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My ultimate nightclub make-up look

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, everyone welcome to my channel. a makeup club. So let’s go ahead and jump right in so I always do my brows. It’s super dramatic when I’m going clubbing just because you know it’s dark, no one can tell how much makeup you have on you can really well I mean they can but like you can get away with wearing extra makeup. So what I like to do is extend my brow, a pretty much draw a straight line underneath it. So it’s super like harsh and really neat, and then I make an arch as well, because you know the slugs need a little bit of an arch then to conceal my brows, I like to take my top shape tape.
This one is my go-to for this step. It’s just sort of easy to clean up the rosen and also to cover any veins, because it is very, very high coverage. So once i’ve done that i like to go in with my Rimmel stay matte powder to make sure all the eyeshadows blend over the top of that concealer nicely. So we’re going to make sure we set that down zelf yeah yeah. It is time for the eyeshadow. I’m taking the kylie jenner burgundy palette. I’ve only used this a few times and I do really like it. I just never lean for it. So I’m like yes, let’s do this something different, I mean same colors, but everyone loves warm shades. Let’s be real, I’m starting with this orange shade in my crease and really blowing it up up to my eyebrow. This color is so pretty, and the formula is incredible: then we’re going to go in with this maroon shade and this one is going directly in the crease I’m going to blow it up a little bit, but not as much as that last shade. So I’ll just take a smaller blending brush, so we can focus it right in that socket girl and the next color I’m taking. Is this beautiful chocolate, brown color? So I’m going to take an even smaller blending brush and just placing that in my crease once again, but really deepening up that crease to make it super luscious and it’s a mochi and that, of course I go back in with my big blending brush because you Always should blend up every snap key. Now, I’m going in with the heart shaped head concealer once again, so I can never stay away from it.
I’m just going to take a small flat, shader brush and carve out a cut crease, so it’d be very patient. You’Ll get there eventually, I mean I still suck at it, but like whatever. Okay, so going in with my Rimmel stay matte powder I’ll just set that down so the other colors on top is kind of like an even color and not like patchy or anything. So I’ll go in with that orange shade and just pass that all over the lid, where we have that blank space still and again, I’m going back in with a chocolate brown color and I’m using this to blend the orange and the darker shade together. So we have a really nice gradient. So what I like to do is just take a fluffy blending brush and kind of just like rub over the two. Until it is nice and seamless, and then I’m taking my Urban Decay act little liner. This stuff is seriously never getting it old. I love doing this so much. It just adds like a little pop of something to the eyes without being like true, dramatic and nerd, like that’s dramatic but like it’s amazing like you, learn more parts so just drawing a line in my cut crease, where I left a little gap to prime my Face I’m taking this wet-and-wild a face primer. This one has a really nice consistency. It feels really moisturizing just refreshing on the skin. I actually really like this one. Oh my god, now it’s time for the fun part I’m going in with the iconic London illuminator. As you can see right here, it is so intense and creamy away what I’ve been obsessed with it. So what I’m going to do is just pop this under my foundation and also on top of my foundation, to get the best effect, because I want a really glowy skin today and when you go clubbing, you want that light to shine it directly off your cheekbones. It is the best look gasps, so just going to blend that in with my Beauty, Blender and then I’m going in with my clinic foundation, this foundation is so good. It’s actually a joke like it really is that good, it is quite fixed, so I would recommend using a kabuki brush to blend it in, but of course I decided to do it the hard way. It has amazing coverage and it has a really good color range.
As well, so I’m quite happy with that. I have a shade, 8 and 11 depending on like if I want more of a yellow tone, I’ll go over the 8 and then 11, it’s more of like a neutral turn when I have a darker tan on and then for my dark circles under my eyes. I’m taking this a Bobbi Brown corrector and I’m just going to make sure no purple tones are peeking through and because this one’s more of a peachy tone it just cancels out any dark, turns at all. It is really good and then over the top, I’m taking my Smashbox concealer to really brighten everything up and make sure Alex MatchGirl. Oh my god. No one does that anymore. Is that so funny how like YouTube, like slang, words, just fall off cos and like new ones, come in like wait? What’s a good one, that’s like sorry lit by to set that concealer, I’m taking my Rimmel match perfection powder and I’m just going to pick underneath my eyes, but we’re not calling anywhere near that highlighted area with any powders. So going back in with a highlight. I’m going to make it even more intense. You can definitely build it up to like literally the most blinding highlighter of your life, so I’m just using this one on its own and, as you can see, oh my god, it does so amazing. Oh really consoles normal. For like one second, it kills me so to set the rest of my face, I’m going in with the hello flawless powder by benefit and just tapping that everywhere, except for my phone. I can never do my brows without setting them. I love to just push them up, so they look super full and dramatic, and fluffy just makes my whole entire life. I would definitely recommend trying this guys. It’s a life changer. Thank you going back in with that orange shade. I’m using this on my lower lash line, so from outer corner to inner corner, to really proportion out the eye. Shadow look and I wanted to keep the lower lash line nice and light. So it doesn’t look like it’s being punched in the face, because my eyes are so dark and anytime I put dark eyeshadow on it. Just doesn’t suit me So, on that note, I’m going in with a white eyeliner and my waterline to brighten everything up next step is to coat my lashes, so we can prep them for the falsies.
It doesn’t really matter what mascara you have on your top lashes as long as they’re super black, so they blend in with your falsies, but this one is great for the lower lashes to make them super long under make so for the falsies I’m taking these ones From Lily lashes – and these are in the style goddess and hold it black – oh my god – oh my god, best lashes in the actual world, they’re, so fluffy and long I die every time Next Step is to bronze up the face So this one is a bronzer from girl on I will leave all the shades in the description box below this One is a really pretty a warm turn I love warm turns on the cheeks It just looks so sunkissed and radiant So, of course, I’m putting this under my cheekbones and also around my forehead and then it’s time for the blush I’m taking this one from makeup geek in the shade in saturation This one is the perfect neutral turn blush that will go with literally any any makeup Look now it’s time for the lips, I’m taking this Jordana lip pen in the shade, a honey dip This is one of my favorite affordable lip pencils in the world, it’s just so creamy and the quality is amazing and it’s like three dollars or something crazy like that So I’m going to take my Jo a lip gloss over the top, and oh my god This is like one of my favorite lip glosses in the whole world Now, I’m so happy I have found this, but what I go clubbing I always like to do a nude lip just because you know I’m drinking I’m dancing I don’t want to like reapply all the time, so a nude is just like the easiest thing to maintain and like this color is like to die for I yeah Shanno check on me right now, so you want to make sure you set your face If you want your makeup to stay on all night long, I mean like I stay out all night long, so I definitely need some of those up on my real girl, so I hope you enjoyed it I love you guys so so much and I’ll see you very soon

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