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New “Dark” K Beauty Foundation HMMMMMM HOLIKA HOLIKA Terracotta Warriors and Horses Collection Review KeNIEJD

30 Sep , 2019  

Sup everyone – it’s Kendall here if you’re new around here, welcome if you’re not new around here, what is up homeskillet best got your girls back and so is Holika Holika. So not too long ago, a few weeks ago, I said that I was gonna go and buy myself the Terra Cotta collection. I hauled it. I’m just letting you know. I guess it’s up there or somewhere whatever only to come back to the US and have Holika Holika telling me that they would send me the collection.
So I wish I wish it were, which one wait it with. That said, I now have two number 7s, which is the darkest color of the Terra Cotta collection. Let me back up Terra Cotta collection from Holika. Holika is supposed to be their summer tan line, and they came out with two dark dark shades for the collection. Now, with that said now, I have two of the darkest shades, so I don’t know if I’m gonna do a giveaway with that or if I’m gonna just give it to some tan friends and my tan friends of mine. So with that said, I was excited because we got some darker foundations now, I’m not living in a fantasy world, where I think this is gonna be dark enough for me, I know that alcohol cos generals like consumer base are Asian Koreans, most specifically. First up we have is the bottled foundation. This is the hard cover perfecting foundation like I said they sent me both of the colors, so this is in shade 6, which is almond uno last night, that ain’t so army that can’t even be a highlight, but for color reference, if you were wondering like. Oh I’m around Kendall shade. Maybe I can get away with almond you can’t, then we have number 7 which is in deep, amber. This is deep, amber down here so tone-wise. I feel like between the two. I can work with amber. It’s still. It’s still too light to be used as an all-over face product, at least for now. Maybe in the winter I can probably get away with it, but I’ve got my nice little a little tan on no in the winter. No, I have a sneaking suspicion that the number 7 is the cella foundation, but they’ve just renamed deep, amber. So there you go. These are the bottle foundation. They also came out with cushions, which i think is really cool, because I’ve seen Korean foundations come slightly darker, but they never come in the cushion. I don’t know they just don’t want to invest in the cushion largest.
This is how the packaging looks really cute. A cute little puff that has like a little pointer at top. That’s really cool sexy dicks looks even a sheer number. Six looks even a share in the cushion than it does in the bottle. I don’t know if it’s, because I’m applying comparatively less of it, whoa mmm gnosis, verse, seven, which again comparatively looks ashy err. Hmm, then the bottle version. So if you’re concerned about that, if you’re concerned about things going, ashy you’re safer, going with the bottles, then the cushion and last but not least, we have the hardcover liquid concealer, probably get the gist. By now we have almond which has more of like a neutral undertone. I think maybe that’s why it’s looking even more ashy and then deep amber, which actually, for my skin tone, is a beautiful, highlight color. Actually, so I’m actually a sorry robot, there’s also a makeup. Fist fist, I keep saying this moment: girl mixing mist got it. I don’t know what makes this particularly bronze savvy, but it’s in the collection now know I’ve been known to finesse foundations that are too light too dark to orange to red to neutral. For me, I’m not really the mood to do that today, I was able to finesse it, even though she liked that was also in the winter, and it’s just harder to do right now. Cuz, I’m all toasty. So what I figure actually would probably be a better idea, is seeing how this foundation and concealer and everything worked as like a foundation, topper or finisher, to make everything just look more creamy and milky. That’s the thing I really like about Korean base products, if they ever came in my color, is that if you get a good way, they just make your skin look like milk, chocolate, milk, and I want that in my life, let’s use it as a brightening product From the let’s use it to give me that milk from the side, milk from the front Koosh Koosh shakes, want a squish squish type. Look I want that. So what I’m gonna do is apply a foundation that I know I like. I know where as well. I’m gonna go on with the laura mercier flawless luminary perfecting foundation or whatever shots the laura mercier yo um. They sent me this foundation and it was just one. It was just one foundation in there in the box and I was like ooh.
How do I know this is the right color when I tell you this is the best matching foundation I’ve ever had. Maybe it’s up there who’s gonna put like a light layer of this. The slightest bit adjust after I was like I was like do. I want to do this because I want to test the foundation, but I’m like realistically I’m not gonna wear this foundation by itself. I would wear it in combination with something else, so we’re gonna see how it last wears something else right. It’s cute right! Okay, anyway, I think what I’m gonna do is do the bottom foundation on one side, so this side, my right side and then the cushion on this side spoiler. I’ve actually already used the cushion to do touch-ups in the middle of my face before, but I’ve never just worn it by itself. It worked out fine, even color, wise in that situation, because I was only using it in the center of my face, but we shall see course number seven, because we not just a little bit and apply that to a little bit. We go use this. To give me that, like you see it, though, you see how look like milk, it’s so creamy, looking look at it. Oh yes, I may be careful with me. Let me tap it down. It just gives more volume like to this area of the face and then I’ll do my contouring and everything. But you see that she’s juicy, you know just a little bit on the forehead, so that has a little bit more coverage than the very thin layer of the laureate, Laura Mercier one. So I’m gonna go in a little bit more with the Laura Mercier around it. I don’t know if you could tell you see how plump this side of my face is. Oh boom beans. Now I’m gonna go in with the cover cushion like. I said I’ve, never I haven’t used it in this context. Yet so I don’t know if it’s just because this side of my face has warmed up a little bit more, but this side looks lighter and like kind of a sheer. Maybe it’s because let me mix a little bit more of the laura mercier to again match textures help with some blending. Hmm like looking up close, I feel, like the cushion side, looks more textured yeah. I think it looks more like milky smooth on this side and the other side is kind of like it’s glowy, but you can see you know, camera, it just looks more, it looks heavier and you really forgot our concealer.
Let me go with a little bit. Those both covered pretty well, but I still see like my dark circles or whatever, so I’m gonna go in with the concealer also and number seven on both sides. Yeah this side is like a sheer, so it looks like more of this, like yellow under-eyething going on. Oh, I don’t know if that’s coming out on camera, but so far the cushions not is this. I would probably use it only for touching up. I wouldn’t use it as like a foundation since we used some Laura earlier. Let’s do a little bit a little Messier, the Chin’s nice it fell dead, tried to avoid the cheek with a powder, because I want you know that milk, so my flipping camera turned off while I was contouring, but I also went in with a little bit of Stefanik from thirsty II and we tried out our spray, I’m looking so cute now wait a second hold on this breaking it. This does smell good honestly, I don’t know if it’s that great of a setting spray, you don’t need to be it just smell nice. I’m going to speedily put on some other makeup and then we can, I guess, officially start the wear test. Is it even aware a test we’ll just see what it looks like this combination of products in a few hours? So I’m done it’s about three o’clock. I’Ll probably be wearing this until, like 9:00 or 10:00, I’ve been going to sleep pretty early recently six hours, seven hours, if it’s any earlier than that, of course, I would let you guys knew and we can see what it looks like you. It I’m having a pretty chill day just gonna read, webtoons watch anime talk on the phone with my manager, I have a manager um and then we can come back and see what it looks like after a pretty mild day. Hopefully, this combination of products will enjoy each other. Okay, it’s like 8:30 ish. She looks dry. I hope that’s all about. I don’t remember if this was the case. The last time I tried another Holika Holika foundation. It just looks a little dry and the whole reason why I kind of use it as a foundation. Topper is to have that like moist, sexy, fresh milk skin, and I don’t feel like it looks like that right now. They, like it kind of dried and went quite matte. I feel like it’s kind of worn off around the mouth and around my eyes and stuff look Both sides are pretty equal.
I don’t think like one side wore off more than the other that I don’t know If you can see it just looks dry look around my nose, I kind of wore off on my nose the concealers kind of dry as well dry and kind of kind of crusty This might just be a situation where this is just not for my skin type Either aside from it, not being my skin tone, I’m gonna keep testing it out right now I don’t know, I’m not really digging it I don’t know if this is the same formula, because I remember liking a Nutella foundation, but I was also in the winter So maybe my skin is just a completely different type right now, so I’m gonna give it a tint admit, try it out Maybe if you have oily skin, it’s just not matching Well, then, why did it match so well in the winter? I don’t know, maybe it was my skincare I did use different skincare today I didn’t use my Claire’s No I really issue here I don’t know soft plug I don’t have no collaboration out right now, but y’know it’s the realest yeah It just looks kind of dry yeah, so um that’s my thoughts I personally don’t think I would purchase this if you have dry skin I keep testing it out in the weeks Come if I have any change of opinion I’ll be sure to put that down In the comment section and probably pin it as right now, no my opinion is that I’m not really digging how this looks right now Yeah, it’s kind of rubbed off on my nose and it’s kind of collecting in my mouth makes me look older She asked for my opinion when, yes, my thing is what you get, but I hope you guys found this at all useful I’m gonna definitely keep trying out the concealer because I feel like on top of different foundations Maybe even I would prefer it better So we’ll keep a look out right now It did kind of kind of faded, with a little gray and kind of darkened a little bit, which is fine if I was using on my face, but I’m using it under the eye – and that looks a little weird If it gets too dark under there, what can I do? I can’t be satisfied It’s too light one place and too dark other, oh my god Well, that said, Instagram and Twitter, both of which are Keaney, JD and I’ll see you guys next

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