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New cat makeup! Hit and miss Casey Holmes

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back so today we are going to be trying out some new Catrice products. I actually just got all this stuff in the mail, so I’m really excited to test it out. I’m going to show you like a little quick. A pan of everything that I have here. Primer is a really cool face palette and highlighting eyeshadow never heard that before, but we’re gonna test out. We have some eye shadow palettes, blushes lip products. We’ve got a lot we’re just gonna try all this stuff out today.
I do have my hair in a bun, because I did not feel like doing my hair today and you probably see a stripe of dry shampoo didn’t feel like doing my hair today. So a fun bun, it is we’re gonna keep it up there, because I just don’t patience to do it today. So you guys don’t want to see me play around with this stuff, then definitely keep watching and don’t forget to subscribe before you leave if you’re not subscribed already, and if you want to see how these products work out, then let’s just go ahead and get started. So just cleaning my makeup table today, it’s like appropriate enough to scan for you guys know. Normally, I wouldn’t show you my makeup table because it’s usually filled because I’m lazy and like don’t put things away, but today I did. So i want to have it clean for him and just clean for my mind. You know what it means. Also.. It’s definitely going up. Maybe sunday I don’t know, but we’re going to Montreal this weekend. I’m gonna be vlogging, so if you want to check out the vlogs go check out, my vlog channel can’t tell you and they’ll be up, but we’re definitely vlogging like I just told you guys. I just got all this stuff in the mail, so I’m really excited. We don’t have like a full face, but I figured we had a lot of stuff here that we could go ahead and just try out. So that is what we will do right now. First thing for eyes: I’m gonna take the prime and fine brightening eyeshadow primer. I’ve never tried this before so hopefully it’s good. I really like the packaging. I think it’s cute, so it’s a brightening primer. Also, if you’re wondering where am I so, what sweaters? From its from wealthbox wooh, this feels kind of like a cream to powder type thing. It reminds me of the Smashbox primer so far just the way it feels it is looking a little splotchy, but maybe whenever we go in with an eyeshadow and set it it’ll be okay, but it’s not very green, see or anything like that. It kind of feels. I don’t know it feels really nice, the pilots that I have today. We have the modern matte collection, which looks like more cool tone shades.
All of these palettes do not look too promising. I’m gonna be dead on it’s just because they’re all pretty light shades and there’s not too much like. I don’t know, there’s not too much to work with here. They all just look very light. They look like it when I put them on my eyes. They will look like the same kind of shade, but we will test it out because that’s what we’re here to do, I’m going to use the modern mattes first and I’m gonna go in with this shade right here. I don’t really want to take this white. So I’ll go in with this one, I’m gonna set this eyeshadow base. It’s a pretty nice base. We got going there. I definitely think you have to layer up the shadow to make the base look seamless, maybe with all the other eyeshadows we put on you. Won’t be able to tell that’s a little bit patchy really quickly. I’m gonna read what these are. These are new and they’re the aquafresh highlighting eye shadows. We have luminous and water lights and it says it’s a water-based highlighting eyeshadow with bouncy texture and metallic effect. Long-Lasting and that’s it do I get any directions, let’s just open these up and so kind of looks like a Paint Pot. It looks like it’s gonna be great. It’s like a jelly. Can you guys tell? Oh, my god, I kind of love it look at that color, okay, this one’s like not very not as smooth as the other one, but here is what it looks like. I’m thinking this one’s gonna be my favorite, but we will see moving on to the eyeshadow. I’m gonna keep it basic and make these ones pop. So we’ll probably just stick with the max so I’ll just go in with this shade right here and put this into my crease. These do have quite a bit of kickback on the palette. I don’t know if you guys can see so we’re just going to blend this M. Have it as our transition shade, so we’ve got that on. It’s not badly is what the palette looks like. After going in you can see. There is a bit of kickback, but not much at all, nothing to really complain about. You know what I mean next step, I’m going to go in with probably the shade. Probably I don’t know if that’s a good idea, but we’re gonna try it and we’re just gonna put this right into that crease and a little bit in the outer V. They have some pigment but they’re just a little boring. You know like there’s, not a lot going on with them, they’re just very plain, Jane eye shadows, but they do have some color payoff, so they’re not as bad as I thought they would be to be honest with you, okay, so I’m gonna go in with This Aquafresh highlighting eyeshadow in luminous sensation.
This is the one i swatched and loved and I’m gonna use my finger on one eye and just see how it works. This seems like it has more color payoff, like I said. Oh, my goodness, it kind of matches. My sweatshirt in a really weird amazing way, Wow, and it feels like cooling on the eye. It’s a very different feeling. I’m gonna use my brush now to see. If I can kind of get it more clean, it did apply on the brush really nicely, but that is so pretty I’m really into stuff like this, you know things with a lot of shine. The metallic look to it. I love it okay, so I’m actually going to go into the other color at the water lights, one! Okay! Now it’s starting to burn my eyes a little bit! Don’t burn! Okay! So I’m going into this one! I want to see if it applies better on the eye. Oh this one isn’t as smooth, but it is really pretty like even just to use as the pop of color on the lid and they like dry down. It’s not the smoothest. I want to see what it looks like like popped in the center of this one right here yeah. I like it more as like a lid popper, something to really draw the eye light to the center of the lid instead of all over, because it starts to get a little chunky. This one has like a bouncy or texture to it. Has more movement, I’m really impressed I like this. I will definitely be using it more next up. I have this glam doll a super black liner and it says that it is waterproof. So it’s a little felt tip like that. I’m gonna line my eyes with this and see how it lays over this stuff’s very black. I don’t know if you can put liner over this cream product it’s starting to like chunk up right in here very weird, okay, let me see if I can do another layer on top of it, so I just want to see if I can go over it With this Milani stay-put, matte eyeliner, just to see if like liner, can go over, it does dry it down it kind of feels like I have lash glue stuck in here. You know that feeling when you have lash glue stuck and like sometimes your eye like sticks together, it’s like how I feel like my lid feels. So I think, because I went in with that first felt tip. It was kind of a little bit stiffer like the felt tip was a little bit more stiff. Then this one, this one has quite a bit of movement. I think that’s why I started to kind of chunk up, but this eye is not bad like it’s not moving on this one and clumping up, so maybe just use a liner that has a lot of movement to it.
Nothing, that’s too stiff have the Catrice, glam and dawa volumizing mascara, and it says it has triple boost with argan oil. So that’s what it looks like and then the brush. What? What is this? A primer? Oh, it’s a primer crap and this one’s a mascara. I never use eyelash primer just because I feel like I don’t need it, but tomorrow I’m wearing false lashes, so we’ll go ahead and try it. I don’t have like a makeup remover for waterproof makeup, because I never wear waterproof makeup. I always curl my lashes because they just like a droop down so much so I’m gonna use this primer. First, I don’t know, doesn’t really look like much on my eye, which I guess is good. Okay, it’s a little thick, I’m going in with the mascara on top not impressed the primer doesn’t have like any fibers in or anything. I know a lot of mascara primers have the little fibers. This one doesn’t and I don’t feel like it’s very volumizing. It looks very just like a basic mascara, nothing crazy! Maybe let me try it with a different mascara, so I’m gonna use it with the benefit roller lash just to see if it makes it a little bit more volumizing. So again, I’m gonna take that primer and just put that on my eyes, yeah it didn’t make the benefit. One look any more volumizing, so I say pass on that and on the mascara they’re, not anything crazy, amazing. So the light correcting serum primer in the candle light – and it basically just says liquid primer with aloe vera, contains light reflecting pigments for a subtle glow on the skin. Like a flattering candlelight shimmer, you use alone or under makeup, shake well, so I have the Catrice HD liquid, those open liquid foundation. I also have this primer, which is the prime and fine pore refining anti-shine primer base, so we’ll be seeing if I need to use as well. If this is like to luminizing, so it looks like oh you guys can see. Oh it’s like really thin glow. It doesn’t feel anything like that it does give a glow if anything like sets into the skin, so quickly kind of see the glow of my fingers to that just like sunk into the skin so fast I feel like. I really didn’t have that much time to blend it out, so I am gonna go in with the poor finding anti-shine base since it’s pore refining.
I just want to put this on my pores kind of looks like a lotion type of thing. I’m gonna put this in my t-zone, actually don’t mind that, like reflecting primer because it added a glow, but it wasn’t like it was very nice how it sink into the skin like if you have dry skin. I think you might not like that. Don’t know about poor feelin Boylan, I don’t know about poor feeling just yet, but we will see it with this foundation. I haven’t really used this foundation. Might I’m gonna use it with a brush? First, I got some new brushes from morphe on a try. I actually got like a morphe set from Ulta. This brush came in it, it doesn’t say numbers or anything on it. It literally just says morphe, so we’re just gonna test this out and see how it looked put this all over I’m gonna just buff.. This is the kind of coverage I get. It’s not like bad. I don’t feel like the primer. Really minimized, look at my pores cuz. I can definitely tell I got some pores going on. I think if I use this foundation with my favorite pore, filling primers it’ll be completely fine. I feel, like you kind of used looses candlelight glow with that foundation, but this was really nice. It did add a really pretty glow. Now I’m gonna use the liquid camouflage high coverage concealer. I think I’ve used this before, but it wasn’t obsessed with it and I want to figure out why. Oh, I have another concealing product. I should not have done this right now. Okay, I’ll just do one eye with this one whew that burns. I think this is why I didn’t use it. Let me use this Real Techniques, sponge. That is not the huge sponge that I love, but it’s here and it’s very just oh, not not cute. I pass on that, but we do have other concealer products and a corrector. So this is the all-around corrector my eyes burning. But this is the all-around color correction palette and then we do have the same thing pretty much, but this one has concealer and I’m going to use this one to get rid of some of this darkness right in here. I’m sure this is the same as like the pot, but pretty dang good that got rid of the darkness. That’s for sure this one’s the lightest shade this one’s like the medium toned. That’s what I’m going to use. I cut my brush in this and paint this on. Like I do my NARS concealer, I love the NARS concealer in the pot. It’s just amazing and has full coverage and looks really good on my skin. So we will see how this one looks. I think it looks okay umm. I can’t tell which one I like more, but I don’t think I’m obsessed with the coverage. I like a lot of coverage.
We all know this. I definitely like this concealer palette better than that. Only concealer that we used. I don’t hate it. I kind of like it, so I’m gonna go in with that same lighter, shade. The medium toned one, and I’m just gonna put this on my cheeks to cover up that redness much much much better. Okay, now we’re gonna do is take the lightest shade in here, which is this one and highlight my face with this. Definitely like this concealer with a brush, don’t I have a mattifying powder? Okay, I’m actually going to take this Catrice. All matte plus shine control powder and I’m going to set my face with this and I’m going to just press into my skin and mattify everything that made a difference. Geez, okay, see now we’re back in business, so Catrice did come out with this professional makeup techniques. Face palette, but has what it is on this little sheet, you get a really nice mirror nothing crazy. So you have some creams and some mats, obviously we’re gonna be using the maps. Today you have matte contouring matte, bronzing, matte, blush pearly, blush matte powder, matte cream. You have two creams in here, which is this one, and then this silver color, the rest of them, are matte, which is very nice. I’m actually going to take this yellow tone powder and put that underneath my eyes just to brighten it up a little bit more bright in this area. Maybe this brush might be too big for this. I don’t really see a difference, but we’ll just do it. The other side, so I’m gonna, do the bronzer. Now this one right here and use that same morphe brush the pans are a little small. So it’s a little bit tricky to get your brush in. There means like the payoffs nice. So, oh I like that kind of color that is bronzy blend on my forehead. What’s going on, I like the color. I think it’s looking a little splotchy right here. It might be because my forehead is so dry boy with the contour right here. I’m just gonna contour, my cheeks, I’m gonna use a light amount because it kind of woo. I like the fact that these are mostly matte shades. Okay, so this does have a blush in it, but I also have some blushes right here and this one’s kind of calling my name this is Miss amber brown. This is a smooth powder blush for a strobing effect, with a natural-looking luminous finish and glow on the cheeks. This is what it looks like this color just looks absolutely stunning we’re going to try this one out.
I don’t hate it, but I’m not the biggest fan of strobing blushes, just because I’ve got lots of texture and lots of pores and strobing blushes will normally bring that out. But it’s not terrible. I do like the color it’s more like a bronzy color. I do want to try this like with my regular foundations, but that’s really pretty. They also have a more moth pink. This is the Miss Rosalie berry and then you have this kind of coral peach shade. It’s miss summer peach I do like it, but it does accentuate texture and pores. So if you don’t struggle with that, you’ll be fine, but edit will see I kind of want to see what this matte blush in here looks like and we’re gonna be. This is pigmented. Oh my gosh. This is hella pigmented. I’m only doing a light wash of that Wow we’re not going anywhere today, guys it’s like in the evening, so it really doesn’t matter what I do to my face right now. This is a highlighting powder in champagne campaign. Then we also have the gold highlighter in the palette. I kind of like I’m really filling this palette. I feel like with my regular products. I will be obsessed with this. Of course, when you try a bunch of new things at once, you never know like what could be causing certain things so like with this I’ll definitely try it with my regular primers. Try this with my regular foundation and stuff like that. We’Re gonna try one on one side and one on the other, I’m going to use this new highlighting brush. I go to my morphe, looks very fancy, so I’m going to use a champagne campaign, highlighter first where’s it at that might be the brush, though so, let’s go in with my favorite highlighting brush on estancia 83. See that’s why I don’t like fan brushes. They play you, they try not to highlight you as much as you want. That’s pretty! No. I got a lot of my face right now me and it’s showing some texture, but that is pretty a really gorgeous highlight, but the glow it gives is just really beautiful. Now I’m gonna use the one in the palette this one right here and they say that this one’s a blush, I’m not using that as a blush. I’m not ever gonna, probably use that mainly because that will show my textures way more than it should be shown. Oh that’s pretty I like that gold highlight Oh see. I can’t stop. Can’t stop, won’t stop. That is pretty. I like this palette, even though there’s a couple shades, I will probably never use in here. I like the palette as a whole I think it is really nice.
It has kind of like a little bit of everything that you need to highlight, contour whatever, with now What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna fill in my brows These are the climatic ultra precise brow, pencils You have two shades that might work well for me So here is light and medium I think I’m gonna go in with medium first and does have a spoolie on the end, which, if you know me you know, I love a good spoolie, I’m normally a pomade kind of person, but I’ll try anything This is nice Let me tell you: I haven’t tried a brow pencil that I really like it a long time These are creamy easy to use I do feel like I would go through this pretty quickly, but I feel, like everybody does, with their brow pencils Moving on to the last thing, so it says liquid, intense color pigments for a powdery, matte and long-lasting finish on the lips This one is in the shade Caffe americano Please that’s so cute This is what the applicator looks like I actually kind of like this applicator see how it looks on the lips I, like the color, so that’s Caffe, americano, please, but I’m gonna go in with a darker color, and this one is in many little roses This is a little bit darker see if it’s pigmented whoa yeah there we go can’t say I purchased more colors, because these are pretty thin and sheer I would definitely have to use them with a lip liner Like the powdery Matte look looks really nice, so they already have the makeup transforming drops I have the lightening and darkening ones for foundation, so they came out with more for your foundation and they have the waterproof and the wakeup effect so very excited to try the waterproof I feel like I just got to test this out I got to see really make something waterproof or not I just find that so interesting I’ll Also, let you guys know more about these primers as I use them, because I feel like these products on their own Would be really great but together, maybe not so much, maybe they’re a little too drying, and then I think my favorite thing that I tried is the eyebrow pencils and I don’t even like eyebrow pencils, but I really like these because they were so easy to use

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