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New cosmetic subscription box! Hit or miss?! February and March unpacking

30 Sep , 2019  

I said up so straight to film and it hurts my poor posture, hello, everybody and welcome back to my channel. I hope you guys are having a lovely wonderful, fantastic day. Oh my gosh, I’m currently wearing Topshop jeans. I’ve never worn a Topshop Jean before everyone talk shop anything before and they are currently cutting off the circulation in my abdomen anyway. So today I’m very excited because I have you, I was gonna say like brand new, but it’s not exactly a brand new.
It’s just like you’re decently new. I have a decently new subscription box for you guys that I am very excited to open and that’s description. I’m talking about is the slate glam box, so the subscription has just been like started by like an individual one person. So it’s kind of like an indie subscription, it’s not run by like Sephora or Macy’s or any like big business or big brand. I think it’s like a fairly small, like operation, and they just started enough, so I am very excited to get into the two packages. I have here today um this box thing would have gone out a lot sooner them right now. My first box came like two months ago. When I was doing with some family issues. I was able to unbox it and then the most recent box that I received, which is from last month. Actually it came. You know one time and everything I just misplaced it for multiple days, but I found it so everything’s good now and very excited to go ahead and get on into here and see what these bags have to offer. You’Re supposed to receive five to seven full-size items in your bags and I think it’s $24 a month with free shipping, okay, so we’re gonna go for the first one here. This is actually from February, so very excited to see, with the very first slaver box had in store for people. Oh, that’s, adorable. Okay, that’s really cute something a little bit different! I like to see the personalization. You know it does it’s just not like a regular box. It’s like that’s super cute. I have a tiny adorable little 4 year old cousin that I think, would HIGHLY enjoy this paper purse. Alright. So let’s go ahead and see what the work on this side here. It surprised about, I do like that. A lot of things have been individually well wrapped. We also have a little cord in here that just says slightly unbox on the front, and then it has all the products and pricing on the back, which I really do enjoy. It so the first item we have here is something from a Sephora, very interesting that we have a full-size the flora product in here, but Sephora still refuses to put any full-size products in their own subscription box.
Anyway, at least, I think this is full-size and pretty sure everything is supposed to be so this is the Sephora colorful gloss balm. I don’t have ever heard of this. To be honest, I got mine and they shade warrior princess alright. So here is the gloss of the home, which I’ve actually never seen it’s a 4 before it’s like a really long, skinny boo and it comes out super super pink smell. It’s just kind of like a regular lip gloss. It is anyway, like thick sticky, just pink lip gloss. I’ve never heard this before so that is interesting. I do kind of like the packaging on it, just because it’s a little bit different than like a regular gloss. Alright, next up here, we have two bow: things. Are practicing bubble, wrap? Ok, so this is a lip fusion, XXL advanced contouring, plumping primer and I can’t find a brand on this yeah, not any percent sure what the brand is on here. But it’s like this big chubby little look crown and it’s apparently it just like clear, but it’s supposed to plump your lips. This is something I probably wouldn’t necessarily pick up on my own, but you know if it works. That’s nice! I’m hoping that the little card here will save the brand is because I definitely can’t find one on here and the text is just far too small for my poorly functioning eyes okey-dokey next up here, also in the same, oh okay. So apparently, these are from the same brand. This is a stim you stimulate enhancing along, but where liquid, liquid eyeliner ok. So this is from a fusion brands. I can see it a little bit easier on the back here, and this has like a very pointy kind of like felt tip to it. Ok, so that’s very liquidy and kind of like grey. I can also see it going into like my fine lines, so I want to shake this there. There is a little thing in here that needs to be shaken. Alright, so I shook it up pretty well, I don’t know if it’s, because this bag isn’t sitting around for a little while and I haven’t used it, but it’s still kind of like a thin grey eyeliner. So not too sure about that. Maybe like once you really start getting to use it, the pigment will come out or it’ll thicken up a bit right now, it’s just very, very, very, very like pale gray, but it is quite thin and not very pigmented. Already and next up here we have a palette, looks like we have two palettes in here. Actually, that’s making my wrist tingle a little bit. I guess it is supposed to be like stimulating for your lashes, but like right now. My wrist is the table and right so next up here we have something from beauty creations.
This is a scandalous globe palette and I’m gonna assume that this is some type of highlighting palette, since it says it’s for glowing and yesterday alright, so it has a little mirror up top here, and that has four pans of highlights. Most of these right here seem just a little bit deep for my skin tone and this kind of Goldy one here in the corner, though, might work out. For me very soft to the touch was just nice. That’s fine! I might have cleaned a brush on my arm earlier, what’s with all the beeping alright, so let’s just get a little swatch of these guys. Oh that’s watched pretty well actually yeah. I would think maybe these two in particular might be just a bit dark for me. This no one ever texts me, I don’t even know where my phone is anyway yeah. These two, I think, might be a little bit dark, but this one and this one I might be able to wear okay, so that is nice. Let’s move on to the NYX lip palette in here, okay, so there are also a few little samples in here. We’ve got five little foil packets. It looks like this is from the brand being true essential, anti fatigue, eye contour gel my eyes as well as most everything else about me are incredibly fatigued right now, so that’s kind of nice alright. So the last thing in here is another palette from Beauty creations. I’ve never heard of that brand. Let me know if you guys have ever tried anything from this brand or heard anything about it, because I think this is my first time hearing about it. This is the –’tis new palette. It has like a nice pretty pink packaging to it all the packaging is on. This are kind of like the hard cardboard lips okay. So this is a very like pale, neutral palette. We do have some little pops of color throughout, but what interests me the most is this lust color down there. It looks like a funky chunky, glitter, almost fascinating. It has quite a bit of fall to it, but it’s like a super chunky, glitter or something I feel like this isn’t a shade that you could just throw on your lid and it would actually stay put. You probably need to use some type of like glitter adhesive. It does catch light really nicely. Your SD shades are just pretty neutral. The shimmers in here it do seem to be like a pretty soft when they swatch actually pretty nicely as well. That’s some pretty nice pigment right there. Let’s go ahead and look at the full-size prices of these items right now, all right. So the first product is the Sephora lip gloss which is eight dollars.
Then we have the TSA palate, which is 16, the media creations highlighter, which is 1199. The lip fusion XXL advanced contouring lip, oh look plumping, which is 38 powders. Okay, it’s all fair. This is a 38 person. We have the lash enhancing liquid treatment, eyeliner, which is 28 now, if this really did like fully enhance your lashes and help your lashes grow and that kind of stuff that is fine, I definitely at least for me – I put and use this just on its own. I’ve had to like put this on and then put like another liner on top of it just cuz. It’s not. You know anywhere pigmented enough for what I like, oh and then I didn’t even see this down here. It says the being true anti fatigue, contouring eye gel times 5. So apparently these are $7 for the 5 little packs bring us to a grand total of 108 dollars in a nine cents. So that’s not too bad on the value side. I do. I thought the items in here were full-sized and they’re. Just you know a little bit different than we’re typically used to see in subscription boxes. This was their very first box, so I’m super interested in seeing like what the following month is. Gon na look like because I’m sure, like over time, there’s gonna be like growth and expansion and more brands, and that kind of stuff, so very interested in seeing what the month that comes after February March is box, looks like the first box had stuff in It that I probably wouldn’t pick out on my own, but I would really love to know all of your thoughts and opinions down below in the comments. Next up, we have Marches box, which feels quite heavy, oh good. They kept the little purse it just some food, like you know, different: it’s not your standard box, so I think it sets them apart. Just a little bit, it does get a little bit like scrunched up in shipping, so that doesn’t look the best, but it’s still like a really cute little idea. Okay, so there’s a good amount in this box. Oh, I said up so straight to film. It hurts my poor posture, okay, so right at first year, we have another thing from being true, and this is a retractable powder hmm. So this is the little powder brush here. It comes in like a middle tube. It’s very pretty! Oh that’s cute. I feel like my mom used to have one of these back in the day and I used to play with it all the time, so this has like a somewhat nostalgic to me for some reason, but it’s very cute. It’s also very soft. This could be, I guess, used for Oliver Potter, maybe blush.
However, you want to use it. It’s just a brush. It kind of rattles around a little bit, which reminds me of like my bronzer brush that my boyfriend hates more than anything, but it is really cute and definitely practical. You know this would be easy to like slide into a purse or something if you’re wanting to like a touch up your powder throughout the day, all right next up here, we have something for my sorbet and I feel, like I’ve definitely heard of that brand before This is smear proof, eyeliner, it’s white. I think I’ve ever had a white eyeliner. Oh my gosh, it is white all right, so this is just a straight up: white pencil eyeliner from a sore may cosmetics. Oh, it’s actually pretty creamy and definitely pigmented. You can see the white showing up even on my ghost skin. I don’t. There are a lot of people that, like will line the inside of their waterline on the bottom here, to make their eyes look better, so I’m making about a try. Okay! So next up here, we have something from Luna by Luna, which is a brand I’ve seen several times in my FC actually so far. This is kind of reminding me of like a large at sea, like the Marches box. Right now is giving me like itse just bigger vibes, so this is a translucent setting powder from Luna by Luna. It comes in a nice sized little pot here and then it is just a hopefully very translucent setting powder that doesn’t have much flash back. I just recently ran out of my Laura Laura Laura Mercier. Oh my Laura Mercier setting powder, which I got from somewhere. I don’t think I purchased it. I think it came in like a subscription – or somebody very kindly sent it to me, so I might have to give this a try before I go out and buy another like big old honkin too, for that idea. Next up here, we have something from Raja V: kinetics commit what is the English language cosmetics. Oh, this looks like some type of lip product in the shade like geez. This is like a pretty standard like neutrally rosy, pink lip thing, not how to percent sure. If it’s like a liquid lip or gloss – oh, I actually like it better swatch than I did in the bottle. It looks a little bit more on like the neutral side. It’s coming off, quite pink in like the camera, but it’s not too crazy, pink, like actually swatched. It also seems fairly pigmented and I, like the texture of it, I’m gonna assume with the liquid lip all right, so that is interesting and then the very almost lost nevermind there’s something hiding back here.
Let’s go ahead and look at what this is heavy. Alright, so the very last thing we have here is from it’s not the very last thing: there’s a big thing sitting right there. Next to last thing we have here, is from Mirabella, and this is a chroma Roma eyeshadow collection. Interesting. Oh, that’s pretty very heavy little package, alright, so inside here we just have a 7 a pan, a little eyeshadow palette with some very interesting kind of like almost like pastel II, 90s colours. This probably isn’t a palette that I would pick out for myself, but it is cute and the packaging feels really nice on it. This is probably something I will pass along to. You is somebody else, but I do think it is a very interesting color scheme. With this, just like random pop of flew right in the center alright – and the very last thing we have here – is actually a blush palette. I wasn’t expecting that this is the blush me cheeky palette from Jacob Beauty. I really like how, on the back here, they have like different ways to apply your blush for a different face shapes I don’t exactly know what like my head shape is, but I feel like I do all of these at one time, just like alright – and here Is the blush palette from Jake at Beauty? They don’t have a bunch of like options in here as far as like colors go sound a little bit more on the neutral side, so I’m like very vibrant um. This is something that I probably will pass along to somebody else as well or donate. I feel like I have a ton of blushes, but this is a very large palette and you do get eight choices in there, which is nice edgy guys, so they have a another little card in here. So tell us all of the prices of the items that came in the box, so the Jake at blush me. It should be the thing. That’s a beauty. Blush me, cheeky palette is $12.99. The mera pehla chroma eyeshadow palette is $50. I did say like well without packaging that feels real nice, but apparently $50 worth of nice Wow. The sorbet eyeliner in white is $13 and 66 cents. That’s very specific. The Rasha be cosmetics, lip gloss /, liquid lipstick. I don’t know if that means that you could have received a lip gloss or a liquid lipstick. I definitely feel like mine is a liquid lipstick, because it’s definitely drying down is $14. Then we have the Luna by Luna translucent powder, which is $18 to $22, not exactly sure how that one works and then it finally, the blush brush the little this one that goes inside itself Okay, so this is only like a little added on a bonus if you refer a friend or if you are one of the first 24 subscribers okay, so this one it doesn’t technically count and like the value of the box, I probably will not include it when I’m telling everything up really quickly.
I’m gonna do a little bit of ice cream calculator totaling here to see what the atotal value of the box is Okay, so they’ll be adding the oh, my gosh that almost flew out and hit me in the face Without me, adding the little brush here, my total came to 108 dollars and sixty-five cents, which is spookily similar to the my first one I think anyway, so one hundred and eight dollars and sixty-five cents, and that does not include the brush If I did include the brush, apparently they had a variation for it, so it ranged between nineteen dollars and thirty dollars So if you added those values to it, it would be a bit more valuable Alright, you guys so is everything that came in the February Is the March slay clam box? I just think this is an interesting subscription and I feel like I can already see growth between like the first box in the second box I hoping but the longer they’re out there, the longer the company is going to be around like the better The boxes will get I’d already see some brands like a luna by luna that have been included in things like if see before, and maybe even boxycharm those together I shall call it That is a very nice inclusion into this You can definitely tell that there is some like quality there’s other things like the Jake at beauty Blush palette might seem to be a little bit on like the cheap side, but some nicer quality items like this do help to like boost overall quality of the box How many times can you said, quality in one sentence, but I would love to hear all of your thoughts and opinions about this books at down below in the comments Do you get it? Do you not have you seen other people doing box into this? What do you think about it altogether? I would love to hear all of your thoughts, opinions but yeah Let’s all have you guys today, so thank you so very much for watching Please go ahead and subscribe If you wouldn’t mind, I mean the absolute world to me If you guys have a lovely, wonderful, fantastic day and he’ll see you all next time I got red mistery makeup all over my Topshop jeans They were on sale and I still paid $20 for them Hopefully I can go wash them out real fast

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