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My mother dressed me from head to toe… Make up hair and clothes! Ah!

1 Nov , 2019  

Everyone is so today we are joined with the infamous she seems to be appearing on my channel a lot, but recently, hopefully guys but okay. where my mom is going to be styling me makeup, hair outfit head to toes full style from mama. Yes, through my whole life, my mom has had a problem with a middle part. I can feel a side part coming and I’m not a problem. It’s not a problem. I literally have a distinct image of what I think is coming into this, and they think I might have it 100%, but ok.
The first thing that we have to do that we actually did three days ago is my mom went shopping with my credit card for the full outfit. Oh yeah that way, but ok, so we are just going to flip to that vlog footage. It’s actually going to be hilarious, because my mom was vlogging and shopping and trying to show all the items I haven’t seen the footage yet or the outfit she chose. So you guys are gonna see that right now, alright, you guys so we are in forever 21 I’m setting my mom completely free with my credit card. She can pick accessories shoes outfit anything she wants. It’s gonna, be the next 5 minutes. It’s probably gonna be blogged footage, it’s all taken by my mom, so I’m taking all the shopping bags and she’s going to be completely lit. Luque and first of all, I have to say it is pretty her. This one is just gonna be really great. I can feel it. I know I’ve never blogged before so just bear with me I’ll try and give you the just of something decent to watch, but even the way you’re holding hey. I just can’t wait to do this, I’m in the store with someone else’s credit card, so you’re gonna pick. What she would ideally want to see me wear, so I’m gonna leave the day has come. She’Ll wear what I put her in. Finally, my mom Kate, bye, okay, I’m telling you word, okay, that mean okay, tell me where I’m just gonna be outside it’s a cute little move with this fur in them. So far, I found two really cute things that I love and I love to see. Mia in them and they’re these really pretty winter, white, pants and they’re kind of cropped, lengths and really flare II, and this really cute kind of like fuzzy furry jacket. It’s really soft, so I think a nice chunky scarf or something to go with this and a nice little shirt would be nice too so and maybe some little tan boots or something that go up a little higher so I’ll keep you posted, I’m just looking for Some boots here that will go with probably to match the buttons of this jacket so kind of a nice tan, maybe come up a little higher so that she doesn’t get to know in her parent legs or anything so some suede or some yes, okay.
So, let’s just have a closer look here, cute little ear, muffs to just wonder if it will be too much with the outfit, but I almost feel like I have to get them anyways just because they’re so dang cute and I think they’ve matched the jacket. So you’re almost done here just to recap what I have here. We have some boots, some cute little earmuffs, a pink fluffy jacket, some winter white kind of corduroy pants. So I just have to find now probably like I’d love to find a little plaid shirt. Just very simple, very small, to wear so that a little pop of color underneath the jacket to tie it all together, either in black and white, or just something plaid ish. Okay. So let’s go see what we can find this one right here: here’s my outfit here! This pink jacket, these off white pants, this turtleneck, these cute little earmuffs, and these little ankle boots. My arms are absolutely breaking. I hope you liked all this and let’s go to the checkout. So sorry, so three bags later we’ve got everything here and I am like smoking hot. It is like boiling, it’s like a zillion degrees in here, and I’ve been like sweating bullets trying to find an outfit, and I think I put together really sweet out with it. For Mia, I can’t wait to let her try it on and I hope she likes it. If not, I sure will alright we’re in the car. I have no idea what kind of footage you guys just saw. Oh wait. I apologize right off the bat. If you get a headache from watching anything the whole watch, you know she was like. I really think it’s really bad. I don’t think I did in the world that was unzoom and yeah and then I couldn’t sharp, hold the camera and talk all at once. Like I just I would be like concentrating that I might always should be saying something and that I worked out. Oh yeah, you don’t work, you have to have mater speak. Okay, so now we’re going to go to the next day, where my mom does my full makeover and reveals the outfit to me so bye guys, I guess see you guys in one millisecond yeah newbie. I didn’t even know how to hold the camera and walk at the same time. Alright. So now that you guys know what elephant she shows, but we’re going to start out with makeup. I’ve been doing the same makeup for like years, so I never really do much different and I totally don’t think you really need any makeup.
So you’ve got a little bin makeup to do see in this little door is open right here. It’s because we’re actually babies. Today, all dog you want me to magnetic, oh, my goodness, so we have to leave the door open. He likes to come and go as she pleases. The lights are probably really brighten her eyes. So I really hope this is good zai plans. Tonight, oh you’ll be you’ll be good to go girl. You know. Okay, so should I be telling like what I all have here so, first of all, just a little bit of chapstick just because I don’t want to lips it’s cold weather to not be protective. Other chapstick, you stick up here, you’re, naturally beautiful already, so we’re just going to use some of my favorites. Do I show what it is the charge shape tape which I love? Okay. So now I should probably have my glass. We didn’t all go further back. Okay, we’re just gonna put a little bit just little dots, so I’m just gonna wherever you’re a little bit red, I’m just going to dab one. Some of that green. No, I think you’re beautiful pink! I really should have a camera, it’s all empty, but I like this little sponge tip, so I’m gonna blend it around with this tip because it’s like a little Beauty, Blender, that’s small for under the eyes yeah. Just me! No! No! I know I got that covered, I’m not going to look in a mirror until she’s done, but I feel like when I look in the mirror nothing’s going to change still just for your look I’m doing today, it’s not going to be a heavy full coverage foundation. It’s gonna be very light now the thing about what I’m doing is to be critical of what you already do. This is just a different style that I have like less less like heavy make as, but I know yours, cuz you’re, a makeup, whereas I just do very very minimal make-up is what I usually use, and so that’s why I’m doing a little less that it’s not To criticize what you do, because I already think you do really beautiful, but you’re already beautiful to me always engine. You called me a makeup because you’re a makeup: it’s like blending to your neck! Now, the really nice blackberry, some very pink, very pink, there’s not gonna be any rule of dark colors to your makeup. This is just gonna be really light and airy, like I said so now, smile and see on the rounds. Oh yeah, that’s really cute! You were always a girl that did never want to be styled. You had your own way. The free spirit shaped here just to go around that under the eyebrow. Why are you worried everything like it’s a question? I attribute II.
Okay on this, a brush yeah we’re gonna go in the inner we’re gonna go on the brow bone here with this a little bit. Oh here we go we’re done with the eye shadow pixie, hydrating mist, milky mist to set it there. This is called LA Colors. Alright, it’s just, I don’t know why she doesn’t know it stolen from me. It’s true. It was a nice dusty Rosa, I’m gonna line the lips on the line like normal, like I’m, not gonna outline like beyond the lip line. This is just a really natural, like I’m not saying like me, and that’s the thing, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t like its lip liner and then we have this bareMinerals. That’s also my love, this one yeah you can smush shared it together. I like to then take this when she also to make sure the crusty on a little longer. Do you honestly, if I spin your lip gloss, doesn’t fall off really great seven, my mom, wouldn’t, let me have a black yo see. Our makeup is like the same. These are the same color as we both used so quick little makeup montage and get onto the hair. Okay, okay, mom we’re good, okay, you’re, good. Okay. So again, we’re super excited to do your hair, because I haven’t done your hair very much. Then you have so much hair to work with and it’s super fun because here’s what it looks like I didn’t do anything to it. No one has as much hair as you. I don’t think I still don’t really wear my hair up like I just like it down yeah, which is why we’re doing something entirely different than you would ever do I love braids and it’s gonna have some braids to it. Oh, I thought I know. Oh, my god, what do you want it? On the other side, it doesn’t matter which side I go. I just can’t believe how chuckles probably just do you need me to hold anything just let me know I will you think it’s really unbelievable sites together and then pimping. This is where we can leave a little bit hanging if we want to frame your face. Just a little bit: oh wow, it is so ambitious right. One utility laid out a lot of hair. We are almost done looking from the side, look how pretty it’s like a braid and then this poof at the back and then the other side. Now it’s like a braid along here, wild middle, alright. So now that we have our hair a makeup, we are gonna go on to the outfit, and this is what I’m most excited for You guys probably already have a rough idea of what it’s going to be, but I have no idea I haven’t seen like we specifically made sure I wouldn’t see it yeah.
So, okay, we’re gonna go into the other room You’Re gonna show me I can’t wait, then I’m gonna put it on love Oh love! It! Let’s see it: okay, so first of all: okay, the pants they’re, beautiful they’re winter white, they’re, corduroy and they’re 7/8 length and then they’re super flirty at the bottom Oh, I didn’t know I know they’re so cute and then they’ve got these cute little pockets at the back I did get these socks I don’t know if, if they’re short, I thought that you can always layer them over the boots Okay, we’ve got some one of these over the Nissan Yes, they would just so soft, they would go up and then they would be rolled over the boot alright, and then I found this really cute Oh my goodness, how am I gonna get through my hey? I know I don’t know how to get our outfit over, but it’s a really stretchy Oh that’s a super stretchy turtleneck It’s gonna tie this all together is this gonna be pink jacket Oh my gosh! I love with that beautiful wooden buttons and so that’s coming through and with these little short pants pointy I know you don’t usually wear points, but these are adorable I noticed you had them in a size 7 Yes, she’s, a size 7, I’m a size! 6 Here we go it’s an Fang to go to match the buttons and wow you really really Well, then, I just couldn’t read this this last piece I know how could you not like to tie it together with that me like? Okay, it’s gonna be great anxiously waiting The big reveal at the end the whole outfit she liked it So here’s hoping that everything will fit and that she can get that shirt over her big bun without destroying her outfit we’re waiting That’s the cameras, rolling we’re just past actually are super cute These are super cute, my little mom she shrunk Thank you our inches I think it was a lot a lot of it I got a surprise because, although I know my mom has good style and good taste, I just didn’t think it would like work on me, but I actually really liked it Let me know down below or if you want o me to style yo my hair makeup Outfit that would be so bomb next We got to do that Thank you guys, so so much for watching Thank you to my mom for doing this Video with me You did really oh thanks It was so much fun thanks for having me you’re, welcome Okay, see you guys in the next one ]

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