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My last day in public school

1 Nov , 2019  

I am literally holding a flashlight up to go up to my right now because there’s such a bad light in my room, because I’m like a vampire – and I don’t want any sunlight into my room – oh and I’m an online school right now, I should have edited This a long time ago, but I’m just now editing it now so yeah, no confusion, I’m an online school right now and it’s going great I’m doing great, I’m recording on my phone right now, but in the morning it’ll switch to my camera.
Also, I got a new phone should so the quality would be it’s the night before my last day of public school right now. Oh I wanna vlog my day tomorrow, since it’s my last day and no more school, vlogs sadface. If you don’t know I’m going into online school because I have a lot of absences, so my dad thought it would be a good idea to do online and I’m not complaining because, honestly, I want to do online. Um hate my school, no tea, no shade! Oh, my god dog is such a good boy. I left him with Chipotle literally right next to him and he did not touch it. He’s literally just sitting there. Looking at me what an angel I don’t know, I love him so much, basically um nothing sappy or anything kind of glad, I’m leaving that school cuz. Everyone hashtag hates me, but also I’m gonna miss my friends so much, but I just wanted to record an intro at night because I never wake up early enough to do any like intro of some sort. This clip just literally skips over to like a school blog. Just now I woke up like if it skips into like a clip of me in front of my bed. I woke up on time. I switched over to my camera, so it’s better quality, but I’m am. I all rainbow outfit feel like that family friendly show us the outfit. I have these little pink hair ties right right right. I have this purple butterfly clip this green butterfly clip just love. Looking like a five year old, I’m wearing this top.
Isn’t these little sleeve thingies um this belt one hangs down because trendy pick cool? I have my barrettes on this side to match my shirt, pink, orange green, except there’s no green on here just to match my butterfly clip barrettes on this side: red, yellow purple. These black pants from Eunice, okay – and I have these rainbow socks – oh goodness, goodness and then feel of disruptors. That is the fit. Alright I’ll see you at school. I’m in PE looks like I’m wearing my shirt under my hair. You could see I’m so frizzy. I mean my hair’s over me. Satis frizzy, these two girls just made my day they just made my day. I was walking a PE like a loner. I am. She was like shook that it was me, and I just don’t, unlike so irrelevant I was like, and then she added her on snapchat and then another girl came up to me like right after and she was like. Oh, I love your makeup so much like you’re. Somebody and like I love all your outfits and I watched your solid colors but yeah it was so nice I was like you don’t deserve all this love. Likewise, I brought my school suddenly so nice, I’m not used to this. I only came to school because of you peer pressure, peer pressure again at this point. I’D be all like vlogging like this, but now I’m like it’s my last day, blogger. Please don’t drop my phone, I’m begging you! I will cry open your mouth. That’s my god! Please don’t touch, let me call you a cab in the front yard, telling me how I’m such a fool talking about how I never ever find a man like you we’re laying down on the floor. That’s really sanitary viviana! I love you. I love you Natalie. I love you Justin. I love you. Do you love Johnny? I love you love me. My friends, love me. Are you sad? I’m leaving? Oh it’s fine, Oh FaceTime, Nathalie every day at PE. You just can’t yell at her for having her follow me yeah Hopefully, I still get participation.
I love how I from mispronounce participation by Monsieur ed poem Thank you you too, oh well, that’s the main reason that I went over there wait I went over there for a reason Okay The main reason I came over here because I need to go to turn my text books so and then I could go right now I know with her Thank you It was like this whole time Can I go return, my textbooks benefits of being a teacher’s pet He let his bitch class, not in John, did ya Maxime I keep letting us leave the school Now we’re going to library return My textbooks were probably just gonna stay outside of PE Are we gonna go back in? What are we gonna? Do? Definitely not okay, we’re just not going back to pee, that’s what we’re doing yellow last date New friends don’t forget to hug a friend today, hugging friends, releases, oxytocin and dopamine the happy hormone I love you yeah I mean you guys better, not forget about me yeah How about how how why were you afraid of me? Why, though, everyone hates me kind of scared, you whoo, oh good, oh wait! Like literally like suavemente besame a little sentence I want to do a photo show in a one-horse open sleigh Oh mommy, all the way ha ha ha ha well, I’m on duty making Spears right put on It is surviving a night Oh your bells jingle bells jingle, all the way I have over weight It’s funny how these cost some strong tea, I’m so funny I can’t do this anymore I’m so sorry, and I don’t know why I ended it so abruptly I don’t know why I didn’t do some type of outro I mean like it’s not like I ever do an outro anyways, but why do I end it like that, like I’m kind of mad at past me like now, I’m having to make this, which is so unnecessary? But it’s fine follow me on Instagram my main account and follow my spam Mchale

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