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My brothers are dying, bearded rainbow, bad ideas are getting better?! *… Brad Mundo, don’t look at this!!

30 Sep , 2019  

Hi everyone. as you guys can see by the title. We are doing doing a lot of bad things, we’re making poor decisions. We are, we are having an early midlife crisis and we’re going to be dying, Tate’s beard rainbow yeah yeah yeah yeah, so this actually has been in the works for a while. Hence white Tate’s beard is actually pretty big. Like BuzzFeed, or something where this guy just died, his beard rainbow, and that is it, that’s it that’s the whole inspiration process.
that’s just picture that! That’s just how it goes. So Tate was nice enough to let me and we went to Sally Beauty skies and they gave us like what I’m seeing here. You know so in front of a live studio. Audience like I’m, you watching is fine, but you watching through wanna freak you guys. Okay, it’s very gonna it set up this mirror to watch you through. I saw you setting it up, be scary. Come on make the face that you’re making that’s a blank stare so mom. Why don’t you just come in here for a second, because you are one of the people? That’s behind the bleach money. Mom tell everybody what you said to the ladies door. Tell them. You lied to us my first K. Firstly, K. We have the color charm powder lying there up to seven levels of lips, lift dusty and then the 20 volume developer. So when you were at salad, you, as you said, we are bleaching, my son’s beard. What do I use, and they said we can’t recommend anything face safe, but this is what I would do yeah and that’s what she said. We don’t tell anything for the face, but this is just regular hair dye, her hair bleach. So she just said you know, that’s what she would use, so I suggest plugging your nose, not breathing it in too hard. If I die just leave a bad yo go through the mud anyway, so mama maples is gonna be on site and kiss anything goes wrong, but I think without further ado we will just get started. Let’s get into it, I mean why not? What is there to say? Oh yeah, it is a big grease stain, Oh as I’d wear this shirt because, like me and Mia, could match color wise. We just started noticing like weird things about it: yeah the shirt came out of like nowhere. It’s a bottle of the closet. It’s got a big grease stain on the left shoulder. I know why you went through the wash with chapstick. Oh, my name is Gayle. Let’s get into it. Alright, so we’ve got the mixing stuff and then we’ve got.
What is it two of these two one developer? Hopefully it’s enough – hopefully, hopefully it’s enough anyway. What does it say on here? Even the directions. Excuse me, Wow, follow directions and instructions, carefully. Failure to do so may result in severe chemical burn directions, mixed developer and we, but don’t you mean you’re not used on eyelashes, eyebrows or other parts of the body? Okay, good! It’s not a problem if product gets on skin or clothes flush with cold water. Okay, doesn’t sound that extreme that cold water we got that we’ve got tons of that, so we’re gonna shake it up. There’s nothing to be worried about. I’ve. Never done this before honestly, we’re gonna start a dying channel, we’re gonna start a severe calorie burning channel. I’m so happy we’re doing this. I’m happy to be here to have you spending time on a Friday with you Friday. Can you believe it? This could cause like death. Can you believe that, and by white powders, often kill people the one? The main thing is like? I really don’t want to get any in my eyes it was like. I don’t have good vision, as is until I wiggle around just don’t squirm, don’t squirm, honestly, I’m a bit of a squirmer once this part is over I’ll be happy yeah once the bleach is done, we’re like basically we’re home for me cool, so cool. I think we were raised in the same house. This is an interesting looking dish. I don’t know what this is for now. We’Re gonna put the developer in and like this whole thing, did you read the directions? Mel’s good yeah it supposed to be two to one. How does it smell? It smells good. Oh, that’s smell good smell, but I’m not scared anymore. It scared that smells good. Smells that good, give me a swig. Oh I’m, frightened or absolutely horrified. I guess I will just mix this all together, I mean it looks good like it looks, really good. It’s like something you’d put on a cupcake, oh, that is pungent. Oh, that has a put these in your nose. I’Ll give you one for each nostril, just cuz that I think might be a little close to your nose yeah. I think you’re, probably sweeter, I’m not putting too much in your moustache. It’s just a scaring me. I appreciate that. Thank you close to your mouth. All right, so it’s kind of starting to burn a little bit.
Okay, just don’t think about it! Oh you want me to just get around like you’re mr. Harry their mom’s, a savage! Do you want mom to be doing this that whole bowl would be on my face? It should be spreading it around with like a wooden spoon get in there. You missed the spud. I don’t think I canever have a bird worse than that burn that I got when mom was cleaning the bathtub. Do you remember that mom what you’re cleaning the bet that was like Lysol like bleach stuff? Oh my god – well clean the bathtub. She put all this cleaner in it and didn’t wash it out. This was like, probably three or four years ago, and then I went in there and I like took up that hat. It was like a long day of work and I went in and didn’t like. I, like smelled it a little bit just figured the tub was clean, but I was like a basically bad thing in like bleach. I was like my body is on fire. Oh my gosh, that was horrible Wow. It’s looking really light. I appreciate your opinion. I really do if you want to put more in the mustache I mean already here: okay I’ll do a little more than this. All right! Just don’t lick your lips! What, if I’m like? What do I see food that I really like? I didn’t say that that’s pretty good. I think we should just leave that for 20 minutes and but look how much bleach we is like. Almost none do my hair. All of us mom get in here. You want some bleach. Did I get three seconds? Okay, three seconds this is, it has to be covered there. It’s not on your skin. You think this is you’ve, got full coverage straight up that opponent soldier. What you crying about does that ever look gross on my face. So now we’ve got the bleach on we’re. Just gonna let it sit for 20 minutes and we will be back. I can already see it lightening. Cuz. Your beard was like quite dark and it’s definitely going like an orange color. Oh yeah, oh yeah. I’m excited to peel this off and see. What’s underneath it me too, quite excited, I’m not burnt, that’s a perk. That is a perk all right, 20 minutes, we’ll see that all right, you guys 20 minutes later, washing the bleach out shampoo and here’s. What we got work is what weren’t it actually worked. Pretty impressed by this honestly like very, very, very happy so now we have to get the dye in. So I have all these containers. We got red orange like we have all the colors over here, yellow I can take.
No, I honestly can’t even express how excited I am I’m so excited. Then we got blue and then we have a purple and a pink. So it’s not the complete rainbow cuz. I wanted to do pink, but that’s what we got gotta get some pink. That’s what we’re doing now we’re gonna die, I’m gonna be standing and working, but let’s get no one’s more excited than Bob right now. No one’s words, that’s true! Like a fun craft, I’m a craft how’s it looking one. Oh yeah, it’s good! This is a nice read, it is a nice read. It’s killing me that I can’t see it. Oh yeah rate the chin in the center. Are you making at that? I’m not like drawing a Venn diagram on his face now we’re going into the orange? Oh really. That’s where I got it. What do you think about me dying, my hair, blue yeah, it’s like honest I’d, be the sky is the sky that is really bright. I think those are really bright. Persis colors – and this probably doesn’t matter if it gets on his skin. A bit oh, it’s vegan, yeah! Oh thank god. I think this is going well. Oh yeah, very well, very good, very good. This is that color that that guy had that one time, yeah electric lizard – it is electric. Oh, my gosh man. This is gonna, be sweet, I’m so excited to he’s so sweet. I’m really really am. Oh, my goodness whoo. I like this blue. That blue is so nice. I like this blue enough to have it in my hair. Oh my gosh! It looks amazing. I love this blue. Oh my gosh. I almost wanted this blue. I can’t believe it’s working, I’m gonna cry ugly cry! Okay, so we got the placement all done up. Can I say nice work honestly, it just fit just right. So now I’m gonna go through and do another layer of all the colors cool like this is like the perfect kit. If you wanted to do rainbow, yeah bleach didn’t burn me, but we’ll do your whole face. Oh, why not you look up just for a sec, skip the dishes and I’ll get the door yeah. Thank you. You’ve seen vegans like in Scott Pilgrim. They and they have special vegan powers. Short answer being vegan just makes you better than most people, I’m like appalled by how well this is working honestly, I’m like offended at how good this is not even joking know what I’m seeing how great this is. I might just keep it the hell Why would I not putting all this work just to shave it I’m jealous in a man? You can get why it’s all the rage comes itching to jump in and get hers died.
Mom come on my ears, already white I wouldn’t even have to do Mom come on Let us see what color it’s temporary What if I don’t want to do? Oh my gosh, it looks so good Alright, you guys here is tates beard, give a little beard to her, so we’ve gotta Think, oh all the way to red honestly Timer, oh so excited, and now it needs to sit for one to two hours: we’re gonna rinse it with cold, cold water and we’ll be back to show you guys, the final just basically the finality of our midlife crisis, finale of the midlife crisis Finally, it’s good to get this midlife crisis over and done with honestly yeah Now we can sleep, easy yeah Finally, all right an hour, let’s go all right Two hours later whoopsie doing countdown three, two one freaking guys it honestly came through I feel like we have a lot of time invested in this, which color do you like the most I like, the mix of the blue would be green yeah me too It’s really cool, but anyways That’s that I think it turned out amazing because what would you guys want to see next, I’m honestly very curious, I feel, like you guys, have some crazy ideas and, like now, we’ve got a ton of Dye, so possibilities are endless honestly but yeah for now Thank you guys so much for watching Thank you, Tate for letting me die your beard rainbow and putting up with a long beard for weeks Acceptance Denial excitement excitement definitely feel an excitement at this point it paid off another high five We will see you guys in the next one Thank you so much for watching or I guess Tate was such a good sport for letting me die his beard rainbow that I thought I would come in here and tell you guys Tate has been making music lately for the past little while, and I just want you guys to go and check it out, give him some love Give his music listen he’s been working really hard on it, so I will link all that down below go check it out If you want and yeah and oh my gosh, I said that out of order Thank you guys so much for watching, and we will see you guys in the next one Bye

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