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My summer cosmetics tutorial! Baba Lisi

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to my channel today, I’m gonna be doing my powder foundation routine slashed my every day, summer, spring makeup. This is what I wear most days. I’ve worn this powder foundation, probably eight or nine times now, and so I have a good feel about my thoughts on it, how it wears what it looks like. I found that this powder foundation routine looks better with a natural look. This is four days and I’m not wearing lashes, I’m not doing like a cut crease.
I just want to get out the door. You know maybe go shopping, go to the grocery store, whatever stuff like that. This is also good for the gym. You guys have requested this, I’m going to go ahead and show you the products I’ve been using and just give you some options in case you don’t have exactly what I have and if you’re new here I would love for you to subscribe. I have a little friend up here, which is like the weirdest spot for a little zit, but I’d rather have it here than a big one on my chin. So I’m saying thank you to the acne gods. So, let’s go ahead and jump in to how I do my powder foundation, routine. Alright, so first up, I would say you need to moisturize your skin if you’re going to be using a powder foundation. So the problem I have with a lot of powder foundations, is they look dry or I don’t get enough coverage? That’s probably the number one or they kind of claim, so those are like the three things. So I found a powder foundation that I really like bought it myself, not sponsored. They don’t even know that I you know, I’m a youtuber, so I’m gonna start out with moisturizing, because you want to have a base. That’s very slightly tacky. You don’t want it to be, like you know, slapped on where it’s like a thick layer, but you just want to make sure that you’re moisturized, so that powder foundation doesn’t look dry, take a shot everytime, I say powder foundation, so I’m gonna go in with The pixie Rose flash bomb. I’ve used this a lot. It works. Really. I’ve used the glossy a priming moisturizer. I’ve used, I’m trying to think what else the Tarte prep set moisture cream. Really I’ve used the talked to dewy, whatever you know works for you. I just happen to like this one, so I’m gonna go ahead and just apply this all over the skin, focusing it in the areas that I get really dry, which is my forehead next up. Just because I have my save pores, I was blessed with craters on my face. I’m gonna apply just a little bit of a pore, smoothing primer.
I mean just because I feel like whatever I can use to help out my poor area. I will take it. This is not necessary, but I just need some help in this area. Next, up, I’m gonna go in with concealer. Now here’s the thing you can use a lot of concealer to really kind of spot conceal or anything like that. I just use it under my eyes and on my eyelid, and I don’t use the typical amount that I would use like full coverage glam, because the powder that I’m gonna be showing you guys really is a great coverage. I typically actually do my powder first and then take a tiny bit of concealer under my eye, but because I don’t know what powder you have on hand a lot of times putting a liquid on a powder can get really bad, so I’m gonna. Do it. The correct way or the more forgiving way, just to kind of demo, so this is the Tarte shaped tape. I’m just gonna take about this much. I really am NOT going to take a lot. The powder that I’m using has great coverage great coverage, you’ll see when I demo it so I’m just take a beauty, blender and blend this out and again, like I said just on my lid too, but I really just want it right onto the eye. I don’t want to, you, know, drag it all the way down, because the powder that I have really does a great job covering so because the actual foundation I’m going to use is like matches my skin tone. It’s deeper I’m going to use this jcat aqua assurance powder just to set just under my eyes in my lid, where I just applied that liquid product, because we’re not going to be applying any more liquid anywhere else. So just go ahead and take a little brush and set those areas. If I had the same powder that I’m going to be using all over, if I had the right shade like a lighter shade, I could use that and not really even have to use any creams at all. But wow my nose looks like Rudolph. I look like Rudolph it’s a great look. The next step is using a setting spray before your powder foundation. That’s just what I enjoy. I’ve been favoring the a BH dewy set, there’s so many different setting sprays right now and I haven’t played around with enough underneath this is the one that I keep going to so I want to apply this not liberally. I just want to kind of get a coating just so I have something for the powder to really cling to when I start buffing it in so I just applied a few spritzes just to give me a little bit of moisture and then I’m gonna go In with the actual product that I keep raving about, so I saw this floating around on Instagram and YouTube and I went ahead and purchased it and I was blown away.
This is from an Australian brand called fit cover. I got the shade embrace now. They also send you samples like three different samples, which I thought was nice, embrace the looks dark in the actual jar, but for some reason it blends out to look fine on my skintone. I’ve been wearing it. A lot in my Instagram photos. A lot on Instagram stories – and I haven’t been – you – know – telling you what I’ve been using because I’ve been testing it out. So the brush I’m going to use is this bagel tart brush. You can use a smaller brush. I just found this works. Well, it just kind of covers a lot of surface area and it gets me out the door gives me enough coverage so the way that I use this is, I you know, put this much into the cap and I start out and start buffing. So I’m going to kind of buff my brush into it’s like the swirl tap buff situation like their minerals, all right here we go so I just kind of go like this and then you see it’s on the brush. You can tap it off, I’m going to go ahead and start buffing and you’ll see the coverage that I’m gonna get okay, so we’re getting somewhere that’s kind of what you can expect with one kind of capful. It depends on. You know your skin. Do you have perfect skin? Do you have acne? Do you have texture? Do you have redness? I have general redness, so I need more covers in the typical. Probably you know consumer would need so I’m going to go ahead and apply another cat fool or dump out another cat full and then do the same exact thing so swirl it in make sure it’s really nice and packed into the brush and then start buffing. So I found that buffing is the best technique and then, when you need kind of like spot, concealing or certain areas, you can use more of a stippling motion, make sure that I’m covering every area. So this is what you can expect very quickly. I would say in under a minute you’re just going to buff it on until you get the coverage you desire and the funniest thing is it’s set, so you don’t need to add any more powder. I’m gonna go back in with my J cap just to make sure that I keep kind of that brightness around my eyes because, like I said, I would typically do this backwards and that it does work that way where you can do your face first and Then go in with your concealer, but this way I’m just kind of bringing back that brightness around my eyes and it’s so quick.
You guys like. I could leave the house right now, so I highly recommend this powder on it myself. I can’t remember the exact price. I will link it down below, but it shipped to my house from Australia within like four days, which I thought was great and again they give you samples to try other shades. So I’m going to quickly jump off camera and do my brows superfast and then I’m going to show you kind of the products that I would use to get my everyday quick like cute summer glam, but it’s not gonna. Take me a long time. Okay, so I did my brows off-camera and I’m gonna go ahead and bronze. I’m gonna use my Physicians Formula, butter, bronzer, there’s so many great bronzers out right now. This is the deep one and I’m going to use my Sephora 72 brush. I really have been enjoying this and I’m just going to kind of use this to kind of shape. The face contour give me some color I’ve really been enjoying this brush. Also, I’m gonna take a little bit. I’ve been kind of being a little bit less harsh with my nose contour, because it looks good on camera, sometimes to have like a really harsh nose contour, but it’s really not like it’s hard to get it right. I guess like in person I feel like maybe so I’ve just been doing more of like kind of just like bronzing. This is a luck. C130. Next, I’m gonna do blush. I like a really hot colored blush, especially when I’m super bronzy. So this is NARS. Um scar, wow, I cannot speak starscape. I think this was limited edition, any like hot, pink, hot red hot orange. I also really like this is totally different, but this is seychelles by buxom. This is the more like bronzing one, but today I want to go more kind of pinkish, so I’m just going to stamp this into the skin, and then you can even kind of just like bring it over your nose for the eyes I’m going to keep it Super natural I’m gonna go into the shade peach. This is actually a blush from Laura Mercier. You could seriously use like a bronzer. You could use anything just because my eyelids are quite light because of the concealer just want to put a little bit of color and I’m just sweeping it honestly. You don’t have to do a lot next up. I’m gonna do lashes. I’m going to use my little mini hourglass caution. I have the tiniest little lashes, so you know on film a lot or when I’m filming, I’m wearing, you know false lashes, but for everyday.
That’s just not! What’s the word, I’m looking for convenient or practical, I wish. I had like huge lashes, like I feel, like people was like tons of lid space, huge lashes, big bushy, brows they’re like so lucky, I’m like oh great. I have none, so I’m really gonna pack this on, because otherwise I look like a naked mole-rat. You know what I mean: okay, I’m also gonna apply a tiny bit to the lower lash line. I have kind of longer lower lashes than I do top, so it can look a little bit weird, so I’m just gonna apply like a really small amount. Okay, so for highlighting I’m gonna go in with this master chrome molten peach from Maybelline, just because this is a really peachy summery glowy highlighter. I am going to spritz my brush just because that’s what I always do and then I’m going to apply this. Basically, all over this is like a good color when you have a tan, so I really find myself kind of buffing in so it gives you that really kind of wet look. Can you even apply a little bit up here? Okay down the center of my nose, I went ahead and went in with this iconic London, multi glow and frosted gold and a small brush. It’s so pretty puppy, snoring still love. So I went ahead and line my lips with this sore Mae cosmetics. Lip liner in nude number seven and then I’m gonna go ahead. I think I’m gonna take a little bit of this venti Beauty unattached and put it in the center of my lip like that’s enough, because this is like intent, kind of gonna use. This as a lip stain a little goes a long way with this product and then to go over that. I’m gonna take my Wayas L slim lipstick in number 24, which is a pink and then to go over that because I’m extra I’m gonna go in with super nude from k’kaw and then the last step is. I use the benefit number three, precisely my brow and I just do freckles so they’re, just faux freckles, there’s no rhyme or reason and then just to mesh them in. You can use a beauty blender, but I’m gonna go back into my blush and just kind of reinforce You can even bring your blush, you know kind of up and then bring it across the way like I said before, so you almost just look a little bit like sunkissed and then I just want to brighten my highlight up just a tiny bit.
So I’m going to go in with Kylee Queen, which is a loose highlighter It’s like a light, pink just to really intensify this and then last but not least, setting spray I want something: that’s gonna give me a do so I’m just gonna try this out I’ve tried it a couple times, but I want to use it on camera again This is the farce, Ollie setting spray So let’s just apply this to make us superduty, alright guys So here is the finished Makeup look, and I hope you guys got some inspiration on how to do You know powder foundation, make it quick make it easy Of course, I kind of amped it up a little bit for, like a super glowy, look just to show you on camera What you can achieve with just a handful of products, so hopefully this helped You guys out the one thing I will say about this foundation Is it does last all day I mean it lasts, a good amount I would say a good eight hours before you need to touch up I don’t get greasy with it at all, but I also don’t get dry So one thing I wanted to mention is that this powder foundation, along with most I don’t find, is smoothing So you are gonna see, you know texture around your pore area, but to me it’s like a natural look, so I found that this looks best with more natural looks like this This is more of an everyday foundation If you want that natural glowing, look – and I don’t know if you can tell but the powder before I even put on highlighter anything – really has a sheen to it So I think that’s why it isn’t super smoothing on your pore area So I just wanted to let you guys know that, just in case you have a lot of texture or you’re Like you know, you want something super smoothing This is not smoothing, but it has great coverage and it gives you that really natural look If you’re after a natural lightweight powder foundation that has coverage, I mean I highly recommend this so really love it Probably gonna pick up a couple more shades because this one is like my self tan shade So hopefully you guys enjoyed this Let me know if you want more tutorials just in general Sometimes I feel like my tutorials have to be super over-the-top, but this is what I’ve been favoring lately in my daily life and when I post it on Instagram, you guys are always asking please give it a thumbs up If you have any questions

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