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My wedding dress, Tati and James

1 Nov , 2019  

I am joined by a very special guest, I’m here with James Charo sisters. James is here to do my Bridal makeup, which is what I am wearing right now, which, yes, you heard me right. Bridal makeup. I am going to be on Maui. and this will be the makeup. I am so happy with how this turned out. It will be heat, dance, sweat, just the full day of proof. On Maui, I really went like super full coverage and I really would not go this low coat on a client, but we will be invaluable being like 80, something degrees and last thing we want to talk to you space to not solve on her special day.
So we did go super full coverage, so this is definitely some tricks on how to keep your makeup on all day as well, and I love it. I’m hearing you say that and I’m like, but I would like to do this any day of the week. Just saying I love it, I mean this is what my makeup right right. So James is gonna walk you through the tutorial portion, give you tips and tricks, and he is super talented. You guys. I would not trust anyone else to do. My makeup he’s truly. No, I am like honored that you would do my face on my channel um go what check him out. He has a YouTube channel that is fantastic. Go subscribe. I will link that below also check out his Instagram for so much incredible inspiration to hang and you’re. Just one of the nicest people to I just heard or you so thank you for doing this. It was honor to be able to paint my best friend today, yeah and be here for her wedding day without any more rambling. Let’s just get straight to the tutorial, I feel like I’m actually making James a little bit nervous. Okay, I don’t let anybody do my makeup ever listen sister. Am i nervous? Yes, am I gonna kill it though? Yes, maybe you’re gonna kill it James is so talented. That’s why you were here because you are a wonderful friend, but also your resistor are really talented. So thank you. Let’s do that. I’m gonna slay the face today, so I’m first gonna prime takis face using the benefit Porefessional primer – I’m gonna rub this all over ever, but the nose I’m already relaxed in our little facial massage. So I’m really gonna rub this, and I want to use a lot of primer, probably even a little bit more than normal. This is for wedding day makeup, so we obviously want this to stay on all day long. We do not want it to melt off while we welcome to the altar, and we certainly do not want it to slide off during the vows or the wedding day kiss so lock it in place. Yes, I’m gonna prime Patti’s nose using this derma color palette from Kryolan, which apparently she loves I’m gonna be using this today.
I was like to prime my nose before him because my nose is super oily and a lot of times when I wear foundation on my nose and just go straight on with it it’ll wear off throughout the day, especially when I go to nose contour. I was like to do this kind of before everything else just to keep it in place. This is a look for me. Dang, look away so for foundation. Today, we’re going to be using a talk to use of a which is the Fiona Styles matte finish foundation in the shades 2 and 5 and we’re gonna mix them together. I really should go and buy shade number 3 or 4. That would probably be the easier thing to do. I was gonna use a damp Beauty, Blender and start to of pounces, and I’m gonna layer it on first and then blend yeah for the wedding day. I’Ll just be on the floor asleep, and you can do makeup. Oh my god would be like that was a lot okay. I just mix a little bit more and I use more of a lighter foundation this time, just to kind of even everything a little bit and add some natural highlights before we go in with concealer in a few minutes, we’re gonna go in with the tarp Shade tape, concealer and the shade light everybody, the trisys stuff is amazing. It’s really good. I just like I don’t know it just lays so nicely know normally on an everyday makeup type of day. I would not use this much on. It talked to you, but this is what I’m a makeup, so you want it to be super flawless, so for crowd. I’m gonna set Patti’s face using my cody aritaum powder. This is one of my all-time favorite products and Tuffy said that she used to be a die-hard cannabis, so we’re gonna do a little bit throw back today. I’m just really really lately dogging this under tattoos eyes using my Beauty, Blender same exact Beauty, Blender. Just still damp, this really helps the powder melt into the face in everyone’s favorite thing about the Cody Eris fun powder. Is it’s really current scent that has a good nostalgic scent that I kind of like to be honest, a deal? He reminds me my childhood and stealing like makeup from adults. I shouldn’t have has a very vintage. Yes, it’s strong! As hell yeah, we can agree to serve sculpting at Todd. He’s a star gonna be using the Kevin, a client sculpting powder, I’m just gonna lightly, brushes on her cheekbones to create a lot of definition. Queen kunti has very high cheekbones already, so this is perfect and it looks so natural.
It’s like basically, the natural shadow, which is what we’re going for. So I’m just lightly blending the senate. We don’t want to go too happy, but we do want to definitely make sure the color is there just because we’re going to be taking. Obviously, a ton of photographs on at takis wedding day, looking at glam, so we really want to make sure all the definition and shadows are all there. We don’t want to lose anything. The last thing they want is talk to do with like Flat Stanley and her pictures yeah. I don’t want that, never know what eye contour the nose. I always like to bring that line all the way down and blend it in to the tip, and I also wait to pull it all the way up into the eyebrow region and kind of blend it into the socket slash crease of the eye just make. It look like a natural shadow. I love a good nose contour and I love making rhinos like pinched and snatched, but we don’t want it to look really really fake. The goal is obviously to make it look as real as possible. Now that we have the contour all in place, I’m going to go ahead and bronze using a benefit. Hoola bronzer, oh my gosh, so cute cool.i we’re gonna be on Maui. So what you gonna do, if, like you know, halfway through makeup on the big day, I just start crying walk out. Why? Because that could happen? So sorry, so it’s just that transform you know trusting will be using a lot of proof stuff. So I will be that bride, but I hear like one is sad song and, like the whole thing just falls. Apart, looks like I’ve already told everyone, I’m like anybody that is in the room or around me. On the actual day we are listening to happy music. Only there’s nothing romantic because I will lose it. I am NOT like. I get emotional. I remember using this powder. All the time feels like you’re like when you coffee, you’re gonna, like cough up Cody airs delivery. It’s just like every where’s like in a sea of it right now whoo, so I was like to put that underneath the cheekbones just to really enforce that contour and then I’ll go under the eyes as well. I got for me. Thank you sister. Oh my gosh. I feel like I really don’t want to smile or do anything to like mess this makeup up cuz. It feels so locked. It feels really good. What is the Anastasia brow is in the shade of taupe to begin touch. His brows, I’m just gonna brush everything upwards, just to kind of get an idea of where I want to put things. Ah, yes, oh my god, I love so much now that we are baking we’re gonna take toffee out of the oven.
She is nice and cooked, and we’re gonna wipe everything off really really gently kind of tapping it into the skin. This really helps to like keep the product where it is and just dust off the excess. When you rub it off a friend that a lot more comes off and if you just tap it, therefore it kind of keeps that highlighted effect. I’m also going to put a little bit more of that sculpting powder right under Tottie’s lip to give the appearance of a larger plump lips. This is only an all-time favorite tricks to do and hers as well. She shared this with me. I’m gonna mix together the darker one tone, brown and the sculpting powder just to create a more neutral tone, Brown and I’m going to start by putting that into the crease. Just creating a light wash of color and James is really in for it, because my eyes are actually pretty tough to do this, if you want to what I like to do is just like drove down and they go like downward in the outer corner. It’s a bit of a challenge: an extra gram of decathalon d of metals palette and the shade ribbon, and I’m going to mix that in with those Browns just create a little bit more color, but keeping it mostly neutral and then dipping back into that medium brown. Shade from the capital in hell, I’m just worried about or this to make sure everything is SuperDuper, blended out and never too harsh. Before I will go into the lychee, I’m going to grow up a little bit more of this coding powder shocker, just to create a little bit more of a defined line there. So as a base, I’m going to go to this highlight shape from the cabin a Quanah palette on my Mac 242 and then I’m going to spritz it with a little bit of it fix+ to get it nice and moist and super pigmented fired. You can’t be my channeling. I hate that word. No, just look! I’m just packing this onto at the inner third of the lid blending it lately out into the outer corner, and I’m also gonna pop this in at the inner corner a little bit as kind of like a base to whatever inner corner. Hardly we use. So next we’re gonna add a little bit of a highlighter on top and we’re going to use the Make Up For Ever star powder, and this shade number thirteen and there’s no lay on this on once again. Using that same Mac brush and a little bit of fix+ good, it’s so pretty, then one last time way into that same brush. We used for the nose contouring all the blending It’s gonna blend everything out, make sure there’s no harsh lines to start off the lower lash line.
I’m gonna grab the Kevin upon palette once again and the medium tone brown I’m going to start to shade, underneath the lash line and once again with this iconic brush that we’ve used for a little bit of totty space Now I’m going in with just no product on there just to make sure everything is really blended out I’m then going to the site has been a ribbon on a flat finer brush just on the outer corner right up next to the lash line Just add a little bit more definition and connected to the top, and now I’m gonna go in with my very favorite mascara from Make Up For Ever This is the excessive lash This is the part of the tutorial where i’m like lashes are my like I can’t have someone come near my eyeball with less and sister i don’t want to I can’t I would like duck and flinch and ruin the whole thing so so he just thrown some lashes and mascara quickly off camera I mean this is just mascara Let’s be natural yeah, so what I’m gonna do right now is just throw on a quick little lip look I tend to like to line my lips because I’m a psychopath – and I outline them, but just like the tiniest little bit – and it’s really easy for me to do so – I’m just gonna do that locking yourself you can see Yet no one gets to see this one to secret I’m gonna mix together these two shades of blush This one is from maker begin to spellbound, I’m just going to put them right on the cheeks for a white dust of color bright for, however, today we’re gonna be using the Anasazi at William glow Pin I’m going to use a star versus the pink lemon right up in here and since it is Tottie’s wedding day, she’s going to be gleaming, it left and right We also want her entire body be gleaming So when she’s walking down the aisle, we’re gonna highlight her collarbones and shoulders as well, and this is the completed touchy wedding glam I love how it turned out You look so stunning I feel really pretty that’s what matters yeah looks so beautiful It’s so glowy Do you guys like see a collarbone highlight because I’m really into it right now, living for it she’s living? I hope you guys enjoyed this, please give it a thumbs up It’s gonna be so good, so so good so stay tuned For that, I love you guys and thanks again for being here thanks Esther, alright, bye, guys ma

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