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Never too old for a doll! /Lol surprise of DIY Starbucks vs Barbie doll of DIY McDonald’s

1 Nov , 2019  

Mcdonald’s versus Starbucks, french, fries versus coffee and barbie versus LOL. It’s a war we are live, hold on. Welcome to the biggest battle of corporations, Starbucks vs. McDonald’s, but this battle is not regular. No coffee or double cheeseburgers are going to compete. Today. It’s a battle of our doll, meet a real-life lol. Oh, it looks like she’s not awake, yet you have come to the right place, a Mickey latte for baby lol. There you go now. You look like a doll and not like a sleepy monster, and our Barbie presents McDonald’s today.
Where is she hold on? She won’t certainly resist french fries. Well, the contestants are here and we begin. The task is to make Starbucks and McDonald’s cafes for lol and Barbie dolls out of boxes. Okay, let’s get started round one lol, adores Starbucks. She can recreate the interior blindfolded, so she quickly nails it coat. A shoe box with white acrylic paint open it and paint the base Brown take paper with a square pattern, so it looks like tiles and glue it to the lid inside, attach brown modelling clay to a piece of styrofoam create the texture of soil, make holes inside Using an awl attach the piece to the lid cover the edge with a wooden ruler, decorate the entrance with wooden coffee stirrers, put artificial flowers inside the styrofoam, flowerpot repeat the same flowerpot on the other side of the entrance, attach a printed Starbucks logo and a menu To the inside of the box awesome, this cafe is so cozy Barbie is keeping up. Her box turns into a McDonald’s in just a minute cut out 2 rectangular holes of different sizes in a box without a lid color, the box with peach acrylic paint, prime, the walls inside and paint them yellow, define some bricks on the outside attach a few cardboard Bricks add a colored side panel to the inside encounters made out of domino tiles and rulers attach an M and the name to the top cover the sidewall with cocktail straws of McDonald’s colors make it look like blinds cut an awning out of a red plastic folder Place it over the window bar be made a real mini McDonald’s, and there are no lines here: lol added lighting out of a string of Lights with batteries, she’s so attentive to detail.
What will the judge say? Let me think about it. Both of them are nice. The score is one to one round two: let’s do the interior design Barbie is making stools for her McDonald’s visitors trace an empty gouache paw, an orange faux leather cut out a circle and hot glue it to the bottom of the pot coat cardboard tubes with dark Acrylic paint and place the pot on top put the stools near the counter check out more unusual ideas on our Channel okie dokie subscribe to enjoy fun life, hacks and recipes. Follow the link in the description and lol is creating a Starbucks counter and stools attach a ruler to an empty wooden Domino box paint the ruler Brown attach a printed Starbucks logo to the Box, put on a toy vase and a cup wait, don’t peek no way. I have my own cafe pop you. A strip of faux leather to a white cap attach a faux leather circle on top make theseat of a barstool cut a cocktail straw into parts and coat them with acrylic paint hot glue. The straws to the ruler attach theseats on top, create a row of barstools. Let’s furnish the cafe now our guests have something to sit on a counter in stools, take their places and don’t forget about flowers, time’s up our contestants did it, but I like the Starbucks design more. The score is 2 2 LOL. 1. 2 Barbie. The third round is very tricky. We turn our contestants upside down and the task is to decorate the walls of your cafe. There will be a big ad panel at McDonald’s attached coffee, stirrers, 2 to cocktail straws in a row. Add a printed poster with a McDonald’s ad on top attach a menu and a printed poster to the inside of the box place the poster board and there will be pictures at Starbucks attach a little printed picture. Two pieces of coffee stirrers shape a frame. The pictures take their places on the walls. Now the cafe is even cozier. Let’s sum up mcdonald’s wins in this round. You can see the ad from far away this door is to two to the fourth round. Realdoll should work instead of us These cafes are made for them anyway, let’s see what they can do.
Barbie decides There is not enough light in McDonald’s She’Ll, add a lamp, attach a balloon holder to a white cap and hang it as a lamp There you go Hang the lamp on the ceiling Now I can see my Happy Meal and lol dolls created the most important item of the interior decor It’s a fridge for a tree cut an empty Elmer’s bottle with a hot knife, shape a fridge with shelves cover the edges with foam paper put in doll, suites place the fridge in the corner Good job dolls well done Starbucks treats win The score is 3 lol 2 Barbie the final round is ahead This is getting serious We need to finish decorating the cafe wrap a sponge in faux leather make couches and a footstool out of different sponges cover cotton pads with polka dot fabrics, make a cushion make legs for tables out of domino tiles, cut a domino box and place it on as A table top attaches Starbucks logo cover it with a rectangular piece of clear plastic lol, put soft couches and a table in the cafe drinking coffee here is so comfy and there is a cash register at McDonald’s, clean, a clear glue bottle and remove the label cut Off the top and the neck prime, it with acrylic paint coat it with orange acrylic paint on top attach a McDonald’s logohot glue, a black Domino tile that’ll be a screen Free cash register Please come now Mcdonald’s looks very real Well, our battle is almost over Now we will decide who the winner is lol dolls, with their refreshing, Starbucks or Barbies with their tasty McDonald’s The atmosphere is getting tense Girls Are you ready tohear the verdict? The jury’s choices Starbucks its lol victory? Congratulations! This is the best dog cafe ever and we are saying goodbye to our audience See you again next time goodbye, everybody oops, it seems like we forgot to turn off the cameras who will be cleaning up this mess me again Huh did you like our doll battle? Comment below what do you like: more a DIY Starbucks for lol or McDonald’s for Barbie, so that you don’t miss new doll stories from trim trim

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