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My Bedroom and Beauty Space Trip!

30 Sep , 2019  

because my house is in such a transition right now and a full house tour is the most requested. Video on my channel and things have just been changing so much with renovations and just I’ve just gone through. So many changes that I just decided like. My house needs to kind of like evolve with me, and my beauty. Space in my bedroom is the one room in the house where I feel like it’s just like, so it’s me and it’s home and it’s comfortable, so I’m really excited to show you into this part of my home in this part of my life.
This is where I get ready on a daily basis when I’m not filming and I’m not on YouTube. My filming room is actually right there and you can also see my hallway is in transition, as well with other areas of my house. I’m Rewald papering this entire area. I just wasn’t: I wasn’t inspired or we’re also moving the filming room downstairs into a bigger studio, so a lots going on. So in the meantime, I thought that I would just give you guys a little peek into my current beauty. Space along with my master bedroom. If you guys have followed me for a long time, you know that my style has changed. It’s honestly, like flipped, a coin like night and day I used to like everything like so white and clean and just like fresh, like I feel like it really helped with my anxiety, because I would get really anxious and rooms that had like too much going on Or color anything like that, as you guys will see in my upcoming house tour I’ll be doing a couple of months. I have incorporated a lot of color into this house and I just like I don’t know, there’s like something that’s kind of come alive inside of me when it comes to just like my home and just decor, and I just want to feel fun, and I want To feel cozy and so for my master bedroom, I really wanted to make it feel very romantic. I took a big warm blanket when you walk in just like wrapped up, and I didn’t want it to be so white and feels so just like intense. It almost makes you feel sometimes like an insane asylum when you’re in, like a bigger, larger room, which my master bedroom is definitely a large master, and it just felt like oh, like a lot so now, especially at night. This room is so romantic and just like cozy and makes me want to cuddle up and just watch movies and relax and lay in bed honestly all day, it’s kind of hard to get anything done around here. But let me show you a little bit about this room, so you guys can see kind of what my inspiration wasn’t all of it. So these chairs right here are some of my favorite pieces of furniture that I have in the house. I just love how contemporary they are, especially with the chrome legs, the leather and the suede, and honestly, this is a space that I sit at almost every single day, whether it’s morning noon or night.
I sit here me and my boyfriend. We sit in these two chairs, we talk, we hang out, we have a drink. My TV is right behind you guys and I love this area because it doesn’t feel like it’s like. Actually, my bedroom, it’s not like it’s in that nighttime like it’s time to go to sleep. It just feels like such a nice place to sit and talk and hang out about the day. I have layered rugs in several areas of my home and I love it. So much because it just brings such an element of sick, surprise and fun, and it feels very like young and fresh, and I felt, like my house, was beginning to feel way too much her and one day my mom was like Jacqueline, like you’re a mid 20 Year old girl, like you, should be having fun with your home and not like decorate it like you’re. You know 50 years old and I was like you’re right, so I really wanted to make this room fill with textures and different prints, prints and patterns, but still all remaining black and white. So you can see, like everything, has different textures in different prints, but still on the exact same color scheme. Along with the curtains I mean everything is chandeliers, all the decor black and white. We have a tiny pop of color over there. The tiniest you’ll see in a second other than that all black and white, and that is why I love this room so much so my bed actually looks way bigger than it actually is, because all this is is just a faux fur blanket that has toss over Top a little bit of comforter and under here it’s just a standard down comforter like a hypoallergenic down comforter from Bed Bath and Beyond, but it’s so comfortable and my sleep is way more important to me than something looking good so at first. I have like this really beautiful duvet and I was like we’re done so I ripped that off and now it’s just this and then when I make my bed, I just take this blanket and throw it over top, and then I have these pillows. This is just a pillow cover that I threw overtop of just a standard pillow that I have so it looks really like luxe and just like yummy, but it’s actually like this is not the real situation. When I sleep at night right, you guys understand. I just have to call at this moment because I preach self love and it’s very important to love yourself.
If you don’t love yourself, you can’t love anybody else right. So that’s why I have me: does it look about the same I’ll wake up in the morning? Just so miserable and just like who is she? This is not real life like I want to take off my bra and then over here. This is my beauty space that I love so much. When I first moved into this house, I had no idea what I was into with this space. I was very confused was like okay, we’ve got the bedroom here, this little nook. How do I make it like purposeful, like I need to give it a reason and a meaning at first, I just had like this huge Shea’s lounge. That was a size of like a double bed sitting there and like nothing else, and it’s just like no one. Ever walked in here I didn’t feel inviting it just kind of like a waste of space. It was like, oh hey, great bedroom, like what is this right. It took me over a year of living here to finally realize what I wanted to do, which was have my own cozy comforting, realistic, everyday beauty, space where I do not feel like a youtuber. I don’t feel like I’m on social media, because for the longest time I was only getting ready in my filming room with all my lights in the camera, and it just felt like a lot all the time, so we’re gonna get into it in a minute. But right here I have my go-to everyday cannot live without products in these two drawers, my brushes and my little accessories right. There we’re gonna go in-depth, but I have this comfy little corner just to sit and lounge, and then I have my bar, which honestly never gets used work moving here. What are you doing here? Okay, so over here is the bar that I thought never got used. Oh my god, you guys this is my favorite backsplash, my favorite, like anything ever and I hate that, like. I can’t see it all the time because, like in this little nook and honestly, you know how many times I’ve used this bar, not once I have never once used this bar. I just went ahead and stock. This honestly, because I just thought that it looked cute and the only time I ever come over here actually is to get something to drink in the middle of the night. Like I wake up every single night of my life thirsty and I always have a bottle of water next to my bed, but it’s never enough so I’ll run over here in the middle of the night, like stubbing, my toe just miserable and grab something to drink Over here, which it’s always the water that I have right there, but that’s that’s it it’s style of cute, but it’s honestly not used very often, but that’s okay. So I decided to incorporate these two pieces of art of Audrey and Marilyn, because I just thought they were so beautiful and perfect for this space because they are black and white within the pop of color, with the red lipstick.
It’s the only pop of color that I have in this space, but I feel like it was so appropriate because it’s red lipstick, of course, and then down here. I have a photo of me and my girlfriend’s. This is my sister one of my best friends, mica and Jackie. This was actually at the launch party for the Jaclyn hill palette, which was awesome, and then I have my 69 candle, because because why not life’s too short out to 69? I want to show you guys my everyday makeup, because I know that this is a constant thing that I get asked. What do you travel with? What are your most used beauty products or your favorite beauty products? Of course, if you watch my channel, you see the things that I use all the time on the regular that I can’t live without, but inside these two drawers are basically the makeup items if I was gonna travel anywhere, whether it be 10 days 20 days. I could literally just scoop up these two drawers, throw it in a bag and be good to go. So the left drawer right here is my face product. This is the way that all make sense to me. So I have my Born This Way Foundation in all my shades. I have my Tarte shape tape, concealer hourglass veil powder, my Lancome absolute powder, coverfx, perfect setting powder. Then I have all of my primers up here, along with setting sprays like my first Halle setting spray morphe setting spray Lila B fix plus my Smashbox primer oil, my two Sisley primers, and then I also have my tacha silk canvas which I have not used yet. But I keep saying I’m going to I’m weird about primers. I get so scared of things breaking me out and giving me a texture, I’m just so sensitive. You guys. You’ve heard it a million times over. Here I have my Chanel cream bronzer. My Charlotte Tilbury face powder and then my Fenty Beauty powder and lavender little miscellaneous things. A little jeffree star, morphe mini beauty, sponges eyedrops, gel liner anastacio. What is this? The dip brow, yeah dip, brow pomade, and this has actually become my new go-to brow situation, which is crazy because I never thought in a million years that I’d be a pomade girl. But it’s the only thing that I’ve been using for the past couple of weeks and I love it and then over here I have all of my lips which, as you can see it’s basically all nudes, except I have hot shot by morphe, which is my favorite Bulb of all time, and then somewhere in here over here, I have Kristin by Kylie cosmetics, which is again one of my favorites I probably been through, like no lie, four or five of Kristin’s, and probably I’m not getting 15 hot shots, they’re my favorites ever and Of course, my Campari, my lip love cope re, which is a lip moisturizer, the best lip moisturizer in the entire world, but it should come with a warning label because you will get addicted so now, my right drawer.
This is more than anything eyes, and I know it’s like so predictable right like oh, of course you have your palate and the vault collection, but like this is these are the things I use every single day of my life that I can’t live without and then, If I want to use something else, I just run down the hall to my filming room and I grab whatever else I want to use. But these are my everyday go-to. You guys have seen this a million times but like this is what I used to create I’ll look like I’m wearing today, so I have those things I have my favorite lashes, which are always Lily lashes, Miami and so extra Miami. I mean like I, I love them so much. I have one pair of intoxicating lashes left in here, which again is one of my faves, and then I’ve really been into these baggy B lashes recently, especially in saucy, and I don’t even want to say the name because it’s inappropriate. But it’s what I’m wearing. On. My eyes right now, they’re amazing. We have some beauty sponges, we have the original one from morphe and then we had the jeffree star, one which I’m so into the jeffree star, one, because it’s just such it’s the same quality as the original, which I know that that’s what we always hope for A lot of times a lot of brands like I know, Mac, for instance, when they come out like their holiday collections, it’s still technically their same brushes but they’re, just not the same quality, and so I loved that they did a collaboration with Jeffrey, but they had The exact same quality and it’s pink, it’s cute, it’s like when I hold it up, I’m like I’m a girl as opposed to this one, I’m like I have been using this for, like I don’t know, 180 years, like I’m ready for anyone, so I love the Pink then, right here I have my blush palettes. I custom-made these. You can build your own palette online on mac, cosmetics, calm. I made these two palettes. I still have one more hole right here that I need to fill in, but this is like my neutral. Obviously, just like simple easy palette – and these are my brights – I actually am more gravitated and out.
The word gravitate more gravitated towards this palette right here, because just a little dab will do ya and you get such beautiful payoff. So those are the only blushes that I have in here because I feel like it’s all that I need and Mac still has such great blushes. So it’s I then have my Kat Von D, shade +, light contour palette, which you guys know. I cannot live without this guy right here, love this contour shade for my skintone, and I love these first two shades for underneath my eye center of the face kind of gives that spotlight glow.. This is the cheerleaders mini bronze squad palette by Benefit this highlight in the shade cookie. Oh, my gosh, like everyone in the entire world, should own this palette, because hoola is so good and cookie is so beautiful. I use it as my inner corner highlight on my eye and I always use at the very top of my cheekbones. Even if I want a warm highlight I’ll still hit a little bit of this, because it’s just so blinding it’s beautiful speaking of highlights. I have champagne pop, of course, my first love my baby. I have this Charlotte Tilbury bar of gold palette and it has three different shades of highlight and these highlights are so pretty they look like like liquid gold, honestly they’re, so beautiful. So this one is more rosy. This is very vanilla, very golden bronze. I love this palette. Obviously it slides in here and I have my hourglass ambient lighting powder in the shade luminous light. This is what I wear on my cheekbones all the time, along with the Lancome absolute powder right here, and then I have my two Kylie powders, which are Santorini and Fiji, which I will say that I feel like her original. This is like, I guess tea, but I feel like her original launched with her summer collection. I feel like these powders were more finely milled and had more like a blinding wet look where the ones that came out like in her permanent collection with the black packaging they’re, not the same like they’re, so good, but they’re not great compared to what they were. I know that happens a lot and big brands once they start blowing up, because it’s like it’s a small launch. It’s not a big deal to them, but I have noticed that, like the first ones are like. Oh amazing, I can’t live without them because they’re so blinding I use them like so sparingly. That’s a lie. You guys know when it comes to. I use nothing and then my last little guy right here.
This is my bronzer situation, which is really small. As you can see, I have my dior contour palette. This is called the Dewar backstage contour palette. I use this only for this one color right here in the bottom left corner, because it’s so beautiful to contour. It’s what I used to contour today and then I also have on this more feet, bronzer in the shade icon, which is a perfect dupe for the Marc Jacobs, bronzer, the Omega bronzer. It’s so good! You guys it’s ridiculous! Alright! So go ahead and put Marc Jacobs on business, I guess and then we have hoola, which I haven’t even used yet because again I use these all the time. So that is everything as far as my day-to-day collection goes. If I need anything additional like glitter or a fun colorful liner, I of course would go to a different room, but this is all I need to create an everyday look if it’s smokey eye, if it’s easy, breezy little concealer and cream bronze or whatever. Maybe I can create anything with what I have right here in these drawers so now over here in this area. I have this mirror that I got that’s just like fakes or our ski crystals. That I think is really cute. That’s right used to do my makeup. Obviously – and I honestly love that tip so much and something that I picked up just like doing my own makeup, every single day of my life, having a big mirror in front of you, whether it’s a bathroom mirror a vanity mirror. This vanity mirror by the way, is by impressions. Impressions, vanity is their website, I believe, but being able to have a mirror. That’s like really tight and close where you can see all your details, but then you can also kind of step back and look at yourself. Further away, it gives you such a better perspective to be able to just like constantly go back and forth. It’s like you, have a perspective of like up close in detail and also how everyone else is gonna see you because who was like so this right here. I I love this little situation. I think it’s so cute and all this stuff is fairly cheap. These right here are from Amazon and they’re about 12 bucks give or take, and I use them to store my brushes. Of course, I’m not gonna go through each individual brush, but a lot of these are the brushes that I created with morphe and then the other ones are just little staples that I just need to have in my makeup collection. Again, I don’t need every single little itty bitty precise brush, because this is my vanity for my everyday life and nothing over the top As far as like dramatic intense looks, so that’s my brush situation and then the third one, this is so necessary.
For me, my whole life, I’ve always needed like little cup when I travel I’ll use like a bathroom cup from like the hotel bathroom, that’s like made for drinking water and I’ll use that and I’ll put all these little items in there and when I travel, I Always put them in Ziploc baggies, because I just don’t like these to be rolling out on drawers I lose everything I love using a fan to dry at my face whenever I use setting spray, so that’s an absolute must and then everything else in here is just like the necessities of life, just like a few little random things, so mascaras brow, gels, lash glue, Tweezers another eye liner, a lip liner, a black eye, liner, a white eye liner and a brow pencil How many of you lose your scissors and your tweezers every single time You do your makeup Like I pick up my tweezer so many times, I’m like okay got a tweeze, a brow, hair and now I have to put on my eye lashes No, I actually the nose hair like it doesn’t matter what it is I use my tweezers so often, but yet every single time I lose my quick where they go where they go where they go so like I keep them right here and I always know where they are all right You guys that is it for my beauty I know this is gonna sound super strange, but I actually am very, very, very weird and cautious about who I allowed to come into my bedroom, because I have so many people in and out of my house all the time, and I think I share so Much all over social media, my bedroom is just like my safe place like this is my sanctuary and I’m very weird about who comes in here, but for some reason I felt very comfortable, my home My comfort zone – and I really hope you guys enjoyed this room I just feel like it’s the essence of me and I love it so much I’m so grateful to be here and be able to have these things and how you guys, along for the ride with me If you liked it, and you want to see more stuff Of course, I will be showing you a full house tour very soon, once I’m in a good, confident, comfortable place in my house, and I’m done with all my renovations, but until then I hope that this kind of like fills that little niche The word boy fills that void Is it really avoided that bad? I don’t think so Anyways that kiss you guys and I will see you my next one Bye

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