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My parents and normal parents (W/Joey Graceffa) Brent Rivera

30 Sep , 2019  

. I started making YouTube even before you were born, so today we were doing normal parents versus my parents, but my parents are just not cool yeah. I don’t know other characters like you always think. That’s Chloe’s, green. On the other side, I don’t know, I’m just excited that I get to wear a way to think it should be good alright, so here it is check it out. Normal parents vs. my parents. Where do you think you’re coming Jimmy, so I’m going to cheese who’s gonna, be there make Mason who Kyle the really smart kid is mom gonna be there I think yeah he’s most definitely be there.
Brenda need to talk to his mom. I don’t know if she wants to talk my shadow, but she likes you. I don’t care, she doesn’t like me. She needs to speak to me. What time will you be back eleven o’clock, twelve o’clock? Maybe one he’ll be back at 11. Excuse me a man where do you think you’re going? I just thought it would be cool if, like me, and my friends went out just for once. Ah, whatever Oh in your curfew tonight is good, but you don’t have one because you’re my extra special little baby boy – oh my god, you’re like the coolest mom ever oh, you know I can take my Mercedes. Okay, bye, let’s get down there now they see. What’s in this thing, I was just, I was just doing homework on lots of homework. Tell me: do the dishes again is full and needs me. Take it out. Do them yeah, I forgot to take them clean your room, like I asked you to. I got a ton of homework. What do you think you’re doing? Oh, I’m just doing the dishes why the dishes? Oh my gosh, sweetie, that’s for me to do! I’m the mom! Oh okay, yeah! Here you go thanks. Mom! Wasn’t your jacket nothing’s in my jacket! It’s that test, I took what you get I gotta see everyone, I failed the test, it wasn’t.
It was a hard test What did you get a B, but now he’s smart, of course, Jimmy’s always better than you I wish to be with my child Go to your room, you’re from gosh, nothing! It’s just a text! It’s fine! It’s cool! What did you get? Yeah what’d? I get Let’s you wanna go get ice cream What’s up homie doggy dog? How is school? Get inna? Oh who’s, that beautiful lady right? Next to you, is she a girlfriend? I get a number yeah you’re cute Brent You guys look perfect together You guys should date Yes, I got my mom get in a little swaggity Swag swagg ease Wow I don’t know who she’s you know I got a facebook today, Brett its Rox I get to talk to all my friends Oh there’s my mom, hey, loser, come on, come on, your friends could come cheer, we’re going shopping or we can go to game, stop and get you a new game or we can go to the beach I’m paying for everyone come on Do you want to go sure yeah she’s lying come on, let’s go yeah whatever you want The next said No one Let me see what you do he’s not interested in what he’s not allowed to mock woman? Yes, please! No! No, no! Don’t touch the mom hey! I’m just texting Daniel, it’s fine, it’s just! I don’t want to text back He wants to hang out and I can’t hang out tonight because the party sweetie just love you I hope you enjoyed it and if you give me a big thumbs up button We did a part base traveller also subscribe to this channel If you haven’t already so You’Re welcome All of our social media links will be down below Instagram, Twitter, bang, all those things and yeah Thank you guys for watching I hope you guys have an amazing amazing It’s day and thank you for being here,

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