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My boyfriend taught me JIUJITSU 2

30 Sep , 2019  

Justine helping the Beltone over now personal space that doesn’t exist, no guys we made one of these in the past. My boyfriend, Julian, does Brazilian Jujitsu all the time.. For me, I don’t really like it, but I’m still willing to learn it’s sweaty and hot and like too much contact for me cards. Ours is good. We wanted to make another one of these, because we had so much fun doing the first one and people that, like you really like it, so I don’t want to learn more.
I’m ready. My hair is already up already. I didn’t put on any lashes because you, like almost ruin my face last time, so I mean I’ve learned a little bit. I still have 3 acrylic nails left. So I’m like very, very big problem. Can I not coach? I can’t come in to back to say I can’t do Jets and I have three nails all right. I’m ready! Please move like this. I’m ready now, sensei, I’m not sensing. What are you I’m doing it? No! No! When you tell your jujitsu teacher coach, oh ok, my fingernail comes off. I swear to god, it’s one camera! I want to show you something I think you’ll like what spider-guy shoes get dirty from at, like I don’t want it to the feet shower later. Can you give me the gist of what I’m learning before you hold spider-girl trial, knee with your dick yeah? How am I supposed to get there just find your way like ever or just today you can’t be a ragdoll, so I grabbed both your cuffs right here feet on the hip. Bring one knee in this is not on my finger. There you go. I got the gist of it, not even the gist I find you would make a train yeah. Oh you change, show you something called the bow and arrow choke sitting on the ground under the table. I want to keep my hooks in here. Don’t kill me by accident, we’re going do not rip your hands together. Do not do that with the thumb. Yep, perfect, perfect. Every time someone said helped you 40 minutes it’s a real address by the way so much fun yeah in China, and I want it got the goggles on I’m swimming freestyling getting better. My plan is employed. Look at your grid just showing you the base on that begun. You’Re on my hair, though tap shit, I’ve been to the afterlife, I know what it looks like. I saw the light and I came back for vengeance, Oh no kissing where I turn it on. Yes, don’t joke anything now this group is palm up to do my neck. Looks like somebody choked me good. Yes, I choked it. I want my dojo shoes, no don’t dare shoes Can we listen to Casey and Jojo while we’re in the dojo? Oh all right.
Can I show you this new position? Yeah? Oh okay! Yes, Daddy! I’m ready, you’re! The poem called turtles Don’t go Tommy! You do care about my neck at all Yeah right on my belt! Come on you’re back, but my tonight back Why do you move like a song coz? They have funny clothes on I assume anything with this My clothes aren’t Billy I’m gonna go sledding I’m gonna be passing this community There you go up, kick no up cakes uppercut Does anyone ever thrown an uppercut from the ground? I don’t know this is to admit for me I haven’t learned this yet I’ve seen you do a lot of sit-ups like this Oh yeah, you want to learn jujitsu, situps Julianne I mean you no harm Please give it back, I got, I have the perfect D, but I have the perfect thing Then let me do it Would you think that I did you do have? This is a crunch for feet except we’re pretending we’re doing a cross collar choke? Do you remember the cross collar job? It’s like I’m in my garden I remember it don’t fall asleep I told ya cuz you make me, do my own belt You know I can’t use my no No I’m not ready Am I ready thing for it all the way? I don’t trust you No This is just an airplane, stupid, fetal defense hang yourself out, but then fetal defense is good This is called no return up there, I’m really hot and tired, but I had fun learning I feel just prepared and adequately like I can really defend myself out there Definitely you know, Thank You Dojo master, a teacher needs, so many wonderful things hope you guys like this and feel like you learned so much jiu-jitsu, because I I don’t remember anything To be honest but like I could probably choke somebody if I hide like an hour and if they were to say, stop wiping your makeup on my ghee Well, then you shouldn’t, let me wear it, so we should use no key butt-ass naked No in for just show up to class just butt ass naked you’re, like hey guys, I was thinking noogie today Thank you so much for all of your knowledge It is so wonderful I’ll have to teach you something sometime Maybe I can teach you how to pitch your softball I love to learn to throw a ball slower than their You know how to make sure you subscribe to my channel I put interviews every Wednesday, so I lose a Thank You, Jillian um, for absolutely nothing, mostly something on ooh I love you love You too now get off me That is karate and you know it

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