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New! Fenty beauty Pro filter’r moisturizing long clothing basic review + demonstration first impression (430)

1 Nov , 2019  

Everybody today I have the luxury of finally reviewing fancy beauty by Rihanna’s pro filter, hydrating long, wear foundation. You just launched August 15th. If you’ve seen this, I finally got my hands on it, went to Sephora picked it up today at lunch, and I had the last shade which I’m f430, it isn’t like the first foundation to be launched. I originally was in the shade the first time I launched. I picked up the Sephora at 4:40 if you haven’t watched.
but I’m gonna say 440 was a little too. It gave me a orange. You look at their oxidize and said my skin and I just didn’t really like 440. The color shade, so I went up and got 430. Hopefully this shade matching mean hopefully is in orange and hopefully it doesn’t oxidize. So give me a darker color, we’re too much of a white color cuz. I didn’t go up a shade and she said that their color ranges if you woke up like 440 and then go to 430, that there is it like the next shade up, but I just trusted it and look like it will be my neck shade lower, because I, when I first purchased this foundation when I do the color swatch I remember I was in between color or the down color. So hopefully this is the moving shape. Gon na try it out we’re gonna see we’re gonna test it out and hopefully it’ll it lit on my skin and I’m just super excited. You could feel the device because I’m finally able to get a foundation. That’s freaking hydrating, like all these companies are coming out with shades that are freaking mad and I’m like what about a just gay people on dry skin. I get no only on my nose and I get a little bit of a forehead, but I usually put essential oils essential oils, or I put sometimes a lot of moisturizer and just so I can get my face. Some type of hydration and I’m just like can’t y’all just come up with a freaking hydrating foundation. I got my hands on Rihanna, you gotta support, Rihanna, and so I’m super excited and I’m gonna stop talking and I’m just gonna. You know get us in this foundation review. I had my face pretty much dry and nothing on it.
I actually was able to also get the soft silk primers, just a new prime mission lunch, but your girl, you know she likes to save a coin. So I got a simple tree: Sephora sample yeah, you got a sample, so thank you so for I here on a budget I already spent like 100 something dollars from support when I win this time just to get. I read up on some of the things that I like to buy, and so I was like and a primer I usually use primers and I’m doing the foundation. So why might a lot against them? So I promise it’s from a smells good butcher. Hydrating primer is instant, hydration golf still finish, extended makeup, wear perfect for normal to dry skin and I have dry skin and so far since I put it on and kinda looks very hydrating and it smells like baby is too low. So freakin good. You can see you kind of like gave me recommend to my work already, and this is all first impressions because I haven’t tried on gives you a hydrate. I really love how this feels I’m gonna have to purchase this. It feels so good on my skin and it smells like baby um baby baby, something with baby baby powder or something less for some good, though it is not overwhelming right, so once the color crackle, it was type of foundation. It is this apart foundation, your parcel, you know the Traverse something you could put it in your suitcase and not worry about it. Breaking a shoe shakes and, as you can see, is kind of like dripping 61 and 440, the one the original one, the Mac Pro filter, and then this is the other whistle you can see is more. You normally fancy you have to let it sit in just to see us true color. It’s still a pretty shade. I’m going to try to it looks hydrating on camera Leslie, the more it sits in the more it kind of does. Look like my skin. I’m gonna take this. You gonna just press this into my skin. The shade is a tad bit darker, but it is not like. Actually, no, it actually looks really good. Okay. So now I’m gonna be taking my busy concealer. I was mad cuz.
When I went to Sephora, I was hoping I can get 14, which is my concealer shape, but they were out of stock, so your girl is gonna have to hug it out with for 2015 beauty. They launched a concealer few months back as well, and I haven’t show this on my friend I haven’t showed this on my channel because I just tried to speak yesterday. So I’m a little late on a train, Dolf applicator. It reminds me of color pops. I’m used to doing more of a highlighting, but this actually looks very nice. It looks like it’s. Alright cuz they’re, the color, so I’m gonna do a little reverse contouring. I actually think this looks I keep saying this looks better than usually what the concealer that I usually grab might undergo soon, I’m a little late on the consumer training. So don’t come to me in the comments, and you see this dummy like you just find out by fifties. Kazooie’s! Yes, I’m just now is purchasing 50 concealer. Yes, I’ve been thinking about what color papasan months for four years, so yeah, I’m gonna blend it out. My face smells luxurious just to let you know why this smells like real luxurious. Given us an expensive face, honey $100. Afterwards, you literally can go to 50 and smell like so many okay. Yes, it is natural phase, it looks very natural and I put on water consider, but it was very natural. Already y’all see this. I like a spin, so it is blended out very anything like the primer, not still like allows it to stick once in my face. Like allows everything, st. Nick, went and actually blends seamlessly like there’s plenty, but I do feel like it’s lightweight. I can already tested it, it is lightweight and it just has like a glow. My skin has like a glow and natural glow, and I didn’t put anything on my face, which I usually use essential oils, like I said I didn’t ever using essential oils so far and I already kind of like from the camera it already has like natural drive, Like I wasn’t, I’m not gonna lie I was expecting to be a little more raw year, but this one natural hydrating.
So this is how my skin, as you can see, is going natural glow But yes, it’s blowing and I still put powder on it I put a 30 powder a little bit really here with my team so area, let it slowly natural glow, and so I’m gonna be doing my list I’m going to first line my lips with and this part is optional, but I like how it’s not drying So I always say that, but seriously I do the natural glow bring you in $35 US dollars, those $35, and I got the shade in for 30s Again I used to be 440 or my first time buying I was 440 wrong shade This shade is a little more better Yeah actually looks like my skin You see, I got a natural glow, so it is true on the website Is that is hydrating the medium to full coverage? Long wear lightest here, which my face does feel like light It doesn’t feel like much is on it natural finish and it does look natural and that’s in 50 shades they came out with 50 shades, originally their first launch, which was the matte foundation in this one Again, it’s 50 shades I really do think Natasha purchases, especially if you are a dry skin girl like myself, you dry skin this, as you can see, my car keep see, is a natural glow It’s you know, make sure you like comment and give me a heart Let me know that you like this look Let me know that you’re gonna purchase the foundation, especially if you got dressed to you, might go ahead and purchase it $35, so worth it, and because I love fitzy, I love what Rihanna’s doing these paint products that she’s releasing it just shows that she Listens to what her subscribers well, she listened to her fans She listened such is what we need and we would be in some hydration It’s like I keep saying you seen your girl hydrated I don’t look dry, don’t look cakey again, I’m wearing how lippy hit the bone next to it So definitely subscribe set your notifications You grab almost at a thousand almost at one cake, so help me out

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