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My 22nd birthday

30 Sep , 2019  

Good morning is my 22nd birthday today this is 24th of July, and it’s my birthday. No, I just have to say something the first people that have messaged me. Just I have a birthday / viewers, no one else’s message via to be quiet. It is 6:30 in the morning because I’m still a child and I work with six because I was too excited and can’t give up to sleep. So you got my slunk saison ready for many banks. Rainy the whole place is, but you have water downstairs.
I will clean and fresh: I’m not drying my hair, because I pinata you if she could hit a pinata, that’s so exciting. This is nice little wrapping paper. What’s this wrong secret, silly goo, goo say crown is on it’s my birthday and the smoked salmon and scrambled egg hot water water cat running away because she’s not gonna anymore salmon. Sorry, I just got justice ace of not 7:30. It wasn’t safe to have any discussion. What colors would you say this is blue right, green everyone thinks it’s cream. I think it’s blue with pink pixie, green ducky, green blue mark web forum. Apology, love always naked. That’s so sweet good words. I love them, but in incredible holy sauce, so we have done a little parenthese. My gosh and personally I like worth it yeah this guy this guy right here this doesn’t. It is Jesse, look at the camera back when he was a boy and a bowl cut. Yeah really happy with everything. Actually yeah really are so few things: okay, okay, this little side bag did you know they did these in a side. Bag talked about this. Really, it’s not okay, the secret things, not so secret anymore. Is it he sucks? What highlight? Look and then some are from Urban Outfitters this cup from Anthropologie. It’s a it’s a mug, a new one from G. That’s me, these are my moved, the ones from Michael mama. Oh, my good friends got me all the time to be alone kind of pen notebook to read some buzzin to read that and yeah lots of other bits sound here. I’m very excited, look mom and dad got me a lush box. What’s the burger without a rush box, you tell me very very happy with that. We are a blue or smelled oddly, but burries is like very good, so excited it’s so classic boots. We are here early ten minutes early. We were rushing around, but it’s so big. Isn’t it right, this sweater is impeccable, have anything to say anything, light happy birthday, crackle tea. He is so birthday everyone that look at dad. He is all. Evidently it is not a birthday without getting somewhere, that’s happen, and why don’t we just wait? Ten minutes absolutely we’re basically running a marathon.
Why don’t you wait five minutes and then it weird? Yes, I’m saying that you would have others I would have. I would have been on your birthday. This is so good. This is even higher on my birthday list. Now, I won’t know I’m very tempted by their seeing how much elbows Frankie Fred buona sera, that’s try something Dixon Earth’s safe husband, what a great toilet paper not more well! This is a big fat juicy. No in it! This no look. It makes me look like a Madonna. I did some smelly. I did some damage and everybody help bitters nice actually see. This is brainy. Annoying blew up. My head look nicely compared to look at insect. I do have a big head, no wanna go back here. Thanks Caitlin assign youtubers right there down YouTube friends, but they lunch. She poos. We have a trio of crisps and that is what I love, maybe get those, but it’s hot out here: banks! Isn’t it hot hello today, oh wow conditioner, have you been using? Do you think he means why not my organ oil on you? Have you no see this cat tolerates us so much? She loves it though she’s no she’s ready for a belly rub here. It is there. It is oh yeah. Oh, the back leg, she’s molting like crazy yesterday with the fur. Maybe we should shave her. Oh no. I only shave her body, so she’s still got legs for fur and attack. She is so Beachbody ready. Isn’t she you’re gonna end up she’s gonna end up working the fence what’d, I say what did I say I’ll: give it a walk, a step, a half, a step forwards. Go go! Go! Let go of that bat! Okay! You can’t use the other hand. That’s cheating, surely you know where it is by now right. It’s needs to be a time-lapse. Go smash that smash that my life flash before my eyes, yeah yeah. Oh there we go, a sweet drops you’re taking its bum. Great start start start dude. This is super hot right and they’re already all melting so put them in the cool bag, just keeping a halt. But basically, if you have like falling down the neighbor’s garden, somebody use some tongs to try and get them out. I don’t think there’s gonna be any wave me get in those now the big tongs. Well, that might be it car you know hold on the other way around. I just I don’t want them to go to waste. I don’t want to think that was like how satisfying is that comes out Oh my gosh, that’s coming out, you were down and it like, because it’s so hot it just went straight through we’re.
Not getting This is our one in there yeah That’s why I’m trying to save me an hand with those what my design, oh I’ll get You hang on Hang on, hang on dumb joystick No, you happens where my life, I did it Oh I’ve got it I pissed I mean we got few We retrieve defied So but other nothing, we’ve just been chillin mum and I went for a walk post, something oh yeah, robots watching, Jane the boardroom they’re about to have my birthday dinner, we’re having a bit early because we’re going to Hillsong conference tonight for the birthday evening and that’s Obviously, on barbecuing duty they loving it We’ve got my even joking This bag is my new baby I know some people will find it positively, atrocious and ugly Not I I which my cousin has the rock which I do have I am that cliche, but I love it even more and you know what’s even good about it So it’s really concerned it’s Minnie its miniature and I thought it wouldn’t fit my water, but if we not pop spits tidy anything about to go to hell So now my hands are dolphin aerating, the toes Actually, this is like juicy that I broke my tail He must have been made to bite just drove by and like tickle my fur It’s up for grabs any cyclist I don’t think I’m allowed to take my camera into hell Stompers, I don’t know the rules of the o2, but apparently I didn’t take a water bottle, we’re trying to save the planet here by not using some Louise plastics so kind of annoying I don’t think you are either I’ll Take food in don’t be silly, my camera as well just in case they feel funny about that So I’m going to be converting to the phone She must everyone, okay, cool, right, opening right word and great company Oh hi, nearly the end of my birthday yeah I won’t forget it It’s trigger ice like that goodbye to see it tomorrow, but that was my 22nd birthday Thank you so much for watching As you can see, I have I’m losing my voice I think it’s like the first time ever I’ve lost my voice because I was screaming and singing so much a Hilson It was an incredible time and I had a great birthday feel so much and thank you for all of your wonderful messages Any comments, any you’re So nice – and I don’t deserve you you’re all too nice It makes me wanna cry It was so nice Thank you so much for supporting me Love you all loads

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