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My OG Instagram Cosmetics Genelle

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys Jenelle here if you are new and if you’re returning thank you for tuning in today, what’s good so that intro song is the beginning start to my like little single, that’s coming out in like a month or so and being so patient with it. But it’s coming out soon and you guys are being patient. I am so excited so anyways. This makeup. Look that I’m doing today. This is my edgy Instagram makeup look. This is like what I did two years ago on the gram, but I looked a little different.
Cuz, I was just a little bit younger. I randomly came across a picture of a girl on Instagram and I was like ding. This looks like my OG glam I used to do. I just started to do it again and I was like this is really glam, but super simple and it makes me look good and feel good. So I’m gonna show you guys and I’ve been doing this on my Instagram and you guys are like makeup. Look now here you go girl, so before we get into it, you guys this makeup. Look, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, where you guys see all my outfits, all my fashion talking you guys. It’s really like instant, like that’s where we are and that’s where we’re connecting and chatting same thing with Twitter tweet me any time of the day, I’m there hello. How are you following me there on Twitter and let’s be a little Twitter friends? No further ado. Let’s get into this oh gee, okay, so we’re gonna go right into foundation. I already cleanse moisturize shower today, all of that good stuff. So what I’ve been loving to do is taking this CC cream, which is this is from a cosmetics. It’s the SPF, 50 UVA and UVB protection sunblock, so it’s 50 plus anti-aging hydrating serum, has that it’s like the best it makes my skin just feel flawless, and this is a medium tan. So it matches like my spray tan, which is patchy right now, but what I also like to do is mix it with this moisturizer, and this is also SPF. 30. It’s unscented, it’s organic 70 percent. It has organic plant-based protection in it. So I like to mix these two, it kind of makes this not as much full coverage. This is pretty full coverage on the medium to fall, so it kind of gives it a little bit lighter of a coverage just because I like to feel a little bit. Lighter so, if you like, a fuller coverage, definitely this on its own.
It has the SPF and why SPF, I really don’t get crazy tan in the summer. I don’t like to I’ve, been really loving, SPF so much so. These two are definitely like my go-to. In the summer my lips are gonna chapped, so first before we start that I will put on this Neutrogena hydro boost hydrating lip shine. It has hyaluronic acid in it. So I’m just going to coat these I’ll put a pump of this back and a little dollop that – and this is the L’Oreal infallible like Beauty, Blender thing I just take the butt of it and I just kind of like mix it together. So it’s just like mixes and then this will cover my whole face perfectly. As you can see, it’s darker little bit darker than my natural skin tone, so I really make sure to get my jawline and then my neck, because my neck gets patchy from my spray. Tans, we don’t want to be a patchy bench now for concealer. I love a really light concealer. I normally blend it out and it keeps my under eyes really light. I just like that. Look, especially for a glam look. So this is the Smashbox Studios. Skin flawless coverage – and I have it in the fair, warm – and this is a 24 hour concealer. So if you are, if you guys, are looking for some locked and concealer, this is the one and you don’t need a whole lot, because it blends out a lot and I don’t want too much white so also. I think this is like 10 bucks compared to 20 bucks, which is a normal view under, and I actually prefer this over an actual Beauty. Blender Billy blenders are a little overrated. I still love them and I think they are like second best to this and will still reach for mine, but I literally use this every day. It’s the best now to just kind of make sure everything’s even I’ll just take this Beautyblender and go all over my face and then of course, and then of course, taking my Laura Mercier translucent powder in the bottom here and I’m going to set my under eye. I really like to have a light under eye, especially you know, summer days, summer, weekends, you don’t really sleep, you really want to make sure your bags are covered here and then I’m just gonna put some leftovers on my chin. I don’t like to my face to be too matte, so I definitely really make sure my under eyes are set and in between my brows other than that I kind of like a more dewy look so taking some Earl Grey, I’m feeling a little tired, / or Something not taking two products that aren’t benefit.
Oh my gosh, Who am I I’m the worst, but I just ran out of my benefit number six precise brow, pencil, the best loved it so much. I ran out of it and I want to use up what I have in my drawer before I opened a new benefit. One cuz I do have more benefits so much fun of it, but I want to use up these first. So this is the NYX ash brown I’ll use on my whole brow and then the chocolate brownie by Too Faced just onions to make them darker. Oh – and I wanted to mention to you guys I go to this girl named Lily and she literally shapes my brows. So well, I’ve been going to her for about a little bit over a year, probably more, almost two years, and it makes filling in my brows so easy because they are already pre shaped. So I don’t really have to do much because they are just shaped so nicely and just easy to fill in a little dark there and taking a darker pencil just brush them up. I forgot my brow gel in the other room, so much to do that later. So now that this is more of a glam look, I want really sculpted brows, so I’m taking my Becca her usual. This is the brightening corrector, but I use it to sculpt my brows and just taking this. This is the Sigma lash fan brush, but I love using this for like really edgy things out, you can really get up in there carve out that, like it just wanders now I just take this dome brush. This is the Sigma precision round P. 82 brush. I know it’s a lot, but I’m just going to blend out any harsh lines that I made okay. So now I’m gonna buff off the under eye setting powder because we don’t want to get it too crazy, buffing it off. This is a really nice brush. This is the morphe m4 4/9 brush. I really like this. All of my favorite brushes are going to be linked down below, for you guys to check out and now we’re gonna do the face and the eyes, because the eyes are really easy and so is the face. So I have been obsessed with this: is the cheerleader Brown squad? I really really love this for this makeup. Look. It just makes it so much easier quicker, but this is a glam look as well, so it comes with. It comes with all of these, which is two blushes two bronzers and a highlight, and I use all of them just mixed, so I will show you what I do.
I do, however, not I don’t like this mini brush. I think it’s just too harsh when I’m like applying stuff to my face, so I love this is the hoola. This is the Jumbo bronzer because it comes with this amazing amazing brush. It is so so perfect, so I will have both of them linked down below. If you guys want both or if you just want this – is we’re mostly going to be using the bronzer. So let me show you what I do. First, I take the buffing blend ether t-9 brush and I go right into the hula and I literally just start dabbing it all over the lid. Just so simple, oh wait! I forgot to do something girl what I like to do. First, I like to take the cookie highlighter, and I like to I – take the cookie highlighter and I like to go right on the brow bone. This is the first before I do the bronzer I forgot, so I just take it, put it up there and then we’ll blend in the bronzer to it. So it doesn’t look as intense back to what I was doing. So I take that hoola bronzer and I just apply it all over my lid. You do about two full coats and I just kind of work it up into my brow bone, but not too far. Ariana grande’s makeup artist, Daniel recently did my makeup and he took the eyeshadow when he was doing like my bottom lash line and he like went on my bottom lash line and then he like fanned it out, I’m probably not doing it right. Oh, you will mess and I know I’m doing this. Really sloppily and it’ll be good, so I just take some powder and a brush. I just kind of like make sure that I didn’t out stuff that was raised too much all right. So now let’s go into the face, so if you have extra time I like to do creams first and then put powder over it, so I normally will go in with this cream bronzer by Chanel like this, and then I will take this is the new sticks Poppy girl looks like that not that bright on the skin and then I’ll take this cream, highlighter and yeah. I actually use this no matter what, but, if I’m in a time crunch I’ll literally just go straight into powder bronzer, the hoola bronzer blends out so nicely and then the blush and the highlighter. So if you have extra time – and you want to do that – extra glam go you, but today we’re just gonna keep it simple.
so I’m taking. This is the benefit. What off highlighter I’m gonna use this first before bronzer, because this sits on the skin like a powder, it’s not too tacky. So of course, I’m taking my Luxy tapered highlighting brush and I have the highlighter on the back of my hand. So I’m just gonna take this, and I’m just going to put this all around my high points. First, so any creams you want to use first, you use them before your powder because remember we don’t powder on our skin. Besides our under-eye energen so and of course, I’m taking it all in the nose because so yeah it’s a cute cute highlight for just love that just makes our skin look extra glowy, let’s do the hoola bronzer. So when I’m traveling I just take this. I have my highlight blush and bronzer and eye shadow with me when I’m at home and I’m doing extra. She is the mint take this, so I just take it like that. All in it, let me show you I just go just do like pecs. I don’t like go like this at first I like to just like approach it lightly and kind of Pat the bronze are in the skin like this and then I’ll just keep building until I have my desired bronze. I really like to be super bronzed for this, because I normally am my full body’s, pretty bronze, repeat on the other side and just wrong before with the bronze are away, I’m just going to take a little bit of it and I’m just going to write on The top of my nose underneath the lip good contour so now now for the blush again, with this palette, I’m gonna go into the gold brush color. Here I kind of I like it. I’m gonna put a little bit of coralista, the other blush on it, and just it’s so cute. I love a lot of blush all the time, but in summer especially just gives us that fresh look. You know what I’m saying. Okay, trust me we’re gonna buff. This down don’t be scared. I am first, however, going to finish the eyes before we do highlights so I’m just taking you can take any dark brown, any black color for this shadow eyeliner. So I’m just taking this as the original lorac Pro it has to. It has a black and the dark brown that I just mixed together to get my desired. Okay and then I’m just taking a brush, and we just draw a line. but I’m just not into that look on me. I, like a more natural subtle look.
This is by no means natural, but I like a more subtle, so we had concealer left on this brush. So I’m just going to really make the wing nice and sharp. We love it. A little smashed wing so easy, I’m gonna add the inner corner. I like highlight at the end. I know I’m all over the place with this, but first I’m just gonna smooth out this nose. Contour bugging me: okay, let’s do do the freckles done the highlights on the mascara girl for the pro clothes I used to use a liquid, but I’m out of it. So I’m utilizing this dark brown eye pencil by Giorgio Armani it’s in the number 12. I just sharpen it really sharp and I just go and then to tame tamed down the freckles right here. I just kind of take this and any leftover powder I have in this cap so now before we do a highlighter lips and lashes, I’m gonna spray. My face – and this is the glow recipe watermelon glow, ultrafine mist. This is the best. It is so good. It’s such a fine mist, it smells so good and it makes you really dewy so, and I’ve been using this every day just like that, and it’s only like a little bit less than halfway done so worth it without glowy highlighter. I’m gonna take cookie in this palette and a tapered highlighting brush and I’m just going to really get that tip on my nose. So I’ve been really into this something I’ve never really done before is curling my lashes, I just really like it. I’m gonna get a latch lift in a few weeks. I was like. Oh maybe I should try to see what it looks like with like curling my lashes prior to getting lash lip from you. That’s what it’ll be and see if it makes a difference, and it does so and I just kind of press ten times I go like, and I always love to layer layer, my mascara. This is not needed. I just love to layer it because it just mascaras. Do different things they lengthen and they volume and even when they say they do Bowl, they do one better than the other. So this one gives me a volume and black lashes. This is the milk makeup it is made in Italy. This thing is like made of metal. This thing is, Chris, is heavy. If you hit someone in the face with hurt, this is made from CBD oil. I really love it, and this is the falsies latch push up for it lengthening at the end. So this is just one pass: taking the falsies, I’m just gonna really it’s such a good combo like the difference, snatched Okay, so you guys can see the difference such a big difference with some mascara on and normally I would leave my lashes just like this, but I’m going to be adding just two of the trio lashes by kiss on either end just to give me that snatch, The lip girl – it’s not a huge difference, but it’s cute.
Okay, so for inner corner highlight I am using the Giorgio Armani This is the number 12 and it just goes on wet on the inner corner So when I put some sparkly powder over top, it just makes a big difference So look it and it just like amplifies it So the first lip liner I’ve been loving is the Charlotte Tilbury This is lip cheat, and this is an iconic nude It’s amazing! It’s probably my second favorite ever but my first favorite are the Marc Jacobs lip liners These do not come off, they do not come off I am loving the Oh cocoa and then the nudists so around the edges of my lips I’ll Do this and then fill it in and then add some NYX on top, so taking some Oh cocoa nudists I bought for these last time I went to Sephora because I literally where it’s so much it just stays on all day Then I’m taking the NYX abu-dhabi and I’m just going to I love this lips So much just makes you look Your lips looks so juicy your teeth Look white one more spritz of the watermelon more like ten spritzes, and you know one more coat of mascara because we love extra glam and I’ve been loving, not coating any mascara on my bottom lash line, because I want the more snatched look and I feel like When I do my bottom lashes, it just kind of brings my eyes down, because it’s more heavy so could be a preference thing Okay guys So there we have it This is my oh gee, Instagram, daddy, look and I’ve recently just fallen back in love with it I think it’s so cute, it’s so fun You can wear it with straight hair You can wear it with your hair up down I just think it’s super fun It’s super glam, it’s a lot of makeup, so you can tailor this to However, you like to do your makeup girl, so if you like more, if you like less, you can always do that So, if you guys I love you so much mmm yah yah, yah, yah, yah, yah,

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