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My 75 year old grandmother makes up for me! Is it?

1 Nov , 2019  

Hi everyone welcome back to my channel. I’m excited! Why not stop all the fellas and on this channel, okay support, i neva, hey guys, I’m joined by none IV and you haven’t seen her in the box already and get ready to fall in love with her because she is BMO uses a durable. No. Now, a makeup in your day was a little bit different. Now right, well, you’re not coming to in order to going on your but yeah. Maybe there’s some options or self of that are some options.
You know for eyes and legs different foundation colors, so you can kind of choose. When I was growing up, we have three so eating. Absolutely.. Then Nan’s a little bit nervous. I do, I mean it’d, be goodness. Yes, goodness me rated the plaster on my face, but I am so ready for that.000. 40,000. 40,000, but we want to start a little busy. So right now my heart free to just let me put your email, you know, haven’t been the same yeah how many yeah this is gonna bit. I’ve got my space, which are a little bit together in Olympia. Peer support, yeah, that’s primer. Okay, it’s a little primaries and listen. While noting what you said in the past, because I actually we could be done with your makeup or my whole channel. Or do you kind of have a bit of a head start I feel like. But you know you should go a little bit on that I’d say I got a little bit my bow child like that yeah. What was it about our patent? So I took the property having a writing. This is wrong, so shouldn’t go to yeah. I bet that if I waited behind some really really nice, each reason right, blended your finger. Okay! Is that fine? Yes, so that’s good! Oh! It’s all right Pizza Martha! So what are you thinking goes in there? Even if you don’t know like you want me to choose what you think, though faster primer concealer, you are going to see that I mean. Can i if I favorite concealer, when you saw your face in this yeah I’ve been done, love triangles on yeah. I think it is perfect, make you yeah yeah. Oh my god get you. You know it. Oh good. I notice that I can see how my face. Remember. The diamond. The chin has been no before you at all. I bought you Stephanie or Swiss apple, Martha makeup tutorial before you Vania. I realized. Maybe, okay, so are you going to blend it into my spider brush? Oh you’re remembered you get all the other dagger motion.
Oh yeah yeah. That’s the one or little dubbed up like that. Oh, oh, so, is there a go? I love it. We are bringing his dad back. This one says that this isn’t wanting regional bigness awesome. I don’t know. Oh no here ago my blog, I remember awesome job and then it’s just so making their dominance. Yeah pseudo mean, is thesecond-largest at the attention. I’D really like a picture like the caption. If I pick up unit zapping sighing, oh and it’ll say something yeah and I was very into Papale, because my journal, Facebook or business there we have a Olsen. No, this is the title: fail, fails and Gina’s a lot of options. I have absolutely no idea yes foundation, so all of that is very foundation for one unit. All this we can choose between any one. Now, I’m going to give you a hint. These are my three favorite. This is very small. Yeah put an all nighter website on yeah I went over, there were nine five they’re vintage. Did you go? Is that right? So, basically, we know has the foundation right, so basically that it has a nose like a lid on it right. So when I was going to tweet it on my hand, I will be on the phone yeah that if I want to appear like meaning squeeze the foundations of the listen go, awesome know if you don’t mind, if I can, we hope you put on the table This so much um anyway, they just cleaned it out. Looking here, I think Josh will go where you feel like and blend it into my face. So any do your makeup like now how much how many items do to keep on your face? A lot of Michelle suppose, like foundation design, is just a little bit. What do we know? English toffee a little bit of some scar, uh? Sure? Okay, I’m sorry, okay, easy what happen on top of this info and cover the help. So when you go find a Thank, You Joseph buy this for your baseline knowledge. How would you know if I’m a traitor or behind yeah you’re, a very good job, Luna Callisto? How about you, also beautiful of my favorite, only contour my face to a contour and Yoshida lines down here the jawline and onto my forehead. So how would you palette for how to you, brothers, who have two pallets over here and one so here, are that shows to know? Do we also Hollywood Josefina perfect? Is that one your pipeline jumper at that one? Look like milk jugs and this one looks like Alma yeah.
So what hey? This is blushing. I know Bobby yeah, don’t like those from the Bible things at it come to learn. It is a bronzer, very condoms, obey to a mama yeah, oh, not blended, for isn’t it in this way. She goes our keep ruminating it kind of like doing something out you still below people. I thought I can never be different to my everyday makeup. Are they sitting in everybody’s with ha ha ha going on you just gonna keep. You know connection in, I would recommend a brush, but if you found an e BR, go brightness call me. So what would walk right up and down it now that, because I’m a total, no, I wanna? No, it’s not ones are like. Are you a bigger, oh just, making a little corner? Oh my god, I’m so good looky there? Yes! Yes! Yes, I’m sorry! My garden balsam to see now I want to be house, definitely yeah, so it’s on here and make sure a tyrannical groom yeah. This is California sign, sent guys what my favorite brushes. It is so so pretty on stings like pinky, but also kind of like listen. So it’s really nice, my the comic right pinky! Well, it’s all the underneath yeah, maybe give it a little bit wonderful teacher, yeah, okay, really good fat assuming this color, I like it. What the black, I can definitely gravity, work you or me. Well, don’t think! I’m doing too bad, oh my god! That’s Amelia people ready now wait. One of the highlight – and this is my favorite part later now – those of you before why you this remember. I use the iconic color immune and then you up there because you didn’t forget what was done. No, I mean I mean it depends like what you country it on the day, so get yeah somewhere else, little issue bringing me joy, every turn the here and yeah right he’s not time. You do just know I did of ever. If I know I know, but there are you, I’m not the an Impala down in Los Angeles yeah, we are ah, but the exact amount of it by the time you bend it. It’s going to be good a lot. Okay, wait that should show you, the camera So my nan has gone for this kind of life: ready shimmering one yeah very appreciation: yeah! Hmm, when you do your, I told you Robert, but you kind of a Glendale down I’ll just open it.
Yes, a little in the crease and like a bit about it Okay, you know the terms in the creeps I love it, I’m a happy girl doesn’t when I was just you see Jerry that was going down below If you want to get makeup on mine, and my role are people word and taking with you Hey? Yes, none do we open up somehow? I know me, I’m really scared and somebody does my is like it so much I they are just so delicate I just know you won’t even get frozen soon, oh yeah, so what color lipstick using are going you’re me I have probably paint stick a pinky show You paint a me because that’s what your eyes are All people who live right I’ve got a mirror in my hand I was ready to the oh, my goodness I absolutely love it all Debbie Somehow I know you guys are like good job flexor, the punishment public You thought that one’s refuses dark order and I was given for being like brown net, but no offense what you doing right, but yeah I did you do what I do like if she can give them in, or you don’t have a debate, that’s so good So what does the eye shadow I would go out in? It was really good It was really good I just don’t know if it’s just kind of a bit me You know what I hope you enjoyed my hammies I throw up megabytes ashore I think a lot of people wanted to donate up, but also down below If you would, my god, man, my name will be required to performance today, so maybe for another liability I do makeup, but thank you so much for coming onto my channel took a lot of effort for you to come here today and it rained ugly lot and she has been poorly with me, she’s on the mend when she’s getting better she’s the kind of a Departed at the eastern side, nobody, but I hope you guys enjoyed thank you so much another like for my land, because I don’t know that I’m sure you guys what everybody does well,000 or server, we get 1000 load up, see but anyways I hope you guys enjoy – and this is very, very rough [ Applause ]

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