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My 48 hour luminous transformation!! *The spoiler is still 4*

1 Nov , 2019  

. You set up the camera. Then you get back in the bed, set the alarm and pretend to wake up again, which is what I just did, but I’m still tired, but okay.. as you can see right now, we could use some work. So that is what we are doing today and tomorrow my full transformation. I have a whole swak of appointment set and hopefully we will go from this to something a little better, but ok, it is currently 7 a.m. because my first appointment is at 8. So I better, I better get a move on so alright.
That was probably the quickest, get it ready in the morning that I’ve ever done in my life. But ok, I got to go because I have an eyelash appointment and I might be late. So I gotta go it’s so early, it’s dark out. So I better keep my eyes on the road. Ok, so here are my eyelashes beforehand and, as you can see, the woman who does my eyelashes has lots of really adorable pets and they like to crawl all over me. Well, I get my eyelashes done and I do not mind one bit as you can tell I actually really like their company. So alright, so there we go, got the eyelashes on honestly my eyelashes before weren’t too bad, but I know that if I’m trying to look glam, I gotta have the eyelashes. So here they are afterwards they’re really fluttery. Eyelash extensions always look super weird with no makeup on it. Just looks like way too much is going on, but I like them and now we’re on to the next appointment, which is nails here, are my nails before honestly they’re, not even that grown out. I did get them done for Hawaii, so they’re not very holiday nails, so I’m gonna get something a little bit more in the holiday spirit. Okay, so now I’m picking my nail polish color go ahead and comment down below right now. What color you think it’s gonna be hurry. You have like 10 seconds before spoiler alert it gets shown here. They are. Oh, my goodness. First things. First, usually, I would get them cut a little bit shorter, but I kept them long for the sake of being extra glam and I’ve never done red in my life, but I seriously love them.
I think they’re awesome for New Year’s, so I really like them, but okay, now on to the next appointment, we have back-to-back appointments, I’m going to get a spray tan because you guys actually been complimenting me a lot. My pale skin, but I personally really like being tan, so I’m gonna get a professional spray tan. You guys are probably like hallelujah cuz, my my tan will be uneven, but we’re gonna go there. Okay, you guys we are in to get to load up to get tans up. Here’s where I go. I just got a quick rundown on what positions I’m supposed to do. I’m kind of nervous I have never ever been got a spray tan in my life. I always just been Canada kisses, so I’m really excited okay. I think I get it all right. I’m gonna be clothed and get ready. Please face the nozzles and a searing position, a press. The start button to begin your session. What my clothes, oh, my gosh, that was seriously so funny, but honestly I’ve never had a spray tan in my life and I feel like I might be a little bit addicted. So I know you guys are wondering, though Mia you don’t look tan. So it’s a developing tan, so by tomorrow morning I will be at full tan level and I got medium so probably a lot darker than this right. Now I’m like a sheet of paper white, so we will see it for the grand reveal tomorrow, but that is all for today. So far. Tomorrow morning I have a hair appointment and then make up an outfit. Now we’re gonna see how good the transformation was. So I will see you guys tomorrow, so I am a lot darker than I was yesterday. As you can see, my tan has definitely developed it’s hard to show in this light, have to rinse off the developer. Now it’s had enough time to develop on my skin and now I can just smell it a lot so I’m gonna rinse it off. Do I look more ten? Do I look less ten? I don’t know, but I have a hair appointment coming up. So I gotta get ready, okay, so I’m wearing the exact same thing as yesterday, because I don’t want to do any switches of outfits, possibly do a better outfit.
So this is what I look like going to my hair point. I just put it in a bun, I didn’t even I didn’t brush it. So Massey here we go here is the hair. Oh, my goodness, I have not had my hair professionally done in. I don’t know like like ever ever. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten. It done, but I love the way it looks, plus the girl we did. It was super super nice and she really took her time on it and the curls looks so good. I’m just praying that they don’t flop, because sometimes my hair does that, because it’s really heavy and long but for right now. In the meantime. So there’s the proof. So now I’m heading home to do my makeup, because the makeups gotta match the hair. Now, for them I mean the makeup to the hair, so we got able to put the makeup on. Basically, I’m just gonna be doing some makeup. I would do a little extra than everyday start off with eyebrows, so I’m gonna take the same with palette. Just the highlight we’re gonna go a little quickly with this right. How long has it been, since I said, quick, don’t kind of shimmery on the lid? Probably this use my ELF liquid eyeliner pursuing eyeliner. It’s like two dollars do something. It’s really amazing. Take my last drink so that I can put my lipstick on all right here. Oh, let’s see I don’t know, my hair is already starting to fall. We gotta, have the grand reveal alright? So there is the finished makeup and hair, and the last thing we need is the outfit all right. Outfit time we’re in the closet. I kind of have a rough idea of what I want to do. Also before I left my mom said my lips look like clown lips, so that means they’re, looking really good. So it’s great, so I’m thinking black jeans, good ol black jeans. These ones are actually from forever 21. actually amazing, high-waisted pants, like I can’t even believe it. They relate to my Topshop ones, so easily the light compare and then I’m thinking this bodysuit from pretty little thing. It’s got a really cute dip right there I think that’ll look good and then oh shoot.
Here’s the shoes, I’m thinking I actually got them off, wish Shh, don’t tell anybody We’Re trying to look expensive also have hoops from forever 21 and then here is the statement piece Oh, what excuse me if you’ve never watched my trying to recreate designer items, I made a fake Gucci belt and it turned out really good really just kidding It turned out awful, but I have always loved the Gucci belt, specifically black with the gold buckle, but I have never ever ever thought I would have it because I cannot stomach the price I don’t care If I had the money or not I can’t spend that on a belt, but um Luc got it for me So for Lucan i’s 3-year anniversary, he actually got me This belt he’s actually crazy I cannot even believe he did it He shouldn’t have he really shouldn’t have, but I did graciously accept People are gonna, be really wondering about this belt, so this is the outfit let’s get into it My toilet, my literal toilets in the shot hold on Oh alright guys so here is the finished completed Look What are you guys doing, head-to-toe makeover honestly, I really do like my outfit, but I’m not gonna lie I have like the wedgie of a lifetime right now, actually really happy with how my tan turned out I don’t think I’ve ever had a tan, be this even in my life, my hands, don’t look messed up When I forgot, I even got my nails done, love the red really really like my outfit I don’t think it’s too much, but it’s definitely a lot So my hair has fallen quite a bit, but I still think it looks cute and definitely better than what I usually do, but okay, so that has been this head-to-toe makeover I had a lot of fun It was a lot of work to glam this much No, definitely not gonna do this on the daily, so yeah I hope you had a couple laughs and hopefully I will see you guys in the next one make sure to click the subscribe button

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