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My mother and I dress up as identical twins for 24 hours.

1 Nov , 2019  

I do quickly want to say that I’m gonna be giving away one MacBook Pro. So all you need to do to enter is go and follow my Instagram, the winner, hello everyone and welcome back to my channel. So, as you guys can see, I’m not at home, I’m actually currently in Ireland, but I’m not in Ireland alone. We are dressing like twins. We tried to do that at the same time. Don’t really know that what, anyway today we are dressing, like twins purely for your entertainment, I thought this would be really funny at the time and it probably will be looking back, be rather embarrassing for me, especially why Philly and both Of us I wanna be of you or something I opted it’s just not I don’t know we’re doing it so, basically, the other day, my mom and I went out shopping in Brighton to try and find an outfit for both of us to wear.
Obviously, the same outfit dressing, those friends on that and it proved to be a struggle as much as we love each other’s styles. We don’t want to wear each other styles. you will know that we dohave quite different styles. My own hats, wear crop tops, and I had to wear these like long dresses of like knitted, jumpers alike, long skirt and just didn’t really suit us. So to find an outfit that we could both wear was just really hard. We were flying home today. Yeah we’ve got some aeroplanes, looking like twins yeah, which is embarrassing, really embarrassing. Actually so anyways we found an outfit, we love it. So much up top go girl. We don’t love it no, but we found an outfit we’re gonna dress as twins for the day. I hope you guys enjoy this. Video do really quickly want to say I find it so weird when anyone dresses I just find it, we would act to twins, dress the same personally. Just think be your own person wear what you want to wear. I think it’s too younger hope you guys enjoy it so much a big thumbs up subscribe down below without further ado. Let’s go get change, we are. We are changed just like that. We are marching, we’re twin, you always want. I have actually always wanted to be a twin. I actually really want twins as well. I kind of am living the dream with my mom right now.
This is our outfit. It’s really not an outfit that either of us would like particularly go out and wear, but it’s a balance Lane. Is it really? Yes, but the balla? Never in a million years wear these jeans, I’m not being funny. We dohave any body issues until I put these. Do you know, I do think you rock them. I think you look cool in there. Onstage rolls all down my butt, then your leg, no, these jeans are not for me. Although one good thing is, we’ve actually wanted black converse, so we don’t have them.. We are doubled over to the left like a laughing and everyone students are there that I’ll be flying, because it’s just so Anton, like everyone’s looking. I was like wide anyway and theneveryone else and the myth started like laughing as well, but we were just laughs. It was so long it was just so awkward anyways. Let the day begin it’s either day by actually going into town. We’Re gonna do some shopping to actually find out a matching handbag, because we follow we’re missing out. We’ve got the whole outfit, but we have nohandbag, I’m what sort of bad do you want and what you think in public now the hotel was really embarrassing and everyone was asking us, but you know what is better than it’s better than not laughing at us, Because hot fixes, the I would love us to the moms wait, which is a people whohave recognized our just lovely anyways, we’re out in public and we’re gonna, go and find us some bands to work. I don’t think anyone understands how embarrassing that is until you actually do it.. So it is so embarrassing this woman to sit. She looked like she was absolutely just, but when you get closer with you right start our day, right mo wants to get a cup of tea, and I will again I want a chocolate. So that’s exactly what we’re gonna do: pumps actually thinking. Maybe it’s smoothie. Okay, so this is what your name sorry, Lauren Lauren has just served us in cluster. I just wanted to get your opinion on our outfit. You think, then I thank you. Thank you. Yeah, that’s good, for you. You’ve lost 30 years right, I’m um, I’m just waiting for my hot chocolate over and then we are gonna go and do some shopping far back right, let’s go shopping and we think is 32 left, so it must be a sign that is so.
We found bomb bags, we’re thinking. That’s my little little bit cooler this outfit this. What you’ve got a cute for maybe noise, a bit cooler. I was having matching bags. So let’s have a map to the handbag. I don’t think any of its cool yeah anything any, but I think it’s a little bit cooler, so my mom just isn’t helping herself because she keeps doing keeps what have fun in that book. You like their successful shopping trip, and as of this is the outfit. Oh yeah I’d. She feel, like the bags, make it that the bags really do making that always proper to ride. Doesn’t it they really made sup we’ve tried even harder tohave matching outfits, the kind of love it kind of cute. If mom can’t stand the jeans, we are back at our hotel now we’re in little bit over we’re at the same outfits. To be honest, we’ve had so what many not even just say it’s like the trip instead yeah for my feet, upwards, which I don’t really blame them and lips footprint it is it open, embarrassing, yeah, I know anyways our shopping trip was so successful. Got such a good shop out of it and also met so many viewers as well, which is really nice anyways. We are gonna get a taxi to the airport. Now I was really happy because it has driver just ask your sisters so yeah I give you a decoder, we just gone through security and it was slightly embarrassing. Wasn’t it it was a very simple that was in line, but we kept going back and forth that he just did like the same person, no just embarrassing and they’re new, but we would say Mikey kind of in a way he doesn’t dial it’s true. So lay it out to be less far embarrassing if those ended up with doing something, but this just like mom and water, trying to dress the food in here like then live in our best night. We haven’t got the same dinner Imagine all that the same though who’s probably I’ll be really really really where they’re embarrassing, but yeah mom has got a chicken club sandwich as a potato fries and I got a chicken burger and some sweet potato fries as well.
So I mean they’re pretty similar You know took a different food yeah Then we look like twin swings We are back home and all we wanted to do once we had landed was just pretty much chill and so we’re doing exactly that in our matching Safia poncho So mom What was your favorite part of the day? No, I think it has to be what we got in the cab and the float was like Do you know I’m a little bit offended by that? I think mom’s gorgeous but, like you know, either I’m 30 years old or she’s 30 Jones are generally thought and then there’s the man The man at the hotel says today and I’ve inherited and I was like yeah quite a PhD and he got really slice You know I did not buy it like not that you buy it like Oh, what’s the word defensive, that’s the word! He got really defensive, buy it on our part yeah I bet they didn’t dress nicely anyway They anyway Oh thanks Oh sorry, anyway, so we are exhausted and let me tell you we are glad to be home well, even though wearing the same thing does not be wearing that same outfit Honestly, it’s been an experience It was really embarrassing on the plane that was any baby yeah It was like we could have packed up, we put right in Kenai, it’s the worst part about it, though was I mean I can’t tell you how many stairs we got if you want to be noticed, wear the same clothes wear The second look like this is someone else yeah No, they were just thinking exactly what we’re thinking like just how many yeah anyways as you can tell we’re so exhausted It’s been a long day I hope you guys enjoyed and we’ll see you very very soon bye by the way actually really quickly I met so many of you today and, by the end of it, just couldn’t even bother to explain why I was wearing the same clothes So if you was looking at us thinking why I should wear the same thing as her mom That’s why

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