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Natural Drugstore Makeup School Summer School

30 Sep , 2019  

You will notice my tongue is red, and that is because I have my best friend hot cheetos here anyway.. Makeup. Look for school, I did one of these last year. It now has 3 million views. I have no idea how that happened, so the makeup I’m gonna be doing is really natural because, first of all, I’m usually running late. I don’t even have that much time to do my makeup and number 2. It’s school. If you like, bring a lot of makeup to school. Go you! I applaud you for that, but this is just what I like to do.
I prefer the natural look – and this is pretty much my go-to makeup – look, but only using drugstore makeup, so I’m gonna be using all drugstore makeup except the brushes, because you can really use whatever brushes. You want Real Techniques. You can go to the drugstore and they’re really good brushes, so if you are looking for some cheap brushes, those are great. Also, elf. Brushes are good too and they’re. Like 3 bucks. Let’s just get started. Ok, so I recently got this. This is my yes sea cucumber soothing, calming micellar cleansing water, I’m just gonna use a little bit of this. I’m gonna pump it on to my little pad because having clean skin is really important for makeup. I already washed my face, but your face will always have a little bit of dirt on it, so it’s really important to get it on next up for skincare, I’m gonna be using the clean and clear dual action moisturizer. I used to use this a lot when I first started wearing makeup and it’s really great. If you’re looking for a good, drugstore makeup makeup, I haven’t used this in so long. It smells like 12-year old me. It’s so weird. I’ve used this before, but I just got a new one, because my other one was really old, so I’m gonna be using baby skin instant, pore eraser. For my primer, this is very comfortable to professionals by benefit.. I have the combination / oily type, which is what I really like about it, but today I’m just going to use my Maybelline fit me concealer, just gonna put a little bit under my eyes.
I don’t want to do like the full-on triangle, because it’s just not necessary for me, but I do like to use it as sort of a highlighter, so I’m highlighting a little bit this Beauty. Sponge is from Real Techniques. It only cost this much. I don’t off the top of my head, but I know it’s way cheaper than the Beauty Blender to set it. I’m using the Maybelline fit me powder. but this is the bronzer. I’m gonna be using today Rimmel natural bronzer, waterproof bronzing powder. I got this one because it’s a great shade of brown and there’s no shimmer or anything. I don’t like a shimmer and a bronzer for some reason like I said, though, because I love highlighter, I absolutely love bronzer, probably my favorite makeup product, because I am a pretty pale girl and I love to be tan. Thank You. Bronzer I’m like kind of concealing, concealing I’m like kind of contouring, but not any more shaped. So now we have a settle Varane. Moving on to blush, I’m gonna use city color be matte foolish. I love this shade. It’s so vibrant, and I feel like this is perfect for the morning time, because this color is gonna make you look like you’re alive and wait okay. So while I was at the drugstore, I was trying to find a highlighter and no one has highlighters for some reason, but I did find this one. This is maybelline master stroking, stick in the shade, medium nude glow. That’s good! That’s really! Really good! Oh my gosh! It’s so cute, okay, yep think I’m gonna be using this more often I’m gonna. Do my eyebrows really quickly. So I just got this Revlon Colorstay brow pencil. It looks very similar to the brow pencil I already use from benefit, so we’re gonna see. Okay, this is like the goof proof, brow pencil cuz. I has a teardrop shape tip. Oh, it’s very pigmented. It’s really good for being an expert. Next up is eyeshadow. I used to use these all the time when I was first doing makeup, so they’re really easy to use.
This is by Maybelline and it’s in the shade chai latte. Does anyone use this? Please leave me a comment if you actually use this little applicator we’re gonna start with the face. This is a really natural light shimmery base. We use this for the lid. I love putting gold on my eyes and now we’re gonna use this taupe color and put it in my crease. I really like this, it’s so natural and so pretty. I want to warm up my eyes a little bit, so I’m gonna use my bronzer cuz. I always do this with my hoola bronzer, so I’m just gonna use a little bit of this and add it to my crease, I’m using the dark brown shimmery. Color, I’m just gonna drag it a little bit on my lower lash line, because if you put a black eyeliner all along your lower lash line, it makes your eyes look smaller, so you don’t want to go too crazy with it. I like doing it on the outer part of my eye and then on the upper lash line on the outer part of my eye too, and this makes your eyes look a little bigger. It’s really really subtle, but I really like it. So that’s the eye shadow before we move on to anything else. I forgot to put my lip balm on this. Is my favorite lip balm ever I just got a new one. Someone signed it about it. You can only get this at Walmart. I went to shop. Co, Walgreens and Walmart and Walmart was the only place tohave this. So if you want one go to Walmart, they’re, cheap and they’re, literally the best lip balm, I’ve ever tried lip still going on the lips. So lately I’ve been using this mascara, which is the Too Faced better than sex mascara. Everyone talks with us on YouTube and it’s really really good, but you guys have been telling me to try out this mascara, which is apparently a dupe for it. It’s the l’oreal voluminous lashes same packaging, this one’s just like heavier and nicer. Now we’re gonna curl the lashes curling. My eyelashes makes such a big difference now we’re gonna try it out Okay, so I’m already noticing not as much product comes off as the two-faced one, but it gives it the same, look and same effect.
Oh, it looks good It looks really natural This one just takes a little more product, but that’s really good You guys need to try this It’s really good I didn’t think it was gonna Be that good, just so good, so good love it now for lips I’m gonna use my favorite little lip crayon This is also by l’oreal I guess i like the real, and this is called limits and it’s in the shade she’s so mad You guys know I really like the natural look So this shade is actually like my exact lip It’s just making it a little bit more vibrant and it’s not coming off matte, because I already put that lip balm on so yeah and now The very last step is to set everything So I’m using the Maybelline master fix we’re boosting settings break okay, not a lot of product was coming out That’s why sprayed so much it was exhausting, I’m like selling hot cheetos right now She does If you want to send me a package full of hot cheetos I’m really just I’m down I really am okay Sohere’s the finished makeup Look natural dewy! It’s really just my go-to! This is perfect for school because you don’t want to overdo it and you don’t want to be sitting in front of your mirror for an hour Doing your makeup, so if you want a pretty fast makeup, look then here I am, if you end up trying out this makeup, look please tweet me photos or Instagram me photos or something, because I would love to see it If you watched all the way to this point, thank you so much I want you to comment Hot Cheetos couldn’t forget about the Mik babes of the week Sohere you are love it Thank you you should subscribe Oh no, my mom will come with me Hello, alright see ya and going to the movies with my mom and my dad So I think that’s all I have to say – and I hope to see you guys next week –

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