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My biggest fans to my old friends!! Who knows me better? Is it?

1 Nov , 2019  

we have been friends since, like maybe three years old, yeah, yeah yeah, I’m time went to top month what, if we go together, yeah and I’ve also joined wave kami, Who is one of my biggest hearts – and you say this such a good person – we’ve ever met it’s gonna be weird to see like what a stranger technically a stranger and my oldest friend know about so I’m very excited. I’ve got some questions. Are you ready? Yes, thank you. Thank you. If you do, is smash a big thumbs up and subscribe down below and without parody everyone go.
We need to start off with buzzers just what your buzzer, whoever buzzes first obviously gets. Also the question and if you get it wrong, it passes on to the next person, but it’s like quickfire questions. You’ve got to just answer them, you can’t bars and you don’t know the answer. Okay, you ready. No peeking. First question is: what month stupid Park range from an October yeah, No doctor. What is my favorite TV series know if it’s an external pause? I should know that my race is the best Sarah, my friend she said it’s amazing. If you know me well, this is like the most obvious answer. Ever don’t wanna, say: McDonald’s yeah. I really thought you was gonna, say McDonald. No, I know you wanted absolutely. I probably would’ve guessed Domino’s yeah. What is my Nando’s order? Oh babe? Oh, my god that was so close. Who was that I reckon it was Katie, that’s right, but sometimes you get to butterfly to get the lemon and then they pile up with you something keep doing with dad. Your mom is gonna be so kind. We know what are two qualities that I look for in a person ting. Do you mean that something you can a date or just a friend, just anyone, okay, um, kindness and loyalty, I mean: can she have that one, because one of them was something that I put down funny, but I don’t think that is no. That’s! Not good luck! Okay, I might have to give this one to Jasmine, is loyalty and honesty yeah. What is my favorite restaurant? No! No! No! Oh! What about go to the time? Well! You know I did I’m just thinking of like everyone, that’s like in the marina restaurant. I think I should have killed that whoa to be said now. This has always been my favorite restaurant, but now the is slowly just scream. Snog marry avoid Shawn Mendes James, Charles Charles, Charles sorry, James Thomas, and avoid Ethan, no you’re wrong. Jasmine smoked, Ethan, Mary James sure, you’re crap. So do you like Sean but obviously like every other girl in the world? I’ve had season and I’m sorry you don’t know my god.
Wow Sherman doesn’t yeah. I don’t even know this one myself, so I’m gonna have to work this out, but how many tattoos and piercings do I have together three times and then I have eight piercings. I honestly thought that you would have forgot about that. Everyone forgets I mean. I forget about yes yeah, I’m surprised you got that. I have had more than this, but just so many have closed up. So you know any how many, how many subscribers do? I have on my blog in channel round up to the nearest 100 thousand. Seven hundred thousand, you were incorrect, hey we move in order, we just leave it at 900,000. You are correct. I actually don’t even know how many I thought, but it doesn’t fit something like eight hundred fifty seven thousand. When I last left is it so. I think it’s just over 850 yeah, maybe like eight six, something like that. Anyways nearest 100 thousand side bring on the mail. There’s only three questions left, I don’t even know. If Jasmine can you win, I haven’t even been countless cause when I’m older. How many kids do I want? Why is the Ewoks, your mom and your dad, the other, and would you upload name? He knows me better. I know that you changed taken. No I’ve always wanted to name the top thing on my bucket list. You changed stargazing or like the Northern Lights. That is actually no I put, but it has always been stopped. Don’t know babe, I don’t know which one’s the top is jump out of a plane and then travel the world you’re, not the one. That’s being in a movie. I mean that’s quite a cool thing to go my bucket list. That’s not here! Think of something that I try to do recently, you wouldn’t see this in my book in Channel. I don’t know fortune, okay, I couldn’t do it. So, yes, I have to go to another country. Oh bang go to oh: where was it Africa, South Africa, to do what from where shocks me? Does that count? I’m gonna give it a shot, KJ yeah, so I tried to go before and go to South Africa, but I wasn’t flying with my own parent and because of child trafficking. Basically you can’t go. I said the 18 17 yeah so unfortunately I think go so. Hopefully, one day fingers crossed, but stargazing has always been after so many good a day, no got be in amazing, like travel, America, yeah and then and I’ve got a nice office, but there’s no point going too much to any other points out there. You know what to go. Jasmine, wasn’t of your bucket list Um things can ask you traveling yeah traveling the world must be America, she go and travel there.
I think you both will get this and, if not, I must say I will be really really disappointed Pressure is on what are my favorite to me These you didn’t pass when you did not invest by man and the loss of oh, yes, amazing spider-man made so I tested my mum of these questions yesterday and she said spider-man knows like mom It’s the amazing spider-man I am still going to give it to you Thank you What was or what is my book code? Bang some vodka versus real life What’s the brackets, when my very life, I bet it’s got linking brackets a hard line Oh my perfectly filtered life Oh, my most almost but but but not vodka versus real life, my perfectly filtered life almost, but not really at all the very last question What is I mean? I actually have quite a lot of these What is my biggest fear? Bang I think that was just me, I think dying Yes, no, you thought I’m dying asleep, because some new wineskin wake up It’s not so much my biggest thing now, because now I’m older, I kind of us You know that won’t happen It’s just when I was younger There’s just something that was always scared: oh I’m! Okay! Now that isn’t my necessary, my biggest fear now, but what sure Sigma is probably good enough Spiders not like the little daddy longlegs for like the big, carry loads of spiders of luck with the eyes yeah nice Then, even a little money, one yeah like seriously like any spider, I just I’m petrified on so everyone or today there’s no prize, but at least you can say, you’ve won her She was snuck in there and then, as we was doing the questions, I thought you would have won by a lot more than you Nate I didn’t realize how well you done whoever’s on fault I started no and when you was getting those were, I was thinking Okay, maybe you’re like wow overall, I think you guys know me better Then I probably know myself, obviously especially UK Probably we know my dad just order like sanity like completely there you go That’s amazing, my place, I wouldn’t go spot, I’m pretty good Gon na give you that one, if you guys think you know me better than Kaylee, and how many did Get right with no cheating, but I hope you guys did enjoy it Let me know if you ever want to see another one of these again it down in the comments below Thank You, jasmine and inky face hope You guys enjoyed and hotel, see you very very, very soon Wow bye,

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