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My week in Australia:

30 Sep , 2019  

Like thinking about it, thank you almost, never the one going to be currently in a place called Hamilton Island in Australia, its Parliament Sunday. It is so beautiful and yeah we’re here for a couple days, so I thought I would flow. Could we flew in last night and kind of just checked in we went out for dinner, went for a little walk, got some groceries kind of settled in, and so today’s, our first like real day, I’m so excited it’s so beautiful. Here it’s actually 10:30 we’ve been awake for quite a while.
We made some calls. It’s actually Gabe’s mums birthday, so we facetimed her had to do some work stuff. Hence the laptop and everything. Now I think we’re gonna get the day started. I think we’re gonna try a Shailene foods and Australian snacks again, so that’ll be fun. This island is very small, so the majority of people get around on golf cots, which is so cool and so cute. I think we’re gonna go, try and rent one of those today and kind of drive around the island and have a look. Let me show you to be it’s in sane when I woke up the first thing I did was walk out here and have a look, and it just didn’t even seem real it. Just like looked like a backdrop, it’s so beautiful, so staying in this little apartment. It’s really nice, and then this is outside very pretty the weather is so nice too. It’s perfect weather, also it’s still winter here, but because we’re North Queensland right now, it’s like perfect. It doesn’t even feel like winter day. Gabe is currently showering, but I think I’m gonna make us some breakfast. I will say: oh my gosh can’t fly away. Can you guys see? I don’t want to move, because I don’t want to scare it. These birds are all over. This island is actually real up here. That says, like close your doors and don’t feed them otherwise, but feel like they’re welcome to come on in and they’ll take your stuff, so you can’t feed the birds or anything, but they keep flying and landing on the balcony. And it’s it’s so cute. My outfit today, by the way, a very oversized flowy dress. I got it from Princess. I think it’s perfect for like this type of vacation, because it’s just so like flowy on the–, it’s a nice anyway right. That is always the one to farmers have lost in or conversation zone, because I’ve always been told that things will involve if you keep on waiting.
But then you came along with me or well this summer’s day again cuz. You know my fire, but we got it’s really okay. So I’m back on my flock. Now we spent a couple hours filming out Justin. An awesome all sounds: got weirdos, an Australian, sorry, many snacks, so that will probably be up when this one is up. So you can go check that out. Okay, look at how sweet and contain stuff, oh yeah, so sick, the new noob! This is my favorite. It’s like a sweat off sweatshirt being a long-sleeve. This is my fave hi, guys it’s day 2 and we looking so fresh. Looking so swag put the new Merck in thesexy new bag, it’s day, 2, just as pretty as ever we’re taking a cruise. Are you about to, I think the islands straight in front of us to Whitehaven Beach is gonna, be a super white sand beach, it’s gonna, be really nice, so excited, but we’re gonna go get some breakfast first have about two hours, north, probably like An hour and a half that we have some time, but it’s so pretty. I think it’s a little windy today. It might be cold, it’s we’re bringing sweaters. Okay, yeah, you might say: that’s it. It’s gonna be a really fun day, almost sweet baby. What you doing babe so we’re hanging out for a bit. You don’t have an aloe, we being shopping, it’s tough honesty and decided that we’d spend a couple: people praise God: you’ll parents, your grandparents, em cool Wiener. How much you brace that’s not really to ease the panties? What next I don’t know, love you go see, you soon can be short and sweet got a birthday card. Well, I could leave some say someday. That’s all that’s hilarious, yeah love Jessa gave it Robin’s. Have we know how much you both miss us carefully, so we figured we’d, send you a postcard to ease the pain? That’s all love! That is the funniest thing I ever read. We see the waves like yeah kind of Oh, it’s perfectly white yeah me too they’re. Not from Australia. Well I don’t know, I don’t think Sam sounds like this and it’s the strangest thing I was so stuck kept on playing because changing, but with you it’s so clear and now that you’re here I see colors and never respect hi guys.
It is day three nightly 12:30 in the afternoon. Dave is putting his shoes on wow, it’s so pretty. Today. I feel, like I’ve said that every day, it’s so pretty today’s actually, our last day, we had a couple things to do this morning at 8:00. This morning we had a call with a designer for something that we’re working on some secrets that we’re holding that you’ll find out about it today, Anna is in the afternoon over in America. So whenever we do business goals and stuff, it has to be like fasting. In the morning we did some work and email had. Some breakfast basically had a work morning and now we’re gonna go out and have some fun we’re probably going to go play some mini golf right next to the gym center that we have been walking to it. There was a mini golf right next to it. Yeah, so in an arcade, so I think that’s what we’re gonna do today: we’re actually gonna parasail, which is like when you’re attached to a brewery but you’re like in the sky, for the boats here and the waters here and there’s a cord you’re in The air, I would like a parachute we’re gonna, come back to this island at some point. That’s awesome and hopefully it’s in a warmer time of year, because it’s like warm for like two three hours and then they’re all the day. But it’s still like kind of cold because it’s super windy. So if we went parasailing I know it would be really cold up there and they’re pulling you around the ocean. So we decided not to do that, but we’re gonna. Do it at some point. All right we made it he’s gonna win me yeah. Probably let’s see three that we play. I win one you win like. I went to a new anyone. Oh this is an easy straightforward, but you’re gonna get a hole in one. You go to grow, nose, shape, Joyce, something else. Oh yeah, the shadows. Well, dude! That’s alright! Alright, your turn babe, don’t suck just trying to motivate you! Oh Oh close, you could be dude that bird sound. What the Kevin is that noise, okay, babe you’re beating me all the pieces back together a little bit later. We are currently unlawful You can guess who’s winning, not me, but I will say: have allergies really putting me off, but I do I randomly got.
Allergies ha plays yeah, I’m not sure where that happened It is throwing up a little bit It is, however, before so I’m trying to get it done really quick I was winning, though, before you got that yeah I had a couple bad homes today, isn’t your most on day for many well, some days, your fire, honest, I’m today’s nothing! Oh, I got a hole in one You would know if you saw my Instagram stories Oh Clarisse Well done Hmm, we break through a standout best huh I did three worse, you did one worse, it was allergies, but thesecond amazing second place is just a 61 plane mm-hmm and best place Yeah Suze I wonder who’s in first place I can’t wait to hear about the who this is We had an amazing 47 I was under fifty Oh, we don’t know If it was me or not, we have to see you at Joe’s venture beat me by a buttload whoo-hoo beeping that 14 mm-hmm is no okay she’s behind the wheel We got a golf cart Another one welcome everyone well being in Australia is a little bit more strange I think what they used to being an L where everyone has a camera everywhere, yeah we’re here, it’s like you’re vlogging, don’t be weird, please it’s like what are you doing? Looking at yourself been talking to the camera, okay, that’s all we’re going for lunch, baby hi, guys, sorry, it is now 10 past 5:00 in the evening, Gabe is currently at the gym I don’t actually remember the last thing we flogged, but we came back to the apartment and went down to the hot tub here It was actually our first time at the hot tub, because every other time we have like gone to look at it It seemed full of people like full of families, and this time there was only like a couple people in it, so we went in yeah, so Gabe decided to go to the gym I was gonna go with him, but I really actually want to start editing This vlog, because I’ve kind of filmed a lot of footage I think and sorry it’s gonna, take me a while to edit That’s why I’m sat down here right now So I give you a little update You make me wanna try so Homa sweet baby,

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