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My morning routine back at school

1 Nov , 2019  

We’Re running on the right track with the fun enjoy I’ll watch your tone I don’t mind, even though I lose control, wait a minute yeah and know that everything will be right now. Aren’t you guys that’s enough of not talking at all I’m here, I’m talking, I’m also tired and I’m dying, because I’m really tired and it’s early in the morning. This is my back to school morning, routine. My eyes, oh just kidding there we go got my handy-dandy mirror we’s gonna be doing my makeup, so this could be useful.
We might use that mascara for sure for mascara stuff. Oh, these are useful. This is a needles, no wart nope, just kidding no more baggage. So for my eyes, basically we’re gonna be doing eyebrows, that’s for sure eyebrows, all right eyebrows! We could do this still not sure foundation yeah. I think no, its first day of school, we’re gonna do all my brushes another brother, this handy thingy, this other handy, thingy, more brushes and few more brushes. You do not want to see what my desk looks like at the moment, because it is trashed from all my makeup supplies we’re gonna be using right now. Alright, I look so pink. It’s so yeah. I’m gonna pull my hair back for now. We’Re gonna do it lightly, so it doesn’t like. I don’t know dent it, because we just straightened it and it took us like 30 minutes. We means this thing um. I think it was Nancy gave this to me. She’s fan. So thank you. I look like I: have a baby head. Look like a baby. Let’s start with foundation, I haven’t worn foundation all summer, so this is gonna be whack. You know what we’re gonna mix both of my foundations together, because they’re both different colors we’re going to start with the darker one, because I knew darker got myself some light one or dark one.
Then we’re gonna have a little bit of the one. All right, so we’ve got most of it on right now we blend it in so now that my face looks like a baked on potato. I think that’s what it’s called, what the other crap go. Oh, that is so. This is supposed to be useful, not sure, but actually we’re gonna start with this next we’re gonna put on some bronzer I’ve got my dark. Color really gets Alaska. Now I look kind of wack gonna use some of this bub, I’m a better school. Like this got my little foundation brush, I don’t think I supposed to put this on top oops, I’m in the bottom. Well, it’s fine! It’s like we look great. Don’t we? Oh! Ah, okay, oh yeah! That’s scratch! Now we’re gonna use, my ELF stop setting spray. Yes, I use a lot. We sit here for like ten minutes and just blow it there. We go now it’s time for eyebrows. I think yeah we’re gonna go for eyebrows. There we go eyelashes, not eyelashes. Eyebrows are good. I’m gonna give this little tiny brush that comes on the thing and just use some the dust real fast. Actually, I’m gonna put it above it under than that yeah. You know what I’m just experimenting: don’t need that okay, now it’s time for we’re. Gon na do eyeshadow first and then we’ll put some yeah stuff. So I’m gonna use a white color, just white vintage color, that’s what it’s called as vintage. Okay! Now that that’s done free news like this innocent and chick chic, okie-dokie mascaras, so I start off with lash next door. I look like a potato or something I don’t know. Okay, we’re doing the other side. Now there we go. Not that’s done we’re gonna curl them. Oh, I forgot to comb the first time I curl them about three times each time or three times in general, and while I’m doing this, I’m gonna look at Instagram with one eye ball hard Okay and the other side done so basically, I use the lash mix or first because it kind of is a jelly stuff or whatever you want to call it, and then I curl it and then let it dry not really, then I use this.
I need some freakin chapstick and this basically finishes off my fantabulous t’k eyelashes There we go Sometimes I try to get some of my eyelashes to clump together and some not together measure wise, both comfortable so well There we go, eyelashes are pretty much done I got a few smudges, so I’m gonna just wipe that off real quick If it comes off cuz, it’s waterproof oops I like to wear the waterproof kind, because it’s easier easier to apply It’s actually not too hard to get off I just have to kind of wipe them off with my makeup wipe and there we go we’re done now, so I’m find an outfit Let’s go do that before I even late for school, so I don’t really have any clothes We’Re gonna wear a nice shirt Actually crop tops alright So after like a bajillion hours of looking for clothes, I found this outfit, so I’m gonna throw it on real fast and show you my OTD, then we’re gonna have food and then we’re gonna leave Alright guys, I am dressed I’ve got this shirt and then these ripped jeans that I made myself I’ll show you this So you can see the ripped jeans, loving them, and then this tight shirt and now it is time for some perfume got my cute perfume that I love put on put that on low fans, perfume check, Vaseline check food Let’s go my mistakes, everything you drop breaks, even the face I hope you guys enjoyed it, make sure to give it a thumbs up you want to see it’s school time not excited, but it’s school time So do that and I’ll see you guys later

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