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My realistic autumn morning exercise!??????

1 Nov , 2019  

Everyone and welcome back to my channel, I am so excited because today is the first of October, for me that’s kind of like when autumn and full start so like. I am so excited right now guys, and I thought you know to get in the spirit. Why don’t get a new filming background? Have a look at this? I might totally obsess if you follow my vlogs. You definitely would know that, because I brag on about this all the time I just love autumn. It’s my favorite time of the year and yeah.
I just really feel like I’m getting in the vibe right now. Oh yeah and the fun fact about me is actually my middle name, sir, for an awesome Barker. That would be why guys? No that’s not wide but, like you know, that’s pretty cool anyways.. whatever you want to call it UK, USA, whatever um but yeah. I hope you guys to enjoy it. It’s my realistic for morning routine. So, to be honest guys, I really don’t wake up. Looking like a princess, I could have pretended that I did. If you do follow my vlogs you’re gonna be like saffron, you just don’t wake up or you just don’t look like that. So, no so here it is my realistic full morning routine. If you do relate to this, then let me know down in the comments. I hope you guys enjoy so much a like and subscribe down below. If you guys haven’t already and yeah, I hope you guys enjoy so, oh, who doesn’t hate that awful sound of the alarm going off in the morning once I’m awake, it takes a couple of minutes to come around and then the First thing I do is check my social media. Obviously, when I finished like in your comments and commenting back it’s time to make that first move the thing about autumn mornings. Is it’s not cold enough to have the heating on, but too cold to get out of bed without it hugged in there guys I get there in the end slippers on and it’s a brace to get downstairs where it’s hopefully warmer This is my dog Bella she’s, usually there to greet us when we come downstairs in the morning.
A hot drink is a must on autumn morning and I’m using this cute mug That was actually a gift from a viewer So thank you for that Not being a lover of tea or coffee, my go-to Anand drink is hot water and a slice of lemon It smells amazing and is great for detoxing and cleansing and since the art for the rest of the day this morning, I’m treating myself to hot cross on I’m having honey with these and a few raspberries on the side just to make myself feel better early Well, this is actually what you doing on the harp It is waiting for them to heat up Yes, it’s true I would usually dance around with a dog to pastime I did say it was realistic, right, paws right come on Should we stop back to my room and I’ve warmed up? I usually make my bed, so I’m not tempted to climb back in it Aren’t you just loving my autumnal theme at the moment I usually just wash with water in the morning, as I will do my skincare routine the night before and yes by the way that was toupees that just dropped down my top was it autumn morning without having A candle there, especially if their bath or body rots, sisty tutorials, coming very soon order Makeup is definitely my absolute favorite I love the dark lipsticks in the orange brown pallets, whatever hair and makeup is done, that’s me all set for the rest of the day Yes, you guys very soon bye Everyone, I hope you can all relate it to my realistic morning routine I feel like maybe a lot of you could and if you wake up like a princess and yeah, I’m pretty jealous of you, but I just I definitely do not But so let me know down below if you can relate to this and smash alike, if you guys it did enjoy it as well be sure to go check out some because then you’re getting a Notified yeah anyways, I hope you guys do enjoy and hopefully I’ll see you very soon Bye

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