go first, so you’re, looking at the project make sure you show for everybody. We are about to really go for what was that you’re looking at highlights? I hear I mean you can argue what they are. I guess about the highlights. If you don’t tell about the highlight. Yes, I hear even skin tone yeah. I know this. She knows is apparently all right right for my nation will have a primer set the makeup – oh yeah, yeah at the time to set to set the time in court personal Porefessional primer. You got there in yen, okay, yeah, absolutely to start. Oh, my sweet Reagan. What are you doing he’s throwing it on the back of his hat? I don’t want to. You are safe, okay, yeah yeah. Oh thanks, Jay pick spell right. I think I’m entered that they don’t like dabit at it yeah. I bet ducks in your face. Okay, have you seen me do this, then? Yes, do you mean I want to do this, and this sets the x intercept is 8 seconds. The time prize meter wipe it in. So he’s one finger for that because the system ocean you like, oh, no, no ha. I really hope you wash your hands, oh we’re moving now. Are we love amazing, amazing stuff? You need to tell. Are we doing come on, I’m sending it as a sister. Really sorry they’re, like a neat little whoosh pop when’s, the relation come in foundation. That’s the big thing doesn’t anything that you oh well what’s wrong with that? Well, I don’t want to help him at all, but I do so like this is the main set foundation. Popkin yeah. Thank you again summarize every no I’m doing right, sighs you get rid of it mm-hmm! Yes, you hold it Kasich and Jeb, no sir, or you going straight from the brush onto the page, you’re doing the back of the hand.
This time you can talk to you. Do it? Oh yeah, it’s like a minute that in a minute, no, no, oh yeah! Obviously I used a lock, so I’m going to just walk it on dead, okay, see someone there yeah darling knows Oh get inside down there yeah! I love it. You know you kind of freaked me out so much again into this, like I feel like you’re lobbying then go for a price, you don’t prescribe. I wish you guys that well, I really like it. Actually, no, no I’ll be Allison. Okay, it’s not moving! So, very nice, I’m changing what ring isn’t changing, having a pineapple and usually oh, my look at what you get in through it. So it’s just part of lending process. They say: phase 2 safety, guys you’re, really an intern from, Oh God, sighs better sighs faces complete complete rightly, I think I need to go to the blusher you haven’t wanted to. The bus goes off all the time in the looks of it. So what pressure is net? This isn’t Russia to do face to face. Was it face to face face to face? Okay, oh yeah darlin two faces on yeah. It starts to face as well, so that is this is what this we got, such a guy. So this is, it is Russia, right again, I’m not like brush good anything amazing, amazing, now, quiet type cheeks in here, yeah you’re, a research online. My daughter lived like a moment over there, not really. Okay, I mean reason. Is that one okay? So how are you doing circular motion? We just going straight up and down mix off of it here our main mix up. I need you doing the jawline on the cheek. At the same time, it feels like you kind of rise and down. Is that what you’re going for yeah? So it’s going to face just what you know? I think I just wasn’t on guys come on mother, close tutorial, amazing / top of the process. What is doing not really fun yeah Ryan! You cannot have to get a lighter. I don’t know how do I keep Robbie in my car yeah, it’s two dolls. You look like what’s for blackened big Vittorio sounds amazing, uh-huh the whole black around the bottom. Well, for my face, yes, what you trained for this time? Yeah, that’s exactly on dude! So if I keep carrying it, go on get down there yeah I decide actually done yeah. This size feeds bit more well certain tickets, a bit long time. So that’s the blusher done so we’ll goes like the blast-jet highlight off.
It highlight my favorite makeup product. If you know that you talk about Hannity you’re picking on lipstick, it made no sense, I don’t know what they look. I mean the lipstick is not going to go on. My cheek to the judge come on. I didn’t know his lipsticks on I’m just gonna have to tell them at this point. You just put bronzer on my face. Plz like yeah, you don’t do butter, they still haven’t done. Butter yellow is a blush shop. Yes, Ezra sure I read it. No! No! He just looking for blusher, we just come over and, like I never went pink, give gr peacock closure by Maj. Okay, all right yeah, we put a lot of lashes Bible and this would be opportune, jets having to go through right now and it offers another protection. The Jade have got a lot of makeup and seminars, and you Society provides all this lovely little brush over here. Another wedding after a circle say cambium will happen. If I don’t know, bronzer very well money go back to the fondant ones that I know I wanna, ignore my mistakes and carry on with the blush up she’s going out more here. You go. You know, you’re, like me, mix I’m going up. Okay, yeah I’m! So where are you pilots down here? No you! Don’t it a day you’re going to do like the cheap, all the cheap, always walks down yeah exactly it makes me all right. Remember really like guys meant to write down. Apparently, I can really feel that you are mighty capture. It’s not actually, not your cheap I’ve been leaving the mortar lips. Isn’t it here yeah and there’s been a few like really trying Jen? Isn’t it not really sure your ear he’s really trying right now yeah? I had the own your cheeks are down here. Actually is right. I got it on the side, so I’m going for a cute figure. How do you think, when your hate, your cheek, come on United in you to your cheeks of these you’re, like okay yeah? I know what I’m doing wrong hey while you are but nested. If you look skip in this kitchen, they go on then keep down mixture. You are not doing object. I have to get assaulted, don’t go. I just say on it. I can’t get up. I love where you’re putting it, though I just thought. I don’t understood that on the cheek guys on the jihad on the sand. I actually I don’t understand what she means. Please tell me, is it not meant to your machine or does not know what IG views? I couldn’t turn right. Are you aiming on? Yes, we are moving on okay to the highlighter. Oh I’m ready for this. This is three different colors.
If you don’t worry, though, like yeah right, I think I meant to do that. Pose no change. Basically, this three different colors there’s like a whitish highlighter gold, highlight the more like a bronze with her orange dress, try to mix the three together so it might come over darker color, but it really depends what you want to go for, because the brushed quite analogous Quite dark: isn’t it it’s very dark yeah? I don’t know whether all they go through highlights every highlight. So I’ve already know how many are different, bronze everyone saying keychain, who are you to get jump on this game? So, do I see, Sir guys, if you want Giga, making fun of by kid? Oh, have a concentrate and do not anything to you watch those disgusting already aiming is done by jet. Just to let you know, you have to say exactly skill that you can’t move and done quite expensive and it’s kind of sensible all right right. So saffron told me of this thing. It’s the I channel yeah. I want her to stand out. Okay, so I think I’m either going to go the purplish people singing that bottom. Yes, the microscopy, Oh gold, I mean you can always let me like a couple of colors up jej detector, one about there about it, but yeah you can mix the sizes laughing. I thought about stick from a high chair, beautiful I’m pinky pinky promise, that’s right, in fact whatever I said, hadn’t spoken this so many gorgeous colors in here. If you literally have them yesterday before, you should give it a go, because it is so nice, it’s not been expensive like Tom, because it hasn’t it me much. I’m gonna stop it the copy. Tell you something bit faster: rectifier! Okay, really is not let me at the first time. I’ve heard you admit that you haven’t done that I’ll make it better. But you know thanks for now that was done and I’ll go to the wine and dine, which is that legal? Why miss Johnny dollars quickly right real, quick, really quick, good night? If you go there, yeah, I’m not oh no polyblend on Glenn Jay, I just ruin the whole the other eyes, but quite a lot on the brush. Maybe just gonna spread it out. Yeah. Do a lot of things in so now, yes, Jay bit messy over here! Well, okay, just go like that. Why is she she’s purple what you think it was gonna and I found out or what label oh you’re right, I’m not really good at it! I think I’m just gonna move on to the next day. Oh my god. Okay, it’s like a mix of JD U yaaarrr, yeah mascara guys the eyelashes! Yes, are eyelashes, hey what a foundation for bottom lashes could read small and then list it here is for the big lashes, but I’m quite yeah.
We can’t do either one, oh, I think, those other little ones for the ones at the bottom About Kanye’s compliments I know you didn’t want it to leave it It was actually that’s Why journey that I’ve already given up now, just hahahaha Liam anyone ha ha I said you call me Amy, no idea that you can’t move, and you know I didn’t so I make sigh I actually call you know, ruin my entire college give Ah that was so mean nothing ha ha ha No, it was me I think I meant a few more things to that Please what really violinist I thought, you’d be doing it I wasn’t doing anything No, you are doing something I sing and it make a close shot Oh you got underneath, of course I have underneath lashes How about you go from underneath? Oh, I don’t darling me I’D go up! Lipstick, okay! Oh this is done what I did yes yet right So I’m going to write a standard tank, please felt something to me: yo yo guys I try not like I was saying, get to keep laughing perfect So it is that’s everything done it Can I see now it’s it’s! The final look with a party Look! It’s a popular okay, so everybody on my team of this woman really a lot Okay, there’s gonna be good attention, but even a lot wallah that looks like oh, my goodness I mean I was expecting Wow, but can’t the eye shadow, I’m done yeah! You try to blend in that was fine, get bigger and better than my socks Oh no, he was trouble with it Can you jump like this, but so time yeah, but I mean the highlights quite good I mean why I call this the end off of me I was doing I was in that that would be not really one no was like Definitely wasn’t I’m not very funny Do not something so everyone It was really fun which gets brilliant do something with a brushes yep, you loved it You know I go No, I don’t like it like our like, oh my goodness, that’s like and subscribe down below, if you guys have already as get to the beginning 60,000 70,000 Now, okay, for this makeup, look you wanna see a part see you know what to do, and hopefully I will see you guys You want to be a party other than eyes get led another cookie mix channel Would you do right? So I am you guys

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