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My Dream Cabinet Disclosure (Travel and Organizational Skills)

30 Sep , 2019  

Hi guys welcome back to my channel don’t mind. My voice is almost gone. It’s actually gonna span a few weeks, you’re gonna see an entire transformation of my dream. Walk-In closet, it’s actually an office space to a vanity makeup area. It’s a really amazing space and I just take you through the entire process and also show you how I organize my clothes and my handbags and my shoes. I want to say a huge thank you to california closets, so much so you’ll see a little snippet of her at the end, it’s so exciting and I really hope you love it.
This is Lauren. She is such a good friend and she is so good at organizing and she’s, like really nervous me on camera, but she shouldn’t be, but she is going to help me organize this chaotic mess at like yeah. She she actually is so excited. Yeah she’s really very excited but yeah. This is her dream and this is my nightmare. So Lauren just said some phenomenal information. So I’m going to it’s gonna yeah just go ahead. So what are we gonna do? Okay, so what we’re going to do? Is we have this just massive pile ahead Shay make sure everything that we need to organize today is in one place, cuz, that’s the biggest thing is seeing everything at one time, because then you kind of know what you’re working with and you’re, not then going through The rest of your house, car trunk, whatever finding stuff to then have to organize and fit in to what you’ve already done. We are going to start with the biggest impact. First is usually how I like to organize, because then you feel motivated to keep going. Yes, I like this. Yes, so we’re gonna go with the biggest stuff first plug it into the different sections, see what see yeah that just keep watching. Okay. So here’s just an update, we’re going through things. I think we’re making headway, but we’ve run into several problems. Number one, my I got new hangers. Can you even tell them? You can’t tell the difference in them yeah, but this is like a yellowy, and this is like pure white. This is what I was going for, but they sent both and I don’t like that, but I think we’ll be okay and then I broke a nail. Can you guys see that it’s very sad, very sad, ten minutes here? Yes, it’s, okay! Little! Okay! Guys! Are we ready for the final reveal of my dream, walking, closet, slash office, slash studio, slash one everyone at college here it is! Oh, my god guys. I love it so much it’s so much better than I ever expected. I really was worried to be honest that once I put everything in here, it might look too messy or cluttered, but it doesn’t at all. So I think I’m just gonna take you through it the entire space and show you how I organize everything to make it look kind of like a boutique.
I do want to point out, though, that I decided to splurge and get lighting put throughout the entire closet, and I am so happy I did this. This extra detail takes it from a great closet to a fabulous amazing, next level, dream closet, so we’re just gonna start by coming up the stairs, and this bonus room is right beside our bedroom. So this really is the perfect location. A lot of you are wondering about that. I’m not going to spend too much time on this very first section, just because it is more of a storage space for my equipment. My lighting, I’m honestly, not even sure everything that I’m gonna keep here, but I love that I have room to grow and not every space is completely filled to the brim and I haven’t even decorated these display sections yet. But then here is my finished office desk and I am so in love with this setup. The quartz countertops are stunning and so durable seriously, so much better than marble. Guys, I’m telling you do not do not buy marble been there done that it was a terrible decision, but I also bought this brand new 32 inch. Why monitor so that I can just plug in my laptop and have a larger screen to work on and then the white wireless keyboard and mouse are so sleek, as is this white chair? It’s not a typical office chair, but the design was exactly what I was going for. But when I’m not in the mood to sit here at my desk, I can just unplug my laptop and move over to one of my favorite spots of the entire space, which is this chaise lounge. Oh, I just love this so much. I love where here on my laptop curled up with a nice blanket a cup of coffee, I’ve already used it so many times it’s so relaxing and it’s just really nice to have my own space to get inspired and enjoy. And I know a lot of you thought I needed an island right here, but I’m honestly so glad I didn’t get one.. So, even though this chair does look large, it’s actually really easy to move, especially with this super soft white rug, which, by the way it gives the entire closet such a cozy and chic feel so moving over to at the very first section of my closet. Here is where I have many of my tops like sweaters, long-sleeve, shirts, short sleeve shirts blouses. Everything is organized first by category and then color and another trick to getting everything very uniform is to invest in hangers that are all the same color. This is key guys and that another trick is to make sure all of the clothes are going in the same direction. I used to be so lazy about this, but it really does make a big difference and then in this mirrored door I have sweatshirts scarves a few last-minute outfit essentials like deodorant perfume, lip gloss, a lint roller, and then I have many drawers down here, which first, Let me just point out these beautiful crystal handle poles, I love them.
The first two drawers are lined with custom, California, closet jewelry inserts, I’m so happy. I got these, it looks really really nice and you guys know how much I love my jewelry and then the remaining drawers. I have my bras underwear, socks, loungewear and pajamas. I also found these beautiful gray baskets at HomeGoods and thought they fit this empty space. Here perfectly, I just use them to store at my comfy, blankets, okay, so we’re moving on down the line at my wall of bags and shoes, and this is guys this is a dream, come true, but it took me a while to figure out how I wanted To display everything and, to be honest, I’m still just always rearranging things, I think that’s kind of the fun of it, though I love trying to display everything so that it looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but it’s still functional and easy to find what I’m looking For I did put my taller bags in these sections taller boots at the bottom. I did kind of color coordinate some of the shoe sections and I decided to just disperse the bags throughout oh and you also might notice. There are no tiny little holes running up and down the sides of every shelf and guys I did this totally on purpose. These shelves are not adjustable, which I am 100% fine with. I have plenty of space that I can work with, and I know there are little white stickers that you can buy to cover up the holes, but I just I just feel like I was paying so much for this really a beautiful space. I just didn’t want the holes running throughout everything on this next side of the wall. We have another full section of clothing. We have a section for jackets, a place for pants and skirts a section for cardigans and a dedicated spot for Blazers. Yes, it is amazing. So again, everything is color-coordinated going in the same direction, which just makes the entire space feel organized, and I absolutely love this big mirrored door. It is perfect for getting ready and seeing your whole outfit. If you open the door, though I actually have all of my shorts and jeans folded by color, the shorts are on the top and then jeans go from light medium to dark wash. I clearly love my jeans and I honestly I didn’t. I didn’t realize that I had this many I also want to show you these cool add-ons.
This is a tie or belt holder which I’m obviously using it to hold my belts, and then I also have a few of these, which you just pull out and you can hang clothes or maybe your outfit of the day and then right above here are more Shelves that I can display handbags or shoes or my beloved @youtube plaque, which I really like and, to be honest, all of this wouldn’t be possible without YouTube So thank you YouTube and thank you guys for freaking I love you guys, but now we’re gonna move on to the vanity area, which is almost identical to my office space With these quartz countertops the drawers I even have the same hair, but you will notice that there is this beautiful lighted mirror That is actually hardwired into the wall and I can just run my hand over the center and then that turns it on and off which i think is really cool It has a very bright natural light, which is perfect for doing my makeup every morning, and I love how the countertop just has a very minimalistic look with just a few makeup Brushes a smaller mirror I’ve got some flowers I have a lot of space to store My makeup in the drawers my hair, dryer, curling irons and everything else I might need to get ready each day So that is the main part of the closet, but I actually have another full closet right here, which is basically for anything that I don’t really like Isn’t that pretty I’ve got boxes? Dust bags hampers random keepsakes and I’m actually really glad I have this space, sometimes it’s nice to have a spot that doesn’t need to look perfect, and I also have this section here That is very tall, which is perfect For my long dresses and jumpsuit, but again I’m really glad I have this spot, hey guy, I have angel here It was the designer of this closet, she’s here kind of looking over things I thought it’d be fun to introduce you hi, I’m angel from California closets in Pittsburgh, and it has been such a pleasure working with Shay completing her dream closet and it’s definitely a boutique style It’s been a great journey with her from Thora’s lighting to picking out where she wanted her clothes So everything and put in here it’s a great space yeah So if you guys do happen to live in the Pittsburgh area, I highly suggest reaching out and booking an appointment with angel she’s seriously been the best, though thank you so much so guys That is my dream Walk-In closet – and I know I keep saying this, but I am so happy with the way it turned out So, thank you guys so much for watching

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