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My real school morning routine

1 Nov , 2019  

Reminding case its look at welcome back to my channel, why did class? This is the peak of my beauty at 6:30. 6:30 a.m. is when I glow too bright, but I do it right first thing that I do besides pee is I head into my kitchen and I get some water because it kind of wakes me up. Oh I’m so sore this means Advil. This is the most ratchet bag. I take itself. Oh, I do a few things to prepare for my morning and nights on and so the footage of everything that I did last night right now.
Let’s go. This is not the morning. It is nice. I like to always prepare for my mornings at night, especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays, when I have to wake up at like 6:00, I can just make my morning so you have a lot smoother and I recommend that you do the same thing. You have my heart. Baby he was like the best snuggler in the world. He just will snuggle me for hours and he’s such a good teddy bear. I used to have such a big problem with this last year, as I would get in my car and not have my car keys. Oh, my gosh that would trigger me and then I would have to run back in the house. What I do now is, I always get my wallet and my car keys and put them in my bag. Also can’t forget my air pod. Okay, so you might be wondering will go. Why did your hair look like a lion but a lot less cute? And it’s because I have been going lazy these last couple of days and braiding, my hair in a French braid and just leaving it there and then I’m brilliant. It’s just a whole cycle that just really never ends until my hair gets too dirty that I just can’t do it anymore I’ll take some dry shampoo and put like a lot in my hair, so it can kind of like blend overnight, and I don’t have to Worry about actually washing my hair, so I basically just do a French braid and then it will all wake up and it’ll be really curly and if you even wake up and you’re like you can’t even function enough to you know, actually do your hair further. Then you can literally just go to school with the French braid you slept in. Yes, I have stooped to that low before what should you try this little trick out? Is that you wet your hair.. Another thing that I do, which is very helpful, is I lay out all of my makeup that I’m going to use in order. I would like to thank CVS for sponsoring me on this. Video CVS is having an epic BB event. That’s happening September, 1st through September 28th, they’re featuring props from Lauria bliss, Physicians, Formula, pixie, Samba, Maybelline, Pantene and so much more seus.
You club have some of the best deals and if you sign up, you can earn 3 dollars for every 30 dollars you spend, which is basically another makeup product. You can click the link down below to start shopping and to join the CVS beauty club. So you can start earning rewards that so all of the makeup done using is from CVS and structure, which is super awesome because you guys can’t shop it without breaking the bank, and these are all really good product tested approved by me. I always start out with clean and clear essentials astringent. This is just proof that Luca can turn on beast mode. Absolutely anytime, beast mode is a mindset. It doesn’t matter whether it’s 5:00 8:00 in the morning. If I turn the switch off it’s gonna be only – and I turn it on, I need to take a breath. So this is awesome, because not only does it clean my face, but it also has acne for a minute which I kind of need, because I started to break out one way I always break out like right in the center of my eyes. It’s just a weird quirk that I have something about me. I don’t know yeah so once I just kind of like vigorously rub all the dirt that I collected on my face throughout the night. I go with the explosion and this is like super rich moisturizer, which i think is great, because I feel like this key to have glowy skin is moisturize moisturize moisturize this does that guys? It really feels good, whereas my Beauty Blender okay, so I really don’t do this every single day, it’s more of like if I really feel like waking up early to do my makeup, but I used the covergirl CC: smoothers BB cream. This is just like a really light: tinted moisturizer, it has sunscreen and it I have been sucked a BB cream flush CC cream girl, just because it’s so much lighter than a foundation, so much more natural-looking and I just feel like overall, better for your skin, because It’s less thick, oh, like cause you to break out less I’m going to turn on another light. Okay, so I feel like it’s a little bit too light for my skin tone. So I’m gonna go on with some butter bronzer by Physicians Formula and I just put on self tan, so a girl like being on that covergirl BB cream. I feel like it really just like. Did my skin kind of pale, so I’m gonna just basically go ham with this one are going every which way that is not cute. Oh my gosh, why are they doing that? I’m scared.
I think I’m an eyelash perm times I wake up. If I have like a rough sleep and my eyelashes are going like colliding with each other, then I’m going with the instant age rewind eraser and this is called the neutralizer, so you can use it pretty much anywhere. I think I’m just gonna apply a little bit. I don’t want to overdo it and turn back to like really pale. No, I’m gonna probably get a lot of questions like let’s go. I thought you were in high school blah blah. so I’m gonna explain one last time and then anyone else asks.. Basically I’m a senior in high school doing full time. Dual enrollment classes as a local college campus. I still live at home, however, and still getting the same amount of education that people are that are actually paying for college classes. So I’m getting pretty much like a really good deal, that’s offered by the state or whatever. I don’t know I’m basically just saving money on college classes, while still getting my credits for my senior year in high school. I don’t need to go to high school at all. a lot of people were like from other countries, and they we’re so confused about how the American education system works, and I can see how that can be. That would be really confusing and a lot of you guys said that you were doing dual enrollment classes.. Once I get a couple weeks into my schedule and I’ll let you guys know like a full in-depth review, so let me come down below if you would be interested in seeing that, but basically my overall verdict, if I literally have so much more free time, I Only have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, it’s the only day that I have to wake up early and a lot of people were like you, shouldn’t choose 8 a.m. classes, but I kind of had to to get the class that I wanted. I wanted to have marketing in my schedule, so I just kind of like had to you know. I don’t have class on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, if I’ve to wake up early to days of the week. It’s fine. I know this isn’t like a pop out. I just poked basil. This is a like a popular opinion, but I’m kind of a morning person if you couldn’t tell waking up early. Yes, it’s like unpleasant, but it’s not something. That’s like terribly hard for me to do. Like not to flex pay anything like that, you’re, like weird like I don’t know, I think I’m just not going to put mascara on my eyelashes because I feel like at the end of the day, gonna be everywhere, but my eyelashes on my face.
So it’s really just not worth it I’m going to go in with some blush. This is like the Milani baked blush. It’s really pretty. I’ve been using it a lot lately. Okay, we have about 10 more minutes on the clock at 6:53. Now, all right, I think I look okay. What do you guys? I think it’s alright, it’s a very natural makeup. Look shall we say, oh, and I also want to put on this holographic gloss. This is from la girl. Just put a little on my finger. It’s really cool and then I’m setting it with this. I am glowing dewy, primer and spray by the creme shop, see if my hair turned out good, I’m going to cry. Okay, I think it’s kind of good. Really you never know with these French braids. Sometimes you get a good one. Sometimes you get a bad one. It’s just like up to the universe to decide how your hair’s gonna look in the morning. If you’re new to my channel hi, my name is Luca. I’m here to make your life as happy as possible. I just want to brighten up your day. To be honest. So if you want to subscribe and support me, but I really didn’t mean to take that sentence into like a self-promoter out um, I love that. So thank you for watching and I think my hair is okay. I think we’re good. I really not gonna mess around with it, because the more messy it looks, the better like yeah. I just woke up what about it. Alright, now we’re going to head into my closet. Oh my gosh. What do you know pass Luca already picked out her outfit, so how amazing I just grabbed it and I change into it. I’m gonna do a little snappy transition, I’m dressed now. Do you want to see what it looks like too bad yeah, I’m good to see that’s a little too personal, I’m just kidding guys. Did you really think that I was being that mean? Oh wait. I forgot to put on shoes, I feel okay, I don’t always do this. I feel, like my outfit really says, I listen to indie music. Please don’t talk to me unless you have Rex orange county on record, because if you do I’m just not interested all right guys, so this top is actually merge from one of my fav bands called the 1-800 actually send it to me. So thank you to them. Probably not watching this, but still thank you and then I’m wearing these. Like red jeans, I have felis shoes. Why do I not have enough space to back up my phone? I get this message every single day I should probably fix that, and we’re going to probably not alright here is where we can thank Paz, Lucca for doing herself a favor and packing my backpack ahead of time.
I did my boys just crack like a little boy Okay, so I know I like a glass of water, which is good, but these guys these are the key to not getting sick They’Re the emergency packets I’ve been having one every day mixed with ice tea and girl I haven’t gotten sick yet so I’m just saying my immune system is really going off this season Thanks to these emergencies, plus they like he’s pretty good, so I don’t mind drinking it Yeah I made myself overnight Oh, so I’m going to bring that with me in the car, so I can eat it on the go This is the most hacked your life will ever be If you learned how to make bomb over – and I Oates it’s not rocket science – I’m gonna make what I eat in a day with recipes You better get excited for that It is amazing, it will change your world It will flip your world upside down My friends, so I have a drink, I might be fast My brekkie, I have my brekkie and I’m ready to go That was pretty fast I feel like only a quick on a half No can’t forget you guys now can i oh I just felt like I literally just ran a freaking marathon Yes, more knees are so pretty Oh, my gosh, you guys sky Oh my gosh, guys, there’s a freaking rainbow It takes me about 30 minutes to get there I usually listen to an audiobook or a podcast Just to start the day off, right, like listening to like Law of Attraction stuff like Abraham Hicks rampage, just look it up on YouTube and you’ll find like so many How do I I mean I get what you’re saying, but how do I not forget? In other words, if you can forget something that’s meaningful, then you could certainly forget something That’s not helpful, so you could say I’m really good at forgetting I’m at the campus now and now it’s time to kick back, relax and enjoy my overnight oats, I’m so excited It looks so good Look at this It’s apples and chia seed pudding with walnuts and oats, so I’m just gonna sit here and enjoy at my oatmeal without feeling rushed in cyme already here I hope you guys enjoyed it seeing at my morning, routine It really helps me out if you would like to you, can go I think I’m never running how you bust me, don’t know what it’s I don’t do this for no cloud hey I got so much back

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