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My make-up 2017

1 Nov , 2019  

. So, hey guys right here, you can see me in like this beginning part, but once I get closer and everything you won’t be able to see me in the studio lights. But I just want to show you guys, like my vanity, and this is what it looks like so up here is the mirror.. There’s four drawers and I’ve kind of sandy for a little bit, so some of the handles came off and there’s also two drawers right, like you see the very top ones those are also tours. So this is my vanity is from Havertys and I will link it down below because they do still sell it, and I keep all my makeup in those four drawers and then also these top two drawers so we’re going to first go into everything.
That’s on top we’ll start over in this left corner and then move to the middle and then the right corner and then go into all the drawers so basically over on the left side. On my vanity, I have this three drawer acrylic container, that I got from the Container Store and then over to the right of it. I have all of my skin and Navia products, so I have my good navy of primer spray, finishing spray and makeup recovery spray. Here I have my pure cosmetic sponge. Ladies for baking, I have this real technique, one this real technique, one these two, many Beauty blenders, my pure cosmetics, skin, perfecting brush and then a little mirror that I really never use, because I do have another mirror that I do use, which is on the other Side of the van P so going in to this first drawer, it’s kind of random face products. They didn’t fit in my little caddy on the right side of my vanity, which I will go into later. Anything might benefit in that I put in this little acrylic drawer so over here I have like my highlighters and powders and just any face products they use all the time. So I have my makeup: revolution highlight and Ulta eyeshadow that I love the highlight this is in Stardust, I my rival, on a two-in-one makeup, concealer, Laura Mercier, loose powder and remote stay matte face powder. The second drawer is kind of a mixture of things I have at mascaras, so I like Maybelline pure a mini benefit, they’re real, I’m eyelash glue, and then I have my cream contour fix. So I have the Maybelline master contour, the pur cosmetics, contour, stick and also a black pencil liner that I like to use to line my waterline and then at the last drawer is pretty random. I have a blush from Olga some chapstick, a Too Faced shadow insurance primer, which I never use. I just use like concealer to prime my eyes. I have two lip products right here: a Revlon lip stick and a minute too faced melted, lipstick and this is in a chihuahua.
I love this color and then I have mini moisturizer samples and elf blotting sheets. Now is everything on the left side of my vanity and now we’re going to move on to the middle little piece that I have all of my makeup brushes. So I keep all of my brushes in these mason jars that I got in a huge pack from Publix, but you could probably find them pretty much anywhere and they’re all the same. So over here I have eyeshadow brushes here. I have brushes, I use like everyday. So this is face and eyes here I face, and here I face so all my brushes range from like I have a lot of Coastal Scents. I have DeLeon tools, elf, a lot of real technique. I have decay a lot of morphe, my favorite brushes are the morphine and that 527 morphe and 310. I love my Real Techniques, face brushes, morphe eye brushes else. I also have a new brush that I recently got from idon minerals and it’s a really nice stippling brush. I have some more eye shadow brushes from like real technique more feet over here and have real technique, Coastal Scents and then over here, more real technique and more coastal sense, okay and then over on the right side. On my vanity, I have a little patty that I got from Tuesday morning, but you could probably find this Target or at like home goods or something so in here is also all my everyday makeup and then, like I said anything that didn’t fit in this. I put in the three drawer acrylic container, so on the outside of this I am a pure, no filter primer. I have honey trap, lip balm from lush. I absolutely love this and sorry. You can see, like my hand, in the back, mirror and then moving right here and have my Too Faced bronzer. My la girl pro face powder. I am my Laura Mercier foundation: primer, la girl, pro foundation, lightening addressing drops from the body shop and that in this little like organizer in the very back, I have a MAC, lipstick, Smashbox, primer, water, Smashbox foundation, primer, my Rimmel match perfection, concealers, absolutely love those concealers. A Too Faced melted, lipstick in chocolate, milkshake Maybelline, fit me concealer Urban Decay, Naked skin, and then I normally have a chapstick right here. But it’s in my bathroom and then I am my covergirl Ready Set gorgeous foundation. My Anastasio Brown liners some lip liners. A lip gloss, lush lip scrub, a chapstick that I use for my eyebrows to kind of like shape them and make sure they stay in place and Ulta blush. This is my favorite blush, it’s in the Sunkist and then an eyeliner sharpener and then right over on the right side of a little caddy.
I have a mirror that is double-sided, so there’s oom side and then there’s also a like far outside. So you can see my camera and I got this from Tuesday morning as well, and I absolutely love it. If you don’t have one of these like little mirrors, you definitely need one. It makes a huge difference in your makeup, so in this drawer, like I said these are palates, I really never use so I my naked 3 at my naked 1, the naked basics to the Maybelline Rocklin nudes and the measurable difference flawless canvas concealer palette. I was so excited for this and it doesn’t work. You can’t even like rub your fingers in the concealer. I don’t know why. I still have it it’s so difficult to use and it pulls your skin, it’s so bad, and then back here I have a little brush holder that I do use when I like travel, it’s like a friend’s house or something because I like to make sure my Brushes don’t get ruined, especially the more if you want, because they get ruined pretty quickly. Ok, so, like I said at this drawer, I keep palace. They do use a ton for your sofa in my drawer over there. The like diamond, shows you guys yet you’ll see in a second what I mean by I say these don’t fit. Eventually, I’m going to need to get the Alex 9 drawer or something because I’m already running out of screws from her makeup and my collections just growing it so big, because I’ve been in love with makeup recently, but eventually I will get the idea now. Joris IKEA is like far away when I can like drive on myself. I will definitely drive over and get it, but over here I am like I said Palace. I use this palette that I just recently got. Are the BH Cosmetics, Carli bybel palette? I absolutely love this planning on doing lots of looks with this palette, as well as the new at Jeffrey star, in strawberry palette of its us, with both of these and planning lots of, looks and maybe even a review and swatches on this one. And then I have my morphe 35o palette and then to make a revolution ones. I have the salvation at palette in runs a run and then the ultra blush palette – and this is in sugar and spice. Sorry, it’s the Lighting’s a little dark in these drawers. Bazar kind of like deep in there, so the like studio lights can’t really get there, but you can still like see everything. So I have my Kat Von D shade the light Laura Mercier at cream contour a morphe palette. I made the crowd of bluffs prawns that illuminate and then my Anastacio contour kit right here. I am my Mario Badescu at drying lotion and I’m back here I have the Nivea post shave balm into NYX, matte, finishing spray, and then these little acrylic drawers are from home goods and then in a second in the other, george’ll see these like Wired ones and those are from the Dollar Tree.
So they did like my face products drawer so over here I have like foundations I have darkening adjusting drops three mini a benefit Tens I have some concealers I just bought a new one of the Rimmel match perfection because I’m all out of it So I just bought a backup just in case, and then I have to like other wines back there and then I have applaud eeeh, bronzer blush, an mic, bronzer and elf blush and then a mini hourglass highlight so then in the drawer right below this Have all my lip products and then over here I have my eye lashes so, like I decided these little wire containers are from at the Dollar Tree, so I ran a lip hi I kind of organize it a little bit down here you can receive I have all my baby lips I have that lip glosses and then lipsticks so there’s like ranges from colour-pop buxom, covergirl, Nick smacked, makeup revolution, Maybelline Ulta blah do buxom NARS just kind of random products So then, on the other side, this first short isn’t makeup I’m just going to quickly show you guys what’s in this, so I have a headband giotto a hinge A strainer makeup wipes hairspray face masks, lotions, just kind of any other beauty related products I also have a lot of really good product for my bathroom, but these are like stuff that I would use in my room, then, of these final drawer is where I keep all of my eye products so, like I said clear containers from home goods and the Wire is from the Dollar Tree so over here I have some mascara I have some single shadows and then little like trios and the mix will palette and I have another Ulta shadow I have all appeared eye polishing and really like these They send me their whole collection, I have matte cream shadows, color pop and that over here is like eyeliners eyebrow kind of random I products that is everything in this drawer, so going back to the original view so filming in Toronto My lungs fill right now That was May at for my makeup collection Sorry, but i really be guys enjoyed and make sure to give a thumbs up and also the day that I’m filming this, which is the day this will be uploaded, is my birthday It’s like 8 o’clock at night now is my birthday is almost over, but it’s March 30th and it is my birthday so yeah anyways I lifted this Video really guys enjoyed, say that you could selfie

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