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My boyfriend is testing crazy and weird autofocus masks

30 Sep , 2019  

What’s the help everybody welcome back to my channel today, I brought Nathan here hi baby hi baby. What are we going to do today? We’Re going to try some face masks some weird as fuck face mask yeah, I would say so now: Nathan’s skin, you guys has improved tremendously since we’ve met – and I know a lot of you have shared your thoughts on that you’re like what’s his secret. We want to remind you that me and Nathan: we are regular human beings. Well, I don’t know if I am and I’m like an alien cyborg happens whenever you shave your face, so Nate, just one baby face yeah every time I shave you always unveil whatever’s underneath alike a little scruff, so it usually gets a little sweaty and stays there And then it yeah, so he does get breakout.
He is a normal dude. So right now he does have a little breakout. You know no kind of little crazy. Pimple appear it’s finally going away. Y’All know about about that skin. I’m not I’m not perfect. Either. I’ve had my moments, but I’ll get that little constellation going on alright. So today we’re going to try out two types of masks: one has been going viral for a year all over YouTube everywhere. Their mother has reviewed it except us. So, what’s up so what are we going to try out today? We’Re gonna try out this carbonated bubble claim mask yes now. I know this was really big a few months ago and now viral on Facebook. Again we’re gonna talk about that one in a minute. We have to google the instructions, because it’s all in other language – yes, definitely not English, and today I am going to be trying a brand new mask from Tasha. You guys, of course, are familiar with Tantra, because I had a dowsed of my entire face over and over and over with their luminous dewy skin mist. I am such a fan of this setting spray skin refresher. It’s very nice. It’s amazing, a little pricey. This brand is very pricey, but it is amazing and it works and that’s what I like, but does this mask work? We had no idea, we do not, so I am going to be trying out the violent sea radiance mask. Look at this jar. Not that’s a cool color, it’s stunning and it came in this beautiful box, the ombre that looks like this. It’s like very all, like satin and cute. I love it. I always have cool packaging move Johanna. Now this one – oh, my lord, so we’re going to talk about both obviously they’re, very different from different brands, and how much is here is baby. This one is $12. Now this one is a hefty $68. You know Tasha they’re bougie and I fuckin lead for it.
So we’ll see, if mrs. worth the price most of the time their stuff works. It really does this. One says that we have to leave it on for like 15 to 20 minutes. Nate is only five minutes: you’ll lift this put on mine first yeah and, let’s see what happens then, when mines on we can do yours, okay, so mine is a creamy anti-aging mask pack with brightening, Japanese beauty, berry and dual vitamin C to reveal a brighter softer Skin, so two types of vitamin C will provide an instant glow and an antioxidant protection from UV damage for a continued writer skin over time. I’m down for that because Sun, I don’t like you, so this mask is for all skin types, which is pretty cool. I love that, so it says after cleansing apply a generous, even layer to the skin, avoiding the eye area leave on for 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse with warm water all right. It also came with this really cute talk show it’s called the essence. This is like a little travel size. Normally it comes in a big bottle and it says use first before the mask for a better result. So I’m just going to take a little cotton circle from CVS. You already know – and let’s put this all over, so I will just wipe around my face to get all the dirt off. Look how much I wear a lot of makeup last night, so it’s like and Nate has already prepped his skin. With this Sicily rose toner. Alright, so let’s open this up and see what it looks like. Oh wow, look at the color. It’s such a cool thing, yeah! It’s like so cool! It’s like a literally like a violet lavender and oh my god, so so good yummy, I’m like hmm, okay, so you’re literally just supposed to take it with your hands. Of course. Look at these nails y’all, I’m not trying to get these nails fucked up and oh, let’s just see what happened so it says, apply a thick, even layer. No, it’s so cool, I’m kind of like in love with this color. All right. You guys! The mask is on my skin and now it smells amazing. It feels I don’t wanna say cooling because it doesn’t like the freezer face or anything, but it definitely has like a little cool to the touch. It feels really nice on the skin. I love the color: it’s fucking cool, oh my god, my hair, this color right. Okay, let me wipe my hands off now: Nate, let’s open up yours, baby, Ryan baby! Now I’m going to Google this you guys, because literally, if you see on the box, the ingredients, the instructions, everything is in a different language, but if this is from the brand Becca milky Pig, this is like the same brand that we did the magnetic face mask.
Oh really for $12, you do get a lot of product yeah you doesn’t do. I can’t even see the ounces on here you guys because it’s in another language, so let me google it, and I also wanted to note on the talk-show one you guys you do get a lot of product. Obviously you guys see. I use a lot on my face and there’s still a whole lot in there there’s a huge tub there, so it didn’t use a lot of products alright baby. So this is going to let’s see here. What is it supposed to do? Blackhead removal suitable for all skin types of collagen, green tea, charcoal clay mask okay. So basically, this is supposed to take out all your in purity, so you’re just going to take a lot with the spatula alright. So it says to put a hefty amount on your whole entire face, leave on for three to five minutes and when the bubbles have blown up absolutely do a foam massage with a little tippet water and wash away all right. So, let’s have you start coating your face? Alright, so I’m just going to help him out – oh my god, ready kind of like bubbling in here from being out in the open holy shit. So basically, the warning on the box said: do not eat. Okay, it’s good to know. Uh-Huh spatula, you guys is really little. I don’t like it. I wish it would have distributed the product like a larger amount, but whoa. I can hear it like sizzling almost like soda pop, like I might to a different face brush you guys, because this is taking so long hold that alright. So I’m going to take this brush, I would put my primer on with and hopefully that will distribute it. A lot quicker there we go yeah the brush, it comes with you guys with that little spatula thing is shitty. We got it the Grilli bubble yeah. I know it’s like almost like tickling my face from bubbling really yeah. I like want to itch it a little bit. No new me: it’s like you, try to put more on them. The bubbles are like getting crazy, I’m going to avoid the eye area. Of course, as always it’s hard when it starts foaming, you guys to get it to like adhere to the skin. Oh my god. Oh my god, you’re bubbling like an old little man. Okay, so we’re but we’re about two minutes in and it looks like a cloud. Sat on Nate’s face yeah it’s hard to move your face. No, I mean I can’t really breathe through my nose or I’ll like start to suck it into my nose. Really. Mine feels really good.
It’s like very normal. Obviously yours is bubbling like crazy market starting to like fall off my face. No, it’s not. I know I got a heavy like big. No, no, it feels like it’s starting to like drizzle. Almost oh, no, it’s not! Oh, my god. It’s like the foam! On top of a soda like, would you touch it? That is so weird? I could just see it in my peripherals and everything I call my Saint coming out. Yeah yeah, it’s like falling down your mouth. My baby, don’t gotta melt anymore. Look at my little Keebler, my little Keebler Elf, like keyboarder, I look like a little goblin err, yeah. Let’s look if you have like hair, but then it’s like everywhere. I feel like I’m some shit off the Lord of the Rings or something mm-hmm one of those orc look at the nose. It’s like. Ah, that’s like some witch status right. There don’t eat yeah! Oh yeah! It’s not edible, I’m sorry! Okay! So it said that when it’s fully foamed like it is right now just take a little bit of water and like kind of massage it into your skin, we do not have a sink handy. You guys so we’re gonna have to pause. I have like 10 more minutes for my math, but you want to go over inches off in a second yeah. Let me go. Try it yeah. Let’s try it tiny bit, you guys they’ll be with water, but is that necessary yeah for reviewing it? It’s necessary? Okay. We just splash some water on my hand, pouring water in his hands right now, how’s that great, oh whoa, whoa, it’s a pasty, clay, huh yeah, definitely is still so. I should probably go rinse this off. These poor starts falling over all right, we’ll be right. Back all right baby, you are clean, you’re, looking like shiny, how does it feel it feels really nice. It feels like my skin is almost a little tighter. Oh really like a little bit yeah like it firm like like a firming mask, your skin looks good. Is it kind of healthy keep going uh? I know because I’ll really say I can feel the tightness of it. A little bit I mean must be here we’ll put some of this Kendall is getting nice on ya work.. Skin is really hell. Are you okay, yeah the natural highlighter all right, I’m gonna go wipe this off. You guys I’ll be right back! Oh right, I just washed off the mask. It was a little difficult and I don’t mind a negative way It was just like a really thick and pasty, so I had to get the washcloth up in there, but first impressions like how do I look it any different? Am i right or no? No, I mean I mean for having me to like rub it off kind of hard.
You don’t look that red To be honest, it feels really like supple saw okay yeah it does I really like it, I’m like, oh, my god, hi now Obviously I like to wear masks a lot and I’m definitely gonna be testing this out more, but first off you guys I think that it feels nice My skin feels like mmm It feels nice It was full like it’s a little tight on the forehead area not to like, and I don’t want in a bad way I love that feeling of like a tight mask You feel like I actually did something all right so overall do I think that this mask is worth $68 You guys know I’m bushi as fuck, so I’m not going to say it’s not worth it because I personally really liked it Of course, this is my first time using it I think if you want to see how something works over time, if it shows real benefits to your skin, you do got to use something for about You know, I think, one to two months honestly now this mask says that you can use it two to three times a week, so I definitely will be trying it out maybe a favorite, maybe a disappointment No, but but um right off the bat I really do like it now Of course, this is a little heavy on the price So if you are not a skincare junkie, you might want to do without it, but what about your baby? Was it worth $12? I would say it’s probably worth $12 I mean if you’re you’re down with your face being tickled a little bit in one to $12 I am I’m all I’m down to I’ll be your French tickler Oh, it was a cute baby It was really cool, though cloud-based I really like my the more I’m sitting here I’m like, oh, my god It feels really good, but okay, we’re about to have some in and out, if you guys are not from the West Coast girl to the best like this is a not sponsors big fun to play by the food on your Damn Channel, we’re just in California, and We all have any now, I think in Vegas, Arizona, Texas Now Christian, hey our buddy, the vanilla milkshake, you guys mmm-hmm, oh my god, come come to California I have some good fats cooter Alright, eat and take a little breather We are off to Michigan, so by the time you guys are watching this we’ll be in our new house and Grand Rapids, and all of this that you’re me flying tonight right now, you’re landing yep Are you guys? We love you and we’ll see you on the next one My see you guys bye, guys

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