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My friends responded to my song for the first time

30 Sep , 2019  

We got one more, I have one more, so I’m going to play for you, okay, so this one I feel like nobody knows, but this is like a banger Literally nobody has longest one I don’t know how those Poppins hey watch me know it You might I know right, I actually don’t know this one very well I we have one more I don’t really know the weird one everywhere Brian Have you not heard this? No I’ve, never L gene yeah Do you remember that shit? This sounds familiar, but I’ve never heard of it before that’s fucking banger Let’s, let’s, let’s hear it, I tell me if you guys remember this one Oh this gets me every time It’s my favorite song, one of my favorite yeah this one It’s such a throwback! There’s! No way you haven’t heard this yo love the taste This is an email, just shake You see You stay on your lane, Abbi you’re like in the middle idea I guess not ringing yeah, oh cool, that’s my song Do you really not know? No really like you’re gonna tell from the beginning, shut up your left Gabby Gabby, listen, listen, listen! My back So I put this fake name on it Yo no lie no bullshit No bullshit, no bullshit, I was like Finally, I like this yo there’s some shimmer here swear to god I’m not just saying this I did think this Is you and that’s what everybody’s song I do now? What is this new yeah? It’s not! Okay Can you play me? Oh it’s so good! Thank you for someone to talk shit nobody’s talking shit, no glad! I was about to say this One sucks really fuck I now we’re gonna what other songs you have over that one Can you please? Okay,

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