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New CoverGirl matte mix foundation + eye Briana Marie

1 Nov , 2019  

Head out or welcome back to the tutorial, it’s me you girl, Brianna Murray and yes, I had the boots out today. They still healing, like I said, I’m still in recovery, but I just want to get these tutorials on going for you dance because I know y’all pretty like I miss you so much so I just had to sit up and do it Satori. You already know, and not plus I’m missing the makeup, so I had to come back. Sasori will be on the new covergirl foundation right here, J, so in the backyard so we’ll be on a new covergirl foundation.
So it’s Matt and I absolutely love this foundation. Y’All. Look at my face and sitting I use the tuition in to contour with so you know, I’m beat so this outfit is actually for the next tutorial, which is a rainy for fashion over so Josh. Don’t reckon don’t. I want to see how actually this look with this a drugstore Mac foundation. How does still iron back – and I already explained for you today, but let’s show right into this – look because I will be doing actual. In short, it was, I apply my and, as I said, but the years about from a nd shade everything I took the shade rumor from P Louise and I took the original basis they came out with before they made 32 in so on color. So I just mix these two colors together, because this one one three is darker and then this one is way too right. That’s why you said my last the story when I reviewed this one was the original one, which was way too light. So I mix these two together to get the shade. Just let me sit for a little bit. It will crease up cuz. I do not set it because by Ali area will crease up only because I do crease right there, but just know that when you’re dealing with this base are you gonna do is basically taking a brush and Pat the crease out. That’s all take this. Go shadow right here and I’m gonna mix it with boom. I, like these two combinations. Bravo Maya, I’m going to take a different brush today. This is this: is the Murphy two to four brush so use that and it’s my brow bone highlight sure that you have part up on the brush, because you don’t want to disturb it, because it is a little bit still wet.
I’m saying McClure shadows, I don’t know if you ever heard them I, but I will be the minister Sharpedo, so I’m taking the shade, I don’t sunset. I love the shade. This is a great transition color and I’m going to take my morphe 504 brush. Now, with this one, you want to take as much as you need, because last time, like I said, I messed up I’m a little bit some oh right in my brow area chunk on their brow bone because I don’t want to leave their white at all: hey Stone, oh my god. I just love it cuz. I even though it’s dragging it’s not messing up, so I’m checking this all the way in the railroad. I don’t want to know why shut it off, I’m gonna, say: Oh brick, by McClure shadows. Take my Murphy. 513 brush so a little bit higher. Only because sometimes will not cut my crease. You don’t really see the shadow like that, so I do like to take it a little bit higher. It’s called licorice rope, I’m just gonna take a little bit and put that on the outer V and I’m using my Mac to two more brush. This is infamous: cut crease, brush um this that a signature brush. I get this one telling me Jane. She uses his brush sheets venues new brush, I think, to come on crease, nothing. Oh yes, I’ve made this something real, quick as it’s real flight deck creasing it John Damocles Queen y’all, gave me titles, so yeah uses color on the valium to palette. I’m i stay going in this telling it’s broke, but i’m gonna use that yellow shade in this white shade mixed together – and i put this on my lead. Okay also, this is pop that Johnny see how I blended that, but I did go back in with after the brown I went in with black and then smudge it out at the ends. Somebody winged liner and they were gonna. Add the silver glitter. This holographic la splash, glitter y’all, just glued it is so pretty. We just still want an holographic specs, it’s so pretty for the poor area, I’m going to use Becca. My pores are always out like open. I don’t know they just are So I can’t wait to see what this covergirl foundation hasn’t.
Stewart covergirl sent me a range of never get a box like this, like covergirl, always comes through all the foundations, and this thing, like Shane range, look at that look at that – oh my god, so I’m gonna use I’m gonna use one of these pharmacy Here use the skin, smoothing primer yarn, so you I know I love me some net foundation, so I want to see what this is about You come in the shade in between the Shady’s, 50 and D 60 Think I’m gonna D in between these two shades because they look like my color, but who knows, and so the swatches, so i’m i swatched, d50, first, okay, so deep it up 350 looks like it’s about my color Oh, it is, may movie just watch okay! Let me do let me mix teasing, I don’t know, I don’t think I’m I don’t know Oh dick okay, yeah dad match doesn’t agree 50 is my shite like come on now Covergirl have all ranges of colors, okay covergirl It’s may in this is my perfect shade Khan, so I’m gonna use a darker shading here The girl we collection up in the shade every need is some awesome Artist, Couture and conceited Take my black rainy black coffee We grab my la splash liquid, lipstick in a shade on the blonde, and then I’m gonna take my Mac lip liner in the shade, cork or chestnut I don’t know yet, but I’m gonna put these two on to see what combination I get This is really cute: alright, child, I’m about to go, fly down my Bain and in the back Nippon all my Giri and stuff like this Thank you guys so much for watching this tutorial like I say, I’m trying to get to tour JK before my birthday its, but I know this probably impossible Well, nothing’s impossible, okay, the beginning, so I know we can do it Let’s try to get to sahaja K by the end of June, if not, that let’s try to hit it for July I absolutely loved it I’m absolutely sells out really pretty Are we lucky? I, like the greens and stuff like that? I don’t know I’m so inspired by my nails, it’s so loud and I’m like I got Ta click green everything

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