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My 2 a.m. routine (no, it’s not a typo)

1 Nov , 2019  

I don’t feel like getting ready so yeah right now. It is Friday. 201. In the morning, oh just looked in my phone Zack, just texted me saying he’s going to bed right now. Normally he’d be right here, but he is I’m a wreck. He is on a bachelor trip, so I thought it’d be perfect. To show you guys, my morning’s, that I can actually talk and non. You know if you guys are expecting it some sort of fancy schmancy morning or team. He came to the wrong place. This is gonna, be very real, realistic, you’re, probably wondering two o’clock in the morning.
Are you going to bed? No. This is the morning routine of a morning reporter. So let’s go do this first of all, here is a little pajamas ood, be just as large oversized a New York, Knicks referee, I’m so tired or not my shower all right. I want to show you guys a product that is a lifesaver. This is not sponsored by that. I none of this is sponsored yes, my socks. Are there, let’s deal with it yeah? No. This really helps if you like, dark under-eye circles. Like me, after waking up at 2 o’clock in the morning seriously, it helps so freakin much you just put it underneath your eyes before your makeup, and so now it is tea time and I pour one for now as I’m getting ready. I must drink this up. Get as much energy as possible right pour another one for when I’m at work, and I really only have two cups of tea a day. I do not drink that much caffeine. I try to get most of the energy from sleep, the old-fashioned way, which obviously not easy, but you talk about that in a second, a little hot, no worries at all no worries at all just put some ice cubes in so right now we are in the Clancy room: this is where I get ready every morning as soon as that and I moved in together, we knew I needed a separate area to get ready just because of my weird hours and you can actually just chat as I get ready cuz every morning. Just so you guys know is a rush like it doesn’t matter what morning it is. That is not a difference between probably my job and most so. Let’s say you work from 9:00 to 5:00. You get into work, you know you have to be there at 9:00. For your meeting or whatever it is, you know, nobody’ll you can get in at night, just make sure they’re benign for me every single second / minute matters from the second. I up it’s like a race to go to work as soon as possible, because I know that I only have minutes to put thing together and get ready to be live by 5:00.
So I get in at 3:30, but you have to realize sometimes I’m driving an hour away, and I honestly don’t even know where I’m driving half the time. So we have things that are scheduled a lot of the time. For example, yesterday I was supposed to be doing this whole, like Gouda fest thing or not, Gouda. What is it get it fest? I don’t know. This is a food festival thing and then this huge warehouse fire broke out an hour away from there and that’s where I was all morning. So you really just do not know what your day is gonna be actually sometimes they tell you when your email. So let me check my email all right now. No, they did not send me any emails, so I’m gonna go in and I hate not knowing not knowing is the worst like. Where am i? What am i doing? I’m gonna get my life. Please. Let me know please well you’re gonna see. Is that I’m doing half of my makeup right now I do the other half at work, which I was kind of weird, but it’s a schedule thing that I got into that. I kind of really like, like I do like a base now, so I’m not overwhelming. I get to work, but I like being fresh right before I go on air, which is how I do the other half or why I did the other have and right now I would normally be listening to a podcast on super low so that Zach doesn’t make Up my mornings, I am so quiet and I actually have this weird thing guys where I may not sleep in until my alarm right now, and you guys saw me this morning. I was so out of it in that last clip. When I first woke up, I flipped it until my alarm, because I knew Zach woman here. I realized that I just weird subconscious day. Life is all subconscious where I’m so scared of waking him up and ruining his sleep that I wake up way before my alarm and I just get up like I’m like I don’t if I wake up like 25 minutes before I just get up some like honestly. It’s just 25 minutes and I drown it up and wake him up, which is not that shit’s not serious. When he does, we got for my alarm. He literally goes right back to sleep. The same way a few times he’s got to get up before me. If I’m like feeling it on Efrain shift, I you know not a big deal, but oh my gosh. I have this look weird thing going on. Oh, I can see that right away under eye. It’s a must. I used two different concealers guys.
That’s how bad the problem, so my undereyes, especially on air, and it really will show with some angles and shadows and lighting for eyeshadow, just FYI, I’m using the naked palette we’re going with a matte Brown look today, which I literally never do. But I tried it out like five days ago or three days ago, and I really liked it so we’re gonna give it a try again. Normally I do look bright and kind of like the glimmering a little bit, but I really like the matte Brown. So, let’s just do better, try it by right. Now, I’m going with my lorac Pro palette, just with an even darker Brown to get that smoky look smokey. I think it looks pretty good on there natural smoky, nothing crazy for on air, and I think this makes a huge difference. I’D do a little winged which in real life, I do not do because my boyfriend’s, if I look like an idiot, he really doesn’t like when I do wings, but on air pakiya, there’s so much cute little ones. You know by the way, through the records act. Obviously doesn’t say: okay, give me idiot, he just doesn’t like wings yeah wipe away those ridiculous white powder. That was weird. I don’t know why I’m so weird at this hour at this beautiful hour. By the way, I do a game where I do not look at the clock that stresses me out and I always feel like I’m running behind and then voila. That is it for my makeup right now. Every time I was using an item, I put it in my makeup bag and I even have morons and this makeup bag like bronzer blush contour. Everything that I love to do. This is just a nice little base. Zip this up next step is my outfit with this. My closet right here for work. I hate, do you have two closets means actually the other one. Second, I sorry grammar mm-hmm, oh and yes, I have my big comfy white robe. This really makes getting ready. So just nice – oh my god, no, I blinked you’re not supposed to blink after doing mascara come on. Why am i such a mess? Always, let’s see what? If this, can this help? You know what I kinda helped that’s kind of a wreck – okay anyway dudes in my closet. I normally pick out my outfit the night before so that really look that really saves me time. The dresses these are just all frickin dresses. I think we’re gonna go at this little number. Okay, let’s just do it. Let’s just you got to make gametime decisions, we’re late! Okay. So if I straighten my hair, I just do it here at home before easy, but if I curl it, I do it at work.
I don’t know why it’s just a habit all these like habits that don’t make sense, but I just do them anyway. I’m gonna spray. It though I use a now your mother’s double-take drug, finish, texture sprite, to make that curl hold, and I just sprayed a little bit here because to speed up the process when I get to work and once you start doing this, there’s no going back like you Can’t like cover, let’s drain it now. No, actually let me get out here. I just in case I do have to put it in a bun or something have it look so that has happens. These are my favorite earrings for on there they’re just use diamond studs that are really oversized fake diamonds. Obviously I don’t like dangly earring. Can I try to wear them at runs, but about but the end of the day, I’m a studs kind of girl, I’m just a thug. Can I say, and then I do just a little. It makes no sense. I do was setting spray, but I still have to put on half of my makeup, but I like to set the foundation lace all right and I’m gonna go in here. Get my shoes, I’m just wearing these tan ones. Normally I actually wear flip-flops or something coming in to work, but I don’t know I just don’t even just fits whatever right now. I just don’t you lazy yeah. Do we go smell nice, so I’m just gonna put some little really quick. Oh oh TV! This is Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren is my favorite place to get work dresses. I bring my laptop to work because I do get a lunch break, so I work nine hour days in one hour and lunch. That’s eight hours and my sty my laptop there and in case you’re wondering it is 244 in the morning. Also don’t know if you guys can hear this but listen. This is the radio right now, basically because of our huge satellite, which I don’t think you can see it from the saengil, with a huge satellite it messes up with the radio, so that kind of sucks alright. So I just got to work. Unfortunately, we’re gonna have to take this beautiful jacket off I’d like to curl my hair jackets on, but I’m always cold, and I know you guys don’t want to watch the boringness of it all so we’re just gonna come back alright. So I cut my hair off to touch it up, but it’s for the most part curled ran inside wrote all my scripts, so an hour is actually passed and now we’re about to touch up the makeup or not even touch about really just finish it, and these Are all of my finishing all right? So this is the finished.
Look obviously like, I think it’s like heavier than you wouldn’t wear in real life, but this is TV news for ya. I’m gonna show you in better lighting, though, because it’s lighting, literally sexier makeup and now we are ready to go on air H. It is 4:45, so we have time to spare, because I my first wife he is that five o’clock and I’m in studio today a secret problem that maybe you didn’t guess that. But yes, I’m in studio today I already have everything written and we’re ready to go, and you guys, like my background, that’s my dad right now, I’m in the other bathroom – and this is giving you a better idea as to what everything looks like it’s just bright. On here, but I don’t like getting ready here, another one. It’s like mood lighting, but just plain, not good for makeup, but yeah. What’s up guys feels weird saying hey again at the end, I said I’m not doing the intro on this cuz. It just are boring, but outros are awesome, because I can kind of digest what you guys just witness, because yeah you’re probably like what the heck she wakes up at 2:00 in the morning. It’s real what, as you saw in the first clip, I actually have to go back and watch the first clip myself because I like that was very authentic, like I woke up to my alarm buzzing and immediately just grabbed my camera, I didn’t turn it off or Anything so that was 100 wasn’t authentic and that’s what I wanted this whole routine to be like authentic. I didn’t want it to be a fancy-schmancy different angles all over the place. I really just wanted it to be raw real me like walk you through it, bad lighting, obviously at 2:00 in the morning and just yeah. Why don’t be offended cuz? I’ve done the whole Beauty girl morning routine, like first I wake up and drink my tea like who wants watch that honestly, no and you guys thought that my boyfriend texted me Zach 20 minutes before I woke up and he was just going bad. So yeah he’s on a bachelor-party trip right now in Charleston, which is why I thought it’d be the perfect opportunity to film this, and it just goes to show like yeah. I’ve had when I’m getting ready for work. Facetime calls from friends at the bar Who are it literally just hanging out partying chill in New York, the bars don’t close till 4:00.
That was a huge difference When I came to Ohio like in New York, you would literally be out till 4:00 in the morning in Ohio It’s not only like that! Plus my favorite hour, so I don’t want to be out until that late ya know It is definitely weird one thing that I’m sure you guys notice I get so many comments on is no I do not have a hair and makeup team I get ready fast and like it’s all, go go, go that wasn’t really Illustrated that much of camera You guys kind of just saw me up here and I was right II know I was like down to the wire and then I ran back into the newsroom Was writing my scripts trying to get the sound bites everything, but I went back into the hair and makeup room The bathroom really did my makeup and it’s craziness so yeah by the way you’re looking at my makeup, 11 hours old, so enjoy I really hope you guys enjoyed this kind of just getting a behind-the-scenes that hey, if you want to become a morning reporter This is what its gonna be like, and the funniest thing to me is just how routine it’s become It’s funny when people say like what you wake up at what time I’m just like yeah, you know your life just becomes a routine, no matter what you do like you, just normalize to anything you adapt your body adapts My biggest struggle isn’t waking up at 2:00 In the morning, right now and adapting to that lifestyle, like my body is like ingrained within after doing it for over two years, my baby is struggle, is trying to adapt back to hey, trying to stay up past 9:00 on a Saturday night like it’s hard Let me know you else You guys want to see maybe a makeup tutorial on what exact to get dude yet ready on air, because I know I wasn’t descriptive this morning I was really just live, even know what this morning was but yeah I can do one You know it’s nice lighting and all that, even on a non-work day, just to show you guys some tips and tricks for looking good on camera, but yeah, that’s pretty much it I’m about to go eat lunch Also, if you want to follow my social media, definitely please do It is all linked down below my Instagram, my Twitter, my facebook They all bring different things to the table and also, if you’re not already subscribed, be sure to hit that button down below, like I said, go, eat lunch Goodbye

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