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My boyfriend bought my cosmetics

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, my chickens, welcome to my channel. I’m super excited. He actually does have really good taste in makeup, so I feel like it’s gonna go really well. He always compliments. Different makeup looks like Gary, so I feel it really picks up on like each little thing. So this is going to be interesting. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already and let’s go to Sephora, alright guys. We are on our way to four right now to get all the makeup, so you know what like makeup: you’re gonna get eyeshadow yeah, I’m on a yellow, stick sand! Oh she will yes look.
We already know. I pretty much rule concern. I feel actually going to choose like prettier product because look at so well. What are you? The boy thinks is your to go. Well, I’m not going to lay because that’s how many, like my sister, so I’ll join, gets the best logs indicate I mean we don’t get like see my suspension some. he’s literally having so much trouble trying to find anything 20 people up to me. One thing I know at every solar person million people accept order here with all the weird friends no offense people I mean you have to like open in what, if I likely to get whatever you want, what tell you rub it in and see it thank Allah. So good, why would you put it on what are you doing? It’s not going to work if you’re on some of another production, I know my pain team. What we have here, double-double we’re still that already looks like the wrong color, but whatever I mean see whatever you feel right, I’ll be like a big molecule, see what well no, I feel like a pink yeah, what yeah all right! What shade is that? So you can get it long, medium, pull that your app display yeah going for yeah how I’m living here for now good film yeah! That thing you want up there, yeah, okay, hey right now, and I want you to go through all the make up and tell me what is it? Oh, mas negative yeah expensive ran thanks for that we got this color. What is that, for? I want a girl and I’m in one of three colors. Okay, what one do I am I going to use I’ll growling this one? Okay, what’s the other one full, not it, and then somebody got some hello flawless powder from benefit. I think this is not guys. Why do you think I could show how good you know more than Michael does about makeup? It is amazing, and once I watch you and is always making come, what’s ready remain thought when I’m getting ready for clubbing, saying hey I when she gets a new stuff, she gives new home lucky.
She had MLM ran 100 guys around the edges of this gig looks good for song. Well, I’m going to my makeup now: let’s go ahead and jump right in the first thing. I’m doing is my eyebrows, and this literally took like two hours to find an eyebrow product. I’m not even kidding was so hard because well I don’t know why you just couldn’t find so this one is the Bobbi Brown long-wear brow gel and I have the shade taupe. He thinks it’s going to be too late for me, but it was promotional closest to my eyebrow shade well in his opinions. I’ve never ever heard anyone talk about this, I’m so excited whoa. The consistency is not true runny. So that’s a good thing. Let’s go ahead and fill them in wow, it’s big. I like it did I like the consistency. That means it’s not going to be easy to make a mistake and the colors really nice as well. Thanks John, my darlin. The formula of this product is a really waxy and it’s making my brows look really natural, like it definitely look like I’ve, sealed them in looks like they’re. Naturally, a perfect I mean I rather never precise, we’ve drinking next up is concealer to cover all these veins and to carve out my eyebrows or this one is the double we’re stay in place, flawless, wear concealer by Estee Lauder, and he chose the shade light/medium warm, Which I would have gone for a lighter shade, but it does look like it’s going to match like pretty well just no highlight going on on my face, so I’ve know how this product I mean. I know if they’re double wear foundation, but I didn’t know it was concealer, so this is exciting. I woke up with this weird like under my arms sugar views. Let’s go ahead and paint this one more eyelid, oh girl or the SA Lauder Double Wear products Bank. It’s going to blend this out: oh the colors. Actually amazing! I love it. It’s nice and warm turn. Thank God. I didn’t get like a pink one.
Okay, so now for the eyeshadow, this is the Stila. I should have tell it in a matte end metal. So if Jonathan can pick up that, I like the warm tones and Rose tones, I’m pretty sure anyone can so this color selection is so beautiful. I’ve never used steel eyeshadows before this is going to be so fun. Okay. So I’m going to start by taking at this light pink color right here, and this is going directly in the crease with my Mac two to four brush. So, let’s see how they work. This is a really light shade. So I want this to like peek through right, underneath my eyebrow, then I’m taking at this darker rosy pink color right here, and this is going. Oh, she knows this is going directly under that light. Pink color, like in my crease, I’m taking a smaller blending brush for this step. So I’m just messing putting this in my crease from outer corner all the way to inner corner and then we’ll take that original blending brush with the light pink and use that shade to blend out the edges up here. So it’s nice and seamless, you guys, know the drill. Next, I’m taking this really pretty pinky champagne color right here I was going to pass this all over my lid, a relief to pigment, finish shimmery pull up now, it’s time for the fun part foundation. So this one is the Laura Mercier, snot cream, moisturizing a photo edition foundation and he chose a shade at bamboo ish. I honestly forget what this color looks like I’m a little bit nervous people is going to match my foundation better than I can wow. That is a really nice palette, really warm / neutral. It’s not too yellow. I’m just going to apply this with my Beauty. Blender, it is very thick, has amazing coverage holy crap and is why my lip balm off? I always like to go over my lips for some reason, probably better up applying this foundation with a kabuki brush, because it is so sick. It is a little bit light, but you know what I always get connection there too dark for me. So this is kind of relieving. Oh, it’s covering literally everything. Oh, my god, you can tell how full coverage a foundation is when you go over the lips now it’s time for the concealer so going in with the team at double: wear: concealer! Oh that’s what this is going to be like darker than my foundation, but not bad.
Now, simple ended out with my Beauty. Blender again, I actually love the Buddha bandha when I go to Magic Johnson tries out all my brushes hmm like that. It’s covering everything onto my eyes, so that’s a good thing. Oh my god. I just realized. He didn’t buy translucent powder, so we have to work with what we have okay. So this is the mask Jacob’s Mirage, filter. 40. This has a highlighting powder and a contour in it, so that is not very nice to me. I don’t like setting under my eyes with yellow, and that is way too cool turns my liking, but let’s just find a brush and work with it. Just get my brush in here, I’m going to cut it down under here I mean not bad under my eyes. It’s definitely set boom and mustard skin evidence 180 kidding me and pretty sure that was like a hundred dollars. Okay, so Jonathan actually bought two powders. We have the benefit hello flawless, which I actually already have when you go to a different shade. You got champagne. This is what the color looks like looks pretty good actually and then the other one that you got is the Stila illuminating powder foundation. It’s a refill. Oh sorry, this is what we’re working with. I think I’m gonna use the hello flawless. Actually, no, I use all the time. Don’t I okay I’ll use this kill 100. So this is a powder foundation, so it’s got coverage right, um just going to have to make sure I evenly blend this around my face. So it’s not patchy. Never really liked powder foundations because, like how do you get them perfectly, even on top of foundation and like I don’t want to wear them on their own, because my face is dry. Let’s move on to underneath the eyes I’m going to go in with that Jack pinky purple color here on my lower lash line, chromatic line in a corner, I’m just going to use a little pencil brush. This is a zoeva luxe pencil in 2:30. I’m just going to drag that under here to proportionality, eyeshadow and then for the mascara. This one is a Smashbox hyper. Lash mascara never used one from Smashbox, so this is going begin. The one actually looks really nice, so we’re looking at a different one and the one was really fat using unity and I sent Lancer good job. Hmm, not bad. It’s really separating every single lash, just good making it look like.
I actually have lots. I wouldn’t say it’s adding a lot of volumes or we actually forgot to get false lashes, so I’m definitely not fusing. That’s it. I’m just going to take these ones from the lash warriors and these ones are in the style, sa-18 key. Okay, my lashes are on and I feel so much better, both lashes. So let’s go back in with the Marc Jacobs palette, I’m going to pick up the brown shade yeah. This is so cool torn, I’m so nervous. We’Re going to lightly put that in my jaw. No cheekbone, I always get those two move. Stop I’m staying just taking a very light hand. I like that color just looks like a natural shadow. Okay. So now, let’s move on to the bronzer. I have this one from Smashbox in the shade warm matte soda plunge more of a warm toned, it’s still very matte. So let’s see how this goes not freshly. You might just use like a tapered, bronzer brush or very powdery, which means gonna be pigmented. So shake it off: oh I’m not I like when they’re, not overly pigmented or otherwise um, because I’m like way too heavy. Oh, I really like the color of this line. It’s nice and orange. I actually mean that I love orange bronzer. I’m also going to take this around my hairline to my face a little bit. I really like how that looks: love the color, the formula – everything I’m so impressed with this, but I do want more of like a glowy cheek, so I’m going to go away with this Smashbox fusion soft light base star burr dressin thought this is a blush, so Yeah, I’m gonna use a bronzer because there’s only two little pink triangles in there, so I think it’ll work better as a bronzer, I’m just going to lightly dab into the bronzer shade and brush this over. I’m just going to put this on the apples of my cheeks as well, while I’m here that’s really nice. It’s definitely not dramatic is nothing natural, but I worked nicely um. He got another blush because it came with a highlight and he couldn’t find a highlight on its own. So this is the Smashbox LA light blush and highlight palette is what it looks like There was another one that was really nice, but he wanted this one.
So cool, firstly, I’m going to go in with this color right here and this is going to go right on the apples of my cheeks Oh god, that’s so pigmented, all God in like this color and also dress for my eye Look right! Now it’s actor black pink, it’s time to highlight and spring my brush with at six months, because I want my highlight to be so intense So I’m going to go in with a taste growth going on with this color right here, which is a pinky highlight our house is vinegar I really notice well, what’s like so pink is good I taste is so red I don’t like that with this I look like it’s really pretty but like if I had pink on the eyes, you know okay, so to make that mole of like a gold, highlight I’m going to take this I show from the scaler palette and hopefully it’s light enough for my skin tone to highlight with looks good, so you don’t always need actual highlight to highlight your face You can just use eyeshadow whoa, that’s intense, I love it I’m going to go ahead and put that same a gold color on my inner corner for a little bit of light in there Oh, my god is gold, closed, so intense, but I’m talking about and then lastly, he got a Stila stay all day liquid lipstick in the shade dominatrix no dude I have caramel err, so it took like tiny little specks of sparkle in there and I hate when liquid lipsticks have sparkle in it totally You can’t see on the lips It does look like a really nice fruity brown, color, berry, so good job John A lot of so sparkly some pretty pigmented what the hell the shade caramel! Oh, that I have is a lot more pigmented, but it sounds like a tiny bit more sheer, but it feels really nice on the lips So you can definitely see a few little shimmers in the lip, but I think the color is actually really nice It’s something that I would never usually lean towards It’s definitely unique, but I don’t think it goes really well with my eyeshadow look Hmm, but that’s! Okay! That’s not my fault, that’s Jonathan’s hope If you did, please give it a massive thumbs up because it helped me out a lot Okay

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