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My Pet Daily Life – Goopro Edition Pet Wednesday

30 Sep , 2019  

so, as I mentioned before, my Wednesday’s are now going to be uploads that are not horse related or not just based on my horses, they’re going to be all about my small animals too. so that’s my pet pigs. But it’s going to be on my go person and you can see what I do every single day to look after my little animals, so the pet routine starts early in the morning between normally about 7 & 8. Certain that I do is go and get the pig foods, so in the morning pixs had half a scoop of pot-bellied pig nuggets each I go and collect this, and then I head into the garden to give them their breakfast, because I always really have to see Me in the morning and generally come running over there food.
It was a really really wet morning. but I was getting absolutely soaked, but the pigs were enjoying their breakfast. So that’s all that matters and then once the pigs have been fed it’s on to let the chickens out and feed them. So I go into the rabbit shed where the chicken food is kept and then in one container I get their layers palette and then the second one I get their corn and they have every single morning. So then I head into it their enclosure. My chickens are separated into four parts because some of them fight some of them in different groups, they’re all X batteries and I fill up each sections food and then I let them out so. The first section is just to chickens and then the largest section I sprinkled their coal on the ground fill up their bowls with their feed and then let them out and again. I just repeat this folios. I also checked their water at a mine just to make sure they’ve got enough until we do them in the afternoon. Well, that’s all that I have to do for the chickens. It is a cheaters case for giving them their breakfast and then letting them out. So once the chicks are done is then on to feeding the rubbish. So in the morning my rabbits just have their nuggets. So Ariel, my oldest bunny is fed first and she gets half a scoop of nuggets in the morning and then it’s on to Dottie, who also gets half a scoop, Ariel get spreading bold words the others are put on the floor, cause they don’t really light bowls.
It’s fitting it off the ground and then on to Nala, Bear who also gets half a scoop and then finally, into my second shed, where Tallulah my little bunny lives and she gets half scoop. Also, and I also leave her doors open during the day. They’Re nature’s Keys popping the scoop back grabbing the pigs B book here and heading back up to the house until later and then late afternoon, it’s tiring to prepare all of the animals feeds, so the first feed that I’m preparing is the pigs. So the pigs today are being fed just some sort of Lao leftover food. Some days they get fed produce straight from the garden that we’ve grown and then some days it sort of things that we’ve got left over in the kitchen and I’m going off. So they got a baked potato today, which is quite a nice treat for them, so that had already been cooked and then they also got some bananas. They don’t normally get bananas that often, obviously they are quite high in sugar, but they absolutely love bananas and they were going out date. So they got lots of bananas and then they also got quite a few carrots, so I’m cutting up the pigs, carrots. I also cut up some carrots for the rabbits and then I also gave them some cabbage tomorrow. Bits don’t get too much coverage just because it can be quite ghastly and it can actually cause bloating rabbits. But a small amount is absolutely fine and the pigs also enjoy cabbage eggs. Also, then get some lettuce. This is iceberg lettuce, so I only feed it to the pigs because it can cause diarrhea and rabbits and it’s obviously not very high nutritional quality, but the pigs like it and then just cut a few more bananas and the reason that I don’t give them the Peel, they can have the peel, I believe, but I don’t give it them. It just goes into our garden waste bin and then that gets composted and then finally, I pop on my wigs and head outside, so I grow herbs for my rabbits, that’s the main thing. They get instead of vegetables because my rabbits, when they have excess amounts of veg produced soft poos, called secret roast and they produce these in a high quantity which isn’t good. So I found that giving them herbs is a lot better for them than giving them vegetables.
It seems that my wraps have quite sensitive stomachs and herbes are just a lot easier on the stomach and easy for them to digest and don’t create the excess secret Rove’s. So my hubs are looking at a bit sorry for themselves at the minute. I really need to prune them properly. I’ve been sort of using chop belt bought ones recently, which is why mine are looking very neglected. I do need to deal with those, but once I’ve got my herbes for the rabbits. I then head and grab some apples from our little apple trees that we’ve got growing for the chickens. So our chickens really really like apples, and we have an abundance of the minotaur of apples at all of our apple trees – have got so many apples on them. So I just grab some of those and then head to the kitchen to chop it all up. So I just roughly chop up the herbs for my rabbits just so that I can separate into four sections and then for the chickens. I just chop up their apples into smaller sections, just because we have a lot of chickens and they like to peck away at them, and it’s easier for them. If they’re in smaller chunks, pigs have another half scoop of pot-bellied pig pellets in an afternoon as well as they’re mowing ones, and that is everything ready toheaddown the garden to feed all of the animals. So again, piggies are the first ones to be fed because they’ll just make a lot of noise. Otherwise, so I go in and because it’s been raining, I had to empty their troughs their traps to get quite full of water when it rains excessively. We had so much rain this day, as you can see, so I just empty out the troughs and and then give them their pellets followed by their bench. So once all the pigs have been fed, it’s time to go and poop it, so the pig is generally people picked every other day just because they don’t had to produce that much poo and they do always peel in the same corner. So they’re really easy to prove it, because it had rained a lot and they had mixed in with the mud. To look like there was a lot today, but there wasn’t. It was just the fact that you couldn’t tell what was more to in couldn’t tell what was pig poo so once the pigs have been poo picked, that is the Piggy’s done for the day.
They don’t need their water changing because they have automatic water troughs. So then I just go into their milk bucket and it’s on to feeding the rabbits okay. So next up is feeding the bunnies. The food I’ve already taken their waters off to be cleaned and refilled, so the bunnies get their veggies first. So we’ll start with Ariel he’s my old girl and give her a little bit of cabbage as well, and then she gets a very small amount of banana because it is quite strong for them and then they also get their pellet on an evening. So I’ll get a full scoop on an evening, she’s an older bun and she struggles to keep weight on. He also will get some new hay each day. I just popped in illicit Ray’s like so so that’s a real Fed. Next up, we have Dottie whohas wrecked her entire section daughter’s got quite a sensitive tummy says she also gets a very small bit of banana, and then she gets half a scoop of field which is got a third well. I’ve been given in a bowl. Quite a bit and then drops also needs her hey. Sohere we go Dottie’s, partly just ripped hers, you’re ready for cleaning out. Aren’t you, madam, because you wrecked it done next up we have Marla, bear smells, gets her herbes, her half a scoop, and then she gets not quite as much because she has quite a sensitive stomach and she doesn’t get any banana because again sensitive to me. Oh, I’ve got your hey: here’s Marla’s, hey there. We go so Tallulah lives in this little shed weight to lose. I’m gonna pop her hay in there here you go darling a little bit of cabbage and a little bit of carrot. So that’s the bunnies dawn apart from their waters. So now it’s on to these chickens. So there’s quite a few chickens in this bit. So I just throw a few apples around. Thank you and then again took some over the fence to the ones. On the other side great, so then I just for these chickens in here. Please get that corn throw in same as the morning So we have this all outdoor Tschida, but I’m not putting much in it because obviously it’s raining and then they have the little indoor feeders.
So the other chickens that live separately for the big groups will be getting more covered areas soon Now that it’s sort of wintertime, but at the minute we’re still kinda on some note, that’s both groups of chickens fed their lairs and then now it’s time to clip their eggs and clean the coop out It’s also starting to really choke it down So I’m gonna get soaked again just one from these guys As I said, they are ex batteries and they’re quite old chicken bastard it really much, and then we just get rid of all that So they get a quick clean each day and then once a week they get all clean where all of the shavings and everything is removed So then, I just go repeat the exact same steps of feeding, checking the waters taking the eggs out and cleaning out the other coops that we have, and that is the chickens all done So then, I just head back up to the house and the final thing that I’ve got to do is clean the rabbits water bottles So the current way I clean out the rabbits water bottles is using some hard rice and then I leave about an inch or two of water in the bottom of the bottle Add some rice in and then just shake, and this works really well for cleaning out the inside of the bottles I did use tohave a bottle brush, but it snapped in half so since then I keep forgetting to buy one So I just use this method and it worked really well, so I just clean out all three water bottles and then it’s just a case of going back down, giving them all their fresh water and also topping up and changing to Luther’s water And then that is it, that is my animals routine finished for the day I know it wasn’t the best weather for it Well, that’s the reality of it living on a farm and having all these animals look after every single day, no matter the weather So if you haven’t already don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and turn on the bell icon, so you get a notification every time so that is everything for today guys and I will see you on Friday at 4 pm bye,

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