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1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys, I hope you’re all doing well, I’m sharing with you my everyday nighttime, skincare routine. I take this very seriously and I think everyone should because we all have to take care of our skin. So first thing, obviously I’m going to clip up my hair, so we can take this face off. Let’s do this, I would have to say one of the most satisfying feelings ever is pulling my lashes off at the end of the day. It just feels so good. So make sure you put them in a safe place, because I know how easy it is to lose those little Fluffy’s to remove my makeup.
I use the general logic art pre cleanse, and this is basically like an oil that breaks down over the makeup. On your face, I really like to stay clear from any makeup, remover wipes or anything like that, just because it does suck out all the natural oils in your face, and this is just like the safest way to remove makeup. Obviously, in the occasion I do use makeup removing wipes because it is a lot easier and quicker and it’s not as messy, but at the end of the day I do want to use what is best for my skin, and this definitely is a lot better than Wipes now it’s time to wash away all of that makeup and move on to the most important part, which of course, is cleansing. You want to make sure you go to bed with absolutely nothing on your face. No bacteria, no makeup. So the cleanser that I like to use is the Hoover bead facial cleanser. This stuff is amazing, especially for my skin, because I dohave quite dry skin and it’s nice and gentle, but it still cleanses it really well. The system that I like to use to cleanse my face is the ultimate skin sparked by a vanity plant. I use this every single night. It is in my religion, it’s amazing, so it has three different heads that you can choose to kind of suit your skin. So that’s one for everyday use. There’s an exfoliating brush for like a deep cleanse, which is probably best to do maybe once a week and then there’s a silicon brush which is best for dry and sensitive skin, which is what I have that’s. Why I use this one every day, super gentle, so what I do is I just rub it in for about a minute to make sure there’s no like bacteria or dirt or makeup left in there. You guys know. I would never promote anything that I don’t. Generally love, so I decided to get you guys, a discount code it for 70% off, which means that this system will come down to $38, which was so cheap.
The code that you can use is shiny spin. I will leave all of that information down below if you guys are interested in buying it, but that is so cheap. I have used one. What was it like the Clarisonic before and I was like $300? Oh, my god, that’s expensive. So I’m really glad I managed to get a discount card for you guys, because these things can be super super expensive. Then, with the leftover cleanser, I just like to run over my eyes with my finger to get rid of any mascara or eyeliner, or anything like that. I just like to be super gentle here, because, obviously, that skin is very delicate, so just washing away all of the makeup off my skin spa and putting it back in its little travel case to make sure inner bacteria goes near it the next product that I Absolutely adore is the origins. Never a dull moment face polisher. This stuff is so incredibly thick and just makes your face feel so nourished and healthy and glowing after so I rub this in for about 20 seconds, just massage it really gently, and when you wash it off your face, will feel like a baby’s bottom. You guys need to try this if you have normal to dry skin. It is next level good. Now it is time for a face mask so this one is so runny that it’s so typical of me to do something like that. This one is called epoch. I think that’s how you pronounce it, I’m not even too sure we can purchase it from because I got it sent to me randomly in my period box. But I’m gonna do some research and try and put the link down below because it actually is really really good. I really like it because the consistency is super runny, so it’s just so easy to blend it. It’s quick and it dries in about 10 minutes. It leaves my face feeling super soft and just it pulls out all the impurities and blackheads and stuff. So it’s great it’s not that often that I come across a face mask that I love this much so really quickly. I want to talk about how much water I drink I drink at least five or six of these bottles a day. That is the key to making your face super clear and glowy, so ghazal that bottle down honey. Take it seriously once your face starts to feel super tight and you can’t even smile That’s when you know it’s time to wash it off watching this back.
It’s like! Oh, my god I can’t wait to do my next mask it’s just the most refreshing feeling So my face feels super dry After any time I wash it or anything, so I’ve got to add that moisture back into it So this is the Elizabeth Arden capsules, it’s kind of like a beauty oil, so it really just puts so much moisture into your skin So this is the first step I just rub this all in my god, this product is expensive, but it is really good It makes my face just feel incredibly soft and moisturized, and it dries to a matte finish as well So it’s not oily next step is moisturizer, I’m taking my simple kind of skin rich moisturizing lotion, so this is as thick as I can go when it comes to a moisturizer, because I cannot stand like sleeping on my pillow and then I lift my head up And I’m stuck to it because my moisturizer is that thick, so this one does absorb really nicely into the skin and a bit and it’s super cheap as well so to moisturize Under my eyes, I use any eye cream, really the one that I’m using now is the benefit It’s potent you want to make sure you’re using something nice and thick to really hydrate under there, because that skin is so incredibly delicate So do not skip this step to moisturize my lips, I’m using my chapstick night repair I use this every single night and I wake up in the morning and my lips feel incredible It just lasts all night, even if you’re a mouth-breather you’ll wake up with wet lips still is amazing So now I’m going to take my hydrating, a rosewater mist and I’m just going to spritz my face because I’m so excessive and I just love lots of hydrating products on my skin I love this step This is what my skin looks like when I’m finished with it It honestly takes less than five minutes and it is the most important five minutes of my day so make sure you step up your game if you don’t have a skincare routine, but make sure you at least cleanse and moisturize I will leave all the information about what pilum on and start because that definitely has a massive part in my skincare routine My doctor prescribed me with this one in particular to clear up my acne from my hormones, so yeah I’ll leave all that information down below Bye, guys you

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