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My boyfriend picked my clothes for a week

1 Nov , 2019  

What do you think is outfit he’s creepy, you wait for you to get rich good, hey guys, it’s Vanessa and welcome back to my channel, very, very, very, very high. What okay, let me restart, so I let my guy friends, decide my outfits every single day this past week except Monday. Okay, let me explain Monday was Labor Day. I think it’s better to just do four days of content rather than five days with one. You know what I mean it’s just adding an extra day that adds no value.
I think we’re just gonna get on with the first outfit in the first day. So for Tuesday’s outfit, I’m gonna call my friend ty, I think Ty’s gonna I don’t know what Ty’s gonna do hello. You are gonna pick, my outfit for tomorrow you can make it go so much like a dress like shorts. I don’t like nice, I have these just like denim ones, and then these black ones, they’re bit dress code. Do you think you’ll actually get dress code at though no well, I can get depends yeah, because I don’t get your trust code, purple ones, these ones that have a reflective straight. I think those are all the shorts. I have. Okay, I like the first one, the one on the left yeah that one the boo mind what shirt like a short sleeve. You have a collar in mine. I think it looks too a globe, but, like black, looks good with any color, I have a yellow. Oh, I really like that’s really good. No, I like the yellow one. Would you go with white? That’s also good, but is that dress code? Semen? Oh yeah. I really like both of them, but we’re not. I mean a discreet yes to the yellow one. Unfortunately, no because yellow is actually my least favorite color to wear like next to Orange. Yes, I, like Air Force Ones, would like the blue. So this is Martha. Honestly, I did a pretty good job. It’s you for when I ain’t put, is out of it on good morning. It’s you can see the time right. It’s 559! You guys saw Ty’s outfit, so I’m just gonna put it on and I’ll see you in a second all right, you, my outfit, I’m gonna even get your code is so hard to do. I feel so bad because ty was like trying really hard to like actually make it really good, and I really like that pitches – maybe not for school. You know you have to wear it anyways, but I do have to pee again. I think I’m gonna be okay with the outfit, because I always carry my binders and here’s a hack.
If you carry your binders in front of your dress coded outfit, they can’t really see it that much. My goal of the day is to not get dress code in I’m leaving school right now, and I didn’t film that much because I’m so dress code and when I was walking to the new building with her Proctor’s outside and the Proctor stopped. The girl like in front of me and dress code at her – and I was terrified in that moment and time Paige looked at me and they were like bro. You just got so lucky. It was really hot, though today it’s like I’m chilling right now, I’m on my way to my fourth appointment, which I just want to take a nap. So, hey I’ll see you for my outfit for tomorrow say hi Queen, keep in mind it’s gonna be like a hundred degrees. Tomorrow, it’s like I’m not down to die. Are you thinking like dress skirt? Okay, pick one that’s up to you. I can tell you. I’m not allowed to have an opinion. Oh tank top dress a dress with sleeves leopard. Whatever is this leopard green one here, Agathe he’s helping me as my outfits, nice he’s in the bathroom. I know. Oh he texted me, oh god, oh god, I’m leaping Packers. Just the Greenland so we’re narrowing you down to the zoo. What are we feeling? No shoes. Do I add a scrunchie walk scrunchie, it’s like so this is my outfit for tomorrow. Bye Vanessa, oh my queen outfit for tomorrow picked out. I just woke up, and I cannot do this. I want to postpone this reel away. 6:05. Now, I’m a little more wake, as you can tell I’m not as tired as it was when I’m so good. You guys know the outfit. Let me put it on here’s. My outfit for today, courtesy of Jordan overall love this outfit. Let’s go to school, what a beautiful sunrise on this fine morning, gotten – really lazy! Oh my god, my coffee! Still on top of my car, I swear if it fell guys. I almost drove away with this. On top of my car, my neighbor’s also saw that he’s at sea at school. How well did Jordan? Do I really your style? It’s really nice. I thought that’s mine. I was so terrified. I said like hurry alarm in the mornings. I know in the league we’re gonna go to the gym now, so I’m changing out of this outfit. I got a lot of compliments on it, so Jordan, good job. So now, let’s outfit, I’m about to call Eric right now and I’m kind of scared, Eric’s. Very he’s got he’s a character, so my name’s Eric Eric check out my outfits for an entire week but, like I’d, have to buy all of the outfits.
That’s why I was saying why here’s our office – it’s not summer anymore, okay, okay, I’ll give you three scenarios and you have to make three outfits various scenarios very scenario. You want to see my entire closet. I have all these tank tops like a hundred. You want to see my brother wait, a Hewett, I mean serious, maybe a dress! We’ve got a lot to choose from, oh god, it’s like a bodycon dress, because it’s called a body con and everyone. No, no it’s! This is like a romper yeah. You can borrow it two of you and then I have this black one. I wore that two days ago. It’s a fitted dress. Thank you using the right terminology, I, like the white dresses, there’s a lot. The cream-colored one for shoes. I was gonna. Tell you that I have these. I also have my Gucci shoes. These have to see the options you would I get roasted, though, if I wore these, you mean, like the one I’m filming Oh for tomorrow, figured out, so I will see to it normally. I would not wear these shoes, I probably wear Doc’s with it, because right now it’s a lot of patterns going on Eric. Let’s go to school Eric picked out my outfit. You want to see what shoes he big yeah outfit. This is too much for me. No! No flexin Jenna. What do you think of my outfit morning? Fly? Was the opiate Vanessa’s just wearing hey Eric, no she’s flexing Logan she’s likes it. I’m glad you know, I didn’t pick anything white cream is a white, isn’t it Kareem and white are two different colors. I mean not not sauce. Looking looking shoes like those shoes, though I won’t let that happen see Logan’s a good. What do you mean? You know what you chose the Alison help. You say everyone back, I just like school honestly. I don’t even think this outfit was that bad also start Eric. I hit you in the eye when I walked in this side. My bad I’m home now and I have a lot of homework and stuff to do so. I’Ll see you guys for my last outfit, that was that’s, take a nap right now, but right now is the only time my friend can pick out my outfit for tomorrow. So we’ve got to not take a nap and we’ve got to pick out. My outfit also. I’ve had this since 8th grade don’t come for me, I just some too lazy to take it off yogurt I said that’s myself, suppose tomorrow senior sunrise, so we’re appealing these were gonna get me dress coded.
You want me to get dressed coded What color shirt give me a color, this one, a white band or like a black one, underneath oh okay, good cuz I only had black what shoes do I wear with that? Where are your doctor’s swag? So it’s my outfit Thanks, see you tomorrow, not about outfits You guys tomorrow, for my last outfit in the morning 5:11 mind a bit I like 12 I don’t know why I think is just cuz I was like oh I’m gonna be heard in the morning Anyways might as well be extra tired I might change okay This is okay This is my outfit My top is from princess Polly My two tops from brandy, shorts, different princess Polly and I’m wearing my dogs, but they’re vegan So don’t come for me, yeah, let’s just go to lightning strikes by my way No, it’s my chest Dry in the morning days, but don’t we think of the outfit van Weber picked out, we actually like this What do you think about this? What do you think of my outfit, then yeah him/her Eric, whose outfit was better? That really is, do you like my outfit? Oh, of course, every day, but that’s it you’re spent it out So get you a bed because he’s dressing guys What do you think is outfit? He’s pretty good educated Ben picked out my outfit What are you rated? Five? Five all right Thanks man, they’re vegan, hey man, reducing my ecological footprint Thank you Look good thanks found a brother RJ’s Okay, thanks, hey Matt, gave me a five, so I guess out of five out of ten five out of five That makes no sense Logically, he drop no there’s No way this can make anything hey guys, I’m home now, so I’m actually really tired Gon na take a fad now yeah, let me know down below who you think did the best, because, honestly, I think they were all actually pretty good Like I didn’t hate, any outfit, don’t really know who did the best So let me know down below yeah if you guys, make sure you like, and if you really like me, don’t forget to subscribe comment Anything you want down below and I’ll see you guys next time, bye, brewskis! No I’m running with you round! East Lansing, I go copyrighted so newer This outro for now

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