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Natasha Deona – Sunrise Palette – View Demo Samples

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to my channel, I’m very very excited about this palette. I have been playing with it and spoiler alert, I’m loving it. It is really really beautiful. So what we’re gonna be doing today is just kind of talking about the palette. I’Ll give you a close-up of the actual shadows, we’ll be doing some swatches I’ll be doing a demo on this eye. Look and then I’ll be doing some comparison. Swatches so I’ll be comparing it to the busy art warm and Rose a edit palettes and then I’ll be comparing this to the sunset and Leela palettes from Natasha jananam, so that’ll be at the very end I’ll have time stamps down below.
If you want to skip around skip ahead, feel free so I’ll have that listed down below in the description box, so let’s go ahead and get into it. So the particulars of this palette, I purchased this off of Beauty lish it’s available, I believe, on Beauty, lish on the Sephora site and also on Natasha Nona’s site, and I think it’s already available in store at Sephora and ethanoate anona boutique. So this palette is $65, I’m just comparing it to the sunset palette, which I have here, and it is 15 x, 2.5 grams, which is about 37 and a half grams in total, and this has 19.2 5 grams. So this is actually a little bit more than half and it’s just a little bit more than half price. The shelf life is 24 months. It’s made in Italy and there’s three different finishes in here: the metallic, the creamy matte and the duochrome. Sohere’s a close look at the packaging. The packaging is very similar to like the Safari and the Viva palettes. It’s a hard plastic case and then on the back. You’Ll see, pin holes where you can pop out the shadows. If you would like and then inside, we have a nice great big mirror and we have our 15 shades. So I just wanted to flash up here just a size comparison between this and her larger 15 pan eyeshadow palette. So I just have this sitting on top of the Safari palette and you can see that yes, it’s smaller than the Safari palette, but it’s not like half the size. This is actually a very nicely sized palette. I think I prefer this size just simply in terms of like handling. It’s just really really nice in the hand, and I have very small hands it’s easy to carry. I can hold it very easily if I want to use the mirror, so I’m a really really big fan of this new size at first I was annoyed. I admit I was a little bit annoyed because I kept thinking. Oh, like I have another size to deal with, like I like when things look really uniform, especially when I put them away when I’m trying to organize my makeup.
But I really really like this size and I hope she kind of continues down the road of this size versus the other 15, because this is great. So let’s go ahead and take a look at the swatches. So, like I mentioned, we have three different finishes. We have five metallic shades, seven of her creamy matte shades and three of her duochrome shades. All right sohere is a close-up of her shades. First, we have poppy, which is a metallic shade. Then we have citrine, which is a creamy match. We have flocks, which is a metallic shade awakening, which is a duo, chrome and Laurel or Laurel. This is a metallic shade. Next, we have asked her, which is a duo, chrome Glory, which is a creamy matte Azalea, which is a duo, chrome Morgan, which is a creamy matte agate, which is a metallic clove, which is a creamy matte carnelian, which is a creamy matte Jasper, which is also A creamy matte morning, which is also a creamy matte and de spring, which is a metallic all fifteen of these shades, are brand new. So none of these are repeats. You will not have seen these before in etosha two Nona palettes, and I also think this palette is not limited edition. I have not seen that it is limited edition anywhere. No one has specified so I’m assuming that it’s not limited edition, so I decided to do like a soft peachy look… I think she used much more of this lighter shade, but anyway I thought I would do like a softer look, because when I reviewed the visi art palettes, I did you know much more colorful look at least its colorful for me, so I thought I would tone It down a little bit, but when I did get this palette in the mail and I ripped it open, I did play around with the brighter colors and they’re all absolutely beautiful. They all like blended onto my eyelids like so easily so perfectly. I’m absolutely loving. This palette, I think the only shade that I did not actually play around with is phlox. I played around with poppy, and I just never got around to playing around with flocks, which is much more red. Poppy has like a Pinker tone to it. They’Re also so beautiful, but before I launch into a full review, if you aren’t interested, let’s go ahead and dive into the demo of this look right now, alright, so I’m doing something I never do, which is my eye makeup before the rest of my face.
So I’m actually going to start with some eye shadow primer and mainly because since I have no makeup down, I just feel like my lids could use a little bit of coverage, and this is the tinted smudge proof eyeshadow base from NARS, and I have it in The shade light – and I really like to use this because it has that additional coverage, so I’m just going to blend that little bit in with my fingers, and I really like this eyeshadow base, I’m not in the habit of using an eyeshadow base all the time. But this is definitely the one that I reach for when I do want to use one. So I’m gonna start with my Sonia G blender Pro brush and I’m gonna go into the morgan shade, which is this matte peach color. I’m gonna work that into my socket line that blended seamlessly. Next, I’m gonna take my Sony G builder Pro brush, I’m gonna go into mourning, which is like an orangey peachy kind of shade. It’s lighter than Morgan’s, so I’m gonna use this again.. So I’m gonna do the same. I’m gonna take this blender pro brush again, which pretty much doesn’t have any shadow left on it and just kind of run it between the two colors and really blend them together. Oh good, it’s time for me to trim those eyebrows again, okay! Next, I think she uses Azalea. She uses some kind of shimmery shade with her finger and I think she applies that light to the center of the lid and to the outer corner area. Well, I’m using her as inspiration, so I’m just gonna do what I think is best, so I’m gonna use my finger. This is one of the shades that I feel like is a little bit crumbly. So but I’m going to you press this on to the lid, I have a little bit of fallout, that’s kind of like sitting on top of my eyelashes, so that is good. I don’t see anything actually underneath my eyes and then next, I’m gonna take this laurel shade. It’s like a really pretty kind of like champagne metallic shade. I’m gonna use my finger again. I just wiped off my ring finger here. Yeah, it looks pretty clean. So I’m gonna go into Laurel and I’m gonna press this onto the rest of my lid. That is such a pretty shade. This Laurel by itself doesn’t really have a peachy sheen to it. It’s a gold, but once I put it next to this Azalea, it seems like it’s picking it up and it’s starting to take on kind of like a peachy appearance. So pretty okay, I’m gonna take my Sony G smudger one brush! I’m gonna go back into Laurel and I’m gonna add this to the inner corners and around my lower lash line. Oh actually, I should not have added that to my lower lash line, because I sought to put the rest of my makeup on so I’m just gonna do my inner corners here and then.
Finally, I’m just gonna go in with my blender Pro brush from Sony G again and just kind of run it across the top here of that azalea shade and make sure it’s blending into those matte shades that I have put down. First, I soften it up a little bit. Alright, so there’s the eye shadow done for this soft peachy. Look, I’m gonna go ahead and finish up my makeup and I will come back to do comparison swatches so I’ll be right back alright. So I finished up the rest of my makeup. It is really really weird to do your foundation after your eye shadow, if you’re not used to that for sure, I’m like how do people get it like. I don’t know, like your eye shadows around your eyes in such a like light way that I don’t. I don’t know how you’re supposed to like kind of blend your foundation into it. So I feel, like my makeup, looks really weird right around here. Anyway, I did want to finish up my eye. Look now that I have the rest of my makeup on. I wanted to add a little bit to my lower lash line and also line my eyes. I realized I didn’t like really line my eyes and I think I could probably use this clove color. I think this is dark enough to actually blend my eyes. So let’s go ahead and do that. I’m gonna start by adding that Laurel color again. That’s where I left off to the inner portion of my lower lash line, then I’m gonna take my trusty East some to.5 brush and go into clove and I’ll stamp this along my upper and lower lash lines. Let me curl my eyelashes and throw out a bit of mascara and I’ll be right back all right all done. I will list everything that I have on my face down below in my description box, if you’re interested, but let’s go ahead and jump into the comparison. Swatches, so I decided to compare this sunrise palette to the warm and rosy edit pals from visi art. At the same time, because I felt like, if you combine those two pounds from Vizier, you got a very, very similar, look and feel to this palette, and then I also did the same thing with the Natasha, Genoa, Lela and sunset palettes. Where I know she’s talked about how this is kind of an extension to the sunset palette, but I feel like the same with those two visi art palettes. If you combine the sunset and the Leela palettes, you kind of got a similar look and feel to this sunrise palette.
So, let’s start with the sunrise versus the visi art palettes. So what I did for these comparison, swatches is, I went row by row in the sunrise palette and then I just compared it to either the warm or the rose a at a palette. If I found anything that was similar in here, i swatched it right next to it. So so I have a sunrise swatch first and then I have the visi art swatches after, but I’m gonna go ahead and actually talk through these swatches because it may end up being a little bit confusing. So, first, here’s just an overhead shot of the three palettes next to one another. Just so you can see how similar the color stories are. If you were to combine the warm and the rosy together, I do feel like you would kind of pop out a sunrise palette. Sohere is the first row of the sunrise palette compared to the two visi art palettes. So first we have poppy from the sunrise palette and I have that swatched next to Mars, from the warm edit palette and then rose’ from the rose’ palette. And then next we have citrine from the sunrise palette and I have a compared to saffron in the warm edit palette. Next, we have phlox from a sunrise palette and next to that I have rose’ again from the Rose, a busy art palate, and then I didn’t find anything similar to awakening from sunrise. So the next watch is Laurel, which is the last color in the top row of sunrise, and I have that swatch next to the splendor shade from the Rose a edit palette. So out of all of these swatches, I want to say, citrine and saffron are probably the most similar. The others have a very similar feel, but, as you can see, they’re not dead on, I feel like the tones and each are just a little bit off. Alright. Here is the second row of the sunrise palette, so we start with aster from the sunrise palette and that is swatch next joob wisteria in the Rose, a palette that obviously is very, very different. The wisteria is much cooler, much lighter much more of a lilac color and then we have glory from sunrise, and I have that swatch next to the rosette shade from the Rose a palette and next is azalea, and I have that swatch next to the bronzed peach Shade from the warm palette and then we have Morgan, which is a matte shade from the sunrise palette, and I have that swatch next to the peony shade from the Rose a palette and then last we have a gate from the sunrise palette. And next to that, I have swatched the moonstone shade from the warm palette and then the splendor shade from the Rose a palette.
Sohere I feel like we have some more similar shades. I feel like the matte shades are very, very close. The glory shade is probably a little bit warmer than the rosette shade from the Rose a palette. The rosette shade has a little bit more of a purpley base to it, but they’re very similar, and then the morgan shade is very, very similar to the peony. That’s almost like a dead-on dupe and then the Azalea compared to the bronze peach they’re different, but again, very very similar you’re gonna get a very, very similar look on the lid and then the other choose shades you can see are fairly different from the closest That I could find sohere in the last row of the sunrise palette. I could only find two shades that had similarities to the Vizier palettes, so the first one is Jasper, which is a matte orange, and I have that compared to the flame matte shade from the warm edit palette, and then I have de spring, which is a metallic Shade from the sunrise palette – and I have that compared to burnt gold from the warm edit palette and the next to that is splendor from the Rose a palette. So I think flame and Jasper are very very similar. Jasper is probably a little bit more red flames. A little bit more orange and for de spring, I feel like de spring, falls right in between burnt gold and splendor, and next what I have done is basically the same thing, but with the sunset and the Leela palettes, because, like I had mentioned before, I feel Like if you combined those two palettes, you would kind of spit out this sunrise palette, much like the warm and rosy Vizier palettes, so we’ll go ahead and do the same thing. So first we have poppy from the sunrise palette and that is next to pur, pur pur pur from The Leela palette, and then we have citrine from the sunrise palette and that is swatch next to soul, from the Sun set palette. And then next we have phlox from the sunrise palette and I have that swatch next to cyclone from The Leela palette, and then we have awakening from sunrise compared to Helio from The Leela palette and the last shade in that row Laurel. I did not find anything close in either the Lila or the sunset palettes, sohere I don’t really see anything. That’s like an exact dupe. That’s pretty much to be expected, since all of the shades in the sunrise palette are brand new, I’m the closest, I would say, is probably the citrine and the sole the citrine I find to be just a hint deeper, and I actually like the citrine on my Lids a little bit more than the soul, the soul is a little bit more of I don’t know it’s just a little bit more pastelly than the citrine and then here’s the second row.
So I start with azalea from the sunrise palette and I compare that to cyclone again from the Lila palette and then next I have a gate from the sunrise palette and I have that swash next, two Sundays, from the sunset palette. Now these were the only two shades that I found in this, Oh of a sunrise palette, where I could find something similar in these other two Natasha Jonah palettes, Astor, glory and Morgan. Just nothing was close. I really thought when I looked at aster that I would find probably a couple dupes Anna Leela palette, but that’s definitely not the case. The Astra shade is much lighter than any of the other kind of similar purpley tones in the Leela palette, and then here is the final row of sunrise. So first we have clove and I have that swatch next to Amara from the Lila palette. Next, to that, I have Jasper from the sunrise palette and that is swatch next shoe sinai and then horizon both from the sunset palette and then finally, I day spring from sunrise, and I have that swatch next to Bronze Age from the sunset palette, this row, I Felt like these shades were pretty close. The clove in the Amara are very very close. I find the Amara to be a little bit more Brown and the clove to be a little bit more red and as for Jasper, that is much brighter than both of the oranges from the sunset palette. But kind of close kind of close and then de spring is actually very similar to Bronze Age all right, so those were all my comparison, swatches. I hope you enjoyed those. I hope you found that helpful. I do feel like if you got both the warm and the Rose a edit palettes from the Z art it would, it would be fairly similar. You would have a very similar color story. You would probably end up creating very similar. I looks, but I will say the formulas are quite different. Vizier I feel like is a little bit more beginner friendly. Their shadows are a little bit more straightforward than etosha Genoa, especially her matte shadows. I mean, I think they work beautifully I think they blend out beautifully, but because they are a little bit thicker and texture I find sometimes it just takes a little bit longer to blend.
I definitely found less similarities between this and the sunset and Leela palettes placed together versus the warm and the rosy edit palettes from busy art, probably because all of these shades are brand new So that kind of makes to me But I really like this palette and if you guys want like a three looks one palette, I would love to do that Actually, because when I take a look at this palette, I do actually see like a lot of different directions that you can go in You can do like a very soft peachy Look like I did inspired by a Natasha Nonna You can do something really bright with that citrine and the carnelian You could do something like really red toned with these shades in here I just feel like you I see a lot of different like directions that you can go in, so if you guys want something like that, definitely love to do that, for you, I’m not traveling for a while So I’ll have the time to do that Just let me know down below in the comments section I do want to mention, though, and I want you to spend a little bit more time with these shadows, but I find the matte shadows in this palette to be superb, I I have always enjoyed Natasha Nonna Matte shadows: I’ve had luck like in her tropic palette, those matte shadows in the first You know the top two rows I love there, they’re absolutely gorgeous the matte shadows and Leela and sunset I love them all in gold and in Safari her all matte palette I love her matte shadows, but the matte shadows in here are really out of this world They are all incredibly pigmented, incredibly creamy, but really really smooth like what I was just saying, with Natasha to notice shadows in general If Matt’s like, they can be so creamy that it can be that it can take like a little bit of work to kind of blend them out I didn’t really find that with these, I thought that these blended really easily they’re, almost like a little bit less creamy and a little bit more powdery, so I find that they blend more quickly, so anyway, I’m really enjoying this palette I highly recommend this palette If you are interested in it – and let me know what you think, if you purchase this palette down below in the comments section

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